Top 10 Brand-New Adidas Shoes

Time flies so fast.

The very first quarter of the year 2018 has gone by! How have you been keeping your footwear style updated? Here we’ve included an incredible list of new adidas shoes that have been top-picked items so far.

1. Adidas outdoor Mens Terrex CC Boat parley

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These shoes I picked up by accident but I have been really fond of wearing them every time going out for picnic, playing sports or other outdoor activities. These adidas shoes for men are supposed to be one of the most beloved shoes.

Well, at the first sight, I found it pretty nice. The upper is a knit climate cool and it does have the elasticized collar around the ankle area. Therefore, it amazingly fits your foot. The outsides are all white so you can see the Parley and the Terrex again. I like this kind of design that offers you a chance to know the collaboration. It’s not the same as the usual when they usually put it on the inside.

A little difference about these is the lacing. The bottom lace comes out wide. I assume that it really secures the feet. Obviously, it’s a boat shoe so you’re meant to be in water. Its maximum security inside of the shoe will surely benefit a lot. Another interesting pint about the shoes is that they are made with the recycled ocean plastic. It’s really cool that the Adidas’s getting away from raw plastics and going to start using recycled material.

Come around the bottom, you will see the holes so that your water can come out. At the bottom, it’s the traction outsole to give you good traction on wet surfaces. Besides, you can see a mesh bottom with metal holes inside the shoes going through the bottom. This makes your feet more comfortable.

The great color also makes you look stylish beside loads of compliments on their lightweight. Actually, I even forgot I was wearing them as they are so soft against the feet. Anyway, I suggest you guys washing or cleaning them on sunny days because the fabric may cause some not really good smell if it’s kept wet for long.

2. Adidas Tubular Doom Sock Primeknit Mens in Black/White

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These adidas sneakers are upgraded model from the adidas tubular models that were honorably introduced at Paris Spring-Summer Fashion Week 2015 featuring an innovative trendy design.

A sock like high ankle collar gives these shoes great aesthetics. When comparing these ones with the former versions, I see that Adidas has remodeled this pair into a more fashionable yet simple look with a low-cut sock. Straight off the bat is how these sneakers look like.

These new adidas shoes’ upper side is made of a very breathable, flexible and lightweight knit material.

The knit is extremely stretchy. It offers a loose and stretchable fit that will adapt to the shape of your feet. When I look at the knit from the inside out, it’s perforated well.

If you’re wearing these for summer months or you have sweaty feet, these black adidas shoes will amazingly offer super ventilation that keeps your feet cool.

The core block upper is not completely black. In fact, they offer a two-tone look with reddish orange netting around the whole shoes. And to give the sneakers extra durability and shrank, they added an inner caging system at both the medial and lateral sides of the shoes.

These are also designed with a center stitching running through the middle of the sneakers from the forefoot to the back. For lacing system, these actually come with a special two-tone reflective rope place. When light shimmers on it at a certain angle, laces will shine and become reflective. I was totally fascinated to see them shining.

There is no extra padding inside besides the smooth textile lining at the heel area that provides us a gentle and comfortable fit. Moreover, these shoes do have removable insoles. I especially appreciate the face of the insole. There is a soft fuzzy layer of fabric reminiscent of a towel by touch inside the sneaker, bringing you a lot of comfort.

3. Adidas Originals Men’s PW Holi Tennis Hu

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One of the new adidas shoes that makes almost men want to have is Pharrell William Holi Tennis Hu. Actually, I did go crazy about these shoes right when they released not only because I am a big fan of Pharrell but also the shoes are so incredible.

With the mesh upper which is so soft, these shoes are amazingly stylish and deliver a lot of comfort and the cushioning device of the midsole give the wearers a great deal of support. This item is lightweight and fits well to my feet so I don’t feel any discomfort when wearing.

The color is so cool. They use a leap forward powder-coloring method to dye these shoes so this item is distinct. There is no other pair that look alike. This item can work well with almost every kind of clothes.

You can wear it with jeans and simple a T-shirt. Shorts are also a good choice for these adidas tennis shoes. I wore it to a prom with reddish brown checkered T-shirt and jeans and it made me look really cool. My friends even wanted to have one after seeing them.

Every pair is attached another pair of shoelaces which has ton-sur-ton color with the shoes. You can change whenever you want. Anyway, they run pretty big so you have to definitely size up.

4. Adidas Ultraboost Laceless Shoe Men’s Running

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Another suggestion for you guys is the Adidas Ultraboost Laceless. With minimal approach, these shoes look so simple from their form to their color but they still make us stylish when wearing.

The slip-on laceless construction with elastic ankle collar make a cool look to the shoes. They also have a breathable mesh upper so it lets a lot of air in to keep your feet cool.

The midfoot overlays, boost cushioning, molded heel counter and a rubber outsole do make these adidas running shoes comfy. The continental rubber outsole that features French work construction that allows boost particles to really expand and return energy to every step.

It features sock-like construction so it’s a little tight at first but within a week wearing it, I find it stretched out and so comfortable to put on. And it’s great for walking or running. The upper stretch and support creating a soft light fit that moves with you as you run. However, I don’t recommend for a workout that requires a lot of big movements.


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The Crazy 1 was inspired by the 1990s basketball sneaker but they have a new look. Made of stretchable material, they feature a ribbed Primeknit upper which helps remain or retain the shape of the shoes. Moreover, it also provides a little bit of a better fit around your actual foot.

These new adidas shoes feature sock-like construction. They will sort of grip on to serve any kind of socks that you’re wearing. It’s easy to wear also. No need to lace. It doesn’t take time to put on anymore.

There is a little pull tab so the shoes would expand into this when you wearing. The tab is really thick leather and it’s super nice.

Black and white are the two-trendy color for this year so this one is perfect for us to be like a fashionista.

They will pop right out when you wear it with dark jeans. These adidas basketball shoes will surely catch every eye!


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I would highly recommend these fashionable shoes for you guys who dig outdoor activities just like me.

If you’re going for the black and silver color way. The silver detail thread with the black primeknit is very shiny even more so when the light hits it. It’s a kind of eye-catching as well as a great starter for a conversation.

These soccer shoes have a knit upper and stretchy collar around the ankle that eliminate the need to lace. The laceless design helps wrap your feet in comfort. In addition, due to Ankle stability Adaptive, an engineered Sockit collar can make your foot comfortable in every move.

Anyway, these are purely made for casual wear. These are not made to play actually. This midsole really doesn’t have the structure or stability for your purpose of playing sports. By the way, it’s made for comfort for walking around and stuff like that.

Furthermore, these adidas shoes for men are anatomically designed upper mimics your heel shape so they perfectly fit your feet. Whenever you move, they will never cause any pressure on your heels.

7. Adidas Mens Twinstrike ADV Black/White Nylon

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With an outstanding look and quality, these adidas shoes make you guys both comfortable and stylish when wearing.

I am really impressed by its cool-looking appearance with different colors. These men’s shoes are made with a ventilated upper. This is designed with textured overlays with thick leather lacing.

Striking color accents highlight the iconic A3 cushioning system which gives a responsive feel and features EVA in the forefoot and heel.

They are crafted with a rubber outsole. Therefore, they can flexibly support your foot movements. I assume it brings you a lot of comfort when walking.

A little thing is that it’s colorful so you should concern when wearing it with other clothes. Avoid putting on colorful pants to make sure that the others will not be dizzy when looking at.

8. Adidas Harden Vol. 2 Shoe Men’s Basketball

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Among the new adidas shoes, these basketball shoes are built to create separation from opponents and get buckets with Harden’s go-to-style.

The upper provides support and promotes the durability of their lightweight thanks to TPU-coated fibers. Moreover, their forefoot is especially built to make your lateral movements become more dynamic. There come large holes here that make it so airy inside the shoes.

These shoes feature semi-burrito tongue construction that helps enhancing locked-down fit. Besides, there is also a system which allows custom lacing to provide a secure fit and make it suit with every individual. I have flat feet but I can easily adjust the shoelaces to make them fit mine.

I suggest wearing these with jeans and plain T-shirt.


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These white adidas shoes are made to celebrate human diversity. They give us modern style to the streets with a modern sock-like knit upper, a trendy design this year.

I appreciate the shapes of these. It looks awesome and it’s a really nice design. Besides, the unique design in lacing system attracted me a lot. Unlike the usual whose laces start from the forefoot go through to the middle of the upper, the two-color laces start so close to the back. This makes this one look different from the others. Besides, the upper is sort of a variant to primeknit. It’s a little stiffer. The entire upper is covered in the sort of light cream color which is so nice. On the right shoe, it’s got world embroidered in English and on the left shoe, it’s got something embroidered maybe Hindi.

With the ankle area, it’s got the small opening for your foot so you may find it a little bit difficult to get on but once you actually get them on your foot, you don’t feel bad anymore.

I love the way they keep the shoes simple because I as well as most of the men prefer the minimalism and simplicity.

10. Adidas PROPHERE Mens Sneakers CQ3022

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The last ones of top 10 new adidas shoes will surely suit with a lot of you guys.

They look like monster shoes but really cool looking on feet. I do love the soles that basically wraps around the shoes. They are built to last and they are so protective and cool. Besides, the colors are nice too. It helps mixing with other items easily.

The upper is made of fabric with orangey red spots which is so soft and easily fits your foot as well as brings you a great aesthetics.

This kind of shoes is best for jogging or walking. I don’t recommend them for running or any kind of training.

Now, I bet that these lines worth your scrolling down till the end. With a variety of shoes from the branch, have you found out the one that fit your style? I guess ‘Yes’. Let’s take ones as your own item and enjoy wearing them.

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