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If you like playing basketball, it is very important for you to prepare enough necessary accessories, such as basketball jerseys, shoes, etc. These items help you enjoy your game more.

If you search basketball jerseys on the internet, then you can get thousand different results. However, in some cases, they will not meet you expect. I have experienced that feeling many times and come up with some must-have criteria to choose the most suitable one. Today, I will introduce to you my basketball jersey collection that I’m quite sure you will at least pick one from it.

1. MOLPE Smith #14 Bel Air Academy Yellow Basketball Jersey S-XXXL

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At first, I did not like this basketball jersey much because I thought the yellow color looked pretty hot. But, I like the material and style, so I was quite confused. But then, found that there was warranty from the manufacturer so, why not?

I’m glad to tell you that up to now, after nearly four months trying this jersey, I’ve hot no remorse. This jersey is amazing and fit me well. It is completely made from polyester for the best breathability and quick drying.

Furthermore, this shirt looks quite youthful and trendy with a slogan printed in the middle. No sleeve, and you know that, it’s freakily easy and comfortable in every single movement.

Another big bonus is its versatility. I mean you can use it whenever, hot or cold days. While in the summer, it keeps you airy and avoid sweating to perform your best, in the winter, it’s fine to wear with a sweater inside to not only provide a new style but also move easily.

2. JOLI SPORT Bugs 1 Space Men’s Movie Jersey Basketball Jersey S-XXXL White

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For the indisputable breathability and quick drying jerseys, this is my second choice. Like the MOLPE, it’s made out of 100% high quality polyester with excellent fabric to prevent stiff while help to wick moisture away rapidly.

While wearing it, I felt quite comfortable and airy even though I’m that type of man who sweat super a lot while playing sports or taking part in outdoor activities. Therefore, a jersey with high breathability, airy, but still deliver a stylish and fashionable look is priority to me.

Luckily, this one meets all of my requirements. In addition, it is sewn and stitched pretty well, so it looks more special than the others. It has an embroidery logo and player’s number on the front side that looks sophisticatedly and nicely.

In brief, if you are looking for a cool basketball jersey to gym, walk and play basketball, look no further than this.

3. MOLPE Men’s Moon 33″ Flint Tropics Basketball Jersey S-XXXL Green

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Again, another best basketball practice jersey from MOLPE. Should I call myself a die-hard fan of this amazing brand?

Personally, I think this jersey is more outstanding than the above a little bit because of its unique design. If the above jerseys are made from polyester, this one is polyester, too. However, there is an additional mesh layer for extra breathability and airy. Besides, it also protects you from sweating too much. (My favorite!)

The color of this jersey is quite cool with the blue one. In the front side, it is outstanding with the slogan and player’s number. It is sleeveless highlighted with the orange contours. Additionally, the shirt is added a white line which is lasted from the shoulder to the body.

I bought this jersey because I love the feeling it brought to me when wearing. I don’t know but might it be because of my too-much sweating, my skin is kind of a little bit allergic to some fabrics. But luckily, this isn’t that one!

So, if you usually feel itchy or your skin appears red dots after wearing some jerseys, let this one ease your mind.

On the other hand, the design of this model looks truly active and trendy. It can help you get ready for your games.

4. TopTie Men’s Tank Top, Reversible Mesh Tank, Basketball Jerseys, Lacrosse Jersey

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I love reversible basketball jerseys, which was also the main reason I decided to buy this Toptie men’s tank top with reversible mesh tank. The biggest advantage of this model compared to the others is its various colors to choose from, such as black, red, yellow, blue, purple, pink and green.

This jersey consists of two layers which are polyester mesh and fabric. And as its name implied, they are fully reversible. With these materials, the shirt is no bleach, no fabric softener and tumble dry low. Score!

This reversible basketball jersey is suitable for those who want to print their own logo or buy the uniform for their team. It would be fun, if you have your own team jersey. If not, you can wear as a normal basketball jersey which will make you look more stylish and masculine.

5. A4 Reversible Moisture Management Muscle Shirt

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The same as the above Toptie men’s tank top, this is a kind of reversible basketball jersey, or other people call it as a muscle shirt. With this kind of shirt, it is quite easy for you to change up your look whenever you want.

This model has no sleeve and it is applied the innovative design to take the moisture out of your body to keep you stay dry and cool all the time. (A big thank you to its premium polyester material!) You can use it to create a warm and breathable jersey that does not set the limitation of mobility.

I think this shirt will meet all your requirements. It has a high quality tight knit stitching to hold up after you work hard and play some kind of tough games. Or even, if you wash many times, there is no problem. I wore my jersey a lot of time, but it still looks new with the stain release material.

6. Custom Basketball Jersey– Front & Back Team Name / Number

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Next in this list is the custom basketball jerseys. This is another reversible jersey with my high recommendation for team uniform. Why? Because it has front name and back name, so if you can totally ask them to print yours or other members’ name on the shirt.

Besides, this jersey has many different trendy colors, including black, blue, gray, green, purple, orange, and red. No doubt, it is much hotter than the others for the colors, the material and also the look – much cooler.

And guys, thanks to its sleeveless design, it’s time for you to show off a little bit your firm and thick muscles. Ready to receive a sea of compliments?

It’s also perfect to be used as gym clothes or wear it for your morning run, doing exercise, hiking, cycling and playing sport of course.

7. Kooy G-Baby Jarius Evans #1 Kekambas Hardball Baseball Jersey Movie Men

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I always look for the NBA jerseys because I don’t want to look like an old man. Finally, got this incredible jersey with extremely youthful look and a creative design. It is totally different from the listed jerseys above. This one, it is a kind of T-shirt, but its style is more sportive.

The name and player’s number are printed in the front side and highlighted with a different color from its body. Mine is the shirt with white body while the name and number are blue. Also take note that this design is a buttoned one with two parallel lines from the neck down. Its sleeves are blue with logo printed.

In terms of fashion trend, this jersey is incomparable. It makes you look truly youthful, active and fashionable. Although this is not a basketball jersey at all, it’s a perfect alternative to get cooler look while still acceptable to wear and play basketball.

8. Augusta Sportswear Men’s Reversible Mini Mesh League Tank

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The Augusta Sportswear Men’s Reversible Mini Mesh League Tank is the most basic type of jersey fan that you can buy easily. It has a similar design and look to the jerseys of professional players.

But the best thing when dropping your money on this jersey is that you will get a two in one shirt. First up is its perfect combination between polyester and double layer of mini mesh to give the best breathability while reducing its weight to as less as possible. And secondly, these youth basketball jerseys allow you to have your own team logo on one side and the other sides for whatever you like.

This reversible mini mesh league tank is super comfortable, versatile and classic. I felt free to create my own logo and style to soup up my personal vibe. And the best thing is it’s versatile enough to mix and match in different ways.

9. Game Gear AP-993-CB Men’s Tank Top Jersey-Uniform is Reversible to White-Great for Basketball

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For those who are looking for some good college basketball jerseys, here is my pick for you.

This is a kind of plain jerseys with a huge number of different colors from light to dark colors, which is a great choice for any basketball matches.

In terms of styles, it is really cool to show off your attractive muscles and move comfortably during the game. Besides, its material is light and don’t hold the moisture. However, this basketball jersey is not just used for basketball matches, but you totally enable to use it for workout and running tanks, too.

Although this is a reversible shirt, I don’t recommend to wear inside out if you don’t want to look like wearing a shirt with losing the lining attached. In general, this jersey is well made and quite cool. It also is a good item to take into the consideration.

10. Prienų-Birštono Vytautas LaMelo and LiAngelo Ball Original Team Jersey

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The college basketball jerseys always become one of the most favorite items for the sport lovers. This jersey is known as the best one with a youthful design with two mixed colors, including blue and white – very trendy, cool and outstanding.

I truly appreciate their hard working, just take a look at the stitching and seam on the shirt itself. They are carefully made with the logo, name, and even the player’s number printing. If you want to create your own jersey to sophisticatedly stand out from the crowd but not showing off a lot, here is my suggestion.

It’s better to wear this jersey in the summer because it can help you cool down while in the winter, it’s probably a no from me. Why? Just look at its mesh layer, clearly, this design is to eliminate your sweat and keep your upper body airy, not to keep you warm.

But this jersey strikes back with its multifunction that can be dressed for both many indoor and outdoor activities.

11. Mens Nathan Scott 23 Ravens Basketball Jersey Stitched Sports Movie Jersey Black

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If you ask me which is my highly-recommend vintage basketball jersey, it’s to tell because there’re a lot of my favorite. However, this Mens Nathan 23 Ravens Basketball Jersey Stiched Sports Movie Jersey Black is one of them.

Or, if you love collecting basketball jersey to satisfy your love for this sport, let this model vintage up your closet. Make a count and take it! I personally love the roll of film decorated in the sides of this jersey. The letters and numbers are embroidered.

This jersey is made from polyester and fabric with the mesh. It is sleeveless and features breathable and quick dry. It is also stylish to make you feel confident to dress down for any match or just go to the gym.

The best thing is this shirt works its best in blocking body smell even though you have sweated a lot during the match.

Indeed, there are so many basketball jerseys that I want to recommend you; however, for the best of the best models, here are my 10 rounded up that’s worth your consideration. They are all versatile, high-quality material and coming from reliable brands with good customer service to guarantee your purchase. If you have any other suggestion, please let me know and we can share more about basketball jerseys.

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