Best Men’s Birkenstocks Sandals in 2019

You may be surprised when reading this because not many people pay attention to Birkenstock sandals anymore. They have got so many choices to replace for the sandals. However, if you are a fashion lover, Birkenstock sandals should be listed in your collection.

There are many reasons that brought me to the Birkenstock sandals. But, the most important reason is its beauty and comfort. This kind of footwear can provide us another look, which is also elegant and stylish as well.

Here, I will introduce to you some best Birkenstock sandals.

1. Birkenstock Unisex Adults’ Arizona Open Toe Sandals

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I typed where to buy birkenstock sandals near me to see the recommendation of buyers on google search and I have got thousand results. And, the Arizona pair attracted me first. This pair looks great with black color and it can fit both men and women. Besides, the Arizona pair is budget friendly price with a high quality. I ordered this pair as my first sandals. After buying, I read information on the internet and realized how amazing sandals are. There remains a huge number of different ways to mix sandals with outfits to have a good look.

This Arizona pair came with 11 different color choices, and I chose black for myself. If possible, I even want to collect all those colors, they are awesome. I have worn this pair many times and discovered that it is quite durable and comfortable. This pair is made from synthetic materials to provide the lightweight as well as the durability. You will never feel hot or sweat when wearing this pair. Besides, its soles are made from suede material to bring a good friction to help wearers go everywhere they want.

In terms of convenience, this pair is considered as one of the best footwear because it is easy to put on and take off. This pair consists of two straps, which are adjustable to fit you perfectly. In addition, the Arizona sandals have a deep heel cup to provide us the comfort. I felt the support from this pair when I walk. Furthermore, the uppers are water resistant.

2. Birkenstock Men’s Arizona SFB

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If you like something simple, this Birkenstock sandals are right for you. This is another product of Arizona Birkenstock sandals, which is a good pick for any men in the world. This version does not have many color choices, just 3 colors, but it is worthy to invest due to the comfort. I picked up the gold birkenstock sandals.

This pair is very practical for those who need the comfortable footwear. It is made from 100 percent of suede. The same as the above pair, this pair is designed with two adjustable straps for easy wear. Furthermore, its synthetic soles make the wearers feel light and comfortable when wearing all day long. In addition, this pair comes with the original Birkenstock footbed, which is super soft. With this pair, you can avoid blisters, even when you walk a lot.

Especially, this Arizona pair contains a contoured footbed to shape your own foot and offers the arch support to stop you from the arch pain. There is an additional layer of foam cushioning that is super soft. These sandals will bring you chances to have wonderful experiences. I even wore this pair to hike and there was no complaining. However, the only thing that I think this brand need to solve is the width of the sandals. It is quite unclear, because its description is just unisex. So, if you are a woman and you want to order this pair, check the size carefully.

3. Birkenstock Boston Suede Clogs

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To me, this is the coolest version of the Birkenstock sandals. These sandals look totally different from the others in this list. They do not live up to the adjustable straps as the above pairs. However, this pair of the tatami birkenstock sandals is a good option to resist the weather changes.

This Boston suede clogs pair is made from 100 percent of leather, so you can feel free to wear with the regardless of the terrains. Due to the leather material, it is obvious that this pair is waterproof. Your feet will never get wet as normal sandals. In addition, this pair is extremely light with the synthetic soles, which are anti slippery and have a good friction.

The same as the Arizona birkenstock sandals, this pair also has a contoured cork footbed. This is a kind of closed round toe sandals to protect your toes. To be honest, the Birkenstock boston suede clogs sandals are not the most stylish pair, but practical and comfortable. It enables to provide the maximum comfort. If you know how to care this pair properly, this pair can last for a very long time. In case, you feel cold, you can wear socks inside these sandals.

4. Birkenstock Men’s Open-Back

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The black color is always a safe choice for any item because it will be never out of date and these black birkenstock sandals are an example. This black pair met all my requirements for the footwear. It offers the comfort, durability, lightweight and practicability.

This version of Birkenstock sandals has become one of the most favorite versions due to the variety of color choices. This brand has launched around 30 different color choices to meet the needs of their customers. If you like to be outstanding, you can make a choice of some bright colors, such as red, pink, blue, or yellow.

This pair is made from 100 percent of synthetic leather, which is both durable and comfortable with the synthetic sole for a good friction. Wearing this pair will not help you to improve your height much because its platform measurement is just 0.25. However, you will always feel the comfort and support.

The footbed with a deep heel cup provides the wearers the arch support. Furthermore, this pair came with the EVA sole, which features lightweight, shock absorbing, durable and flexible. These sandals are very comfortable and look great. Our feet can move more naturally with these sandals.

5. Birkenstock Arizona Unisex Leather Sandal

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It can be said that the leather material is one of the most favorite materials for footwear due to its luxurious and elegant look. If you are a fan of this material, this Birkenstock pair of sandals is a should have item for both men and women. I rarely opt for the white birkenstock sandals because I think it can be dirty easily. However, this pair is totally different.

The material of this pair is 100 percent of the leather, which features durability, and flexibility. It comes with synthetic sole to help the wearers always feel light and comfortable. The design of this pair is on trend, so you can have a stylish look. Its platform measurement is about 0.25 inches.

There are two straps for adjustment, so you do not need to worry too much about the size. Actually, wearing a pair of sandals makes me feel more comfortable and convenient than shoes. This Birkenstock pair has a very aggressive arch support. At the first time of wearing, your feet may feel uncomfortable. But, do not worry, because you will be amazingly comfortable after several times later. In addition, this pair is easy to care. If it is dirty, you just need to wipe with a piece of soft cloth.

6. Birkenstock Arizona Soft Footbed Leather Sandal

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The next top pick is the Birkenstock Arizona soft footbed leather sandal. These silver birkenstock sandals are designed for men who love a stylish look and secure fit. This pair will never make you disappointed from the look to the feeling.

My friend recommended this pair, so I bought it last year. I pretty liked this pair right at the first sight because its color looks great. It is silver, not white or black. I have never thought about buying a silver pair of sandals; however, this pair changed my mind. It looks good on me! This pair is similar to any other Birkenstock sandals, which provide the style and quality to define their brand.

This pair lives up to the popular style of the Birkenstock, which comes with dual straps. You can adjust these straps with two buckles. It is made from 100 percent of suede and synthetic sole. This pair is a perfect snug fit and has soft footbed. My advice is that if you want to avoid being hurt, you had better choose the proper size to make sure that your toes, sides of your feet and heel are close to the edges of the sandals. If not, your feet will be hurt or even get blisters.

7. Birkenstock Unisex Mayari Birko-Flor Sandals

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It is really a wonderful thing to find out a pair of sandals, followed the Birkenstock style and those sandals have various colors. I collected one pair from the Birkenstock Unisex Mayari Birko – Flor sandals because I like the blue birkenstock sandals. Normally, I do not want to get the bright colors because I’m, afraid of colorful look. However, this pair looks awesome!

At first, I want to talk about its design. This pair has some creative points that I did not find in my old sandals. Apart from two adjustable straps, there is a small strap for putting your big toes in. With this design, your feet will be always fit these sandals and you will never feel loose.

The second thing about this pair that made me fall in love with it is the footbed, which is extremely soft and comfortable. Although this Birkenstock pair has a snug fit, the straps do not hurt my feet or toes. The next thing is the small straps. These small straps made me feel more comfortable and airy. My feet did not get wet all the time I wore. Besides, in the winter, it is easier for me to wear the socks inside to keep warm. This pair is made from 100 percent of Birko – Flor with the rubber sole.

8. Birkenstock Arizona Hard Footbed Birko-Flor Sandal

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It is so girly, if you see any men who wear the red birkenstock sandals However, the Birkenstock Arizona Hard footbed Birko – flor sandal gave me an ideal option. Although this pair is the red color, it does not look girly at all, but masculine and fashionable.

My friends said that wearing these sandals makes me look younger, more active and more fashionable. This pair has released with 16 different color options, I gave my priority to the red color because it is my favorite. You should try this pair to experience the difference of this pair.

In terms of footbed and arch support, this pair is not less than any pair in this list. It can meet all your needs about the quality as well as the style. It also consists of two adjustable straps for fitting. The high quality and thick suede offer the durability and extra comfort for your footwear. The material of this pair is 100 percent of leather. This pair is a good choice for hot days and those who do not like tight shoes. The Birkenstock Arizona sandals are very comfortable when you walk, or hike.

9. Birkenstock Unisex Arizona, Flor Pull Up Sandal Bordeaux Birko, Size 36

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I always like the Birkenstock Arizona sandals. These pink birkenstock sandals are wonderful and fashionable. The same as any Birkenstock sandals, this pair can fit you perfectly with two adjustable straps with two metal buckles.

The footbed is super soft to keep your feet comfortable. This pair of Birkenstock sandals comes with medium and traditional narrow widths. This classic pair is an awesome idea for your summer days. Furthermore, it features custom fit and durable exterior. The upper part of these sandals is made from the blend between polyamide and acrylic. The leather is added on top like texture to bring a good look.

In addition, this Birkenstock pair has raised toe bar, which is used to support the natural motion. There is the soft fabric underneath to ensure that your skin is always airy. You can take the best use of this pair to take part in any activities you want. Generally speaking, this pair can be worn in all occasions to create your street style and look active.

10. Birkenstock Unisex Sydney Birko-Flor Sandals

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The Birkenstock unisex sydney birko – flor sandals are designed with three different colors, including two tone cream coral, two tone water cream and pink. These colors are new and strange, so you can feel free to choose without being worried about repeating others’ styles.

Similarly, these sandals are skin friendly and their materials never cause allergy to the wearers. In addition, the fleece lining on the upper part’s underside is soft to add the extra comfort. The raised toe bar is used to keep your feet clean when you walk on the wet areas.

These sandals are great for everyday wear. I always feel comfortable whenever I wear this pair. Furthermore, it is extremely durable. It does not have any problem or tear, even when I wear it for a very long time. When wearing, I saw that this pair offers the flexibility, shock absorbing and lightweight. This pair is a great idea for those who do not like tight footwear. It is more suitable for the casual wear than formal wear. We can mix these sandals with different outfits to change our style.

11. Birkenstock – Zurich – 1009533B

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If you just wear suits and black leather shoes day by day, you may look boring. It is the reason why every man needs to have some pair of shoes, or sandals to change every day to renew themselves. Although this Zurich pair of Birkenstock sandals does not have the green birkenstock sandals as I expected, I still like it.

This pair is made from the leather, but it does not look like leather sandals at all. When you put it on, you will feel soft and comfortable. The Zurich birkenstock sandals are so comfortable that I feel like I’m wearing a pair of slippers instead. Different from the other sandals, its straps are not adjustable, but used for decoration. This pair also has the synthetic sole for lightweight and slippery resistance.

The suede upper is both durable and soft to last for long. Besides, the comfort feeling is from the breathable suede lining. Its toe bar is also raised to be more convenient for the wearers to walk on any terrains.

12. Birkenstock Arizona Unisex Mule Twin Buckle Sandals Navy 45

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I always try my best to look for the navy birkenstock sandals because I love this color. Then, I found this pair. I went shopping with my friends and I tried it on. It’s perfect fit. I read many reviews on their official website before purchasing. I bought a wider size because I want to be loose a little bit.

This pair of sandals has a wonderful arch support and toe grip when you wear. This is one of the most comfortable sandals that I have ever worn. Many people left a comment that although this pair is not made from the real leather, its material has a good quality to offer the durability. However, I read the description carefully and saw that its material is birkibuc, which is a kind of synthetic leather. Overall, this pair of Birkenstock sandals is very sturdy.

In addition to the good quality material and comfort feeling, the Birkenstock arizona unisex mule twin buckle sandals navy 45 has many different color choices to fit your preference. Its adjustable straps are useful to change the width of the sandals when you want.

Apart from giving the list of top best Birkenstock sandals, I also want to introduce to you some ways to mix these sandals. If you take time to search, you may get hundred different suggestions. Here are my advices:

First, you can mix your sandals with shorts. Both shorts and sandals are important items in our wardrobe for men because when we mix these items together, it will bring us a wonderful feeling of hot and fresh summer days. Sandals and shorts are perfect for beach trips.

Second, sandals and trousers or jeans are perfect for smart casual wear. This mixture makes you look more masculine and elegant for the hot summer days. Men will look trendier with sandals and trousers or jeans.

Third, why do not we mix suit with sandals? Many people think that it is impossible to mix these items together because it can make us look messy. However, it is totally different from what we think. Suit and sandals come together to have an active look and more comfortable feeling. I often wear suits with my sparkly birkenstock sandals and I get tons of compliments from my workmates.

Aside with my recommendation, you may have numerous options for the Birkenstock sandals and the ways to mix. These sandals are a hot trend of men in all over the world. Hope that this list can help you have a good reference source to vary your styles.

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