Top Must-Try Waistcoats for Men 2019

The waistcoat is not a new term for men, but not many people choose to wear it because they think it looks old and serious. Waistcoats are considered as menswear for formal occasions. However, it can exceed our thought. The waistcoats can be worn in many cases and they enable to help the wearers change their style to look more elegant.

Nowadays, the waistcoat is no longer worn in the working environment only, but casual wear. Some people take the best use of this coat to mix and match to create their own style. Each year, there is a huge number of different waistcoat designs come out to meet the requirements and keep up with the fashion trends. Here are some waistcoats for you to refer.

01. Ruth&Boaz 2Pockets 5Buttons Wool Herringbone Tweed Business Suit Vest

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The first waistcoat is selected from the products of the Ruth&Boaz brand, which is very famous for fashion. When looking at this coat at the first time, I decided to buy it immediately. Although it does not have any special patterns or color, it attracted me with its simple design. If you do not know how to mix this coat with your shirt and tie, these men’s tweed waistcoats are perfect for you.

You can buy a waistcoat only or a set. But I highly recommend you to invest a set because this set consists of everything you need for an awesome look. Sometimes, when we mix clothes by ourselves, we often make a mistake or even make ourselves look colorful and bulky. Therefore, if possible, a suit vest is always a smart choice.

It does not matter, if you have a big body because the Ruth&Boaz suit will help you have a slimmer look. I saw that this set comes with a size chart, which consists of various sizes to fit all of us perfectly. When wearing it, my body looks slimmer, not fat at all. Furthermore, it is more comfortable than I thought before. In addition, this suit has two side pockets. Although these pockets are not big, they are enough for storage and keep our belongings safety. Anyway, this suit is a should have set.

02. AOYOG Men’s Formal Business Vest for Suit or Tuxedo

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Another set is from AOYOG brand. This real vest looks better than on their website. The color is brighter and more beautiful. This waistcoat suit has become the most favorite set of my friends. I got tons of compliments when I wore it that is the reason why I want to introduce it to all of you.

This set looks great and fashionable. You will look like a gentleman in it. In terms of material, I think the AOYOG waistcoat is top quality. It is made from 95 percent of polyester. As we already knew, the polyester material offers so many good features for the wearers, such as strong, durable, and flexible. Furthermore, after wearing many times, I saw that this waistcoat enables to resist both shrinking and wrinkles.

The AOYOG waistcoat can be used in numerous occasions, such as wedding, banquet, graduation, homecoming, prom, work, school or daily life. Especially, it can be worn in all weather conditions. This suit features V-neck, button closure, slim fitting and lightweight. Furthermore, it has a back strap, which is adjustable to provide you a perfect look. There are two side pockets for holding small items. This waistcoat can go well with suit pants, shirt, bow tie, or leather shoes.

03. VOBOOM Men’s Slim Fit Herringbone Tweed Suits Vest Premium Wool Blend Waistcoat

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It is not easy for men to make a choice of the men’s casual waistcoats because there are so many options for them and they actually do not know which ones are the best fit for themselves. However, among numerous choices, I always give my priority to the VOBOOM waistcoat.

I usually care much about the waistcoat and want to collect as many waistcoats as possible. I found that the waistcoat can contribute to make me look more masculine as well as elegant. I often update the trend of waistcoat. And I found the VOBOOM, which met all my requirements and became a part of my daily style.

This waistcoat is the blend between wool and polyester. These materials go together to create a wonderful feeling for the wearers. Furthermore, they contain a lot of good features to make us feel extremely comfortable and flexible when wearing. The V neck design is the highlight to make this waistcoat more outstanding and youthful. In addition, this neck design helps us look more stylish, not out of date. I believe that you can opt for your best waistcoat because the VOBOOM is available with 5 color choices.

The wool waistcoat is an important piece of clothes, which makes the wearers look both classic and modern. It features 6 buttons for more stylish outlook and easy to put on and take off. Also, this waistcoat consists of 2 real pockets for storage. It also has a chest pocket, but you must cut the thread, if you want to use. Remember to choose the US sizes or one size larger to make sure that it is not tight.

04. COOFANDY Men’s Slim Fit Sleeveless Suit Vest Double Breasted Business Dress Waistcoat

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It is the fact that not many people are brave to wear the red waistcoat because this color can make them look feminine; however, I found a design that improves our look, and not girly at all, which is the COOFANDY waistcoat. I was totally satisfied with this waistcoat.

The COOFANDY is made from 70 percent of terylene and 30 percent of rayon. I voted the blend between terylene and rayone as the best choice because they are luxurious and high-quality fabric. The COOFANDY has a trendy and well-made design. Furthermore, it features two side and double-breasted pockets. These pockets can be used to carry your necessary things. Different from the above waistcoats, this is the first U shaped neck waistcoat in my list. Before this, I always feel unconfident when I wear U neck waistcoat because I’m afraid of looking bad. However, this coat is a difference.

You should not worry about fitting because this waistcoat has a back strap that you can adjust easily. The highlight point of this waistcoat is the contrast color pockets, which make it look trendier. Besides, this waistcoat has 6 buttons for closure. Furthermore, the COOFANDY is suitable for both informal and formal events, such as dating, business parties, wedding or casual wear. It can be mixed with suit, jacket, shirt, or pants.

05. AOYOG Men’s Formal Business Vest for Suit or Tuxedo

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The bright colors, such as blue, red, yellow, or white are my priority. I think that these colors are helpful to make me look younger and this blue waistcoat is not an exception. This blue one brought me a good feeling and a fashionable style. I became a gentleman when I wore this waistcoat.

I introduced an AOYOG waistcoat above, but I want to make a review for another AOYOG waistcoat. Actually, this waistcoat attracted me by its color at first. But, then, I loved it because of its quality. This AOYOG is made from 95 percent of polyester. And of course, this material is top quality and offers many wonderful features. No one wants to wear a waistcoat with wrinkles to go out; therefore, the polyester is always the right option.

It will be a big mistake, if we ignore this AOYOG waistcoat. The bright color made this look more attractive and youthful. This waistcoat has a V neck style and button closure for wearing easily. It will bring you a slim fitting to look great. The same as any waistcoats, this is suitable for all formal and informal events. And don’t forget to order the US size to ensure that it fits you perfectly.

06. Zicac Men’s Unique Advanced Custom Vest Skinny Wedding Dress Waistcoat

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The next top pick is a waistcoat of the Zicac. To be honest, this is a new brand name for me because I did not refer their products before. However, after several times of wearing, I had a different look about this brand. Their clothes are fashionable and on trend. The Zicac waistcoat is not exceptional.

This Zicac is made from 87 percent of polyester and 13 percent of viscose. These materials are high quality to provide the best comfort for the weather. For those who have a sensitive skin, they can feel free to wear this waistcoat because it will not cause any trouble for you. In addition, the Zicac waistcoat is not too thick, so you will not feel uncomfortable when you wear with your jacket or vest.

Furthermore, this Zicac consist of 2 front pockets and 1 chest pocket for holding your belongings. There is a back strap for a slimmer look. However, you should notice that this waistcoat can’t be washed by machine. You can dry clean it or wash by hands. This design comes with various colors, such as light gray, tweed brown, gray, blue, brown, khaki, herringbone gray, light gray lapel, and brown lapel.

07. AOYOG Mens Formal Business Vest for Suit or Tuxedo

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Next is another version of AOYOG waistcoat. As I said above, I love this brand and this waistcoat is my favorite one. The AOYOG waistcoat met my requirements for menswear. It looks masculine and formal. Furthermore, the material of this waistcoat is 95 percent of polyester. Therefore, it is wrinkle resistant and durable.

If you want to have a slimmer look, this design is right for you. It has a back strap, which can help you adjust to fit your upper body. This version of AOYOG has many colors, from light to dark colors, so you can choose based on your preference. The side and chest pockets are available for carrying small items. In addition, this waistcoat is sleeveless, so you can mix with the shirt. Besides, tuxedo, leather shoes, bow tie, suit, necktie or suit pants are perfect options to mix with this waistcoat.

Overall, this white waistcoat is multifunctional, which you can wear in many occasions, such as a wedding, graduation, parties, events, and so on. This is a wonderful present for your boyfriends, family members or friends. In terms of vest care, you can clean it by drying, washing by both hand and machine. However, if you want to iron it, remember to use the low iron.

08. H2H Mens Formal Slim Fit Premium Business Dress Suit Button Down Vests

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Up to date, the waistcoat has come with a large number of different designs, from plain to plaid waistcoat. And, in this list, I want to introduce to you a plaid waistcoat, which is from the H2H brand name. This H2H is available in various colors.

In terms of the quality, this waistcoat is also the same as the other coats in this list. However, it is a new choice for those who want to look younger. If you often go shopping, you may know that the plaid waistcoat is always a wonderful item. It will help any men look active and youthful. This H2H waistcoat will turn you from a young man into a gentleman, but do not look old at all.

This brown waistcoat is made from 65 percent of polyester and 35 percent of rayon. I listed the benefits of this blend above. Furthermore, the design of this waistcoat has followed the korean trend; therefore, if you are a fan of Korean style, you should not ignore this design. It features a slim fit, well made, and lightweight. Furthermore, it has a chain string, which is used for decorating. You will look more handsome with this waistcoat.

09. BOTVELA Mens 100% Wool Suit Vest Herringbone Tweed Vintage Check Waistcoat with Lapel, Double Breasted

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Another plaid waistcoat that you may want to own is the BOTVELA waistcoat with lapels. Although this waistcoat does not have so many options as the others in this collection, its colors are strange and trendy, which are army green, brown and coffee mixed with plaid to create a stylish waistcoat for men.

The BOTVELA waistcoat is made of two kinds of materials. The front side of this waistcoat is made from wool, while the lining and the back are made from polyester. This combination is extremely smart because the wool in the front side makes us look slimmer and provide a comfortable feeling. And the polyester at the back and lining are used to resist the wrinkle to keep us always have a perfect look.

In addition, this design is a kind of the men’s double-breasted waistcoat and 6 buttons. However, just only 3 buttons can be used for closure, and the remaining buttons are useless, but for decoration purposes. There are 2 side pockets for holding things, but to use them, you have to eliminate the thread. This waistcoat comes with a belt at back to adjust to have an accurate fit. Before ordering, it is necessary to refer to the size chart to choose your favorite color. You may regret, if you choose the wrong one.

10. COOFANDY Men’s Suede Vest Slim Fit Jacket Casual Suit Vest Waistcoat

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Back to the simple designs, the COOFANDY is a should have waistcoat for men. It is not decorated with any patterns, but it still looks good on you. You will never look colorful with the COOFANDY waistcoat. This men’s waistcoat vest is always on trend.

This COOFANDY is made from 97 percent of Terylene and 3 percent of spandex. This blend will provide you unforgettable experiences and a trendy style. It consists of 5 buttons and all of them can be used to put on and take off. There are 3 useful front pockets for storage. This men’s black waistcoat is not double breasted, but single. Besides, it also has a back adjustable strap to adjust the fit.

It can make any men in the world look more fashionable as well as handsome. My friends often said that I look more graceful, elegant and shining when wearing it. This waistcoat is quite light and soft, so I do not feel tight when I put it on. Furthermore, because these colors are basic, it is quite easy to style a perfect outfit.

11. Zicac Men’s Top Designed Casual Slim Fit Skinny Dress Vest Waistcoat

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My last option is another Zicac waistcoat. I opted for the waistcoat of this brand due to its high quality and affordable price. There is no reason to ignore such an awesome waistcoat like this. The Zicac is designed carefully in the style and sewn carefully. It looks like a hand-crafted product.

I was really pleased with my purchase and it looked great on me. If you want to prepare the wedding vest for yourself or even give to any men, you should pick up this design. You can get a lot of benefits from this grey waistcoat.

This Zicac consists of five different colors, including gray, black, white, dark navy blue, and red. However, if you pick up the red color, remember that it is not light red, but dark. The Zicac is made from the blend between Terylene and cotton. And its pockets are just fake, so you cannot hold anything inside those pockets. there is a back buckle to adjust to help you have a slim fit. In addition, the dimensions of this waistcoat are very clear, so you can opt for the right size easily.

These waistcoats are all fashionable, durable, and comfortable. For any men, you should have waistcoats in your wardrobe. They can contribute to vary your style to help you look new and stylish every day. Furthermore, these waistcoats are easy to mix to help you feel more confident and save time to dress up.

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