Best Organizer Wallet for Men [ Updated 2019 ]

All men need a wallet to organize their cash and identification papers. A wallet can not only keep these things safe, but also show your fashionable style.

If back to the old days when a thick and bulky trifold wallet is a typical symbol of wealth and richness, it’s gradually out of date and up to now, a slim silhouette is preferred more.

People don’t tend to carry a bunch of cash alongside when they’re out nowadays, but some vital cards in a thin wallet. It’s elegant, gentle, nice and on the other hand, save you from many diseases caused to your back and spine.

To meet the need of buyers, each year, an avalanche of different versions of wallets that come from different brands are released. Each brand has their own target customers and organizer brand is not an exception. They have many best men’s organizer wallets that you may be interested in.

However, to dive into that bunch to find out the most suitable men’s organizer wallet, a quite difficult and time consuming, huh? That’s why it’s essential to consult those collections that the authors have rounded up to the best items for you, like this one for example.

01. Lethnic Genuine Leather Long Wallets Bifold Wallet For Men


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If one traditional wallet design does not offer enough space for all your essentials, then why don’t try this long construction for better organization. It would be great when purchasing this one as one gift on birthday, or any special occasions. Lethnic Bifold Men’s Organizer Wallets utilize the high-quality material combines with well-made construction. Handcrafted by skillful artisans, it delivers an elegant and stylish performance. Wallet brings a sense of smoothness when carrying for the very first time.

Feature the long bifold design, this Lethnic best men’s checkbook wallet measures 7.6 x 4 x 0.4 inches. Feel free to carry on hands or put inside your jacket, your coat. Feature the slim construction, this item allows you to carry up to 15 cards, money, important papers and even your phone. Take a closer look, it features 1 zipper pocket, 6 full-length compartments, and 18 card slots. Such a huge amount of space!! Wallet equips to the strong RFID blocking system, which secures your private information at the safest stage.

In case you did not experience a good time with Lethnic item, the brand offers you A 30-DAY WARRANTY for a full refund or replacement. The wallet receives compliments for its roomy space and excellent craftsmanship, why don’t give it a try and share with us?

02. Le’aokuu Mens Genuine Leather Bifold Wallet Organizer Checkbook Card Case

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The first product of this brand that I could not ignore is the Le’aokuu mens genuine leather bifold wallet. In terms of size, this wallet is not an ideal one to put into your pocket because it’s 7.28 inches in width and 3.54 inches in length. However, it is very thin, about 0,39 inches.

I don’t care much about the size of the wallet, because I usually hold my wallet in my hand. I was very impressed because of its design. This wallet is made from the real leather; therefore, it’s luxurious, durable and stylish. If you own it, you will look trendier.

The version of the organizer brand comes with a large number of colors to fit your preferences. Besides, it has some card holders, cash holders as well as ID window. Remember that you have to keep this wallet carefully, because its material is easy to get scratches on the surface. Overall, I highly recommend this wallet due to its durability and fashionable look.

03. Relic Men’s Mark Checkbook Wallet

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The next recommendation is the Relic men’s mark checkbook wallet. The size of this wallet is 3.5 inches in height and 6.5 inches in width. The Relic wallet looks awesome with the small logo printed in the left corner. Without this logo, it is quite plain. I considered the logo as a highlight.

It has only one color that’s black. This color can fit all people because it’s never out of date. A black wallet makes you look more masculine and stronger. It is easy to mix with other fashion items.

The relic wallet is also made of 100 percent leather. Moreover, it features tonal stitching. All the edges were sewn carefully to make for sure that there is no tearing. You can take the use of this wallet to hold both cash and card. But, it cannot keep your phone.

04. Sellse Men’s Long Wallet Bifold Checkbook Travel Wallet

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Whenever we talk about wallets for men, people always think about plain and black wallets; however, it remains more than that. And Sellse men’s long wallet bifold checkbook travel wallet is a good example.

This men’s checkbook wallet is made of the genuine leather; therefore, it owns all best features of this kind of material, such as durability, no scratch, and fashion. The length of this wallet is 9 centimeters and its height are 18 centimeters.

The Sellse men’s long wallet consists of 2 photo windows to keep your identification or driver license, one zipper pocket to protect your cash from falling out, and 8 card slots. With the delicate design and neatly stitched edges, this wallet has become one of the bestselling products of this brand. It has a good quality at a reasonable price.

05. Lethnic Leather Long Wallet With Snap Button For Men

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This is another version of the long men’s organizer wallet; however, this one comes with a secured snap closure. The Lethnic Long Men’s Organizer Wallets With Snap Button embraces the casual business style; however, it still stays fashionable over time. Made of premium Saffiano genuine cowhide leather, cool checkbook wallet speaks out the elegant appearance and durability. In term of sizing, wallet measures 7.7 x 4, allows you to put inside bags or small purses.

Take a closer look, there are 17 card slots, 5 long compartments for cards and 1 full-length zipper pocket. Besides the money and cards, you can put inside your smartphone (measures 5.5 inches or smaller, checkbook, coins and important receipts. All your belongings will be secured with the snap button when it’s not in use. These men’s organizer wallets also equip to the strong RFID blocking system which secures your item at the safest level.

Feel free to choose your favorite color among the black and navy colors. Tight line, cool edged cutting, exact measurement and elegant smell of real leather. You’ll regret if you don’t try this men’s checkbook wallet!

06. Tony Perotti Large Leather Bifold Wallet Breast Pocket Checkbook Organizer

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There is a tip for you to avoid buying the useless wallet that is checking the dimension of the wallet before buying. You need to know your requirements exactly when finding a checkbook wallet.

The material is also leather which is durable and soft. Especially, this wallet can remain its look for a very long time. I used this wallet one year ago, and now, it still looks good without any scratches. All the edges are smooth.

This tony perotti checkbook organizer wallet has many pockets firmly together, so you can put more things inside like two side currency cash gussets that easy to insert ID window, three auxiliary receipt pockets, and a total of 12 business and credit card holder. It has an elegant and stylish design. You will feel comfortable when holding it in your hand. Its dimensions are 3.5 inches for length, 0.50 inches for width and 6.5 inches for height. The Tony checkbook wallet is an ideal for daily life, travel and business.


07. RFID Wallet for Checkbook – Excellent Quality Leather – Blocks Electronic Pickpocketing

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This is an extremely thin men’s leather travel wallet. The dimensions of the products are 7.38 inches, 3.63 inches and 0.88 inches. It comes with three colors, including classic black, classic brown and natural brown.

The RFID wallet has a fashionable design which is not only young, but also masculine. It has twelve slots to keep cash, receipts and additional cards. I found this wallet convenient because I can keep all forms of payment. I often put my hotel room key, enhanced driver’s license, transit card, credit card, debit card, passport card, cash, in this wallet. Furthermore, this wallet can be suitable for both men and women.

Its material is genuine leather that is very soft. This wallet will bring you a great feel. Generally speaking, it looks great and feel great, too. I bought one for myself and another for my friend. He loved it a lot.

08. Teemzone Mens Genuine Leather Clutch Bag Handbag Organizer Checkbook Wallet Card Case

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Teemzone men’s organizer wallet is considered as a wonderful wallet with huge capacity and perfect size. It is 8.66 inches in length, 5.31 inches in width. This wallet can support you to carry all daily stuff, as smart phone, ID card, credit cards, cash tickets, keys, earphone, driver license, and mini power bank.

It has the same material as the above wallet, genuine leather. However, its design is quite different. It is a clutch bag, instead of normal wallet. This brown man clutch bag is made of a whole piece of second layer cowhide. Therefore, you do not need to worry about splitting apart. The interior material is PU and polyester.

The Teemzone clutch bag is suitable for all occasions. It can be used for business, daily or casual. If you want to change your style to become a perfect gentleman, you should take it with you.

09. RS Men’s Wallet Leather Bifold Vintage Long Style with Zipper Pockets Casual Card cases with Long Chain

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At the first sight, I was very impressed by the design of this long wallet for men. The RS men’s wallet has a unique design with a long chain. This chain is very useful and you can create different styles with it.

There are 2 colors, consisting of dark brown and brown. I chose a dark brown and it looked awesome. The dimensions of this wallet are approximately 7.17 x 3.14 x 0.79 inches, but I think it’s a bit bigger. This wallet is also made of top grain leather and it offers style and storage for all of our important items. The RS wallet is well made will a classic design of pockets to hold all essentials.

The most special thing I discovered when I used this wallet is to flip open to reveal card slots and hold credit cards, debit cards, rewards cards, insurance cards, a checkbook holder and slip pockets to hold cash and receipts.

10. Nautica Men’s Leather Secretary Checkbook Wallet Organizer

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I bought the Nautica men’s leather wallet at first because of its strange design. The edges are sewn, but they mixed colors to create a new look for a plain wallet. The edges’ color is darker. I opted for a tan wallet with small logo printed on the left corner.

The material of this wallet has a high quality that is leather. It features soft, durable and smooth when we touch. Overall, this wallet looks stylish with a reasonable size. It is 6.5 inches in height and 3 inches in width. The fold closure helps us easy to close and open our wallet. Besides, it also contributes to protect our essentials safe.

This wallet is very convenient with some pockets. There are 4 slips, 1 ID window, and 7 card slots. You can save your money, and other items without worrying about losing them.

11. Jack&Chris Mens Leather Long Wallet Double Zip Checkbook Wallet Card Bag Wristlet, NM8058

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Jack & Chris Mens leather long wallet looks like a clutch rather than a wallet. Although it comes from a new brand, its quality is top notch. I extremely like the style of this wallet. It is not only fashionable, but also unique. Its design is totally different from the other wallets on the market.

The dimensions of this wallet are suitable for all men with 7.56 x 3.95 x 1.6 inches. I think these dimensions are not too big or too small. This crafted wallet is a good suggestion for those who want to choose a gift to give other people. It is vintage, elegant, luxury and durability.

The Jack & Chris mens leather wallet is made of the top cow leather with two zip closures. These zippered pockets can save your items carefully. Besides, it has 7 card slots, so you can insert all kinds of cards you have. Apart from these, there are 6 cash holder, 1 ID window and 1 zipper coin pocket.

12. Pegai Personalized Checkbook Cover, Distressed Leather Checkbook Wallet, Checkbook Case – Clark | Chestnut Brown

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The last wallet in this list is the Pegai personalized checkbook cover leather wallet. From its name, we can know exactly about its material. It is made from top grain distressed leather. It has all good features of this kind of material.

The design of the Pegai wallet is very special with simple, but attractive design. Its width is 3.5 inches, while the length is 6.75 inches. It is not thick, but thin with 0.5 inches in height.

It is quite difficult to find out a wallet like this one. It is designed to accommodate all types of checkbooks. The second pockets enable to provide room to keep vital records or papers. If you want to choose a gift for your relatives, you can take this into the consideration.

Wallets are a must have item for all men. Many people think that wallet is only used for keeping cash. However, a wallet can become an accessory to create your own style. It can make all men look more stylish and masculine. Hope that these Men’s organizer wallets can help you have more options.

Despite of the minimalist trend, I know that there’re still many people prefer to stick to the traditional trifold wallets. Is it possible for a trifold silhouette to go slim? Yes – I said. Here is my recommendation for you:

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