Basic steps to pick a suitable pair of sunglasses

Quite a few things require people to get a pair of glasses; one of them is to filter strong sunlight to protect your eyes. But whatever the reason is, it’s important to know exactly what kind of features you are looking for. Due to a great variety of glasses, you will possibly waste your money for little in return if you purchase thing just by looking at its appearance which seems to be good. So if you really want to get an effective pair of sunglasses and avoid any hiding problems, this article will be very beneficial to you.


Glasses are not simply a frame together with 2 lenses; it’s actually an essential accessory able to make up a part of your image. And if you have any further requirements for your glasses, those should also be combined in an acceptable manner without compromising your outfit impression. Sunglasses are a type of glasses mainly used to keep the sunlight from irritating or even harming your eyes. Further, as mentioned above, each people needs different type of sunglasses; so if you wish to get ones that fit you the most, the instruction below will guide you through what you need to consider.

1. The protection level

Needless to say, when people need a pair of sunglasses, they clearly want to protect their eyes from strong sunlight and support their vision. Sunglasses not only assist your vision in strong sunlight, it also block harmful rays such as UV rays rather dangerous for your eyes. So when you choose a pair of sun glasses, you’d better set the UV rays blocking ability as one of the primary requirements. The preferable protection level should be able to block 99% of UVB ray and 95% of UVA ray.

And you should pass over sunglasses unable to provide details about UVs protection. Those with fragile frame and coating or branded “cosmetic” are also not suitable. When you decide to spend money on something, you   want it to last long and not to fall apart after using just a few times. It’s wise to look for scratch resistant with durable frame sunglasses and versatile enough to allow an easy repair of lenses when damage.

2. Shapes and features

Ask yourself where you intend to use these sunglasses. The necessary features may vary a lot for different purposes, from a ride on your car and outdoor activities to a simple walk and sunbathe  The thickness, the overall wide, the curve etc. all of them need to be decided base on your practical needs and usages. But it’s recommended that you should get a pair of sunglasses which can provide a nice and comfortable feeling on your face and can stay the same when you move your head around. Polarization is also a needed feature if you want to use this where there is lots of water

In most cases, a pair of sunglasses with a contrasting shape to your face will be a good choice. So if you face is rounded, an angular frame will be a nice tough. And if you face is a square, a round and gentle frame will blend in just fine. A good pair of sunglasses will incorporate itself into your face nicely and deliver an overall smooth impression to the public. Follow your preference if you want but don’t go overboard and keep it at an acceptable level.


3. Fitness

It’s obvious that you want your glasses to have a good grip on your face but definitely not to the point of making you feel uncomfortable. So it’s very useful to try it on before you make a decision. The glasses weight should be equally supported by your nose and ears. And make sure that your eyes lashes don’t come in contact with the lenses when you blink. The lenses should be wide enough to cover your eyes from the sun. And if you feel the glasses are a bit heavy toward either side, ask the staff to adjust them for you until you feel satisfied.

4. Lenses color

Beside the fashion scent, the color of the lenses also affects the ability to recognize environment colors so be careful. While some can considerably increase the contrast, your eyes may have a hard time distinguishing colors. This may lead to dangerous situations such as failure to properly recognize traffic lights. There is also a possibility that your sunglasses may have considerable distortion that can impair your ability to correctly decide the object distance. There are lenses models which can change the color base on the surrounding light level and somewhat reduce the above problems.


5. Material quality

A pair of sunglasses vulnerable to scratches is easily damaged so you should go with scratch resistant material. But the glasses optical ability sometimes comes at the expense of the glass durability and weight. It’s entirely up to you to decide what the correct ratio for your situation is.  There are materials which can provide a balanced amount of everything while remains affordable such as Polyamide, Polycarbonate or even glasses with a special coating.

6. Maintain the glasses

Well, now you almost know all about what you have to do with glasses. You still need to learn more about how to make your glasses stay useful for repeated uses. Since there are lots of materials around used to make the lenses and frame, it’s vital you know the suitable way to clean and fix them once in a while. Ranging from warm water to chemical products, you must choose the ones most appropriate to your glasses or you can even get help from the store if any questions are raised about them. Remember to do this process gently and let it dry completely before being used again.


When the sunlight becomes strong or intense, a pair of sunglasses does make your feel much more comfortable. But you shouldn’t randomly go and buy whatever you want. First, you need to consider your own unique conditions before making the final decision. And if you ever feel clueless, just follow the instructions above and then a nice and effective pair of sunglasses will be in your hands in no time.

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