What to Wear When You Go To a Festival

Festival seasons are the best chances for you to fully enjoy yourself and meeting new people as well as gaining valuable and memorable experiences. If your tickets are booked and your mindset is ready, it is now time to think about what you should dress for these events.

Wearing properly for a festival is very important. If you fail to dress well, you will feel left out and nothing worse than feeling so in a big crowd. Furthermore, it is also a chance to meet more people and make more friends, which will make you feel more willing to dress to impress, won’t you?

So in case you are still about what are suitable pieces of clothing to wear to a festival, read on for some recommendations on all of the clothes you would need.


Take a look on the list of what you need to bring:

01. Polo Shirts/ T-shirts

Here comes the most basic and versatile piece of clothing. Needless to say, shirts are summer staple which works as a base for you to build up other pieces of clothing and accessories.

You can pick polo or t shirt according to whichever way you prefer. Just remember that a polo shirt will tend to make you look sportier while a t-shirt will bring a more casual image.

Besides the options of having collar and having no collar, you can choose to wear short or long-sleeved. This choice should be purely based on the weather. When it is hot and crowded, you should go for short sleeved to have the maximum comfort.

In order to stand out more in a crowd, pick a shirt with bold print or stripes along with bright and delightful colors such as coral red and yellow.  A floral shirt is also a safe choice to wear in a festival.

02. Jackets

You might need a jacket in case it rains or comes really cold at night, especially when you camp overnight at the festival site.

It is better to over prepare than prepare nothing for the worst scenarios. You will thank yourself later if you pack your clothes- for the best times and for the worst times that might come.

One type of casual jacket you could consider making your festival fashion is the classic bomber jacket, which can protect you from the cold and the rain pretty well.

03.  Shorts

When you finishing picking your top, the next thing you need to pack is of course your shorts.

Choosing your shorts is easy as you have a lot of options. However, you should not wear much colorful shorts than can come in contrast with your top. In case it is sunny, you can go for a stonewashed jean shorts. They are classic and you don’t have to worry that these items may run out of fashion.

For a more casual look, you can go for a pair of tracksuit shorts. Make sure you pick your top and shoes accordingly.

04. Sunglasses

If you see the pictures above and below, you will realize that no man can go to a festival without wearing a pair of sunglasses. This is sure of the item that you need to bring to your festival.


No matter what colors and frames you choose, you need to make sure they suit your face’s shape. For example, you might want to follow the new trend of wearing 70s retro frame with really big lenses. However, if your face is small, you will end up making weird instead of stylish.

For further information on how to pick up your sunglasses to suit the shape of your face, you can look here https://coolmenstyle.com/tips-buying-sunglasses-men-heart-shaped-face/.

05. Footwear

In order to pick up the right footwear to bring to the festival, you need to check the condition of the location when you are going to have your festival.

Some festival sites tend to have a lot of muddy ground, which is obviously not suitable for you to bring in any type of leather footwear.

If you know for sure that your festival site has mud, your safest choice could be to bring your wellington boots. Go for a dark brown or dark navy boots. Although wellington boots can keep you warm and dry all the time and they also make it very easy to clear off, you have to face with the fact is that they are not really fashionable item.

You can choose a pair of trainers instead. Please note that your shoes are going to be damaged after the festival ends so make sure you only bring in cheap ones. Furthermore, opt for a dark color only, which will make cleaning easier.

And in case you are going to enjoy your time in a beach festival, flip-flops is of course your best option. You can bring your sneakers to run on the beach, but they sure will be really hot.

06. Hats

Hats are suitable for some particular festivals as well. For example, wearing hat is very common in music festival. Just like your shirts, make sure you pick up a hat with bright and colorful pattern to stand out and make you look more unique.

You can choose a 5 panel snap back for your festival style and leave your classic hat at home.

Finally, here are some extra tips for you about choosing your festival clothing in general:

  • If you are going to camp in your festival, make sure you bring lightweight clothes. Also plan carefully on how many clothes you might need to prevent over packing.
  • Bring colors are safe options in any festival. You are free to try on and mix and match any kind of colors you want without being judged.

I hope that after reading my article, you will have more insightful knowledge about what to bring to a festival. Festival is a fun time and clothing should be the last thing you should worry about after you get the grips of what you should bring to the festival.

So let’s go preparing and enjoy your trip to the festival. I am sure that with your confidence on what you are wearing, you will make a lot of good impression and also make a lot of new friends there.


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