Match Your Dressing Style with Watches

If you are looking for a new wind on your style, why don’t you try using watches? Your style is better, your work is more efficient and your life will be happier for sure.


Fashion retailers in Winnipeg, Manitoba were surveyed to find out what the look for the successful business person will be in new spring. One clothier predicted that the double-breasted jacket and suits in natural colors such as sand, mocha and eggshell will be the fashion in both spring and summer. Another claimed that the look for women in business for spring will be softer and predicted the return of pinstripes, pin dots and the pant suit. It is the perfect mix with gold watches for men or luxury watches for ladies.

In Fashion, As In Business, You Need To Keep Up With The Times

Fashion is a mild insanity. That may be true, but as any savvy businessperson can tell you, looking good is also an absolute necessity.

  • Winnipeg clothiers agree that good taste in clothing and accessories and knowledge of quality is important to anyone in business. And as every businessman or woman knows, making a good first impression in a sales meeting or the boardroom ultimately makes the investment in quality fashions and accessories worthwhile. Manitoba Business conducted a survey of Winnipeg fashion retailers to discover what dressing for success means in the spring of ’95:
  • For the businessman, Vittorio Rossi, owner of CostantinoRossi Clothiers on Corydon Avenue, suggests suits by Armani, Hugo Boss and an exclusive line that he calls his “jewel” – Canali. The $1,250 Italian-made suit is tailored from the finest cloth and is cut to “follow fashion trends but in a slightly more conservative way,” says Rossi. He adds that this year, spring and summer suits feature natural colors such as sand, eggshell and mocha, and the popularity of the double-breasted jacket will continue.
  • Paul Stiller, an owner of Hartford Drewitt Ltd., a men’s clothier on Broadway, says that quality accessories are vital. He recommends the 100 per cent cotton shirt. Fabio Inghriami and Armani shirts are available at $75 to $125. The bone-buttoned, double-stitched shirts are shaped a little softer this year, especially in the collar treatment. Stiller recommends adding a silktie to complement the suit since it is “one of the only ways to bring a little color into the wardrobe.” The wider tie (9.5 to 10 cm) has been popular for three years and Stiller expects this style to continue.

Quality shoes are always a signature, and also healthy for your feet, so spend as much as you can. John O’Hanlon, owner of O’Hanlon’s Shoes in Lombard Concourse, says the standard business shoe for men continues to be the black wing-tip Oxford five-eyelet tie brogue. The high-end Swiss Bally deerskin line with leather lining and soles sells for up to $350.

Diane McEwan, also of O’Hanlon’s, says the classic pump remains the ideal shoe for women in business. She adds that while lower heels are still standard for business wear, the spring designs are leaving behind the chunkier look and returning to thinner heels. The black or navy Bally pump sells for $225, although the popular Thomas Wallace line is about half the price.

Solution for Business Style

Solution-for-Business-StyleFor business women’s clothing, Bonnie Dobbs, owner of La Boutique on Assiniboine Avenue, says changes are ahead. “There are going to be softer looks than there’s been for awhile, with more pastels.” She also predicts pinstripes and pindots will be back, as well as pant suits “which are becoming much more acceptable in the office.” Prices for a quality pant suit start at about $300.

Eyewear is always changing. Denis Vandale, owner of Tower Optical, in the Royal Trust Building on St. Mary Avenue, says the new lenses are thinner, lighter and more comfortable. Thin, narrower, oval metal frames are in style, reducing the size of glasses. Silhouette and Armani – for the discriminating buyer – are priced at between $200 and $250. Women have always had more than one pair of glasses for fashion reasons. “It’s nice to see more men updating their style,” adds Vandale.

Reveal an elegant style with Watches

Classic wristwatches – always noticed – are heirlooms in their own tight and can be passed on for generations, says David Chan, of W.K. Chan Jewellers Ltd., in Portage Place. Swiss-made watches for men have become spottier. Chan recommends the Tag Heuer, at about $1,100. “Very sporty,” says Chan, “but goes well with a suit and tie.” For women, the Raymond Weil line, priced at $900, offers the most selection.

Another item used equally by men and women is a case to carry documents. “The old traditional hard-sided attaché style is fading,” says Peter Thiessen, owner of U.N. Luggage Ltd., on McDermott Avenue. He says the hottest new product is the leather Samsonite attaché/briefcase combo. It’s a soft-sided case that opens from the top like a briefcase and from the side like an attaché – priced at between $260 and $280. Burgundy is popular with women while men generally stick to basic black.


Develop Your Style with Small Point

Signing documents and taking notes is part of every business meeting and sliding a Mont Blanc fountain pen or an Elysee ballpoint out of the pocket or purse makes a definite statement. Susan Margolis, owner of Five Small Rooms, says both pens sell surprisingly well. The Elysee ballpoint starts at $100 and comes with a converter that turns it into a pencil. The Mont Blanc is $295 and shines with a lacquer finish accented by 23.5 karat gold. “When you pull one of these writing instruments out to sign a contract,” says Margolis, “people notice.”

Considering buying watches for better look is the great idea now for you. It not only makes you look better but also innovate your result for most of works with high confident and effort. In some how, these watches seem as a present of life. Take your own one and make your remarkable performance on any places that you enjoy.


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