How To Choose Best Leather Jackets For Men

Marlon Brando, World War Two fighter pilots, The Ramones. All come to mind when I think of leather jackets. A well-made leather jacket is an essential addition to any man’s wardrobe, because it’ll never go out of style. You can dress it up or down, and it’ll generally last your lifetime.

There’s just something about a man in his leather jacket that you just can’t help yourself with. And for that reason alone, a leather jacket is an essential.

In this article today, I will come up with the guide on how to choose the best leather jackets for men, don’t miss out!

Highlight benefits from leather jackets

Have you ever wondered why motorists usually wear leather jackets? For masculine and strong look? Not at all! It’s mainly because of the great protection of the material.

Every motorist will at least once get down or slid out in their life. Thus, each time going down, with the gear on, it’s much better to help them avoid the road rash.


Actually, what I would like to talk here is the leather will last very long. I looked at the image the other day of the bomber jacket of General Patton that amazed me a lot. Wow, it’s seventy years old and it was maintained in a museum. I mean you could definitely pick and wear it.

That’s the most awesome feature of leather! You take good care and condition and let it stay in a great shape, its life circle can be over 100 years.

Types of leather


That’s where they use the animal hide’s two sides. The greatest about this kind of leather is its thickness and toughness to deliver supreme protection. However, on the contrary, you know that much cattle, particularly those was in the southwest, they usually have a habit of rubbing up against barbed wire fences so there are many cuts on their skin. It means that the surface will have scars, which some people might don’t like.

Top grain

Top grain leather usually has smooth surface so they’ve actually taken its top. it’s again two sides and I’m mentioning about the outer and inner membrane.

Again, thick, tough, strong and durable. however, it will be costly a bit as they have been treated of smoothing out the surface.


It’s real leather however, with this type, it’s just the lower limb so they’ve actually torn off in which they have separated the leather. But importantly, it’s thinner, which is the major matter when it comes to genuine leather.


Once you see a leather jacket and says it’s bonded leather, just avoid them. As actually they bond different pieces of leather together, utilize glue or many different materials. Really, it is okay in case you already have accenting tiny pieces or if you are cost sensitive.

But on the contrary, if you desire to get a good jacket that lasts long, don’t try these bonded leathers.

Synthetic leather

Of course, it is not real leather so that you shouldn’t treat it with putting up conditioners as it might ruin the material. But, this is a great replacement to those who are conscious. You don’t want to use animal products but still want a badass image, going for good synthetic leathers is the best option.

The best advantage of synthetic leather is its reasonable price. Though it is not real leather, it looks like leather so that the material still gives a good attitude.

Types of jacket

The flight/bomber jacket

This derived from the pilots in World War I. At high height, they would need something strong, durable and enable to make them warm. Besides, it must be a little bit movement. Thus, to get in and out of the airplane, they were added an elastic band around the mid-section.

It was designed to not allow the air circulate inside, but enables to wear something so that there were elastic bands around the waist and wrist. You just need to zip it up and the jacket would be sealed around the neck. Put on the scarf then, you get warm.

Talking about the bomber jacket. It was taken inspiration from flight jackets and many variations. Actually, it might make them some ways down into tankers.

The matter with bomber is that the upper body might look a bit larger. Nowadays bombers, particularly those are made by well-known companies, you will see that their body has trimmer.

If you are a large guy, this’s not probably perfect for you.

Double riders

This is a vintage American jacket style that I usually see in motorcyclists.

There is double breasted on it with the fold over which is why they named it double riders. As when you are riding a motorbike, you have got wind going straight at you. In case you have got it zipped up, it’s closure to avoid wind coming right though the jacket. Hence, it doesn’t matter if you are going 50 miles per hour, you can even go 70-90 miles without any problem.

And that’s what double riders can overcome. While wearing, the jacket will loop over to give complete security for you and delivers an extra bit of layering cushion which leads to a little extra warmth.

One specific feature of double riders is that they have got many zippers, buttons and metal on them as well as coming in black. Hence, there is a high contrast to stand out.

Motor racer

This kind of leather jackets features a straight front with no overlap. But in the breast area, you will find some pieces of material going over. Besides, the arm areas are much longer to avoid your arms from exposing out.

Most motorcyclists prefer leather jackets with long arms to protect their wrist from crash or just the sunlight. Some really enable to loop through, some coming up with an inner elastic to avoid the air going underneath.

However, this feature is not essential at all as they can wear extra gloves for ultimate protection for their hands and wrists.

The cattleman/blazer

If you want to look like a speedo wharf, a vintage jacket as cattleman is ideal. I don’t say that this type of leather jacket is for everyone, but you are a rancher, you can choose it.

The fatigue

It is a little bit more difficult to seek for but in turns, it oftentimes fully makes of the full-grain leather to deliver a tougher feeling. Actually, it takes inspiration from military style. If you want to try it, you can see them in fashion boutiques.

My picks

1. Decrum Mens Negan Black Genuine Lambskin Leather Biker Jacket

View here

If you intend to invest on a good jacket with biker style, I recommend this Decrum’s. The whole jacket is made from really good full grain real leather to offer a specific smooth on the surface, durable and strong inside. Moreover, it gives a masculine and luxury look.

If you are bikers then this option is perfect. There are asymmetrical zippers on the front with biker-style collar and viscose lining, which is attractive.

The highlight feature lies on the adjusted belt in the waist to help you keep warm and avoid wind getting inside. If you are concerned about the quality of zippers, then just ease in mind, they are good and durable.

There is just one thing I should notice you is the price tag. As I said, those leather jackets made from expensive full grain leather is really costly.


  • High quality material
  • Durable, strong
  • Smooth surface
  • Look nice and masculine
  • High quality zippers
  • Adjusted belt for more convenience


  • Expensive

2. LEATHER FARM Men’s Lambskin Leather Bomber Motercycle Jacket

View here

This jacket is also for motorcyclists but it is designed as bomber style which looks more dynamic and younger. They come up with various sizes so that if you don’t know yours, just check it at the size chart given by the manufacturer.

Instead of offering only full-black color like the Decrum above, this jacket is full brown, which looks truly classic and a little bit vintage. If you love this style, go for it.

As the material is genuine leather, which is not as quality as the full grain, but still good, this jacket is a bit cheaper than the Decrum.

Apart from the main zipper, there are two additionally asymmetrical ones on the front in addition to two side pockets.

Leather Farm jacket highlights the elastic bands on the waist and two wrists for more closure so that you will get more warmth while riding and they are much more comfortable and flexible.

The only drawback is the collar, which is a bit low so that if you want to protect your neck your just to avoid wind in getting straight to this area, just wear a scarf.


  • More reasonable price
  • High grade leather and zippers
  • Attractive designs
  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Strong and durable
  • Closure
  • Have side pockets


  • Collar is low, which is less protective
  • Don’t have many color options

3. The Leather Factory Men’s SWORD Black Genuine Lambskin Leather Biker Jacket

View here

This jacket can be said as a perfect dupe of the Decrum’s, the design of which gets 90 percent similarity to the first jacket in this collection. It is full black with asymmetrical zippers on the front apart from the main one on the center, the wrists go loose. The only difference is that The Factory Leather’s doesn’t have adjusted belt on the waist.

In turns, it comes up with cheaper price tag as the material is 100 percent made from genuine lambskin leather with high quality. Do you know the famous characteristics of lambskin leather? It is the softness, very specific and comfortable to touch and wear. And it’s very durable. If you spend some time to take care of it, I can assert that the jacket will last for years and even get better with time.

The outstanding feature might lie on the collar with throat tab and snap buttons to structure fit. However, in my opinion, if you have a little bit longer neck, for ultimate protection and cover, let’s go with an extra scarf.

For those who care about the lining, it is 100 percent polyester, which helps to reduce the total weight of this jacket a lot.


  • Masculine and strong outlook
  • High-quality material
  • Durable and soft
  • Reasonable price


  • Low collar

4. Wilsons Leather Mens Vintage Hooded Genuine Leather Jacket

View here

For those who are looking for a casual leather jacket for everyday wear, I highly recommend this Wilson’s. They look very dynamic, teenage and a bit mysterious with full-black design, two-side zippered pockets, a zipper in the center and a drawstring-adjustable hood.

The whole jacket might look simple but thanks to contrast lining and clever design, it is very attractive, stylish and masculine. The pockets are very closure and large enough to put your hands inside or store some stuff.

The material is thick enough to provide moderate protection as well as not make you feel hot in the summer. The outer shell is totally made from genuine leather while the removable bib is a combination between cotton and polyester for great wicking moisture and absorbing sweat on sunny days.

This jacket is quite lightweight, which offers comfort to wear. Based on its design and the whole look, this jacket is advised for teenage or young adults.


  • Attractive and cool design
  • Good material
  • Durable and smooth zippers
  • Closure and large side pockets
  • Large and adjustable hood
  • Reasonable price


  • Have less color options

5. WantDo Men’s Faux Leather Jacket with Removable Hood

View here

If you love the look of mysterious characters that are usually seen in many movies, then don’t miss out this WanDo leather jacket. Its design is typically mysterious, masculine and attractive. Not only coming up with the full-black, there are also yellow and brown to meet different taste.

Just take note that particularly with the black, there are two more options: light and heavy based on personal preference.

This jacket opts for casual wear as they are super cheap and lightweight thanks to PU faux leather and polyester lining, which helps to minimize the total cost of the jacket. However, don’t get doubt about the quality as the material is high quality with the ability to waterproof and last quite long time if you know how to maintain it properly. Besides, the zipper is very smooth and sturdy.

There are elastic bands on two wrists, collar and waist for supreme protection and closure, makes sure that wind can’t get through when in need. Besides, there are two-side pockets secured by zippers for ultimate closure.

Not only can you put your hands inside, but also store some stuff safely.

Like the Wilson, this jacket features an adjustable hood that is large enough to cover your head and make you warm. However, just notice that it is made from cotton so that this hood can’t be waterproof.


  • Very nice design
  • Supreme closure and protection
  • Waterproof
  • High quality material
  • Durable, thick, tough and strong
  • Closure pockets, very convenient
  • Elastic bands for more closure and protection
  • Various color options
  • Cheap price
  • Multiuse: driving, biking, motorcycling, racing and other outdoor activities.


  • The hood isn’t waterproof

6. Chouyatou Men’s Vintage Stand Collar Pu Leather Jacket

View here

Chouyatou leather jacket is perfect for those who are in tight budget as their price is really, really cheap. However, the quality is rather good though it can’t be as great as the genuine or the full grain leather jacket above, of course. Generally, you get what you paid for.

Talking about the most outstanding feature of this jacket, it is the various color options with multiple shades of brown and black in addition to some selections for the inner material.

It is made from 100% Faux-Leather with totally polyester lining, but don’t worry, it is high quality and durable, I assert. As the material is faux leather so you don’t have to give much care for it. Moreover, the leather is waterproof.

The whole jacket is designed cleverly to deliver a manly and vintage look, like the stand collar with adjustable belt, or zippers on both cuffs, chest pocket and in the center or the doubled lining throughout the product, very attractive and catchy.

If you want to buy an affordable motorcycle-style jacket, give this one a try. However, please know that it will be shipped only from China so that if you live outside this country, it might take longer time for delivery.


  • Closure and masculine design
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Good material
  • Diverse color selections
  • Quality zippers
  • Cheap price


  • Don’t have elastic band or adjustable belt in waist area

7. IDARBI Mens Long Sleeve Premium Stand Collar Zip Up Faux Leather Jacket

View here

Though IDARBI jacket only provides two basic color selections: black and brown, in turns, they give various design options. At the same time, each design will have different material and size chart. For examples, the Amoja079_black is made completely from Polyester, comes up with zippered chest pockets. The AMOJA080 runs in two snap chest pockets, 100% Polyurethane and smaller sizes than the US standard.

Thus, if you do intend to buy this jacket, please be advised to have a look at their material, design and especially its size charts to choose the best one.

In terms of the rest features of this jacket, they are okay with high-quality closured zippers, good material, large pockets and hood, great protection.

There is just a pity that there aren’t elastic bands on cuffs or waist to prevent ultimately the wind getting inside.

However, as this jacket is very affordable so that I don’t ask much on it. All-in-all, the quality of this jacket is worth for the price.


  • Cheap
  • Good outlook
  • Various design options
  • Durable and strong
  • High protection and closure
  • Good material and zippers


  • Don’t have elastic bands
  • Require professional cleaning only

8. Landing Leathers Men’s Air Force A-2 Leather Flight Bomber Jacket

View here

If you love bomber-style jacket, then surely this product will catch your eyes at the very first glance because of its stylish, unique and beautiful look. Going outside in, two cuffs and waist is added elastic bands with moderate fit and easy adjustment. In addition, there are two-side snap storm pockets with nicely size for storage and great closure.

Moreover, the inner lining is imprinted with WWII U.S flag, makes the jacket catchy and unique than ever. The product highlights YKK zipper which is famous for the international standard in quality. No worry about poor quality zippers with unsmooth operation. This jacket combining with its finest genuine leather surely lasts for years without being out of fashion, as well.

There are two color selections for you: black and brown which gives a masculine and luxury look. However, in turns, the price is rather costly so that if you have comfortable budget, this jacket is worth a try.


  • Unique, luxury and beautiful outlook
  • Snap storm pockets with large space for great closure and capacity
  • YKK zipper can last for years
  • High quality leather
  • Elastic bands to easily adjust and fit to your body
  • US flag lining
  • Two inner pockets


  • Costly

9. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Smooth Lamb Faux Leather Unfilled Bomber Jacket

View here

Don’t let this simple Tommy bomber leather jacket fool you! It is full of life on the inside with two inner zippered pockets for extra storage with higher protection, which is ideal to put up your valuables like money, cards, phone.

Besides, though the material is lambskin faux leather that might not look as expensive as the real leather, it offers less care and good waterproof ability, which not only decreases the total price tag, but also offers better protection.

Despite its simple design, the jacket is still convenient with elastic bands on two cuffs and waist area for best fit to your body. In addition, there are two outer pockets to put your hands inside and high-quality zipper in the center with smooth operation.

In terms of the collar, it is stand style and high enough to provide good coverage and protection whether you wear it in sunny or cold days.


  • Good material and zippers
  • Secret inner pockets for more storage and protection
  • Two-side pockets on the outer
  • Elastic bands for better fit
  • Stand collar for higher protection


  • Hand wash only
  • Not look luxury

In my opinion, leather jackets are an essential edition to any man’s wardrobe, because it’s not going to go out of style, you can dress it up or down, and it’ll pretty much last you a lifetime. Like a well-tailored suit, when you put one on, it’s going to make you feel and look great. Thus, do yourself a favor. Figure out the right style leather jacket for you and invest in one.

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