Best tips to maintain Wristwatches

Collection and preservation of watches are also a hobby. Though Swiss watches or other luxury watches appear with a very high reliability, but it does not mean to endure over time. These watches exalt elegance for you so you have to cherish, maintain and keep them always be there for you over time.

Quartz watches

For the battery-powered wristwatches, if you not wear them daily, avoids storing close to or together with magnetic items such as Television, Refrigerator, Speaker Boxes, Computers, mobile phones or other types of broadcast receivers. Because of such magnetic surrounding, it will make the battery of wristwatches soon run out; the IC of the watches will be easily magnetized leading to incorrect operation of clockwork.

Quartz watches

Note that the watches should be changed new batteries as soon as they run out. Although, despite the fact of well-made batteries at the present, run-out batteries can be leaky and cause damages to other internal parts. The due date for replacement battery of a Swiss wristwatch ranges from 3-4 years depending on the operation of it.

Automatic Watches

For the wristwatches using of the Automatic movement or Hand winding movement, then the time or calendar adjustment should avoid doing in the period from 10h00 – 02h00 daily, because if you make the operations on this period of time, it will cause unintended damage to the wheels of the system of your watch.

Automatic Watches

Automatic watches need to be maintained regularly to the department, the sophisticated details can work together in the best way to help the watch’s operation always be accurate and increases the longevity of it. Annually take your Automatic clock to the genuinely authorized dealer for professional technicians to help you wipe oil and do the maintenance.

At night, after taking off the clock, set the face of the watch down; remember to line underneath with a cloth or soft paper to avoid scratches. When flipping down the watch’s face, force is divided equally to the entire parts and not overlaps the others to decrease friction between the internal components the watch, helping to extend the life of it.

Sport timer wristwatches

For wristwatches designed with Chronograph, you should limit the use of the chronograph hand regularly, because if you apply this function continuously (inadvertent or unintended) will make the battery quickly run out, the split time is dysfunctional. Other functions such as alarm watches or led flashlight watches should be also limited the use excessively and continuously the functions listed above.

Sport timer wristwatches

The Eco-Drive wristwatches

For other types of Swiss wristwatch whose batteries use the Eco-Drive, when you store them in the cabinets, boxes, and poor lighting places for a long time, they are not exposed to light, especially sunlight during the period from 3 to 6 months, the wristwatches will stop running, the Tissot T-TOUC Expert solar is about 1 year, if you want them to reactivate, bring them to places where it is the best under the sun over a period of 15 minutes, the clock will be active again. But do not store those watches in poor lighting places in long time to avoid aged battery.


Metal-strap wristwatches

About the Metal-strap wristwatches, while in use, they become dirty because of sweat and dust. In these cases, you can use toothpaste or water to clean them. Use a toothbrush gently scrub then rinse thoroughly with clean water, wipe dry with a soft towel. This will increase the life of the watch.

Do not use any solvents, cleaning agents, detergents, adhesives, paint or spray on the surface of the clock. (Close the knob to prevent water being absorbed inside before scouring).


Leather strap watches

Currently, the watch’s strap made of leather is very beautiful, if it is taken care properly, we can prolong its durability for a while. However, because it is an organic material, life of the leather straps should be limited by the impact of environmental, water and time, especially the sweat from the wearer’s hand with the erosion will make the strap suffer a rapid aging. For the good preservation of watches and leather strap to limit fading and decaying, you should avoid storing them in high humid places, do not wear the watch when you wash the hand, exposure to water or go under rainy.

Leather strap with a complex, permeable structure should not be exposed to solvents, detergents, perfumes, and cosmetics because these substances can cause damage to strap.

Leather strap watches

When you see the leather strap watches cracked or rotted, the leather strap needs to be replaced immediately by the new equivalent in size to prevent abrupt cut, making watches fall, resulting in damages breaking other parts.

Silicone or fabric strap watches

Silicone or fabric strap watches

Nowadays the trend of wearing watches with rubber strap, silicone or fabric is very popular, demonstrating the primacy of the watches. It is considered as the indispensable companion in every human activity. The particularities of the clock and silicon rubber straps are used for outdoor activities or sports. On the other hand, you should limit to have the watches expose in unusually low temperatures, avoid the physical impacts such as sharp objects. The dirty rubber, silicone or fabric straps caused by sweat and agents around are something very ordinary, you can clean the same way as the leather strap watches, avoiding chemical exposure prone fading or shortening the life of the rubber and silicone straps. With cloth straps, you can use a little bit detergent for clothes, lightly scrub and brush to clean stains stuck on them.

Silicone or fabric strap watches 2

Above are some small guidelines to help you to preserve your watches in a scientific and sophisticated way. We hope that they will help maintain the longevity, durability, and appearance of your beloved watches.

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