Best Men’s Round Sunglasses [Buying guide – Updated 2019]


Of all those years when many people thought that round-styled sunglasses have put an end for it so far, they are regenerated impressively like a flower in the dawn. Cheesy, huh? I know, but there’s no words to describe such that breathtaking backstroke.

Yeah, round sunglasses are back into trend now, in this season that I don’t think any guy should ignore. But to style it fashionably, don’t forget to pick the right pair that matches your face shape, budget, comfort, and personal preference the most.

Don’t miss out this ultimate buying guide, I’m going to drop some very useful knowledge that you hardly find anywhere else out there. Read on!

I. Which Type of Round Sunglasses Suits My Face?

Four types of face shapes that will team the best with round sunglasses are:

  • Oblong
  • Heart
  • Square
  • Oval

Why? – You might ask. Well, it’s because…

Oblong face shape features the longer than they’re wide to be accompanied by a long nose and a long, straight jawline. Hence, it will be balance when styling with circular eyewear without minimizing your feature.

Heart face shape comes in two typical specs: narrow chins, and wide foreheads, which is arguably the often-tricky shape. From that point, it needs a pair of round sunglasses on to balance everything.

Square face shape impresses with its wide cheekbones and strong jawline. This is a cool, and character face shape but too-angled look sometimes gives a stiff feel to the opposites, which is why you need round sunglasses to soften that.

Oval face shape is the most balanced of a bunch with rounded forehead and chin. Actually, this type of face shape is versatile to fit any kinds of sunglasses, including the round ones. So, you should feel lucky if yours is shaped an oval because you can freely go small or large frame due to preference.

II. Here are the best men’s round sunglasses on the market

1. Joopin-Round Retro Polaroid Sunglasses Driving Polarized Glasses Men Steampunk

View here

Start off this collection with the round-style sunglasses from Joopin that emphasize a perfect compromise of nowadays’ fashion demands and their true classic heritage. Its affordable price might raise some skepticism in your mind about quality, however, the 30-day money-back guarantee will encourage you to buy this with confidence. In fact, these sunglasses are really worth a try!

At least your first impression will be its top-notch case included since hardly any cheap sunglasses (or, even the costlier pairs) give you such that quality case, but just a fabric bag with draw string instead.

Or rarely cheap sunglasses are equipped with polarized UV400 lens to 100% protect your eyes from harmful UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. Not to say that they are scratch-resistant, lightweight, and anti-glare efficiently. These lenses are also designed with reasonable size, featuring 49mm x 48mm to variously fit all kinds of face shapes.

Same with the lenses, its frame is very lightweight even though it’s crafted from metal alloy. Another bonus of this material kind is you can easily bend it to fit your face shape the most. Look so damn cool and feel comfortable.

Perfect for outdoor activities under harsh sunlight, such as motorcycling, fishing, driving, bicycling, running, racing, and climbing. With a tight budget, you should ignore these!

2. Dollger John Lennon Round Sunglasses Steampunk Metal Frame

View here

For the coolest round sunglasses in the universe that can transform you into a rock star, the John Lennon Dollger shades are exactly what you need.

Eye-catching but these celebrity sunglasses don’t sacrifice their functionality aspect. They feature sturdy steampunk metal temple and lightweight mirror lenses that are integrated UV protection against UVA and UVB rays, eliminating scattered and reflected light perfectly. But take note that these lenses aren’t polarized.

In turns, the Dollger is very well-packaged with a sturdy case, a brand gift box and an authentic pouch. Moreover, they also include a small screwdriver key chain to fix and fit as well as a soft cleaning cloth. Hence, considering these sunglasses as a birthday present isn’t a bad idea.

And finally, I bet their lifetime breakage warranty on lens and frame will ease your mind significantly if in a bad case, there’s any broken issue happened.

3. NIEEPA John Lennon Vintage Round Sunglasses, Polarized Hippie Small Circle Sun Glasses

View here

Next in this collection is the NIEEPA John Lennon that their perfect packaging might wow you. When opening the case, you will find the sunglasses come with a cleaning cloth, a microfiber drawstring bag, a keychain to keep track of your eyewear and a polarized test card.

Of all those things, their price is astonishingly cheap that if you lost them during a vacation, it would not be like you’re losing sunglasses that are hundreds of dollars. Also, love the fact that their lenses are equipped with the UV400 protection – a must-have when you travel or go out. With these, their complete polarization will keep your eyes safe against UVA, UVB, and UVC rays.

The metal frame is much sturdier than the Joopin, but the same lightweight. Overall, the NIEEPA is very comfortable and lightweight on my face that sometimes, I forget I’m wearing them. But take note that due to the photochromatic lenses, they are prone to show up fingerprints. That’s why I’m telling you to keep the cleaning clothes handy, you will need it regularly.

4. Dollger Vintage Steampunk Retro Metal Black Round Sunglasses

View here

Differ from other round sunglasses, the Dollger Steampunk features exquisite gothic steampunk design carved round frame and screws spring legs design. Its trendy and stylish vibe is a good staple for your accessories collection to suit all kinds of scenes. Available in 17 iconic colors (including three options of frame: black, silver, and gold), these are a decidedly more casual pick than other picks listed above, better suited for shopping, party ball, driving than running, fishing, or hiking. But you can surely choose them to style on both kinds of occasions. That’s the reason I love them, too!

The Dollger Round Sunglasses in particular resurrects its true classic heritage and yet upgrades them with more convenient product specs, such as the bold rimmed frame and intricate details, to continuously meet nowadays’ fashion demands.

Wear them with slim chinos, a broken-in pocket tee, and white sneakers for unbeatable casual style. The premium design of these sure look like very upscale.

Note: There’s a 1-year 100% risk-free warranty on frames and lens backing for each pair of Dollger Teampunk Sunglasses. Feel free to try!

5. Argus Le Lennon Retro Round Sunglasses, Vintage Polarized Hipple Glasses with Plain Lens

View here

Polarized composite lenses with metal frame – you can’t get better than that in terms of the world’s highest quality sunglasses. Featuring full-spectrum UV400 protection, they help to shield your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays whilst enjoying a cold beer. Or, restoring true color to clear up the scenery while you’re driving or riding in the hot sunny days.

Argus Le’s attention to detail showcases nicely in these exquisite shades, from the hinges all the way to the nose bridge. And what I love the most is their frame – not only it’s unbreakable due to the high-quality reinforced metal alloy, but it also allows me to flexibly adjust and fix to suit my face the best.

Despite the retro style, this is a timeless piece with rare sophistication to stick with you years ahead. Don’t be scare of breakage or manufactured detects. I know Argus Le sounds new to you, but their 30-day money-back guarantee will definitely encourage you purchase these with more confidence.

Four different colors, and also are easy-to-match options to give you a good handle on your own taste. I’m pretty sure that there’s always a look for everybody, especially those who can’t get the best solution to their sunglass hunt. Just stumbled upon the Lennon Retro Round Glasses of Argus Le. You won’t regret it!

6. Hippie Retro Groovy Gradient Oversize Circle Lens Round Lennon Sunglasses

View here

The name of the game when it comes to purchasing the best men’s round sunglasses that have got both ultimate UV protection and affordability, in equal parts – that’s in which the Hippie Retro Groovy enter the picture.

This tried-and-true pair features metal frame and gradient polarized lens with emphasis on extraordinary lightness and comfort that you might even forget you’re wearing them on your nose sometimes. A few customers complaint for its flimsiness but I myself consider it to be easier to adjust rather than fragile. Hence, you can freely adjust it and get a better fit.

Overall, these sunglasses are definitely the next must-try pair you need to style with a luxurious polo or a khaki lightweight cotton suit this summer. A good beginning when it comes to fashion points and versatility for the season ahead. Sure, that you will get tons of compliments galore, trust me!

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7. Emblem Eyewear – John Lennon Inspired Sunglasses Round Hippie Shades Retro Colored Lenses

View here

Don’t start your search for cool hippie round sunglasses without first acknowledging the John Lennon style – that’s to say, find a pair exactly like it. However, for a tight budget, these Emblem Eyewear will save a lot of bucks on your hand without sacrificing its quality.

From the brand, these Retro Colored Lenses are an unexpectedly stylish and unique silhouette, made with polycarbonate mirrored lens and a metal frame to deliver rare durability and strength. They are the best pick of the bunch for long-lasting sunglasses to complement your athletic gear – and might even be functional when you are away from the track of your favorite hike.

With decent wear resistance ability, it stays intact through scratches, sunlight, UV rays, and drops from daily use to be a timeless piece (literally) in your collection. The various color options ensure that you can even style them to the beach or join in any party balls if you feel like it – and why won’t you?

Note: Emblem Eyewear also provides a 60-day money-back warranty with no-excuse returns if there’s any factory detects during your time of use.

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8. Julbo Vermont Classic Sunglasses

View here

I would highly recommend the Julbo Vermont Classic if you’d prefer to separate your look from the usual crowd. They are a one-of-a-kind story among sunglasses brands, starting with leather side shields, nose pieces, the Spectron 4 mountaineering lens, and raw steel frame.

On top of the frame, you will find two screws that when undone them, the side shields will pop right off with little to no effort. Then, just tighten these screws back in and there you go. The good news is these shields are removable for those who are not in need but I myself advise you should because they prevent wind/dust/debris blowing to your eyes from two sides. If you’re concerning about your blinded peripheral view because of them, then don’t. Since these shields are perforated, you are allowed driving and seeing a little bit through them.

What I appreciate the most is the mountaineering lenses. They meet all kinds of functionality, from 95% visible light blocking ability, full-spectrum UV protection, excellent shock absorption, flash treatment to the anti-reflective coating and lightness. In other words, these are the most suitable pick for any types of outdoor activities and sports.

The price tag is agreeable for all the practical functionality as well as the styling potential you get with these shades as well.

9. Round Retro Vintage Circle Style Sunglasses Colored Metal Frame Small Round


View here

The OWL men’s circular sunglasses continue to make its way into the lifestyle space, especially when they provide two practical lens sizes aside from countless color options. They are 43mm and 56mm. Smaller size lenses are on top trend of the world this year, but if you prefer a full coverage to your face, don’t bother to pick the large one.

Whichever you choose, rest assured that they are equipped with 99% UV protection to keep your eyes protected against UVA and UVB rays. Besides, the polycarbonate material of lenses and metal alloy of the frame help to cut off much weight of these sunglasses, making it incredibly lightweight on your nose.

Figuring the simple, easy-to-style, and easy-to-wear shades, the OWL round retro sunglasses give you a ticket to kicking back and relaxing – a quick way to sharpen up your eyewear game for the years ahead, no matter activities you’re going to take part in: school fun days, field trips, reunions, brides, groom, or gifts. Just pick it!

For more true-vibe vintage sunglasses, take a peek here.

10. Ray-Ban Men’s 0rb3447 Polarized Round

View here

The master of stylish, durable men’s eyewear returns to bring us the polarized round sunglasses that are crafted from metal alloy frame and non-polarized lens. Their standard coating gives you optimal UV protection against UVA, UVB, and UVC rays, keeping your eyes healthy under harsh sunlight during this hot season. But the best thing about these lenses are their prescription readiness (RX-able).

In terms of fashion spectrum, their outstanding curves with a distinguished style contour your taste and vibe whilst augmenting your look perfectly. In the men’s eyewear world, Ray-Ban is also arguably the most visually stunning sunglasses and, in this case, they offer 13 different, unique colorways to ensure you will pick at least one favorite from them.

As other Ray-Ban products, they provide you with a strong case to keep your expensive set of shades against dust, scratches and scrapes. Besides, is the manufacturer’s warranty to leave you no worry, no fuss during your time experiencing on them.

11. Steampunk Retro Gothic Vintage Hippie Colored Metal Round Circle Frame Sunglasses Colored Lens OWL

View here

Any pair of circular eyewear that integrates hippie style and affordability in equal measure is rather high on my collection of the best men’s round sunglasses. Hence, it’s perfect for those who keep finding their new favorite pair as well.

The OWL Steampunk Retro Gothic in particular check the right boxes when it comes to those key-core requirements and that’s the reason I highly suggest you to pick them ASAP. Thanks to lightweight polycarbonate lens and a wire matte black metal frame, these sunglasses are built to last. Particularly, their mirrored polarized lenses are UV protective up to 99%.

Wear them to event days, field trips and wear them out later that day – I’m sure that these sunglasses can do their best on both, and they are made to do it day by day.

OWL also prides themselves of their products’ quality, that’s why they confidently offer 100% guarantee that you can return it for a full refund with no excuse.

12. Oakley Men’s Madman Polarized Iridium Round


View here

What better place to go for sleek and chic men’s round sunglasses than the Tungsten Iridium Polarized lens with odd outlook at Oakley? The Madman signature design with their steampunk is a perfect combination for an eye-catcher eyewear. In comparison to the Oakley typical sport style, this version is much more fashionable and stylish to set you apart from the rest.

Everything lies on its aggressive and bold frame that combines O Matter with hi-modulus diecast aluminum to provide extra flex.

One feature I like is the nice, big case that I can easily place my sunglasses, a screwdriver, and a cleaning cloth neatly into. Particularly, this is one of rare USA-made pairs in this list while the rest are mostly from China. Well, at least it makes sure the quality of your sunglasses.

For example, the polarized function of their lenses. They are 100% UV protection coated to prevent UVA, UVB, and UVC rays as well as the blue light up to 400nm. Hence, it should be the best choice for world-class athletics. And, be ready for people to ask you where they are bought from.

13. Persol Sunglasses (PO0714) Acetate


View here

The Persol Sunglasses are unlike any round shades pairs that I have tried beforehand, and that’s why I believe you will do well to choose this eyewear now. They exude a different level of luxury that’s hardly matched in the men’s eyewear industry nowadays.

The crystal green non-polarized lens with the pilot Havana acetate frame is just the beginning in terms of fashion point and functionality for this summer. Coolness comes in whenever you fold them up with swift motion and slide skillfully these sunglasses into your breast pocket.

Aside from the correct color and great look, Persol doesn’t forget their products’ quality. Very well-made, sturdy but lightweight and comfortable. All the hinges are snappy and overall, I feel these are so far so good.

14. ShadyVEU – Retro Colorful Tint Lennon Style Round Groovy Hippie Wire Sunglasses

View here

Two most appealing features that draw my attention to the USA-made ShadyVEU round sunglasses are firstly, the 100% satisfaction guarantee and second, is the USA Free ShadyVEU storage pouch as well as Free USA shipping policy.

At the meantime, the retro colorful tint eyewear itself features a very groove price and yet, no obliteration of excellent quality glasses. Beyond my initial expectation, its Bohemian silver-toned metal frame is much sturdier and shinier but doesn’t look junky. The lenses themselves are rich in color with polarization ability that protects your eyes against UVA and UVB rays 100%.

Differing from all previous round sunglasses that I’ve listed, this pair comes in minimal packaging, including one cleaning cloth and one protective drawstring fabric bag. Admit that I’m not a fan of fabric wraps, but can’t deny that such this compact thing is very ideal for traveling. More free space is saved!

15. Round Circular Django Flip-Up Steampunk Inspired Metal Two in One Sunglasses

View here

The Circular Django Sunglasses give you a ticket to reminisce the vintage bachelorette party of 30 years ago but now, it’s also upgraded with some practical functions to suit for today’s demand of a daily eyewear. Such as the ultimate UV protection, the CE certification, and the US Standard ANSI Z80.3-2001.

It’s even backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee to cover all factory detects happened to your sunglasses to ensure you’re happy with the purchase.

Clearly, this pair isn’t a Chinese junk that only lasts for a couple of months before any breakage. It’s made of high-quality reinforced metal hinges and polycarbonate non-polarized lens to be significantly thinner and lighter than the standard plastic sunglasses. Yet, way more longevity to be unbreakable under abusing or daily impact, especially if you’re an active man.

III. Buying Guide

1. Material

Two basic types of material in terms of round sunglasses are: Plastic and Metal. Each comes in specific strength and weakness. For example, while the metal is sturdier for extra durability (plus, it’s easy to adjust to fit a particular face shape), the plastic is much lighter to stay more comfortably on your face.

Sometimes, picking the best material also depends on your preference or the solid style you’ve been following for years.

If you’re a modern guy who love the professional, luxurious look, pick the metal alloy frame. Conversely, a plastic is more suitable for casual look.

2. Temples

Ensure that they rest comfortably behind your eyes. Don’t go for too long or too short temples unless you would like to experience the extreme discomfort during a day since the sunglasses’ frame tend to slip off frequently.

3. Size Lens

If you have no idea of which one is more suitable for your face shape: Small or Big, take note that the smaller the lens, the cooler vintage badass vibe it brings to you.

4. Budget

Depend on which brands you’re going to choose, price is varied from dozens to hundreds of bucks. Hence, it’s essential acknowledge of some typical brands in each range as well as consider your own budget to find out the most suitable priced round sunglasses.

Some affordable brands are:

  • Joopin
  • Dollger
  • Arguss Le

On the other hand, some high-end brands are:

  • Ray-Ban
  • Oakley
  • Julbo

IV. Styling Tips

Round sunglasses are varied by different styles, such as the aviator, the vintage, the retro, and the clubmaster. Hence, after figuring our which face shape of yours, take the eyewear style into consideration. Which one you’re going to take will decide mostly what kinds of clothes to team with.

The aviator is the best fit for square and oval face shapes. This also meets all kinds of versatility to style nicely with any style concepts and fashion trends. I mean dress up or dress down with these are both perfect.

The clubmaster isn’t picky to face shapes that it fits nicely to four. But, you’re also easy to look like an idiot when pairing with improper clothes. To avoid such shameful moments, remember to stick them with casual outfit, like a buttoned, short-sleeved shirt or a simple t-shirt, sneakers, and jeans/chinos to get your unbeatable casual vibe.

The vintage is a good choice for dedicated fan of all things vintage. Despite its unique look that might relate to a hard-to-style pair, the sunglasses are very versatile to incorporate the slightly eccentric, old-school indie vibe by pairing them with a loose t-shirt and jeans. Or, for an interesting plot twist, cocktail suits are a nice partner for a formal route style. Angular or square face shape is particularly guaranteed to set you outstanding from the crowd.

The retro round glasses are frequently inspired from John Lennon with rose-tinted lenses, steampunk route, and a thin wire frame. Hence, it’s best to continue that unique old-school vibe by matching with double denim and Oxford shirt underneath. And Chelsea boots seem not a bad idea in this case, huh?

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V. Conclusion

Above are 15 of the best men’s round sunglasses to take into consideration – and wear all years long. Whether you’re getting fashion accessories to harmony the entire outfit you are following or an eye protector for outdoor activities, I’m quite sure that there’s always a place for shades.

And the buying guide or the styling tips, don’t miss out these two parts because… why not? They help you to either make a better pick or style like a fashionista.

Afterall, thanks for reading!

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