Best Military Boots For Men

Military boots are sure to be one of the best workhorses to help you complete your mission/duty. They need to be durable, thick yet breathable and rugged to provide the ultimate protection while keeping your feet comfortable and dry inside.

Whichever kind of climate, weather or terrain you are going to go through, you need to count on your military boots. And I believe that blistered feet, sore or painful is the last thing to strain you down, right?

Speaking of choosing the best military boots for men, picking the right size plays an important role to decide whether you feel comfort as well as whether the footwears motivates its functionality in the best way or not.

To get the exact calculation of your feet, it’s essential have a good foot-measuring device such as the one from Brannock. It helps you out in measuring the length, width and arch of your feet.

A suitable pair of military boots should be reasonably roomy in the toe box and comfortable yet firm in heels. In this article, I’m going to show you 10 best military boots for men that bang for your buck.

1/ WIDEWAY Men’s 8” inch Military Tactical Boots Full Grain Leather Police Duty Water Resistant Boots with Side Zipper

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When it comes to tactical boots, the phrase “One size fits all” seems to be a pipe dream. It’s essential to understand your foot measurements to pick the best dimensions of the boots. Here, these WideWay military boots arrive in 8 size options to choose from. (Be aware that it’s US size chart.)

Right from its name, might you enable to guess that these boots are made out the top quality genuine leather which is synonymous to its great resistance of water and abrasions to not only a good pair of shoes for combat stealth force defense, but also for outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing and camping.

Based on such characteristics, this pair of military boots is ideal for long hikes, rough terrain and heavy loads. Besides, they are polish-able to prevent dust and stains easily with just a wipe. To level up the waterproof level of these boots, the manufacturer used nylon upper, which on the other hand, it decreases the heft of the shoes.

Using cement construction including cushioned removable insert and padded tongue, your toes will thank you for this because of its roomy inner space.

The general drawback of full-grain leather material is its stiffness. However, good news is this pair doesn’t be the one as there is YKK side zipper and breathable lining to eliminate such weakness. Now, you can be confident to survive those hot summer days with them.

Moreover, if taking a closer look, you will see that these shoes are triple stitching to maximize its durability to the extreme. Lastly, two colorways to choose from: sand and black.

2/ Danner Men’s Tachyon 8 inch Coyote Military and Tactical Boot

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If your ankles either are prone to injure or have already been injured before, these tactical boots are the best bet for you to provide really great support as well as well protect your feet, your ankles with extra stability.

The reason I highly recommend this pair of military boots doesn’t just base on its 6.5-inch ankle design, but also the superbly comfort rubbery soles. It scores well in giving moderate and reasonable support to your soles, keeping them stay stably.

If you used to be tired of waiting for your full-grain leather boots to break in, this combination of leather and fabric will eliminate that bad feeling. They break in out of the box and fit nicely to your feet right then. Even you try walking on it for a few miles at the very first time, I’m quite sure that there’s no blister or hot spot.

Besides, such combination gives an incredible lightweight to keep your feet comfortable during a day walking around. Along with that, it’s quite breathable to suit hot climate areas.

The only drawback, which is also the characteristic of this leather/fabric military boot is its easy water absorbance. However, there’s a quick, cheap and easy way to overcome it – using the Never Wet to scrub around its outsides. With this trick, you can prevent your feet from getting wet, but also protect the shoes against dirt and stains as well. It’s called one stone kills two birds!

3/ Maelstrom Men’s LANDSHIP 8 inch Military Tactical Duty Work Boot with Zipper

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Another highly recommended tactical pair of boot made out of leather and fabric to vary your choice. It’s from Maelstrom. And for those who don’t know about this brand, it is really famous for tactical clothes and accessories. Their products are beloved by worldwide customers for both quality and price.

Speaking of this model, there are two different colorways to choose from. Particularly, the black model comes in two other options in design – one with ladder cradle and one without it. However, it doesn’t affect much on the function of the shoes, just depend on your personal taste.

Three models arrive in breathable air mesh upper with moisture wicking lining to keep your feet “breathe” in the summer or hot climates. If you are going to walk on tough terrains a lot, your choice of this tactical boot will make your feet thank you a lot for the shock-absorbent cushion insert. Not saying that, there are padded tongue and collar for additional comfort.

However, don’t worry, on other soft terrains or when you need to have it cleaned, just detach it out because they are designed as the removeable cushions.

I appreciate its YKK zipper so that you can wear them more quickly and easily. There’s a Velcro strap on each shoe to keep its zipper stay in place all the time and also a cool decoration. Really thoughtful!

Come to the world of Maelstrom, don’t feel shy to try it because the manufacturer offers up to 1-year warranty to cover any faults derived from the manufacturing process.

4/ CQR Mid-Ankle Men’s Combat Military Tactical Boots EDC OutdoorAssault BZ101/BT102

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Or, if you are too obsessed with broken zipper or find it useless, it’s understandable and here’s my pick for you. The non-zipper model from CQR.

While searching for this pair from CQR, I truly had good impression on this brand for their carefulness in guiding the customers choosing the best size.

Their size chart seems to be a little wider than standard, which is why they highly recommend you to going one size down for narrow feet whereas keep the old usual size if you would like to go wide. This thing is rarely seen in other shoe brands. Usually, I had to wander around, consulting other customers to pick the right size, but here, their honesty and thoughtfulness deserve a thumb-up from me, I think.

But the best thing about these boots are their incredible support as well as protection to ankles that anyone who are injury-prone should have a pair. They keep your ankles stay stably to prevent unwanted damages.

At the same time, extra padded lining will sooth your feet down after a long way walking, hiking or taking part in any outdoor activities.

Boots don’t come apart, especially its metal eyelets. They are not something cheap or poor quality whose eyelets might fall out after a couple of months wearing. You can lace it easy and quick without fears of tears, I guarantee.

5/ Magnum Men’s Elite Spider 8.0 Boot

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If function of the tactical boots is not what you’re all about, but also its design, let’s consider this summer-type Magnum. It’s outstanding with unique web-like overlays, combining with notched lace-up shaft which measures roughly mid-calf” from arch.

From it, you can see a popular construction of standard military boots, but there’s still something pop up and make sense to nail up your style.

In terms of quality, out of its high-grade leather with spider mesh lining to control moisture, there’s an engraved “Vibram” on their rand. For those who don’t know, in the world of military boots, if a pair of shoes has that engraved “Vibram” on the sole, it’s definitely a sign of something good.

Be aware that it will take about a week to break in and after such challenging period, this pair is quite good. They deliver a moderate and acceptable heft to wear a daylong of walking without painful or sore feet. But take note that if you have to go up steep inclines for a long time, your feet might have some hot spots. After a short break, they bounce back just okay.

Speaking of its breathability, I’m a little amazed by how quick it can wick moisture away. If you are a person whose feet sweat profusely like me, no matter which kind of weather out there, this is just like a life saver to keep them dry all day. You task is just to pick the right socks at all.

6/ WWOODTOMLINSON Men’s LD Lightweight Combat Boots Microfiber/Suede Leather Military Tactical Boots

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If you are usually walking in dessert-like terrain, these suede/microfiber military boots will be your best bet. No matter when I walk them under Minnesota hot weather or stand in attention in the sun, they don’t make my feet feel like burning.

The microfiber material plays it role efficiently to keep my feet breathable all day with less sweating compared to other pairs in the same range. On other words, they’re good for the price and bang for your buck.

It’s perfect to be worn in a jungle or the desert thanks to its superb mobility with cradled support and lightweight comfort to keep your feet stably grounded. Besides, the bottom as well as the inner lining of these shoes are designed specifically to be anti-slip, ensuring every step you make is balanced and firm.

In briefly, this pair of military boots is amazing and great. But only if they can fix these two tiny matters, the shoes would be more than perfect. First up, I think their laces should go a bit longer to wrap around the boot and tie. Next is the small holes on the shoes. I don’t know what they are used for but if you walk in sandy-like terrains, sands will stick to those holes. Though I understand they won’t go inside, it’s a little bit inconvenient to bring a little bit too much sands home after a day walking in the desert.

And, as their customer service is quite great, WWOODTOMLINSON responded to my email rather quickly so hope they will listen to my feedback and opinion.

6/ 5.11 ATAC 8 Inches Men’s Boot

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Another reliable brand specialized in tactical boots is 5.11.

Their products come in a myriad of designs, colors and style to surely feet your taste. While offering a price that can’t be cheaper, each of their boots is guaranteed for the quality to ensure their customers’ right. If you aren’t willing to spend hundreds of dollars on an expensive military boot, just lay your trust on them.

Back to this model, they are made out of textile and leather with synthetic sole and YKK zipper. More detailly, it’s rugged nylon and full-grain leather to upend the durability, longevity and comfort of the shoes. Mine has been taking abused for nearly a year and I have to admit that they stay up well, even have been working under stressful conditions countless time. another good thing is its lining is antibacterial with the ability to wick moisture away rapidly.

If your job or activities require running or walking on tough terrains a lot, the sock mitigation system of this pair will sooth your feet from hot spots, soreness or pain. Designed as a genuine tactical and military boot, the best thing about this pair of 5.11 ATAC shoes is its covert tactical pocket for knife.

Be aware that this model has zipper which is also the feature I like the most on it. Not only they allow me to strap and get going, these YKK zippers won’t separate from leather material or break down at some points. The insole is my last compliment for this amazing pair of military boots, they are super comfortable and soft to walk all day without pain or soreness. Besides, when needed cleaning, just remove and handwash them because they are detachable.

7/ Ryno Gear Tactical Combat Boots with CoolMax Lining (Beige)

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These standard Ryno Gear Combat boots allow you to vary your choices in the ankle’s height. Two options: 6 inches and 8 inches. If the muscles of your legs are weak, or your ankles are injury-prone, choose the 8-inch boots for ultimate support and protection.

Right from the first sight, I’m a little bit in love with its thick bottom. This feature is synonymous to a good cheat in your height and good support to your arch. Besides, thick and firm bottom delivers a great protection if you are walking on a swamp or shallow pond.

Besides, the combination of ballistic nylon and leather is perfect for some good hiking, wet mudding and pavements (which is a challenge for many military boots). They beat out quite well with great comfort. Padded collar is a plus!

Another good news is these Ryno Shoes don’t require much time for breaking in. They fit like a glove in the very first time putting in. But, one thing to keep in mind is they are NOT waterproof at all. They are just water resistant in a certain level so, I don’t advise you to soak it in water for too long, your feet will get damped.

However, they strike back with the detachable shock absorbent insoles to optimize comfort to your feet.

8/ Ameritac 9” Side Zip Suede Leather Combat Work Outdoor Men’s Desert Tan Boots

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One more good pair of summer boots is this Ameritac.

Take a look at it and you will understand why it can’t be a winter shoe. The material is pretty thin with breathable mesh which are two typical characteristics of a military boot for hot climate. Don’t worry about the suede leather, it’s high quality and not as thick as the genuine kind to provide good breathability to your feet. Meanwhile, the nylon panel construction is sure to wick moisture and sweat away rapidly, keep your feet dry and comfortable all day.

If you sweat a lot, consider a good pair of socks to aid it better.

Again, the combo of YKK zipper and the Velcro strap helps you to easy on and easy off the shoes. However, I don’t like the straight down zipper design, which is a little bit inconvenient to put on when I’m in a hurry.

But, speaking of the quality, I still have no remorse. Another good feature makes this pair become a marvelous military boot is its gusseted tongue. It plays a huge role in preventing pebbles, dirt and sand against going inside your boots.

You also don’t need to worry about its eyelets or hooks because they are made out of high quality metal to bring a secure and strong fit to your feet while lasting a lifetime without any breakage.

9/ HQ ISSUE Men’s Waterproof 8″ Side Zip Desert Boots

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Last but not least is this HQ ISSUE desert boot.

More than just functional, they are stylish and cool as well with well-made hardware eyelets, the nice combination between the brown color of suede leather and the grey of breathable mesh on both sides.

Thick padded collar, thick bottom with ladder cradle and elegant brand logo on the side – it’s truly what I’m looking on my ideal military boots.

Other than that, the best thing ever from HQ ISSUE boot is its waterproof ability. Differ from its counterparts which are only water resistant, this pair can prevent moisture, mud or water absorb inside the shoes. It means that you can freely stand or soak them in water as desire without fears of your socks and your feet getting wet annoyingly.

Though the material is a little bit thin, it protects your feet and particularly, your ankles against rock and hard stuff pretty well. Moreover, they keep yours stay stably without twisted. In my personal experience, the bang for your buck is truly high on me with this pair of military boots. I think you should give it a try, too.

No matter what your purpose is when looking for the best military boots for men, a person who love hiking in tough terrain, work in the military or simply want an extra protection pair of boots for your feet, these models will surely meet your need.

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