G-Shock And The Rise Of CASIO In The World Of Watches

Watches, which used to be thought to soon disappear due to the strong growth of smartphones, still have its own foothold in the electronics market. Watches are not only a tool to check the time, they are more than that. They are accessories which reflect the elegance, opulence and fashion taste of the wearers.


Among many large Swiss brands stands a young but powerful Japanese company, Casio with the well – known G–Shock watch.

1. Introduction about Casio.

Casio is a multinational electronics manufacturing company, which was founded by the Kashio brothers: Tadao and Toshio. Its original brand name was Kashio Seisakujo when it was established in April 1946, and then became Casio Computer Co., Ltd. since 1st June 1957. It is headquartered in Shibuya, Tokyo Japan.

Casio is has a wide range of products, including clocks, label printers, page printers, office computers,… It is considered to be most famous for scientific calculators, digital cameras, electronic musical instruments, and watches.

With the development of G-Shock watch, Casio is spreading out its hands strongly all over the world of timepieces.

2. History of Casio G-Shock.

Kikuo Ibe and Yuichi Masuda, who were the inventors of G – Shock, did made a true revolution. According to chronology of Casio’s main products, the first G-Shock was produced in April 1983, coded DW – 5000C. Eleven years later, in 1994, “Baby – G”, a kind of G – Shock which was specialized for women, was released. And in 2002, the Ultimate G – Shock watch named “The G” was made known to the public. Since then, Casio ceaselessly innovates and develops G – Shock, makes it become the No.1 watch for traveling.

Kikuo Ibe and Yuichi Masuda

The main purpose of Casio when inventing G-Shock is that, just like its name, creating a shock-resistant wristwatch, or also known as “a watch that never gets broken”, which was a brand new idea in the 90s. Therefore, Casio was the pioneer and almost the only in this field at that time. Nowadays, when searching for the keyword “shock-resistant wristwatch” on Google, you can receive various responses which are mostly related to G-Shock. It seems like Casio has dominated this segment and it is also considered to be a very tough and hard – to – play opponent in the game.

3. What features that mark out the differences between G – Shock and other kinds of watches?

First, G – Shock is absolutely most famous for its young, sporty and active image. While other Swiss brands concentrate on providing customers the feeling of luxury and nobility, Casio choose a different road to go on. They create a watch for those who are still young, wild and free. Yes, it is definitely a watch for dynamic people. No wonder why G – Shock is perfect one for playing or traveling.



Besides, as I have mentioned above, G – Shock is also famous for its durability. As it was produced mainly for the active youngsters, it must have the capability to perform and maintain the best condition under the most severe situations. Two of the most special features of G – Shock are shock-resistance and 200-meter water resistance, which enables it to work well even if the users are under the deep water with strong pressure, or even if it was dropped from high level. Moreover, Casio never stops. They add more and more features into G –Shock, for example: Electrical Current Resistance, Magnet Resistance, Hammer Shock Resistance, Vibration Resistance, Gravitational Force Resistance, Low Temperature Resistance, Solar Powered, Compass and GPS, and even Bluetooth…

However, it still remains the most reasonable price along with the best quality, which is also an advantage that attracts customers of G – Shock.

Last but not least, G – Shock has a wide range of models that varies in types and color schemes. This makes it possible for everyone to find a suitable watch for their own based on their favorite and their financial condition. For instance, Baby-G is a branch of G – Shock designed for girls and women, which is girly with smaller size and brighter colors.

4. Conclusion

G-Shock is considered to be a must-have item because of its beautiful designs and its advanced features. Buy one, enjoy it, you will never regret doing that.

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