Guide To Buy Best Items for Men While Playing Tennis ( Updated 2017 )

Before starting a tennis game, apart from tennis racket and balls, the other things you should equip are tennis items like clothes, shoes, essential and extra accessories to keep you stay safety and comfort.

In this guide, I will briefly give you ultimate introduction about those items, their influence and how to choose a good one.

1. Clothing

Nowadays, when it comes to tennis clothes, people not only care about how comfortable they are but also their aesthetics. I’ll guide you one by one.

First is their comfort.

1.1 Size

The basic tennis clothes for men usually include top and shorts. To pick comfortable tennis clothes, nail your size. And remember that, every brand has their own sizing charts so that if you want to refresh your tennis wardrobe by changing to another brand, have a look at their sizing charts first to make sure whether there is any difference.

Don’t go for loose tennis clothes because they will hide your movements. On the contrary, tight ones will make you feel difficult to move and uncomfortable. A right size is the best.

1.2 Materials

During a tennis game, you tend to sweat a lot. Thus, pay attention to those materials like synthetic material, avoid cotton because it will stick to your body after capturing your sweats. It’s rather uncomfortable and make you out of concentration.

Pick tennis clothes that can circulate your sweats and the air well whilst being flexible and lightweight. There are some good brand names like Climate and Dry-Fit.

Another kind of material you can consult is antimicrobial polymer. It gives extra benefits like UV rejection, which means it can block all UV rays, protect your skin from absorbing them.

1.3 Color and style

1.3.a Top

Tennis tops have various styles including short sleeves, tanktop, Compression tops, etc. If you want to get more freedom while playing tennis, tanktop and compression tops are your go-to-choice. When it comes to tennis tops, there are many famous brands like Nike, Adidas, Under Armour and Reebok.

1.3.b Shorts

Choosing tennis shorts are important because they help a lot in creating comfort for players when they move around. Opt for those tennis shorts with hi-tech material and moisture-wicking technology feature. The ideal length of tennis shorts is above the knees.

Black and white are the most popular colors in tennis clothes.

My recommendations

adidas Men’s Training Ultimate Short Sleeve Tee

View here

This is my favorite tennis top brand because they offer various color options. For example, Adidas men’s training ultimate short sleeve tee, there are 31 different colors to choose. Besides, they also provide many sizes from small to x-large to opt for different kinds of body.

Talking about the material, this Adidas is made from other fabric with moisture-wicking technology to help you sweep all sweats away from your skin. Also, they are lightweight and very soft so that I can ensure you will feel 100% comfortable during a tennis game.


  • Various color option
  • Many sizes
  • Have moisture-wicking technology feature
  • Lightweight, soft and comfortable material


  • Sweats are prominently shown on lighter colors

adidas Men’s Tennis Court Polo

View here

Though this Adidas doesn’t have as various color options as the one above, it provides more sizes from x-small to xx-large. The designs are quite basic, including white, black and blue.

In comparison, Adidas men’s tennis court polo is made from 100% Polyester and Climalite fabric, which is ideal for hot weather because it helps to sweep away all sweat and doesn’t smell after hours playing.


  • Various colors and sizes
  • Nice design
  • Not smelly after long time playing
  • Have moisture-wicking technology feature
  • Great fit


  • A bit transparent

Nike Mens Ace Logo Tank Top

View here

Nike mens ace logo tank top offers 21 colors from dark, neutron to light shades to opt for different favorites. Plus, it provides various sizes from small to xx-large to fit many body shapes. When it comes to fabric, it is made from 50 percent polyester, 25 percent rayon and 25 percent cotton which is quite soft, lightweight and comfortable.

About the design, this Nike tank top has straight hem as well as ribbed neckline and armholes to create a durable look. Actually, you can wash it by using washing machine with no fret.


  • Lightweight and soft material
  • Durable to wash by washing machine
  • Offer various colors and sizes
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Still don’t find any

adidas Men’s Tennis Court Shorts

View here

This one is in a set with Adidas mens tennis court polo, I think, because they have many similarities like 100% Polyester, sizing charts and climalite fabric.

This short has two front pockets, drawcord on elastic waist and contrast hems, which is nice.


  • Many colors and sizes
  • Lightweight, soft and comfortable
  • Have moisture-wicking technology feature


  • Material is a little bit thin

HEAD Men’s Break Point Short

View here

When it comes to HEAD mens break point short, there are 6 colors to choose including black, white, blue, cerment, red and nine iron. Talking about the sizing charts, this short has less sizes than the Adidas above, just from small to large. In turn, it is durable enough to be washed by washing machine.

Material: 90 percent Polyester, 10 percent Spandex; 86 percent Polyester and 14 percent Spandex.

There are two side pockets and a small zippered pocket on the back left side.


  • Super comfortable
  • The side pockets can hold Tennis balls very well
  • Durable
  • Reasonable price
  • Small zippered pocket is ideal for holding cards, a couple bucks and license


  • Thin material, if you choose white short, remember to wear a white underwear inside.

Nike Men’s Court 9″ Shorts

View here

In comparison with two shorts above, Nike mens court 9’’ shorts have the moisture-wicking technology feature like the Adidas whilst side and back pockets like the HEAD.

There are six colors to go for, mostly are neutron and dark shades. This Nike short provide full sizing charts from x-small to xx-large. Besides, their design is very strong and durable: 9″ inseam, Mesh-lined waistband and Hem vents to create the most comfortable for players.


  • Back pocket to contain license, cards and coins
  • Comfortable and well fitted
  • Lightweight
  • Have the moisture-wicking technology feature
  • Strong and nice design


  • Thin material

2. Tennis Shoes

Apart from clothes, tennis shoes are very important to protect your feet during the game. When it comes to choosing tennis shoes, you must keep in mind two major things: they must create the best comfort and the sole must have good grip to ensure you are not fail while sliding, dragging, running and stop.

If you are not a professional tennis player, it doesn’t require you to have a pair of particular tennis shoes, but normal running shoes are okay.

Remember these features when choosing a pair of shoes to play tennis:

2.1 Types

Depend on the type of the court’s surface (concrete court or grass court) to choose the type of shoes. With a concrete court, choose a pair of tennis shoes with extra durability and padding since the court’s surface is tougher than the grass one. Usually, choose the vinyl or leather material.

On the contrary, with a grass court, opt for a pair of tennis shoes with non-damaging traction feature.

2.2 Support

Due to the style of playing tennis, you should choose shoes with particular support. For example, if you intend to play against the tennis net, opt for a pair of shoes with extra durable toecap. On the contrary, if you choose to run along the back line, consider tennis shoes with lateral support.

2.3 Ventilation

This is a must-have feature because a pair of shoes which is made from breathable materials will help your feet feel comfortable and not smelly after hours playing.

Another choice for good ventilation shoes is looking for those with multiple holes across the up sole. In comparison, this design is ventilated better than breathable materials.

2.4 Durability and comfort

Durability is a compulsory feature when choosing a pair of tennis shoes. But talking comfort, to make sure the ones you are going to use in the next tennis court are comfortable enough. Just give them a try!

Wear them on, walk around, jump and make some movements to make sure you buy a good pair.

2.5 Foot types

Commonly, there are three major types of foot. They are Neural, pronation and supination.

In particular, pronation is a foot type that your feet are flat. To choose a suitable pair of tennis shoes, looking for those with stabilizing feature.

With neutral foot type, your feet will have a small gap between the ground and your arch. Luckily, almost shoes will fit your feet.

Supinationl is a foot type with a bigger space between the ground and your arch than the neutral, which means that you should find tennis shoes with extra lateral movements.

After buying a good pair of tennis shoes, don’t forget to choose a comfortable pair of socks to get extra cushioning and support your feet better.

3. Sunglasses

If you play tennis in a proofed tennis court, sunglasses might not be essential. But once you rock an outdoor game, consider a good pair.

To protect your eye from harmful UV rays and to help you enhance your vision, you should choose sunglasses with UV protection feature and polarized lenses.

When considering perfect sunglasses, you should keep in mind these features.

3.1 Frames

Choose flexible and durable frame like polycarbonate which is easy to bend up and down. The reason why you should consider this feature is to protect your eyes from tennis ball and racquet.

Also, choose well-fitted frame will prevent the sunglasses from falling or bouncing up and down while you play tennis or cause any uncomforted feeling.

3.2 Weight

Opt for a lightweight pair of sunglasses

3.3 Lenses

As I said, choose polarized sunglasses to prevent the glare of sunlight and help you see the ball line more clearly. The best color to opt for is gold to distinguish the background and the ball better.

Consider UV protection feature, too because you spend a long time under the sunlight with many harmful rays like UVA and UVB. If you ignore this feature, playing tennis for a long time will ruin your eye sight.


Sports Sunglasses, L·V·X·ING LVX548 Mens Polarized Sunglasses

View here

This pair of sunglasses affords all basic requirements including UV protection, polarized features, durable and lightweight. Besides, it also has anti-scratch, shatterproof and anti-impact layer.

Talking about the design, L·V·X·ING LVX548 Mens Polarized Sunglasses receive many compliments for its nice and high fashion design.

Dimension: 45 mm height, 66 mm width, 130 mm length.

A highlight is its warranty. The manufacturer offers one-year warranty on the lenses and lifetime breakage warranty on frame. If you are not satisfied with the sunglasses, you can return and get full 100% refund within 30 days.

Besides, there are two color options: black and red.


  • UV protection
  • Polarized features
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Have anti-scratch, shatterproof and anti-impact layer
  • Good warranty
  • Easy to remove and replace lenses
  • The case is very sturdy


  • Frame is little bit flimsy

RIVBOS Polarized Sports Sunglasses

View here

This RIVBOS comes in three color options including back, blue and grey.

Talking about the polarized features, in comparison with the L·V·X·ING LVX548 above, this one is better. Highly recommend for those tennis players usually rock the game under strong sunlight or hot weather because they can protect your eyes 100% from UVA and UVB rays.

Besides, these sunglasses are made of durable TR90 material, which means they are super flexible and high stress resistance. In another word, if the sunglasses fall off, it’s hard to be broken.

The highlight of this RIBOS is its plastic earpiece to help your ears feel comfortable as well as stay stably on your face.

Like L·V·X·ING LVX548 Mens Polarized Sunglasses, RIVBOS Polarized Sports Sunglasses provide a lifetime warranty and 30 day money back.


  • Many color options
  • Good polarized features
  • Durable and flexible frame
  • Have plastic earpiece
  • Great warranty


  • Not anti-scratch

Enkeeo Polarized Sports Sunglasses

View here

Like the two above, Enkeeo Polarized Sports Sunglasses have UV protection features, TR90, lightweight and comfortable frame and Polarized lenses.

But the highlight is their extra nose pad to create comfort while wearing. Besides, a plus is their sturdy zippered case to help protect the sunglasses very well.

Last but not least, the design is really nice and stylish.


  • UV protection
  • TR90 frame
  • Polarized lenses
  • Nose pad
  • Sturdy case
  • Nice and stylish design


  • I still don’t find out

4. Other Accessorizes

Apart from sunglasses, you might need some extra accessories like forehead bands to prevent sweat from getting into your eyes and wiping them off. Or you may want some arm sleeves and wristbands to save your knees and wrists from injuries or simple support your movement.

Talking about sweat bands, they are usually made from absorbent cotton fabric to absorb sweat. However, before any tennis game, remember to bring a few bands, I mean both wristband and headband to swap out when they are full of sweat. Due to the ESPN website, Justin Gimelstob use 12 bands through a match.


Mens Headband – Guys Sweatband & Sports Headband

View here

This headband meets all basic needs of the standard band like absorbing sweat well, stretch fit, comfortable and washable. A plus is its good warranty with a lifetime warranty. Mens Headband – Guys Sweatband & Sports Headband is a #1 choice for many professional tennis player because of its 100% satisfaction guarantee and good quality.

Materials: 95 percent polyester and 5 percent spandex.

The only drawback of this headband is that it’s a little feminine.

Sweatband Sports Headband / Wristband for Men & Women

View here

In comparison with the headband above, Sweatband Sports Headband / Wristband for Men & Women provides a bunch of colors to choose. It’s unisex headband but doesn’t look feminine for men.

Materials: 85 percent Cotton, 10 percent Spandex and 5 percent Nylon, which is soft and comfortable. In my opinion, this one is softer than the headband above.

It’s non-slipped and quite lightweight. But the feature I love the most is that it’s quite cool in the summer but also warm enough in the winter.

And like Mens Headband – Guys Sweatband & Sports Headband, this one also provides 100% money back policy if you aren’t satisfied with it.

The drawback is that it can’t be washed by washing machine.

Sweatband Set [ 3 or 6 Pack ] – including Headband and Wristbands for Women Men and Kids

View here

Materials: 80 percent cotton, 12 percent spandex and 8 percent nylon, which is very comfortable and soft to wear for a long time. Besides, it’s quite durable and you can wash it by washing machine.

When it comes to sweat absorbance, in comparison to two headbands above, I think I will give this one the highest score. Generally, with the same match, I usually use about headband, but with this brand, I only use 7-8 ones.

Besides, a plus is that it can be stretched well thanks to hi-tech material so that it can fit both adult and kids.

This sweatband comes in a set including a headband and two wristbands with affordable price.

I used to get confused at the very first time enjoying a tennis court, not only because I was a newbie at that time but also since I didn’t know which items I ought to prepare before attention. I understand that feeling. Thus, that’s why I wrote this ultimate guide to help you. Hope that with this article, you can choose the best item for tennis.

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