Best Timberland Boots Any Men Shouldn’t Miss Out in 2019


Best Timberland Boots Any Men Shouldn’t Miss Out

If you intend to buy work boots, you should not ignore the Timberland because this brand has released a huge number of different lines of Men’s timberland boots, which have good quality and fashionable style. It has gained the popularity to become one of the most favorite boot brands in the world.

Timberland brand is always the first brand come to my mind when I intend to pay for a pair of boots. Timberland boots provide me a lot of surprises and wonderful experiences. It is the reason why I want to introduce to you my Timberland collection. I believe that they are should buy boots.

1. Timberland Men’s Six-Inch Basic Boot

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The first pair of Timberland I highly recommend is the Timberland men’s six – inch basic boot. It is undeniable that this brand has released numerous different versions of boots, and each of them has new creative design, which is better than the old versions. However, I still find this basic pair has its own attractiveness.

I often give my big love to the classic timberland and want to collect them to leave at home. In fact, I found this pair is very useful and I can wear it for many occasions and walk over different terrains. I chose the wheat nubuck pair and it is really awesome. This pair is waterproof because its material is 100 percent of the real leather, which looks luxurious and durable. When it is dirty, all what I have to do is to find out a piece of wet cloth and wipe the dirt. After a few second, my boots look tidy and great again as nothing happened. Besides, it is abrasion resistant upper.

This pair of black timberland boots is well made with high quality material. In addition to this, its style is not old fashioned at all, but very stylish. The height of the ankles is reasonable. The rubber soles provide good friction to help you move more flexible.

2. Timberland 6 inch Premium Men’s Boots Wheat Nubuck

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The next top pick is the Timberland 6 inch premium men’s boots wheat nutbuck tb010061. I did not remember when I bought this pair, but until now, it still works well and looks good. The same as the above pair, this pair is also made from leather to provide you a luxury look. Specially, the laces of these classic boots are made from 100 percent of recycled nylon to stay tied all the time.

I also opted the wheat nubuck color of these wheat timberland boots. The design of this Timberland 6 inch is totally different from the above pair. Its ankles are higher than my previous boots. However, the common point of these pairs is the material, which enable to resist the scratch. Besides, all of them feature seam sealed construction to resist water, and keep your feel always dry in any weather conditions. In addition, this pair owns an exclusive anti – fatigue technology, which can make a great contribution to bring you the best comfort. Surely, your foot will get the proper air circulation when you wear.

Moreover, the collar of these boots is padded, so you will feel more comfortable when wearing and it is not too tight or loose around your ankles. These boots are great supportive gear for your outdoor activities. You can mix them with all outfits to create your own style, from street style or formal style. These boots will get on well with your jeans rather than trousers.

3. Timberland Womens Velvet-Accent Premium Waterproof Boot

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If you are looking for a good pair of Timberland boots, you should take the Timberland womens velvet – accent premium waterproof boots into the consideration. Many people think that this pair is for women only, but men also can wear them, but need to think more about the color. This version of Timberland boots comes with many different colors, but for men, you should choose dark blue, black or dark green nubuck color because they are more masculine than other bright colors.

Although this pair is not made from leather and does not own any special features as the leather material, they are still awesome and worthy to invest. In terms of design, the same as the above pairs, these green timberland boots have high ankles to provide you the fashionable. This is a kind of boots, but it does not look bulky. This pair is very trendy with simple design. Its material is synthetic, which features lightweight and affordable price. The rubber soles are added to reduce the weight of the shoes. It will not weigh you down when you walk.

This pair looks fun with the velvet collar. I think it is quite outstanding. These boots are a perfect choice for hiking because it can withstand any terrains and look trendy. It is flexible to move and comfortable to wear all day long.

4. Timberland Mens Euro Sprint Hiker Winter Boot

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The next choice is another pair come from Timberland brand. However, different from the other pairs, this is not a high ankle pair of boots, but short ankles. I believe that short or high ankle boots are the same and each version will bring us new feeling. Compared to the other versions of Timberland, this pair of timberland boots is as good as the others. Besides, its design is much enhanced.

The Timberland mens Euro sprint hiker winter boots will be a perfect option for those who do not like high ankle boots. This pair of boots is made from leather, so of course, it is waterproof. You can feel free to join in any outdoor activities without concerning to the weather conditions as well as the terrains.

Furthermore, these tan timberland boots are easy to put on and take off. I selected the tan color because this color looks elegant and with the rubber sole, this pair of shoes is suitable for all weather conditions. Generally speaking, these shoes feature fashionable colors, short ankle length, comfort, and traction. This pair is a good selection for many outdoor activities, such as running, hiking or walking. I was totally satisfied with these boots and they can be used for a very long time.

You might concern:

5. Timberland Euro Hiker Mid Jacquard Men’s Boot

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If you prefer fashionable and outstanding colors, these Timberland Euro hiker mid jacquard men’s boots are a good suggestion for you. This pair has various color choices, but I love the Red Jackquard color because it looks awesome. Although it is red color, it is not femine at all. This pair will make wearers look trendy.

When buying boots, I do not care much about style because I think there is no pair that can meet these requirements. However, fortunately, this pair did a very good job! It meets all my needs from the quality to the style. With the regard of the style, this pair is a perfect combination of dark and light red color. Furthermore, the sole of these shoes is added pieces of white color to highlight.

In terms of design, this pair of red timberland boots is made from rubber, so it is very durable and light. You will look active, and young. The comfort will be never lose over the time. Additionally, this pair is breathable to wear and it comes with the OrthoLite comfort foam insoles to wick the moisture away. You will always feel supportive and comfortable.

6. Timberland PRO Men’s Direct Attach Six-Inch Soft-Toe Boot

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In case, you fall in love with the high ankle shoes, the Timberland Pro men’s direct attach six inch soft toe boots are right for you. With the reasonable height of the ankle, it has become the best selling product of this brand. For this pair, I have got the brown oiled full grain color, which is not too dark or bright and easy to mix with different outfits.

These brown timberland boots have the ability of making men look more elegant with the active and young style. Its material is leather to help you have a luxurious look and this kind of material can protect your boots from being dirty or wet. Although it is made from 100 percent of leather, you will never feel hot or sweat much. This pair of boots is a perfect selection for the cold winter.

Aside with the high quality material, these boots have many special features. Firstly, there is a timberland pro rubber lug outsole, which is used to support the traction on all types of surfaces. Secondly, with the seam sealed direct attach construction, this footwear enables to resist water to help wearers have great moments. I recommend that you should take the larger size to be more comfortable and avoid hurting your feet.

7. Timberland Men’s 6″ Premium Waterproof Boot Winter

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There are not many brands owned pesto waterbuck boots because this color is rare. To update this version, I bought this pair right after the first time I saw it in a store. This color is awesome and unique. I have got tons of compliments for these boots. It is made from premium leather as the other pairs, and it owns all wonderful features of the leather materials, such as waterproof and elegant look.

With the rubber sole, this pair of boots is light enough to move and walk. Or even, you can take the advantage of these boots to create a new style for yourself. The dimensions from the arch to the shaft is about 7.25 inches, while the heel is nearly 0.75 inches. These dimensions are reasonable for men boots. These Timberland boots work effectively in terrains as rain, snow or slush. They will provide the wearers a waterproof performance and recognizable style.

This pair of blue timberland boots for men is ideal for some kinds of outdoor activities as hiking, walking, or casual shoes. It will help you have a good preparation for your next adventures to leave wonderful impressions. If you intend to have a picnic trip, these boots are necessary.

8. Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

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Black color is simple, but masculine. That is the reason why men prefer black boots. Furthermore, this color is suitable for all events from casual to formal. These boots are no exception with a stylish look. Although its color is black, this pair does not look old at all, but new and fashionable. Your styles can be various with the support of these boots.

Like other men’s ankle boots, the Timber land men’s ankle boots are made from leather with the rubber sole for lightweight and elegant. It is 4.75 inches measured from the arch and 0.5 inches for the platform. These boots are extremely durable and comfortable for wearing. Your feet will be kept dry all the time and rustproof.

Specially, these mens leather timberland boots can be worn by women, men, or kids. You can take the use of these boots as the work boots, hiking boots, casual shoes, or rain boots. Inside the boots, it is soft and comfortable, but not as tough as the other shoes. Your toes will not be hurt. I like boots with laces because when lacing up my shoes, I can create different styles with them. These boots will go perfectly with jeans and shorts for awesome outfits.

9. Timberland Men’s Earthkeeper Original 6″ Boot

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As a person, I can’t do any big thing for protecting the earth, but I want to make a small contribution. And, the earthkeepers men’s timberland boots can help me make my wish come alive.

If you are a big fan of Timberland boots, I’m sure that you can’t ignore this pair, which is called as the Timberland men’s Earthkeeper original 6 inch boots. Its name sounds interesting! I searched much information about this pair on the internet before deciding to buy. If you have a tendency to pay for this pair, don’t forget to pick the burnished brown color.

This pair is made from 100 percent of leather with the rubber sole. These original timberland boots are very light with a good friction. This pair belongs to high ankle boots, which keep up with the fashion trend. The most special thing about these boots are their laces, which are made from 100 percent organic cotton to stop the fatigue footbed. Besides, its lining is recycled PET. The rubber outsole is recycled up to 42 percent.

The dimension of the shaft measured from the arch is 6.5 inches and the heel is 1 inch. These tall timberland boots are safe for wearing, so you can stop your worry about being allergic. This pair is perfect for outdoorsman style and casual wear. If you want to last the lifespan of your boots, you should use tear to wipe them clean instead of washing as normal shoes.

10. Timberland Juniors 6 in Premium WP Boot

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If you are searching for a fashionable pair of Timberland boot that you can wear in many situations, as downtown or work, the junior timberland boots are designed for you with the navy nubuck color. This color looks like the color of the ocean. It is a pair of boots with laces up. With a fashionable style, these boots are suitable for anyone.

This comfortable pair of boots is made from leather and its soles are rubber. With the sewn lining construction, these boots are very durable for wearing. This construction makes a great contribution to resist water. The padded collar of these boots will provide you a perfect fit. You do not need to worry about being loose or tight because you can adjust the laces.

Generally speaking, the grey timberland boots are comfortable inside. You will feel free to wear it all the time. They will provide you the abrasion resistance. There is an EVA footbed, which features lightweight, and shock absorption. There are a huge number of sizes available, so everyone can choose the right size for themselves, even a kid.

11. Timberland Men’s Mt. Maddsen Hiker Boot

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I usually look for the timberland maddsen boots for men because I love its design. This kind of boots owns all features I want for boots,such as lightweight, waterproof, flexibility and comfort. Finally, I found it!

Hiking is one of the most favorite outdoor activities of most men in the world. This outdoor activity is a great exercise to keep fit and stay healthy. To have wonderful experiences, it is important to have a good preparation for the supportive gear and hiker boots are vital. If you are looking for a pair of hiking boots to be ready for your trip, you can pay for the Timberland men’s Mt Maddsen hiker boots.

The materials of these boots are both leather and fabric with the rubber soles for good friction. The measurements of the shaft are 5 inches, 1.5 inch heel, and 1 inch platform. They are a good selection for outdoor activities with a comfortable design. This kind of design can fit kids, women, and men with various sizes.

The Timberland men’s Maddsen hiker boots will bring to the wearers a good performance and style. If you want to change your style, these boots will help you. With brown color, they can go perfectly with any outfit. They will look great with jeans, or hiking gear. You can wear them on all terrains because they are waterproof.

12. Timberland Men’s Chillberg Mid WP Insulated Snow Boot

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The timberland chillberg boots for men are not a pair that led me to the Timberland, but it left me a good impression. All what I remembered about these boots is its comfort, durability, and lightweight.

My next top pick is the Timberland men’s chillberg mid WP insulated snow boots. This pair looks both striking and rugged. The dark brown color makes it more fashionable and have a modern look. With a compact 6.5 inches for the shaft and water resistant features, these boots are perfect for during your trips.

Men often avoid choosing boots because they are afraid of wet and smelly feet, if they wear boots for a long time. They need to find a pair, which can put an end to all their worries and fortunately, that pair appeared. The Timberland men’s chillberg mid WP insulated snow boots are awesome for men because it can keep our feet airy and dry all the time in any weather condition.

These dark brown timberland boots are adjustable with the laces. There is an anti – fatigue footbed which can be removed to bring you the support and comfort. In addition, these shoes consist of 200 grams of prim aloft insulation to take the responsibility of keeping your feet warm in the cold weather. The gusseted tongue is used to stop debris. These boots are not available with many color choices, but they are enough. If you do not like the brown color, you can make a choice of the black pair.

13. Timberland Men’s Flume Waterproof Boot

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The next pair is the timberland flume boots for men, which is light for the longer treks. Furthermore, it is well constructed to help me have a lot of experience when hiking in mud, rain, crossing the streams and so on.

Timberland boots are multifunctional because they can be worn as kid boots, men boots, or women boots. Besides, the Timberland boots can be rain boots, casual boots, work boots, hiking boots, etc. It will be a big mistake, if you ignore the Timberland boots in your collection. This short ankle pair of boots with full grain leather enables to let you hike in comfort.

This pair has a D ring lacing system, which provides the wearers a comfortable fit and support your feet when walking. The durability and comfort and be found in these boots to walk over whatever condition. Inside the Flume waterproof boots contain an EVA footbed which is removablet to support you when hiking. Rubbing and irritating will never bother you with the help of the padded collar.

Owning a waterproof characteristic and sewn construction, these boots have become the best selling products. These features can stop water from wet feet. The rubber outsole is durable enough for tear with a great traction design.Compared to other brand names, these timberland work boots for men are affordable and good quality. However, you had better choose the larger size because I feel these boots are quite narrow.

14. Timberland Men’s Premium Wp Chukka Newman Boot

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Mens timberland chukka boots are always attractive with the simple look. Although it is simple, it does not mean bulky or old fashioned. These boots are even on trend with full of unique features and suitable for the office environment.

Stepping away from the complicated design of other Timberland boots, the Timberland Men’s premium WP chukka newman boot is a good option, which provides sophisticated styling for wearers. Although these boots have a very simple design with chukka style, it is the best choices for formal occasions, compared to other shoes belonged to this brand.

The chukka newman boots are well designed and has a sharp look. These boots do not have high ankles, but simple laces. The majority of businessman opts for chukka style because it can help them show off their best appearance with a clean look. Men will feel more confident when wearing these chukka boots.

In addition to the chukka style, these boots are supportive with all day comfort. You can wear these boots to go to work or run from appointment to appointment and day to night. The crafted rubber outsole with innovative technology provides good friction. Moreover, these boots have nylon shank, which is used for the arch support. These boots have many color choices that you can see on their website and their colors are the same as the photos.

For more chukka boot options, take a look at here.

In short, there are a large number of different Timberland boots on the market that you can find out easily. However, to get the right pair, you need to consider some factors as design, protection, and comfort. Besides, you must know exactly your purposes when buy boots because each design will have its own purposes, such as work boots, fashion footwear and hiking boots. Hope that these Timberland men’s boots will fit your needs.

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