Best Watches For A Black Tie Event

A black tie event is a formal event which you don’t normally go on a daily basis. It could be special events such as weddings or formal business meetings with specific dress code.

So what you need to wear for a black tie event? Basically, you are required to wear formal clothing such as white shirts, black suits, dark trousers, black tie and formal footwear such as Oxford shoes. But that is not it though. In case you are going to wear a watch with this look, it cannot just be any type of watch. If you don’t choose it carefully, it will throw all of your effort of choosing clothing and footwear away.

First of all, here are some tips you should know when choosing a watch for a black tie event:

The first thing that you should take into consideration when you choose a watch for a black tie event is that it needs to be simple with no extra gadgets. Furthermore, it needs to match with different colors and blend well with your clothes. And finally, it needs to have the ability to enhance the overall smart look that you are wearing. The keyword here is “enhance”- meaning that the watch should not be so outstanding it overweighs your overall look.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the color of the watch you wear for a black tie event should not have brown color. As most of the clothing items you are wearing are black, a brown strap watch will create a strong contrast and makes the overall look not so harmonious. The safest options in this care a are black, gold and silver face with black leather strap.

Pay attention to the small details on the watch. It does not need to have extra gadgets like I have just mentioned above. However, you can choose one with small but really special detail that will create extra sharpness to your watch as well as your look. These details could be colored hands or small imprinted pattern on the leather strap.

There are many types of watches but the most suitable one to wear to a black tie event is the dress type. Avoid wearing diver, chrono, pilot and field types of watches.

You might think that the options for watches to wear to a black tie event are really limited. In fact, you will be overwhelmed with a huge selection on the market. Luckily, thanks to the huge supply, you don’t have to pay a fortune to have a really expensive watch. So in term of budget, you can consider among different price ranges and go for whichever watches that your wallet can allow you to have.

In case you don’t know which watches you should wear to a black tie event, here are some of our recommendations.

01. Daniel Wellington

The first watch I want to introduce to you has a very elegant designs and simple smooth strap. It is a Daniel Wellington Sheffied watch.

As you can see from the picture above, a Daniel Wellington watch is very elegant, classy and also can be very versatile. It is not so expensive since it only costs around 170 to 200 dollars to acquire one.

You can wear this watch to various types of events- from the black tie formal events to smart casual ones- that is the reason why you should invest to have one Daniel Wellington watch in your wardrobe.

In addition, you can choose from various colors depending on your preference and your skin type. The most popular types you can find on the market are the silver face with black leather strap and the golden face with black leather strap. Both of these colors can go well and complement the style and the colors of the black tux.

02. Shore Projects

The next watch I want to introduce to you is the St Ives black watch or the Falmouth black watch which is from the Shore Projects brand.

Differently from the Daniel Wellington watch I introduce above, this one can help to add more bold statement to your overall look without scarifying any classic element. Let’s have a look at the picture of this watch above. As you can see, black is the main color of the watch as the strap and the face are in black. Black is the main color when you choose a Black tie event look and you will never go wrong with a black watch. Furthermore, with the black dominating the overall look of the watch, you can have a very sleek and classy watch. Not to mention that there are not so many watches to have an overall black look so it is very unique in its own way.

This watch is also very reasonable in term of price as well. You are expected to pay about 150 dollars to bring one home.

03. Larsson & Jennings

Finally, I want to introduce to you about the Larsson & Jennings’s Lugano silver watch.  A silver black will make your look less boring and become more striking and trendy.

In addition, the silver tone of the watch will blend well with the overall black color of your suits and your trousers, making it a perfect combination.

Last but not least, the classy design of this Larsson and Jennins’s watch can help you to deliver a very stylish and classy style. It is your ideal choice if you want to have a softer look against the quite “heavy” look of your suit.


I hope that you could be able to find 1 or 2 ideas hear interesting to follow. With this article, I hope that I can save you a lot of time browsing for a suitable watch to wear on a black tie event.

Keep in mind that although a watch is only a small item but it is so powerful that it can signify a good look or make it really bad. So take your time and choose carefully. It is really not so difficult at all to choose a watch for a black tie event. With careful consideration and knowledge, I am sure that you would be able to create the best look for the day.


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