5 Minute Reading to Discover More Unexpected Benefits of Your Apple Watch

Whether you have already bought or intend to spend hundreds of dollars on an Apple watch, you should know what benefits it has or at least, how to use it properly, right?

In this article, I will give you the most basic information about this expensive watch, for examples what it is all about, how many models there are and which phones it works with. Let’s get started!

What’s this watch all about?

In spite of many different reviews about Apple Watch, in generally, all three models look good in different ways.

Let’s talk about the mid-range stainless steel Apple Watch first! Almost 90% of viewers will be impressed by its beautifully shiny and stunning chrome.

In comparison to the Gorilla Glass Apple, this one has overcome the biggest weakness – easily get scratches. Thanks to sapphire crystal covering the whole touchscreen, mid-range stainless steel Apple Watch can protect from scratch or shift.

When it comes to this Apple Watch, customers have many choices in choosing the size of watch (38mm or 42mm) as well as the band design. And the price will be within $549 and $1,099.

Getting experience from those heavy stainless steel, with Apple Watch Sport, the manufacturer has made an anodized aluminum case with two color choices: space gray and silver. Plus, with Ion-X glass face, it is surely the lightest and also the cheapest.

Unlike Apple Watch Sport, the Apple Watch Edition is much heavier because of 18-karat gold case, making it look luxurious. Besides, there are two color options: rose and yellow to choose due to different favorites.

Best is cheapest, the price of this Apple Watch Edition is between $10,000 to $17,000, which is considered as expensive as an entry-level car.

Can I swap out the watch band?

Yes. The Apple provides many bands with different colors, sizes and designs to mix and match with any Apple watch depending on your own favorite. It means that you can have your own unique Apple watch. There are various colors to choose. For examples the sweat resistant elastomer Sport Band has 22 colors, the Woven Nylon has 7 while the Apple Watch and Watch Edition provide different kinds of band materials.

Besides, you can change the band and watch easily without any aid of other tools if they all have the same size. I mean if the band has different size from the Apple watch, for example, the Leather Loop band, it cannot match a 42-millimeter watch, but a 38-millimeter size.

However, you should take note that even they are the same size, the finish will be different sometimes. For example, the finish of the Apple Watch Sport cannot match the rose gray Modern Buckle band even they have same size.

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Can left-handed users wear it?

Absolutely. Thanks to the display rotates, those watches still work well if you are left handed. To use it, you just need to flip the Apple watch over and the Digital Crown will be on your left side immediately.

Next, choose “right wrist orientation” while you pair it with your iPhone.

Then, swap out the band.

Which phones does it work with?

They said that you had to own an iPhone 6s Plus, an iPhone SE or at least, an iPhone 6s to pair your watch. However, thanks God, actually, you needn’t. If you don’t have one of three phones above, a 5, 5s or 5c is fine.

Can the Apple watch track my heart rate?

Today, the function of tracking user’s heart rate is popular in smartphone. With it, you can determine your heart rate and know exactly how you are. Especially when you work out, this function is very useful. However, a weakness is that you can’t always take your phone along with you while you are training.

That’s why Apple watch with accelerometer and gyroscope sensors on the back of the device was born. Not only track your heart rate or calories burned during every session, this smart watch also can count your step and calculate the distance in addition to reply to the GPS of your iPhone to point out location. These useful functions are all in two apps named Workout and Activity.

From that point, you can use the Apple watch to set your workout targets. One you reach them; the watch will inform you know. These fitness apps are also in the iPhone (detailly in the Health and Fitness apps).

When the watch is unconnected with your iPhone, it can only play music via Bluetooth, make purchase using Apple Pay and track your fitness information.

How can I navigate it?

Apart from a touchscreen, there is also a Digital Crown sticking out the side, which is known as a big innovation.

We all know about the crown on some standard wristwatches with the function of winding the watch or setting the time. However, with an Apple watch, this Digital Crown plays the role as an iPod’s clickwheel. You can zoom in/out a map or scroll through a list just by turning the crown. If you want to go back to the home screen, just press it.

Want to know the best part? There is a “button” below the Digital Crown. If you want to access the Friends app, press the button. This function allows you to see a Contacts-style collection where there are people you would like to keep in touch with and make a call, send a message.

Thanks to this Digital Crown, you can not only navigate the Watch, but also see the whole screen.

Now that’s the end of this article. I hope that through it, you will know all about awesome functions of the Apple watch as well as how to use them properly.

Thanks for reading!

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