Best Lanyard Wallets for Men

What do you expect for the best lanyard wallet for men?

Want them to keep your hand free, or, to be a cool accessory on your neck?

Should they be lightweight or a bit heavier to feel ease in mind that they’re still there – on your neck?

Which occasion do you intend to use it in? Daily life, work, school or travel?

In this article, I’m going to share you my rounded-up list of 10 best lanyard wallets for men to match perfectly a specific demand. And obviously, each of them is guaranteed for highest quality to bang for your buck. Read on!

01. Lethnic Mini Keychain Wallet – Minimalist Slim Front Pocket Genuine Leather Card Holder with ID Window

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Truth to say, I feel like the manufacturer made this leather lanyard wallet just for me because every single of its features fits snugly to my demand on a slim front pocket.

I’m an absent-minded which there were countless times, I went out for lunch without my wallet. Besides, I usually found it was a bit difficult to toss my cards in or take them out of the wallet – just wished those card slots were designed somehow to help me out for easier access.

And you know what, this little buddy kills those issues cleanly.

Thanks to the combination of clear ID window and a D-shaped ring at the corner, I can creatively use it as my work identity card holder and also a compact, convenient wallet. Can’t describe how useful it is in my daily but just feeling.

And those slots for my regular cards, they are designed with a small curve at the edge so that cards will be tossed in or taken out more quickly and easily.

Lethnic mini keychain wallet is very sturdy with tight stitching, strong seams and alongside with that, every single card slot is equipped with advanced RFID Blocking Technology for ultimate protection to your private information.

It’s tested for 13.56 MHz frequency to block all illegal scanners within 3 meters, which is a good news to keep hi-tech thieves at bay.

With such that good price compared to its genuine leather quality as well as other great benefits, this wallet truly bangs for your bucks.

02. VENTURE 4TH Travel Neck Pouch Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking

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Now is a must-consider travel wallet that will help you ease in mind that you don’t forget anything important home. This Venture 4th Travel Neck Pouch Wallet is designed just right for travelers from the waterproof, breathable and lightweight material to the well-organized construction.

This is a lanyard wallet that will give you more than what you could bargain for. First off is its RFID Blocking Technology that is claimed to prevent al 13.56 MHz frequency signals within 3 meters. This is also a must-have feature of any travel wallet, especially if you usually go to European countries because of the incredible risk of hi-tech thieves there.

Its outer performance is unisex which means both men and women can utilize it conveniently. Plus, its measurements are reasonable with 8” wide and 5.5” high to not cause bulk in your chest. On the other hand, it’s large enough to fit a smart phone, a passport, earphones, tickets, cash, coins, cards, keys, and so on. The lanyard is adjustable as well.

But, speaking of the highlight of this wallet, that must be its superbly flexible storage with three clever compartments where you can put in any documentation as well as valuable stuff. Inside these three storage spaces, there are some other smaller compartments and slots to keep your stuff neatly.

Detailly, there are two zippered pouches, one clear ID window that’s spacious enough to fit a boarding pass and one Velcro strap patch. And for quick access, most of these compartments are closed by adjustable strap, hook or loop fastener. Really thoughtful!

The rip-stopped nylon material is one last thing I would like to emphasize. They are really durable and performing well to eliminate as less wears and tears as possible. Compared to its price, this is a must-try wallet for any backpackers and travelers.

Ah, I almost forgot, there’s a lifetime warranty for each product to ensure you’re happiest with your purchase.

03. Wisdompro Double Sided PU Leather ID Badge Card Holder

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This id lanyard wallet is designed just for office worker or students, particularly those who are looking for a new work/school identity card holder that also takes the role of a convenient contemporary wallet.

The construction of this badge holder can’t be simpler with a clear ID window on the frontside and a slot on its backside. With this extra storage space, it’s perfect for your regular bank card and some small changes to pay you for a lunch or help you out in a hurry situation.

Though its functionality isn’t as versatile as other wallets, it fits just right to what we expect for our daily work-life or school-life. It keeps your hand free, saves you from your absent-minded characteristics and also an interesting accessory to make you stand out from the crowd.

Unlike other plastic badge holders with too-ordinary look, the cool and unique PU leather texture of this model will nail up your style and make you delicately outstanding. Moreover, worry free of its durability because the material is really premium. Plus, its stitching is great.

In a full package, you will receive not only this badge holder, but there’s also a 22” polyester neck lanyard which is quite skin-friendly yet strong and it’s detachable. Besides, there’s a free wisdompro sizing 4” x 4” cloth made out of high-quality microfiber fabric for cleaning your wallet.

It’s really convenient to the smallest detail.

04. Credential Holder Case With ID Window, 4 Credit Card Slots & Zipper Pocket

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Cmxsevenday black lanyard wallet is the best companion for those who have to use coins in their daily life. Or if you prefer to keep your house keys or vehicle’s keys the one place with your cards and cash for easy access and storage. I know, it’s a common thing when we forget to bring our car key alongside and it ends up with you going back to your house/office to take it. That’s so time wasting, right?

Another great thing about this wallet is the lanyard length. It’s way longer than the standard to perfectly fit any tall guy (18.11” long). Besides, it’s made out of high-quality PU leather, which looks much more expensive and fashionable than the fabric or plastic. Moreover, it’s detachable!

Now, back to the wallet, it’s crafted from PU leather material with well-made stitching. Though it might not deliver as cool feeling touch as the genuine, Pu leather is a great choice for abusing with good water resistance and lightweight.

As it’s high quality, plus, high grade zipper, I’m quite sure this wallet will serve you for years.

Speaking of capacity and construction, Cmxsevenday ‘s wallet includes 4 card slots, 1 ID window and 1 zippered pocket. You can take advantage of the ID slot for your IDs, driver license or your work identity card.

Due to its design and added functions, the wallet is quite versatile to utilize in many occasions. For example, a daily-used wallet, a badge holder, a travel wallet and so on.

Also, take note that it’s backed by a lifetime warranty!

05. Chums Surfshort Wallet

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If you love those accessories that bring a freedom and wild feeling, Chums might be a good companion. Its silhouette won’t be as squared and lean as other front pocket wallets you might have seen.

And right because of that particular design, it brings more “casual” vibe to your outfit and nail up the spirit of freedom.

However, don’t equality this small detail to its quality and capacity. In fact, Chums mens lanyard wallet comes in lots of expected benefits. One of them is its dual zippered pockets – one with clear ID window and one is closure completely. One for cards and one for cash.

It’s perfect for those who love organizing their love neatly but not losing the ability of personal customization. You will have more options to arrange your stuff, not following any regulars, like this card must be stored here and that one must be stored in there. no!

Besides, the upgrade of opened slots to the zippered ones deliver better security to your belongings. On the other hand, you can put some coins or keys into it.

The attached key ring is also very useful. It’s an O ring so that you can connect it to your keys, belt loops or a lanyard and secure it on your neck. Overall, there are various way to utilize this O ring.

Like the Venture 4th travel wallet above, this model is made out of high-quality rip-stop nylon so that you can ensure about its durability and performance. Moreover, there are a lot of colorways to choose from.

06. Badge Holder with Zipper, ELV PU Leather ID Badge Card Holder Wallet

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The users’ demands are diverse that I will include in this collection as many types of wallets as possible. And this next zip lanyard wallet is perfect for those who prefer a bit heavier wallet.

It might sound weird to some people but thinking clearly again, it’s quite reasonable that sometimes, the too-lightweight neck wallets make us a bit nervous to check regularly if it’s still there – on your neck – or had already been cut and stolen by somebody.

A heavier wallet might be a bit inconvenient to the neck but it makes us feel more ease in mind and always notice that it’s still in its place.

This badge holder not only meets that desired heft, but also gives you some extra functions which firstly, an open card slot with pull tab on the frontside. This convenient storage space stayed right after a clear ID window, and this helps significantly for you to quicker access your cards.

These two slots are perfect for your less important regular card like work IDs or member cards. For the more important ones, let’s store them in the zippered pouch because it’s equipped with RFID Blocking Technology. Moreover, this pouch is huge enough to accommodate 3-5 cards without a burden. It’s also useful for coins, keys or cash due to your preference.

On the backside, there are three more card slots that are covered by a sturdy snap button.

Speaking of its outer performance, this badge holder comes in an elegant and simple outlook with a reasonably small brand logo embossed on the backside. With various color options, this is another great option for office workers.

07. Pelican 0955-010-110 Micro Sport Wallet ProGear Liner

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Differ from other lanyard wallets in this list which are way more about functionality than fashion spectrum, Pelican entirely makes a plot twist. It’s not just an ordinary wallet to carry and protect your valuable stuff, but more about a likely fashion item for men.

I mean it still guarantees to deliver the best protection as well as huge storage space for your stuff, including two elastic mesh pockets on the inside. Like Chums, the level of customization of Pelican is high.

Measured by 5.75 x 3.5 x 0.5 inches, you can put anything into this sturdy wallet such as cards, paper money, keys, receipts, and so on. The best thing about elastic pockets is its provided extra storage space which allows you to cram a little bit inside this wallet.

Overall, I usually put 7-8 cards, 10-12 folded bills, earphone and a couple of important receipts. The mesh material is quite durable and tear-resistant quite well to serve you for years.

Its hard shell is even better which is made out of water-resistant, crushproof material with nice feeling touch. The strap, it works really well and up to now, after 7 months of use, there’s no defaults happened to this detail, which I really appreciate.

Its whole product is black with a heavy logo on the frontside. The combination of contrasting colorways makes it even more unique and outstanding. In fact, this Pelican lanyard wallet is introduced by Chris Hemsworth and has been one of the best sellers at the current.

Another great thing is its interesting matching between hard shell and the flexible (if not saying it’s soft) lanyard to upend its functionality more.

With this design, you will prefer to carry it on your hands more than storing in your bag because of its superbly cool outer performance.

08. Leather Wallet Case with Credit Card Holder Slot Zipper Wallet Pocket Purse

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For those who are looking for a good iPhone wallet case for your precious smartphone, this is the best bet for you.

I know that there might be some people reject this design because of its bulky silhouette. However, I can assert that this is the ONE & ONLY weakness of the product. Besides, as iPhone 8 Plus or 7 Plus comes in a larger size than standard pocket’s, it’s literally difficult to toss in your front or back pocket as normal.

So, anyway, you have to put it in your bag so I myself don’t find this bulky detail is a matter. Even, that’s a great bonus because in some clumsy moments, your smartphone might drop off the ground. And you know it, the risk that its camera lens hitting the ground is high. This bulge-up area will prevent that from happening.

And when you need to keep your hands free while watching movie, surfing social media, it will be a functional phone stand.

But the best benefit is its capacity which its zipper is the greatest to keep your valuable belongings safe and secure. Take note that it’s YKK zipper for the smoothest performance.

Going inside, there are two elastic bands which you can put in 3-4 cards and some small change neatly.

The attached lanyard even makes this wallet perfect to keep your hand free while going around if you don’t like tossing it in your bag. It’s detachable so that you can remove it when not in need.

There’s just one thing you should bear in mind is its case is designed to fit neatly either an iPhone 8 Plus or an iPhone 7 Plus sizing 5.5”.

09. Thread Wallets – Slim Minimalist Wallet – Front Pocket Credit Card Holder for Men

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Measured by 3” tall and 2.2” wide, this thread lanyard wallet shocks me out.

It’s literally as small as my palm and you can toss it in anywhere you like, from a chest pocket, a front pocket, your bag and so on. However, don’t just quickly judge a book by its cover. Though its small silhouette, this thread wallet can do the impossible thing that other materials can’t is its elasticity. I mean this little bad boy can fit snugly to your daily belongings, no matter it’s many or less in quantity.

And as made out of high-quality material, its elasticity is totally no joke. You can toss in 2 cards without fear of losing them or 8 cards with no bulk. Besides, this wallet offers 2 pockets to keep your regular cards separately from your paper money for quicker access.

I personally give this wallet a compliment for its unique and outstanding appearance. I love how it plays with colors – so elegant and unique.

Plus, the O ring is perfect to connect or hang this wallet to many places such as your keys, your belt loop, a hook, a lanyard or a bag. Particularly, if you loop it to your belt, this is surely a really cool accessory to nail up your fashion taste.

10. Bandolier [Emma] Phone Case Compatible with iPhone X & iPhone Xs

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Last but not least, this Bandolier lanyard phone case wallet is what any iPhone X owners should keep in mind for its two golden benefits: functionality and stylish design.

Luxurious things should go together, which is why a genuine leather phone case should stick to an expensive smartphone like iPhone X. Its unique texture plus cool outlook will definitely make you pop off the crowd.

Another great bonus about this case is its extra storage space with a snap button strap to ensure nothing would fall out accidently. With this added-in slot, you can put in 1-2 cards and some small change without a burden.

Other than that, it still keeps an amazingly slim silhouette.

For more security as well as to keep your hands free, there is an attached cross body strap, the length of which is roughly 52” to 56” and it’s detachable. From that point, when in need, just hook it to the wallet and you can save your hands to do other things.

On top of that, there’s a guarantee provided by the manufacturer to ensure you will always feel happy with your purchase.

Having a great lanyard wallet to serve your personal demand isn’t a difficult task, but it does take time because there are countless products on the market with different quality grade and specific purpose of use. That’s why I spent months to search, test and analyze to these 10 best pieces, hoping that it can give some more free time on your hands.

However, if you haven’t made your choice yet, here are other of my recommendations:

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