Coach wallet: A necessary item for every man.

How to obtain a good wallet for daily uses? In this article, we will introduce to you men’s coach wallet, a handy wallet that every gentleman should have and how to pick one that suits your taste.


With their fresh style and made of durable material, coach wallets will prove to be a good choice if you want wallets that have both nice look and good quality. They also come with a great variety of colors, shapes, sizes and types. Surely, they will serve you well in your life. But you also need to take a few looks on the types and criteria in order to pick one that really meet your requirements.


Coach Wallets have many types ranging from a simple function to multi-purpose wallet that suitable for many kinds of people and occupations. A good understanding of these types will help you make a good choice and save your money.

Slim with ID windowNormal length billfold
ID front
Plenty of pockets
Compact with ID windowTwice the length of a normal billfold
Detachable ID front
Have 6 slots for cards
Double Similar to Compact with ID
Don’t have an ID front
Accordion ZipVery large
Have 14 slots for cards
Have 2 billfold
Can contain a small size smartphone.
CoinHave count pocket with extremely tight snap
Have 3 slots for cards
Have 1 billfold
Money Clip Card CaseMinimum size with 2 slots for cards
Bill storage on the back
TrifoldNormal length bill ford
Triptych and fold – over type
Have 9 slots for cards
ID Card CaseMinimum option
Have 1 slots for ID cards
Have 2 slots for other cards


Beyond the type, features of each wallet are also what make them unique. These mostly come in the form of protective layers that prevent natural elements in order to prolong the wallet lifetime. But there are also features that develop solely to the tastes and needs of customers. Here are some suggestions.


Coach Leather Using many types of leathers to produce wallet for man, from strong and durable to nice and fresh. Each leather type presents different feeling and styles. A firm knowledge of these materials will help you make a good choice.
Thompson Lightweight CowhideA combination of lightweight and strong built. The wallet and its accessories utilizing chrome tanning procedure on the leather to produce a softness yet durable product. Very good for lots of customers who prefer mobility and strength.
Bleaker Glove TannedOnce of the toughest type with an admirable lifetime for a wallet. By applying chrome tanning and vegetable tanning then finished with waxes and oils, the product proves to be very durable and will stay intact for a long time.
Bleaker PebbleHaving a rugged look and making a masculine impression, this type of wallet also proves to be just as tough as its brothers. Made of durable leathers and put under a special procedure, this wallet surely will stay with you for a rather long time
Crosby Box GrainMade of high -quality leathers, gone through a lengthy procedure and got a unique design, this wallet gives off a scent of specialty.
SaffianoA highly customer – oriented product. It employs an expensive yet precisely and is carefully processed. The wallet makes sure the owner will be proud of both its look and strength.

How to pick out a good coach wallet.

Above are some info and details about coach wallets, but in a real situation, you will need to take a close examination and inspection in order to determinate whether a coach wallet is in good form or not. There are even cheap knock – off copies or low quality products that you need to know and avoid.  We now offer some pieces of advice that may be useful to you in this case.


  • Leather: Needless to say, one of the most important criteria of a coach wallet is its leather quality. Many leather wallets are sanded and coated with resin in order to produce fawn products in large scale and offer a plastic – like feel to the wallets. These are called top – grain wallets. Coach wallets are full – grain and offer a smoother feel and also tougher.


  • Built: There are 2 types: Turned Edge and Cut Edge. Cut Edge utilizes black resin to cover the edge. This will eventually decay and your wallet will be useless soon after that. The Turned Edge employ thinning the leather then stitch them. While it takes longer to produce and more expensive, wallet with Turned Edge will last far longer than Cut Edge. Coach wallets always employ Turned Edge so check the product carefully before buying.
  • Corner: A good way to see if this wallet is a good coach wallet or not. If you fold back the wallet and the corner is nicely flat and no bulge, this is a show of good craftsmanship. If thing happens otherwise then you should never purchase it. You could also check out the stitching there by exam the turnover of the wallet. Coach wallets place the stitching centrally and have a narrow turnover. These details while small will be distant traits of a high – quality wallet.

Well that covers most of the important parts. I hope you found this article useful and can get for yourself a good coach wallet.



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