Best Military Style Wallet For Men 2018

It’s kind of funny that many people keep think military stuff are just for soldiers or veterans. In fact, everyone can try these grungy and cool items, especially those who are into streetstyle fashion.

Aside from going loose and comfortable, streetstyle clothes and accessories tend to be biased these military-alike items such as wallets, belts, shoes, and so on.

But, while looking for cool stuff, you need to consider their quality and warranty as well to ensure it can stick to your life forever (at least a couple of years) or in worse case, with unwanted detects from manufacturing process, you can rest assured as the manufacturer always has your back.

So, busy guys, if you are looking for the best military wallets for men, I highly recommend you to taking a peek at these 10 top-rated pieces. I have spent time searching around, analyzed and rounded up to this list which provides not only a variety of styles, but also nail up its quality.

1. Lethnic Minimalist Wallet, Tactical Modern Slim Genuine Leather

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The very first military wallet I’m so eager to show you is this super cool and modern Lethnic Minimalist wallet, especially the camo pattern. Look at it! This small wallet is not only functional, but also masculine to emphasize your style and do a speak for your fashion.

The material of this wallet is very sturdy and harder than other Lethnic wallets I have tried though it’s also made out of 100% high-quality genuine leather. Based on this feature, despite its small silhoutte, the whole wallet doesn’t give a flimsy or weak feeling. Take it, you can strongely believe that your belongings, from cards to cards will be safe ultimately.

Moreover, the equipped RFID Blocking Material completes its ability of protection to your valuable stuff. This technology can prevent any 13.56 MHz Frequencies to keep all modern thieves at bay.

Not just the leather material, that feeling also comes from the hardware. These two stainless steel buttons are very firm, secure and high-grade. You can totally acknowledge it from the sound when you open/close the wallet.

And another good thing I really want you to take notice is its inner construction. Designed minimally with just three pockets, however, you can put up 15 cards and a lot of folded bills without a burden.

Measured by 4.33 x 3.15 inches, you can toss it in your front pocket, breast pocket or any other places without worry that it’s about to cram your trousers or ruin the line.

2. US Armed Forces RFID Men’s Genuine Leather Wallets

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You know what, right from the very first time seeing this US Armed Forced Wallet, I thought about giving it as a present for my friend’ father who is also veteran. Its outer performance, especially the nicely embossing of “US Army” provokes the self-respect significantly.

Coupling with high-quality genuine cowhide leather, it pops up a vintage, classic, old yet not out of style feeling. And, it’s really masculine! There is the United States Armed Forces Logo Embossed in the leather – US Army, US navy, US Air force and so on. Each of these is sold separately, so you can collect any wallet you want.

Aside from making the wallet itself more powerful and cool, this kind of material also bolds its strength and longevity. With proper maintenance, this accessory can serve for years without being never out of date.

This kind of wallet can help you show your style and personality. It has many trendy colors which are available in black, or brown. Besides, this type comes with Bi – fold or Tri – fold styles.

Speaking of functionality, it once again impresses me a lot to keep my EDCs neatly and fit just right. There is an ID window, so you can hold and show your IDs, driver license or photos nicely and easy to access. In addition, it consists of 8 card slots and enough space for keeping your cash. With this wallet, your essentials will be protected and organized well.

3. Military Grade 1000D Nylon Fabric Small Wallet, Travel Wallet– America Made by Recycled Firefighter

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Before buying this wallet, I spent a lot of time on reading reviews and product descriptions on their website. They said that it is durable, and strong. But, I still doubted it until holding this military wallet on hands, it has been changing my mind.

At first, I thought it was made out of canvas, but I was wrong! It’s 1000D nylon for the best durability and waterproof ability. Along with that, its weight is superbly light to cut off significantly the total heft when you toss your EDCs into it.

Speaking of colorway, there are some interesting options for you, including multicamblack, black, digital desert, foliage, multicam and typhon. Each one brings you a different feeling. Like mine, a multicamblack one, it’s incredible and awesome. It’s slim, so I felt extremely comfortable when I put it into my front pocket.

I appreciate its slashed front card slots which you can easily slide in and out your regular cards when in need. Along with that, there’s a moderate-sized logo which is outstanding and acceptable. Flip to the backside, you will see a band there where you can put in some folded small changes, receipts or stuff like that.

Thanks to this creative design, you will have a slim wallet to stay neatly in your front, even your breast pocket. In fact, it’s measured only by 3.5 x 2.7 x 0.3 inches. Even after cramping a little bit, its maximum thickness is just around 0.5” to 0.7”. Score!

Another good news is that it’s American made, so, feel ease in mind about its fast shipping, reliable guarantee and high quality.

4. Lethnic Minimalist Wallet, Business Card Holder, Modern Slim & Small Embossed Italian Genuine Cowhide Leather Horizontal

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Feel a little bit bored with vertical wallet, how about making a plot twist to a horizontal one? This Minimalist Wallet will be sure to satisfy your demand.

But personally, its material texture is what hooks my eyes for the first time. Take a look! It’s premium Italian genuine cowhide leather with really beautiful zig zag emboss to elegantly and uniquely stand out from its herb.

Besides, its camoflage pattern is another big bonus to create a perfect military vibe to readily blow up your mind. Have it, I bet you will feel confident and a bit proud everytime pulling it out for a payment because someone will ask you where you buy it.

Now, let’s talk about its capacity and functionality. Though measured by 4.4” x 3” x 0.7”, this small wallet can hold up 15 bills and 10 cards easily including IDs, bank cards, member cards and driver license. Plus, three compartments are enough for a minimalist to organize their stuff neatly.

Moreover, the RFID Blocking Technology will be sure to keep your precious belongings safe and sound. It’s claimed to prevent any 13.56 MHz Frequencies. And, don’t worry that your cards might be falling out after tossing them in this small wallet because there is a button strap to sturdily hold back everything inside.

So, if you are thinking of a meaningful military wallet as a perfect gift to your friends who is a fan of this crungy style, this is the best bet for you to go to.

5. Back Saver Wallet

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Looking at the black saver wallet, it has a wild and strong style. All the edges are sewn carefully, so we can take the use of it for a very long time without breaking or tearing. Mine is the brown color and highlighted by some strange, but cool patterns.

This wallet is truly thin with the dimensions of ¼ inches tall, and 2 and 7/8 inches wide, and about 3/8 inches thick with nothing inside. It is constructed folds flat and slips into a front pocket. The black saver wallet has a masculine design that is no bulk, and no bulge.

It is made of the full grain leather which can improve the age of the product. Due to the high-quality materials, this wallet is both strong and durable. It has enough space for keeping many cards, and much cash.

6. Ebax Slim Wallet Leather Minimalist Front Pocket Card Holder

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The next military wallet is the Ebax slim wallet. This wallet can meet your needs in terms of both quality and design. It is one of the best solutions for everyone which has a slim profile and easy to access all of our cards and cash. Moreover, it comes with many colors, so you can choose based on your preferences or pay for multiple colors to match your style.

The Ebax wallet is made of the best quality material, which is full grain 100 percent of Italian Eco leather & fabric. These materials help the wallet feature strong, durable and fashionable. This wallet is a handmade product. I always highly appreciate hand made products, so it’s not a problem to buy another Ebax wallet for me.

The design of this wallet is quite good. All the wallet pockets are separated to help us easy to pull out the cards, debit cards, and ID cards. It consists of 9 compartments totally, including cash, receipt, and ID card compartment. Besides, it has front small slots to keep key, slim, & SD card. It’s a slim wallet with 4.2 inches x 3.2 inches x 0.12 inches of dimensions.

7. JEMINAL New Mens Canvas Vertical Wallets Purse with chain

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The Jeminal new mens canvas vertical wallet is well made with a unique design. It keeps up with the fashion trend, so you do not need to worry about being old fashioned. I opted for army green because I love this color and it looks strong.

This wallet exceeded what I expected. When ordering it on their website, I just thought that this wallet was a stylish one and nothing. However, when I got it, this wallet is so smaller and lighter. It measured about 4.7 x 3.5 x 0.9 inches when closed. Although it’s small, it can keep many things safe. It has zippered pockets to protect our money from falling out. It features 5 card slots, 2 ID windows, 1 cash slot, and 2 zipper pockets.

This Jeminal wallet is made of the premium material with nice stitching. It will help us keep everything neat and organized. This wallet is a great choice for casual fashionable people. Besides, it is suitable for young students, sunny boys, men and women.

8. Ebax Minimalist Slim Wallet-New Idea Front Pocket Card Holder with Cash & Key

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Another product from Ebax is the Ebax minimalist slim wallet. This wallet is applied the innovative technology to become one of the most favorite products on the market. It impressed the buyers by its look with a slim design.

It is made from the quality top grain leather and high denier ballistic nylon. This offers style, and functionality in the slimmest, simplest silhouettes. It is only 3.9 x 0.2 x 2.7 inches.

Moreover, it enables to hold all we need. This ultra-thin wallet can hold up to 7 cards and 5 cash and key. It can hold more cash than money clips. This Ebax wallet has smart features and it’s easy to access the front pocket wallet.

9. Trayvax Armored Summit Wallet

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The Taryvax Armored Summit wallet will bring to the users a new style. I usually bring this wallet to go out because it is extremely safe with the RFID protection. It can keep our credit cards, and personal information safe with the increased durability.

It is made of the high-quality materials with the heat – resistant steel plate. It features a durable melanite finish, integrates bottle opener, and ultra-thin design. This wallet integrates money clip, and MIL – SPEC nylon webbing with the dimensions: 3.8 x 2.4 x 3.8 inches.

It is designed for up to 8 cards and holding cash. Apart from cards and money, you also can use this wallet to keep 3D stamped frame, ID display, and attachment point.

10. US Marine Corps Trifold Direct Embroidered Wallet

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I believe that this is a perfect wallet. It has a simple design, but eye catching. From the look, this wallet is not decorated much as the other wallet. It is just corps embroidered on the black color theme.

The size of this wallet is 5 inches by 3 ½ inches. These dimensions are ideal for keeping everything. You can put this wallet in your front pocket. It’s very convenient. It consists of 5 compartments for storage.

The same as any wallet, you can put all essentials inside it. There is a Velcro stripe used for secure closure. With this design, your money and cards will be safely protected.

11. US Army Direct Embroidered Tri Fold Wallet

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I tested this wallet, and it was awesome. Therefore, I decided to recommend this wallet to those who are looking for a wallet in military style. this wallet is a kind of military wallets with the US Army embroidered.

Its sizes are 5 inches by 3 ½ inches. It has the same size as the US marine corps wallet. With the regardless of the dimensions, this wallet enables to hold many things.

It has all same features as all the above wallet. There are 5 compartments for holding the belongings. Also, this wallet’s closure is secured by a Velcro strap. You can buy this wallet for everyday use without worrying about tearing because it was sewn edges.

12. Men Large Capacity Luxury Camo Leather Long Wallet Youth Fashion Trend Zip Credit Card Purse

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The last wallet in my list is for both men and women. It’s a leather wallet with a luxurious look. This wallet is hand crafted with camo PVC leather as well as antioxygenic metal zipper. Overall, it is very fashionable and stylish.

It is a kind of bi fold wallets for all genders with a design that exudes class and maturity. This wallet is 4.1 inches in length, 1 inch in width and 7.9 inches in height. This clutch has large capacity and durability. It combines the luxurious style and trends to fit all people perfectly.

This wallet consists of 12 card slots, 3 cash pocket, 2 bill compartments, and 1 inter zipper pocket. Especially, this wallet is water resistant, so you can take it to wherever you want. It comes with elegant colors, soft leather, clear texture and simple style to suit both business and leisure.

Military style wallet for men is the best wallet, which is not only masculine, but also stylish. This kind of wallet can help you keep your belongings well and create your style. If you are wondering, let take a look at these and decide.

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