Top 11 travel wallets you can find on the market


If you are planning a trip, an accessory to keep critical stuffs with you on travel like passport, ID, credit cards, etc. is something indispensable. Well, what you need is simply a wallet but a normal one may not be suitable for the task. Then a men travel wallet is responding well to your current need. Just with this product, you can organize your items more efficiently and are able to get access to the stuff you want much faster. And if you are wondering about suitable travel wallets to purchase, you can find here, in this article, sufficient information on the features of 11 famous travel wallets.

Technically, the function of a travel wallet is just like a normal one but is specially modified to be responsive to the travel conditions. It’s much slimmer and all the slots or pockets are easy to identify. This means you won’t have to search through every corner of the wallet just to find a specific item. You need to get something now? Just a simple glance is enough to locate the thing you want and take it out. So if you are going to travel around, let’s check out the travel wallets below to define which wallet is most suitable any up to your liking.

01. Men’s RFID Blocking Leather Wallet – Front Pocket Bifold Wallet With Money Clip


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A very versatile product, this travel wallet for men has an ultra slim profile coupled with a RFID cover and spacious storage page. As result, this is an effective accessory to securely keep your items while traveling. Due to its thickness, the wallet won’t attract any unnecessary attentions yet able to store an admirable number of cards and cash. The high manufacturing standards that utilize full – grain leather lead to a soft yet sturdy product that will allow a long-lasting usage.

If you don’t like the bulkiness of a normal wallet that makes you feel uncomfortable and even painful sometimes then this product is just for you. The wallet can store many cards and the transparent ID window is quite convenient for showing your paper. The money clip is fairly tough and reliable but you should only put an adequate amount of cash otherwise the bills will flap around a lot when you flip open the wallet and possibly affect the grip of your cards.

02. Zip Around Leather Travel Wallet with Passport and Boarding pass Holder by Marshal


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A compact Marshal design with sturdy construction, this wallet can be said to be an ideal companion for any kind of your travel, domestic or aboard. The wallet can store plenty of items with various sizes and thicknesses, from a passport to a business card. Using soft leather as material and combined with precise craftsmanship, it will stay effective for quite a long time.

The product is able to support as many types of combinations as you can think of. As long as the wallet is used within the limit, you can store anything you want in it and retrieve them completely at ease. The only thing to be mindful is its fairly big size. So you may encounter some difficulties fitting it in your pocket.

03. Dante RFID Blocking Leather Passport Wallet Passport Holder+ Slim Bifold for Men and Women + Protect Your Passport and Credit Card


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Dante has produced this product with an emphasis on private and security but it also features an elegant and stylish design. If you wish to get the most secured wallet able to protect your private information from RFID or unauthorized scanning then the near – perfect travel wallet for man is actually a desirable wallet available now on the market. The genuine leather this wallet made from is quite smooth, soft and durable. The transparent window is also an effective way to store your ID paper and show it up when necessary without having to take it out completely.

Even with its slim profile, you can easily store many types of cards or cash and even passport. They will be well – protected yet you can quickly check the wallet contents with just a flip. Yet you may feel it a bit tight when you use it in the first few times but it should expand to your preferences after just a short time in use.

04. Soft Tech Nylon Traveler Wallet


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An inexpensive and sturdy product from Allett, the product is strongly resistant to sweats and water so you have no worry about any kinds of moisture when using it. Despite its small appearance, the wallet can hold a surprisingly large number of things: up to 14 cards, bills and travel documents. The cross stitches also result in a durable product that can cope well with heavy usage and substantially reduce tear and wear.

This wallet when fully loaded still remains quite thin making it fit easily in your pockets. It won’t stretch so every item you put in will stay tightly secured. Your passport can comfortably stay inside it and the wallet thickness only increases marginally. Yet you may see that the wallet compartments are not distinctly divided but that is why this product has such a slim profile.

05. Relic Men’s Mark Traveler Wallet


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A very nice product from Relic that use 100% leather and go through high manufacturing standards, this wallet can stay intact for years to come. It has 10 slots for cards and 2 zipper pockets for cash, receipt or any document you want to keep. The wallet also has 2 clear windows to store identification papers. While it has such a generous storage, the overall thickness when fully loaded still remains quite negligible which you can fit in nicely into your pant pockets.

This travel wallet for man is highly sought after by people who want a sturdy travel wallet with high capacity. The well – processed material allows it to stay functional on any condition. There’s just only one thing to be mindful, you may experience a bit difficulty in taking out your ID cards.

06. Access Denied Men RFID Blocking Passport Holder Wallet Genuine Leather


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Access Denied has a long focus on producing the products that can securely keep your private details from being extracted without your consent and this is a new one. The wallet is equipped with RFID layer that reliably protects your items from unauthorized scanning. The interior is quite spacious so you can put in travel items with different sizes and thicknesses. The slots and pockets are well – organized so that you can quickly locate the desired stuffs and take them out almost in no time.

A small profile even fully – loaded, it can be comfortably carried in your front pant pockets. A wise investment if you want to protect your personal items. Its weight is also not a big deal if you worry that it will put pressure on your body. You may want to carefully check your pocket dimension to order to get an appropriate size though.

07. RFID Blocking Leather Wallet for Men | Travel Bifold | Card Protector | RFID Blocking


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Utilizing advanced technologies with metal composite material, this wallet is a product with study , well – protected and elegant features. Its thickness is small so you can put it into the pant pockets easily and neither walking nor sitting will make you feel uncomfortable. Its has 8 lots for cards with a convenient flip – out clear window for your ID papers. The RFID cover protects your information from Electronic skimming.

The bulkiness of this wallet is very low when it’s full therefore it won’t create a bulge in your pockets or make you pants feel tight. Pretty much a simple and effective design for travelers. All the slots are easy to use and the tightness is just right. But you may want to pay attention to the removable card case since it’s a bit loose and may drop out unnoticed.

08. RFID Blocking Leather Wallet Gift Set for Men | Travel Bifold + Front Pocket Wallet


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Employing the latest RFID technique, this 2 – wallet set from Travami allows up to 15 cards, ID papers and cash to be carried with you and all are safe from electronic thief. With such large storage space, you will amaze to know that both of these wallets are very slim and will fit in your pant pockets without any problem. And with the genuine leather material, the surface of this product is soft, smooth yet very strong and scratch resistant.

These wallet slots and pockets are arranged in a manner that allow easy put in/take out and in most cases, you won’t feel difficult when put them into your pocket, that is a proof for their slim and compactness. But since this is covered with RFID, if your cards need a scan you have to manually take them out to swipe.

09. Kenneth Cole Reaction Men’s Sheepskin Leather Traveler Trifold Wallet


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A trifold design from Kenneth Cole, this wallet has a stylish appearance yet posses many features which can reliably safeguard your items. Made from 100% natural leather, you can feel the beauty and uniqueness in each of the product. Equipped with 10 slots for cards and bill pockets, with a simple flip and all the contents are visible right away. All of these features come at a very reasonable price for most people.

10. TUMI Men’s Chambers Ultimate Travel Organizer


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A wonderful and innovative product from TUMi, using synthetic material, this wallet is a good purchase for people in need of a light and functional travel wallet. It has plenty of slots for cards, cash and a pen holder in case you may have to sign or write a lot during your travel.

11. Sellse Men’s Long Wallet Bifold Checkbook Travel Wallet

11Sellse Mens Long Wallet Bifold Checkbook Travel Wallet

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A carefully produced wallet from Sellse , this product has a well – done stitches so that it will stay intact after a long time. Its 8 card slots and zipper pockets, the 2 clear windows also serve as a quick way to show up your identification papers. The oversized slots can be used to store additional cards, bills, travel documents, etc.

After quite a long time at work, a funny and relaxing trip will be a good way to refresh yourself. And you do need some things for this trip. In order to store all of necessary stuffs for such a trip, you need a suitable travel wallet. The product offers a whole new level of efficiently storing and organizing your items. So if you wish to take a vacation, check out these above travel wallets and pick out the most suitable ones for yourself. It’s also a nice gift to your close friends who love travelling a lot too.

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