5 Ways To Spot A Fake Watch

 A watch is considered one of the most expensive and luxurious accessorizes a man should have.  It will be able to add extra classiness and elegance to your present style. However, it is only able to do as long as it comes from a reputable brand and is genuine.

To many people’s surprise, the fake watch market is blooming with the revenue of around 1 billion dollars a year. Of course the real number is even bigger than that. When you search for watches online, 1/3 of the results will give you back pages that sell fake watches. It means that the chance you encounter fake watches is pretty high.

Back then, it is quite easy to spot a fake watch. In most of the cases, it comes from a fake brand name such as Ronex. However, it is not the same case anymore as fake watch makers now can make watches which resemble without any fault a real watch. You need to be extra carefully before spending a huge amount of money on watch.

Here are some ways you can use to spot a fake watch and prevent yourself from being a pool:

01. Take A Look At How The Watch Is Presented


When you come to a physical store to have a look at its products, you should check how the watches are displayed on the shop’s selves.

Poor made and fake watches are normally laid out on plain blanket. Unless you are in a second hand shop, the chances are high that these watches are not genuine.

However, even when the watches are placed behind glamorous glass, you still need to be careful though. Salesmen always know how to do tricks with the presentation so don’t just jump to conclusion that a luxurious watch shop with fancy glass and nice design will sell authentic watch. If it is the first time you have been in the shop, you should ask if the shop is licensed to sell the brands of watches you like. In addition, you should also go to the watch brands’ site to see if that shop has an affiliation with these brands.

02. You Should Be Able To Check The Watch Before You Buy It


When a watch is sold online, of course salesmen will try their best to take nicest pictures of the watch, making it look way much nicer than how it looks in real life. So don’t trust what you see immediately.

You also should put on your caution mode immediately when the sellers only upload a few pictures of the watch. If there is any part of the watch which is not shown in the pictures, you should automatically assume that there is definitely something wrong with the watch and ask for further information about the watch you want to buy. Most importantly, you need to check if there are pictures about original box and packaging. The lack of these items indicates that it might not be genuine watch.

Pictures which are blurry also look very suspicious as well.

03. Be Cautious When It Is Cheaper


An expensive watch will become more interesting to many people if it is cheaper than it normally is. It is true that sometimes, some brands offer many good deals on watches, especially in the year end sales. However, keep in mind that most of the time, watches hold their value and don’t become cheaper over time.

This is particularly true with luxurious high end brand watches. While some department stores’ watch brands can reduce their price to attract more demand, the most expensive ones don’t do so. In fact, you can hardly see any brands like Rolex on discount, ever.

Therefore, when you see a good deal, you should think that it is too good to be true and don’t buy it immediately, thinking that if you don’t buy it now, it will be gone soon. When you see a watch which is around 20 or 25 percent much cheaper than the current real value of the watch, chances are high that they are not real. You can check for current retail prices of watches on the manufacturer’s official website or from trusted retailers.

04. Weight It


While fake watch makers can try their best to copy the exact details and designs from a genuine watch, they – however, cannot use the same materials. Expensive and luxurious brands of watches need to use high quality and durable material, adding extra cost and value to real watches. However, to make it cheaper, fake watch makers need to make their watches from cheaper, lower standard materials. And these materials are often lighter and rougher than the good one. So you should take up a watch and try to weight it out on your hands. If it feels kind of heavy and sturdy, then it is probably of high quality. However, if it is lightweight, it could be a fake watch.

05. Check For Details


Finally, you should check the details of the watch carefully looking for any sign of imperfections. When you buy a handcrafted watch by experts, you should expect that the watch is made with extreme care and eye for details. Any sign of faulty in the product will indicate that it is not a genuine one.

There are many details indicating a fake watch that you can easily see with your naked eyes. For example, the edges of the watch are sharp, not smooth. Furthermore, you should check for any mis-positioned letters and numbers on the face of the watch. Some details are missing on the watch also signal about a fake watch.

You can download a picture of a watch from the manufacturer’s official website and compare details by details with the watch you want to buy.


I hope that you are able to learn something from reading this article. After all, detecting a fake watch is not really difficult if you truly pay attention to the material, construction and presentation of the watch. You should never let a bargain blind all of your sense and awareness.

After all, it is the safest bet if you can buy a watch from a trusted reputational retailer that can offer you lifetime warranty with the watch. I am sure that as long as you put effort and commonsense into choosing a watch, you would never make mistake of buying a fake one.

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