Tips for buying men’s used wallet

People really notice the little things; meaning that the wallet is not an exception. It reflects your style and like other fashion accessories, you ought to get a grip on their appearances and features so as to maximize their convenience and to match them well with your clothes.

It is typical for men to have a set of wallets in his wardrobe. Different types of wallets and materials can enable the user a wider selection of his inventory. You will be surprised to know that the more time it takes to choose a right wallet, the more one will know about his lifestyle and preference. For instance, men will use a money clip or card wallet for a trip downtown rather than a bifold or trifold one, because it has just enough space for their belongings in the trip.


Types of wallet

There is a variety wallet available on the market to choose from. Below are some of the most commonly used categories to make you find the most suitable men’s used wallet.

· Money clip

Although not exactly a wallet, the money clip, and a wallet have a similar use: to store and organize one’s money. They are often used for their simplicity over the traditional wallet. If you are making a short trip to any place without the need for such IDs and cards, use a money clip as they help keep your money in an order right where you left them. As a variation of the paper clip, it is consisted of 2 pieces of metal, wood, plastic or anything that is durable; they money clip is often U-shaped and can be clipped tightly together to hold the money.

Traditionally used as a present, money clips can sometimes be very eye-catching as they come with a name, quote or some decorations carved into the pieces. The fact that they are cheap and durable made them widely available on any place. A money clip often lasts years longer than a wallet.

One popular type of the money clip is 2 pieces of magnets sewed into a piece of leather and they keep your bills by folding the leather in half. However, mind you bank cards or cards that use magnetic mechanism as that the magnets can easily wipe out the data in your cards.

· Trifold and bifold wallet

They are the most commonly used types of wallet. The bifold wallet comes like a piece of paper which makes them thin and enables easy access. They are folded into half, hence the name bifold and can store a moderate amount of bills and cards.

If you want more storage for one business trip or meeting which involves cards exchanging/collecting, you can make the most use of the trifold wallet. It has 3 sections and many small separated slots in which you can organize a bunch of memos, photographs or cards. Ultimately, trifold wallets have the middle section specially designed for ID cards used for entrance and it can save you some time looking for the right key-pass.

· Credit card wallet

Wallets in this category can store the least of all since they are meant for short business trips. A small number of pockets are available and you should mind not to put too much in this wallet because the overload might leave some crease on your wallet. In addition to the slim design and look, they keep you organized in the best way: Choose and bring only a number of important cards or bank cards with you. Credit card wallet is a perfect match for those who want to get rid of their laziness and be strictly organized.

· Coat wallet

The coat wallet is very suitable for people who like to keep all of their things in one place. Designed for maximizing storage place, these wallets also have the advantage to keep your bills and money straight without folding them. Larger size means a larger container for bigger stuff: you can even store some kind of paperwork here. As it name suggests, coat wallet is meant to be put on your coat because they take up a larger space than a normal wallet. Coat wallet can be made from a wide selection of materials: leather, canvas, fabric or nylon for different feels and styles.

· Coin wallet

As the name suggests, men like to use this wallet because they can keep your change separated from other cards and currencies. Coin wallet has a purse-like shape hence they are also called a coin purse. Should you choose this wallet, you will be amazed by how much coin and change they can keep in one place and how convenient they are for short downtown trips.


· Anti-theft wallet

If you are afraid of thieves trying to snatch the valuable things from your wallet, companies have designed this wallet with extra security for your comfort. They are often reinforced with zippers and locks to ensure the wallets stays locked in your pocket. You can easily spot one with this features by looking if they have the chains or not-users like to keep their wallet safe by choosing wallets with a chain attached to their belts. As a security measure, it can make you look quite stylish and is a popular trend for young teenagers. The chain is removable, should it cause any discomfort to the wearer.

· Antique wallet

I save this for last because its use is nothing like the rest in the category. Used solely for fashion intends, these wallets have made their on category because of their antique and often noble, stylish look. They also come with quite a high price. Mind that not every antique wallet is second-hand or in bad condition, there are companies and brands manufacturing new wallet with old-fashion designs at your service.

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