How to choose the best Nike running shoes for men

Jonathan Beverly who is a shoe editor at Runner’s World magazine once said that almost injuries were caused by mistakes in leg strength and foot, movement problems and imbalances. However, choosing the wrong shoes for running also made faults as well.

Besides, a Canadian research points out that using the right shoes will causes less effort while you are running. Furthermore, they help consume up to 2% less oxygen, which increases the running economy.

Within a sea of running shoe brands, Nike might be one of the most popular. They are famous for high-quality shoes with nice designs, colors and reasonable price range. Thus, if you are finding the best Nike running shoes for men, let’s consult the collection below.

NIKE Men’s Revolution 3 Running Shoe

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In terms of Nike, one of my favorite thing is their wide range of colors. A typical example is these nike running shoes for men. There are totally 31 colors, which surely can meet each specific preference. These running shoes are made of 100% Polyester with rubber sole but don’t worry, this kind of material won’t make you feel bald and uncomfortable. On the contrary, thanks to mesh upper, it’s quite breathable at all.

In addition, the foam midsole is very soft and lightweight so that if you run or walk for a long time, your feet are still fine. The responsive cushioning work best. Moreover, wearing these shoes will decrease the risk of slippery as they are equipped with rubber outsole.

Finally, good news for those who have super big and wide feet is that it won’t a nightmare any longer as Nike provide a wide range of sizes to fit well any feet.


  • Wide range of color
  • Reasonable price
  • Mesh upper for cool look and breathability
  • Soft foam midsole
  • Rubber outsole prevents slippery


  • Size chart is not exact

Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus 33

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Again, their color scheme will knock you down with a lot of bright, cool and fantastic shades. (My favorite is seaweed which is sick). This Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus 33 is quite the same as the Nike above with mesh upper, cushion midsole and rubber outsole.

In comparison to the Nike mens running shoes above, this Pegasus has a better feature and a worse one. Firstly, the better thing is size chart. They are exact and fit excellently and comfortably even I laced up tightly.

In turn, the worse feature is its arch support which is quite fair, nothing to get impressive at all.


  • Nice color scheme
  • Mesh upper for good breathability
  • Cushion midsole for comfort
  • Rubber outsole offers excellent traction
  • Reasonable price
  • Exact size chart
  • Fit comfortably


  • Fair arch support

Nike Men’s Free Rn Running Shoe

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Might they be the Nike’s characteristics when this pair of shoes also have some similarities as those Nike’ above. Rubber outsole, mesh bootie upper and cushion midsole.

I must say that Nike is smart when they make use of every material and pattern to provide the most comfort for users. For example, these shoes are made completely of polyester so that when being washed, they dry very fast. However, one disadvantage is that they might make you feel bald. To overcome this drawback, Nike mixes with mesh bootie upper to make them breathable.

A small talk about this mesh upper, it is made of Flywire cables so that these shoes will make an amazingly secure, locked-down fit.

A big plus point for Nike Men’s Free Rn Running Shoe is the new tri-star outsole pattern. It helps to expand on contracts and impact at toe-off so that when you are walking, they will move along and offer soft and comfortable cushioning as well as durable traction.

Besides, again, these Nike’ shoes have beautiful designs so that not only you use them for running but also to wear daily. However, I myself think that Nike Men’s Free Rn Running Shoe is suitable for indoor exercise than the outdoor as it has flat sole.


  • Rubber outsole for great traction
  • Luxurious mesh upper for breathability and cool look
  • Cushion midsole for comfort
  • New tri-star outsole pattern
  • Beautiful designs


  • It’d better be used for indoor exercises

Nike Flex Experience RN 4 Running Shoe

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This Men’s Nike Flex Experience Run 4 is really a go-for running shoe to help you get everyday comfort. In comparison to the three Nike’ above, though the Run 4 has minimal upper design, hexagonal flex grooves and resilient midsole, it might be the best nike running shoes for men for lightweight and flexibility that makes a great natural movement and balance of comfort, which thanks to the no-sew overlays and single-layer mesh.

However, it is still heavier a little bit than the 2013 models. However, it also has some similarities like the front top of the shoe is made of the same fabric and rubbery material.

The outstanding feature, in my opinion, is the waffle outsole pistons. They add responsiveness as well as absorb impact very well. From that point, wherever you walk or run, you will have the most comfort.

When it comes to the size chart, it is fit true. But, I still feel a bit narrow on my toes. However, it’s not uncomfortable at all. I think it’s because the shoe is new and they will fit snug after a while.

Besides, I think these shoes are perfect for those who are too lazy to tying their shoes every time they slip them on and off as Men’s Nike Flex Experience Run 4 Running Shoes can be loosened up.

There is one thing you should take notice: each color will have its price, which is also the feature I don’t like.


  • No-sew overlays and single-layer mesh for lightweight and flexibility
  • Waffle outsole pistons for absorb impact and responsiveness
  • Exact size chart
  • The shoes can be loosened up a little bit so that you don’t have to tie the shoe laces after sliding on and off


  • The price is fluctuated between colors
  • Nike men’s running shoes: The Tanjun Sneaker

Nike Mens Tanjun Running Sneaker

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I bought these guys due to their beautiful color. However, I sooner kept them as daily use because of their amazing durability and performance. I think these pair might be the most durable in this collection as up to now, it’s been nearly a year and the shoes still work best.

The second features that impress me a lot is the lightweight and comfort. I once wore them on my Thailand Trip and spent a whole day walking around Chatuchak Flea Market. At the end of that day, my feet were still alive while my friend’s were blistering. The Synthetic-And-Mesh upper created enough breathability while Rubber sole and Cushioned foam midsole fitted snug my feet, made a great comfort.

Nike Mens Tanjun Running Sneaker also has cool and beautiful designs and color scheme to be used for both running and daily walking.

However, based on the material, it’s quite hard to clean the top of the shoe. Thus, if you intend to use them daily, I recommend to pick a pair with dark color.


  • Durable and good performance
  • Soft cushioning midsole
  • Lightweight
  • Rubber sole for great traction
  • Nice color and design


  • Difficult to clean the top

This is the end of my collection of the best Nike running shoes for men. I’ve tried to give you my positive review with both compliments and blame for each pair of nike mens shoes. Hope that this article will help you pick the right ones.

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