Best Jordan Basketball Shoes 2018

No matter how old you are, you will always be attracted by a trendy pair of shoes, especially basketball shoes because they are usually coming up with eye catching outer performance.

Although I’m not good at playing basketball, I like their specialized shoes a lot because of their versatility to mix and match in different occasions with various outfits. If you think that basketball shoe only be worn when playing basketball, you are mistaken.

The basketball shoes are known as a multifunctional model. You can wear them to take part in many other activities, such as hiking, jogging and doing gym, aside from playing basketball.

It has become one of the most favorite type of sporty style lovers. To meet the needs of the buyers, each year, there remains a huge number of basketball shoes released. Today, I will introduce to you some Jordan basketball shoes.

i. High ankle shoes

1. Jordan Nike Men’s Super. Fly 4 Po Basketball Shoe

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First up in this list and also the very first pair that has brought me to the world of basketball sneakers is Jordan Nike Men’s super-fly 4 Pro.

Truth to say, at the beginning, I’m not a fan of this dynamic and sporty kind of shoes, but you can understand how good these Jordan is to persuade me join in their die-hard fans.

If you are new comer like I used to be, try it! Might you change your mind like me, as well. Don’t afraid of its design going out of style after years because it’s arguably as a timeless piece to always make you stand out from the crowd. Unique design, high ankle silhouette, various color combinations. But they are just the beginning, the whole fun is right after.

Mine is coming up with black color as background, mixing with red and white. At the very first sight, might they not be relative a lot, but in generally, they are truly easy to mix, stay cool but not too showy – Perfect for my needs.

Also, it won’t make you disappointed when speaking of material. They are mixing between synthetic and leather with the rubber sole to take advantage of all the benefits as well as good characteristics from those three kinds of material. For examples, the quick drying and light waterproof of synthetic, the durability and classic look of leather and the anti-rust as well as easy maintenance of rubbery.

Moreover, there is an engineered textile upper which is breathable to keep your feet airy and anti-hot so that you can wear them all day long without worrying about hurting or sweating.

Based on their sporty vibe, these shoes are perfect to style with street clothes, sport outfits or the gym.


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My second favorite pair of basketball shoes is another high ankle. Right from the first sight, I was impressed by their full white color of this version. Although this pair of basketball shoes is prone to be dirty, white is still a must-have colorway in any wardrobe because of their easy-to-match and trendiness.

In fact, pick it and you don’t need to worry about being out of style. Moreover, the white shoes look newer, not dirty or old.

I myself believe that these air Jordan basketball shoes are worthy to give it a try not only because of their fame of bestselling model, but also for the fashionable, stylish look and its premium texture.

It’s not exaggeration that these shoes actually keep up with the latest fashion trend in the world. They are soft inside to bring you a comfortable feeling despite how long you’re wearing it. The contour lines are sewn carefully to make sure that the soles will be not sloughed off as you move.

There are some small holes upper to keep your feet breathable and straps to adjust the size. This rubber shoe is too light to take notice, which is perfect to wear for playing some sports such as basketball, badminton, or tennis. Besides, I also wear them to take part in some outdoor and indoor activities.

3. Air Jordan XXXII

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The next basketball shoes in my list are Air Jordan XXXII. These Michael Jordan basketball shoes have eye catching design that is worthy to invest, for sure. If you are fan of this brand, you cannot ignore it.

First up, it catches up with the latest fashion trend in the world with special sparkly motifs to deliver not only a fashionista look but also more masculine and active feeling.

Going outside in, I have no remorse on them. If you doubt at its quality, then don’t. The material is truly high quality to feature the best durability, breathability and light in weight. The Air Jordan XXXII can wrap your feet like a sock. Additionally, there is a powerful cushioning layer to help you explode off the hardwood.

This is an ideal for those who want to change their style. It will support you a lot to renew your style. Apart from black color like my shoes, there are some other options such as dark blue, light blue, and gray. Aside with fashion purpose, this shoe can be worn to get ready for all kinds of sports and outdoor activities. Get ready for a slam dunk, dude?

4. Jordan Nike Air XXXI Men’s Basketball Shoes

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Another pair of shoes that I found quite prominent is Jordan Nike Air XXXI Men’s basketball shoes. They definitely make your shoe collection more colorful.

My first impression of them is the way their colors are mixed. If the colors of other pairs of shoes are interlaced by areas, this pair’s is blended together perfectly. The logo of Nike brand is embroidered which is extremely impressive. That’s all things that stay in my mind at the first time when I saw it.

After wearing these shoes, with the regardless to the fashion trend, they made me feel good and strikingly comfortable. I found that inside the shoes, it is very soft and I can move easily without being hurt.

1 year ago, I bought a pair of shoe that I rarely wore it because of their hard soles to swollen my feel. However, this Jordan is not the one.

It protects my feet from being wet and hurt. I remember one time, I wore them for a few weeks while I was travelling, and I did not see any problem though I walk a lot every day, nearly 10 kilometers. It’s still as soft as the first time and while my friend feels their feet hurt enough to die, I still alive and feel comfortable at all.

So, I think, if you are looking for a pair of sneakers that comes in a perfect compromise of function and design, go for this. Perfect for gym, yoga and playing sports, too.

Besides, they are made from synthetic to bring super soft and light. Also, there is a great combination of different colors. Like mine, it has four colors mixed together, including: orange, black, white, and gray.

Feature high ankle silhouette to give better protection for your ankles, I’m a little bit in love with that. If you are interested in street style, this shoe may help you.

ii. Short ankle shoes

1. Jordan ULTRA.FLY Men’s Basketball-Shoes (13 D(M) US, Black/Dark Grey/Metallic Hematite)

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If you love something mysterious, then this pair of shoe is right for you. I bought them two years ago and surprisingly, despite using them almost daily, there are really less wears and tears until now. This pair of shoes has a quite unique design with the floating motifs. In other words, this makes the shoes stand out from the crowd significantly.

Take a look at them and I bet that no one can’t deny how sporty and trendy they are. It’s great for workouts and activities. I usually wear this shoe to go camping with my family at the weekend. Got tons of complements with them.

It has black color, which makes the shoes themselves not as easy to get dirt as other bright colors. So, feel free to wear them with no worry about the weather. It’s so hard to describe how perfect it is, but I assure you that they will not disappoint you from the design to the material.

Differ from those Jordan high ankle shoes above, this pair is made out of kurim and mesh with rubber soles.

A big thank you to the mesh layer with their huge role of keeping your feet breathable and airy to eliminate the bad smell if wearing for long. The same as any basketball shoes, this pair of shoe is quite light and it can support you a lot to show your skills during the game. Another bonus is its soft layer around the ankle to protect your feet from being hurt, even if you move too much.

Of course, this shoe is my first choice for playing sports because of their easy maintenance. Besides, if you are looking for a pair of shoe to join in some festivals or hiking, you should take a look at them, too.

2. Nike Jordan Men’s Jordan Ultra. Fly Black/Concord Anthracite White Basketball Shoe 11 Men US

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The same as the Jordan Ultra fly men’s basketball, this pair of shoes also has the floating motifs. They look quite outstanding. The floating motifs above make the shoes more fashionable, while the mesh layer underneath takes the responsibility for keeping your feet breathable. In generally, they look pretty cool with a piece of leather shaped a man playing basketball embroidered on the heels.

In terms of the outer performance, this pair of shoes is black with the white soles. Such that color combination is not prone to be easily dirty, if it’s rainy or you pour coffee into your shoes accidentally. In addition, they are light as well to be suitable for running or playing sports. If you are planning for a picnic or camping trip, also, they are a great choice.

The materials of this pair of shoes are the same as the above ones. But, the look is totally different. I personally feel that these shoes will help you enjoy your morning run more because they help you look more active and stylish. Specially, the sole of this shoe is padded up quite high, so it will help you look higher.

Keep it as a secret!

3. Jordan Nike Men’s B. Fly Basketball Shoe

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I think it would be a pity if I did not mention this pair of shoe. These boys Jordan basketball shoes are a follow – up version of Nike brand which is one of the most reputable brands on the sporty fashion market.

I bought a pair of this shoe right after it was released because I could not wait longer. (Though their price at that time was like cutting throat)

I read about it many times and I’m sure that you will not be able to take your eye off it. My friends complemented so much, and they even asked me to help them order this shoe. And you, feel ease in mind to try it because now, the price is much affordable and budget-friendly.

I chose a pair of soldier style. I like this kind of motif because it looks more energetic and dynamic. If you choose for the fashion purposes only, you can consider the other colors, such as white, black, red, and gray. Different colors, different styles.

For example, while the gray brings a modern and sophisticated look, the red delivers a dynamic and enthusiastic vibe to rock this summer.

If you like hiking, you should not ignore this pair, either. I had wonderful experiences for hiking with this pair of shoes, the most highlights are their comfort and durability.

This pair of shoes is made from textile and the soles are rubber that will bring you a superbly soft and light feeling. You can feel free to take them joining in any indoor or outdoor activities you want.

Feature the lace up style which is quite new, it will be awesome, if you mix them with shorts or jeans and T-shirts, and stuff with sporty vibe like that.

4. Jordan Men’s Air Jordan 9 Retro Basketball Shoes

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The next shoes that I want to recommend are Jordan Men’s air Jordan 9 retro basketball shoes. As its name implied, these shoes have a uniquely classic design with a premium cushioning. If you like the original version of Air Jordan 9, I’m sure that you will fall in love with this latest model of this brand, too.

They have a global outsole design. Furthermore, this shoe is made from synthetic and genuine leather upper which can provide you a premium feel and look.

Additionally, if you pay closer attention to them, you will see the encapsulated air sole units in the heels and the forefoot cushion your steps. The polyurethane midsole brings a responsive cushioning while the solid outsole brings the shoes themselves a durable traction.

I like this model because of their simplicity presenting right in the combination of their two colorways, including black and white. This combination is a smart choice because it will be never out of style.

Furthermore, the design of their straps is unique and interesting, too. They are made to adjust the shoes to fit your feet from the ankle to the tip, which is not only sporty, but also fashionable.

Similarly, you can wear them to take part in any activity you want, such as camping, hiking, cycling, playing sports, etc.

5. Jordan “Why Not?” ZER0.1

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This shoe hooks strong attention with a very interesting name – Jordan “Why Not?” Zero.1. They also have an impressive look such like its name implied. I personally quite like them from the very first sight.

The Jordan “Why Not?” Zero.1 is arguably as a new break due to their unique design and color combinations that are completely different from the other versions. They are no longer the mix of colors, but a distribution of colors which do not make us confused. Each color is arranged in a subtle way to highlight each other.

The Jordan “Why Not?” Zero. 1 has many colors for you to choose. I had one pair with the black main color and some other colors are added such as orange and blue.

Right from their outer performance, they look like a pair of sandals that you wear in the winter; however, if you know how to coordinate, it will become a very fashionable item.

I believe this model is one of the best performing basketball shoes on the market today. It is comfortable, durable and most importantly, it is ankle support. This pair of shoes is suitable for some activities such as gyms, workouts, and sports.

This is my recommendation for Jordan basketball shoes. Apart from this list, there are a large number of basketball shoe versions that you can find out on its website. If you are a fan of Jordan Shoe, let choose one pair for yourself. This kind of shoe is not only multifunctional, but also trendy.

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