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Choosing hair products can be a confusing and overwhelming process. That said, trying to understand hundreds of products is obviously not something anyone can do. Today, I’m going to break down the 5 most common hair products. From gel to hair paste, it is all written here. So, carry on reading if you fancy knowing more about the differences amongst these products.

1. GEL

Every man has probably tried men hair gel before in his lifetime. Cheap and available at any supermarket and local store, it is the perfect hair product for starters. Unfortunately, I hate to break it to you, it is not something that you should consider using in long term.

As gel portraits, a classic “wet” look, it is for men who have no intention of styling their hair throughout the rest of their days. And believe me when I say it can keep your hair stiff and shiny all day long. Unlike pomade, gel has a tendency to harden and impart hair with a drier-looking finish. Just make sure to apply the product when your hair is still wet, especially when you just get out of the shower. This way, you can also avoid dreads with white flakes.

Although gel works well with any hair length, thickness, and texture, it works best on thin or medium hair.

One thing you should keep in mind while buying gel is to aim for alcohol-free products. For alcohol is the number one reason as to why men hate hair gel. The fact that it dries out their hair fast and damages their hair on an unmanageable level makes it an undesirable hair product. That’s not to mention, all the corrosive chemicals in alcohol can result in an itchy scalp and flaky dandruff.

Overall, I’d say that hair gel is a medium-quality hair product. It is easy to use and it is cheap. It also gives your hair a medium shine and keeps it in place throughout the rest of the day. However, gel tends to dry out, flake and damage your hair. So, you may want to give it a second thought. Score: 6/10


By far one of the most commonly used hair products today. Pomade comes in two choices: wax-based and water-based. The original formal, wax-based pomade is quite irrelevant in today culture. Although it can give your hair a long-lasting hold and shine throughout the day, it can potentially damage your hair. Since the product washes out all of the natural oils of your hairs, your forehead and scalp are prone to acne. More so, its ingredients also make it impossible to wash out in the shower.

That’s why buyers switched to using water-based products later on. Considering the fact that water-based products allow you to achieve the same effect and can be washed out with water, they are now the number one choice. Though they may have less shine and hold not as firmly as the wax-based, but their flexibility and versatility make up for their lacking. And fear not, they will not damage your scalp, I promise.

Since pomades work better on thick and dry hair since they help keep this hold this kind of hair in place while keeping it shiny and stiff all day long.

Another thing that you should also know about pomades is that you should apply these products when your hair is still wet. Technically, wet hair reduces the amount of hold but it adds more luster and texture than applying it to dry hair.

Overall, I’d say that pomades are definitely something that you should consider buying. Unlike gel products, pomades are damage-free and re-shapeable. So, you can restyle your hair throughout the day. And the fact that pomades also give a medium to high shine makes these products the perfect choice for men with pompadour hairstyles. Score: 9 /10

3. WAX

Waxes are undoubtedly one of the most widely used styling products today. In fact, it is, safe to say that almost every hair products on the market are waxes. In the old days, waxes are made of bee waxes and often diluted with natural oils to make them more pliable. This, of course, is the reason behind the fact that waxes used to have such a shiny and dull finish.

In modern day times, waxes are made of different ingredients, not just bee waxes anymore. And unlike the old days, men waxes nowadays vary in wide range of smells. In fact, out of 5 hair products mentioned in this article, waxes are the best in term of smelling. From woody earthly to gum candy, you name it.

In a way, waxes are quite similar to pomades since they are both re-shapeable and they do not dry out and flake. And the fact that they are both idealistic for hairstyles that require a comb makes it even more similar.

However, what makes waxes stand out is their abilities to finish. While pomades have a much higher shine, waxes produce a more natural look. You can’t go for the slick back but you can go for the spiky and messy hair look. This is great, especially if you don’t have much time in the morning to style your hair.

Another thing that you should know about these products is that they’re compatible with sensitive skin. And they work well with any kind of hair thickness and length. Overall, waxes are a must-have item. 8.5/10


Have you ever heard of clay? No? Well, you should because it is by far one of the newest styling products. The revolutionary thing about these products is the fact they contain clay ingredients. Yes, actually clay ingredients in their formulas. And they’re incredibly natural, non-toxic to both users and the environment. Made from volcanic ash, clay or bentonite usually has thick to creamy consistency.

In a way, clay is similar to wax as they both share the same characteristics. Much like wax, clay can be washed out with ease and clay work well with all types of hair. And it can actually hold your hair in place all day long.

However, the only reason that sets clay apart is its final result. Unlike other styling products, the finish looks so natural and matte that your hair looks like you barely have any product at all. And this’s great especially for hairstyles which need much volume and extra support.

Although clay seems like true good to be true, it does come with an expensive price tag. Considering the fact that it is new and unique, it is understandable that you have to pay extra for this kind of product. Overall, this one is product that you should try once in your life. Score: 7/10


Widely considered as one of the most versatile hair products, hair pastes may be something that you need. Their consistency and texture ranging from light to dense. Usually, hair pastes are thicker than pomades. This gives your hair a firm hold and natural finish.

Now typically, hair pastes are idealistic for all hair lengths, thickness, and styles…from a buzz cut to pompadour. One thing that you need to keep in mind before using is to warm up the product before using. Unlike other styling products, hair pastes need a little preparation before going in action. And the fact they’re water-based products makes them easy to wash out.  Score: 6.5/10

As I had mentioned above, learning about styling products is a tiring process cause there’re so many nowadays. Hopefully, you’ll have a better understanding of this category and be able to choose the best hair product for thyself. Thank you for taking the time to read such a long article. As always, stay tuned my readers!

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