Best Cowboy Wallets For Men 2018

Who say that cowboys can’t have a wallet?

More than anyone, he should have a suitable accessory to keep his EDCs safe and neat during a hard day’s work. Here in CoolMenStyle, I have rounded up to 9 best cowboy wallets for men from top-rated brands like Ariat, Nocona and Balini. Amongst them, Ariat takes the most proportion because this is arguably the most famous brand spealized in cowboy wallets.

It’s exaggerating to say these nine wallets bang for your buck because apart from its unique outlook and functional construction, their quality is always backed by a certain guarantee from their manufacturer to ensure you’re happy with your purchase.

So, why not dive into them now?

1. USA Distribution Classic Vintage BAILINI Cowboy/501 Pattern Bifold Mens Genuine Leather Long Wallet

View here

I do really like this cowboy wallet. It is spacious and well-organized enough to fit all of my regular cards. Particularly, when opening, everything is displayed neatly and orderly in front of me to enable to pick the one I need so fast and furious.

Compared to its shorter brother, this one highlights its ability to keep your cash straightly and nicely. And there’s no zippered pocket in this version, which somehow is my happiness because the previous one, its zippered pocket was really prone to break.

The best thing I love about it is the front card slots right under the side in which it clasps because this arrangement helps me to make my regular cards in use more conveniently. That’s also the reason I highly appreciate it as a great model.

Aside from cards, there are many other compartments and slots for ID cards, driver license, tickets, coins, cash and passport. It’s synonymous to a versatile wallet that you can utilize as a daily carrier or a travel wallet when in need.

The only thing that I just wish it could have is the RFID Blocking Technology. With it, you will be more pleased to keep your important cards alongside.

2. Men western texas star state map concho slim leather long bifold wallet

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Choose from two colorways: black and brown, I picked the brown one for its molder Western flares. Another reason is most of my cowboy clothes are in brown and I want something that synchronizes to the other items. So, this is the best bet for me.

I love its combination between the genuine cowhide leather body and the contrasting trim to not only emphasize the wallet itself from other counterparts but also be your fashion staple. Trust me, there’re a lot of guys asking you where you bought it.

Compared to the USA Distribution Classic above, the interior of this western wallet is less in capacity with only 13 card slots and 4 bill compartments. However, there are extra 5 clear card slots which is super convenient to place your driver license, IDs, member cards or any other cards which you need to present its information in some cases.

On top of that, there’s an outer slip pocket where you can store some small loose changes or parking card or stuff that need quick and easy access. Thumbs up for this extra feature!

With such great organization and dimensions (7 1/4″ x 3 1/2″ x ½”), it’s a great option for a daily wallet or a travel wallet. But I only wish that it had a tiny slot for SIM card so that when you travel abroad, there’s somewhere to store it along with my other documents.

3. Ariat Men’s Boot-Embroidery Rodeo Tan Wallet

View here

If you are debating on hitting that Buy button, then don’t. Just go ahead and pick it because you won’t get any remorse after trying this amazing wallet.

That’s my sincere advice because at the beginning, I was also confused like you because of the “100% other fibers”, “So, exactly what is it? Durable or not?”-that’s what I thought.

And after wandering around and asking the manufacturer, I found that they also provided a warranty for this model. So, why not give it a try? And up to now, I haven’t got any regret yet.

Thanks to that “other fibers” material, the wallet is much sturdier, firmer and feel durable. I have been using for nearly 5 months and there’s no wears and tears yet. You can also take a look at the product to see that every single fabric lining is stitched tightly and evenly. And personally, I’m a little bit in love with its slender pebbled leather outlook matching with the contrasting patterns as well as the silver hardware logo. So far so good! Dig on it!

There are also a tons of card slots and compartments to fit all of my EDCs comfortably, neatly and easily to access. In generally, the interior of this one is quite similar to the Men Western Texas above, just eliminate the 5 clear card slots in the middle.

I know that some people don’t like this feature because it might make the wallet itself look less luxurious or genuine vintage style. So here, another option to meet exactly your taste.

Another appreciated feature is its inner leather texture, though the surface is rough, when touching it, you can feel how “real” and expensive it is. It’s sure to give you much confident not only when carrying this wallet around, but also when you open it up in the crowd. Stay cool, guys!

4. 3D Brown Western Rodeo Wallet

View here

Show off some love to your Great America though this 3D Brown Western Rodeo Wallet. My suggestion is synchronizing your accessories by getting a belt buckle with similar America pattern on it. Perfect to custom on any occasion, event or holiday.

Back to our main character, this rodeo wallet is made out of genuine hand tooled leather with contrasting lining. In other words, this is one of the best handmade wallets that I’ve ever tried, not saying about its beautiful and outstanding outlook design.

Thanks to the genuine leather, the wallet conforms to all of my cards finely. My recommendation to you is letting it break in for a week to have the best fit. Besides, if you don’t intend to use it for a long time, might be changing to other short wallets, let’s take all stuff inside out because from time to time, if not in use, the leather will shrink a little bit, which causes your cards stick to the material.

This is a common issue when you opt for leather accessories so, just live with it!

As gift, I’m quite sure that the receiver will love it, not only for its impressive “distressed and aged” outer look though that’s just the printing, but also for its convenience. There are 5 card slots, 1 ID window, 2 bill compartment and the total measurement is 7 1/4″ x 3 1/2″ to fit any back pockets or your backpacks or satchels.

5. Nocona Men’s Diagonal Cross Embossed Rodeo

View here

My friend loves the stylized cross picture in the front of this wallet so much! I bought it as a gift on his birthday and obviously, he right away used it on the next day. If you are looking for a meaningful present for any cowboy boys or men, try it. They come in a nice packaging to take advantage of a nice gift box.

But here’s where the real fun begins: after seeing him with that wallet wandering around, I ordered one for mine and now, we are using couple stuff now, haha. But I truly love this design, too.

Other than its outer look, the interior is satisfying with spacious driver license slot which my old wallet couldn’t afford it. Meanwhile, there are tons of other card slots for bank cards, IDs, member cards, etc.

Don’t worry, with such that high capacity, these slots and compartments won’t be ripped because of the tight seams, which is very sturdy. Besides, thanks to its genuine leather, after breaking in, all card slots with fit neatly to yours, even a little bit cramped is okay.

6. 3D Natural Western Bifold Wallet

View here

Truth to say, when my friend suggested me to give this one a try, I really doubted at its quality because of the cheap outer look on the picture. However, again, their warranty persuaded me to click that buy button and glad to know that I did.

It’s really incredible, especially the material. Unlike other genuine leather wallets which their leather scents only last for a couple of days, up to now, it’s been two weeks and I’m still smelling that scent lightly, not as robustly as the beginning.

And its outlook, really sophisticated and luxurious, differing from what I thought. The weaved trim is tight and nice while its embossed surface leather is detailly made to deliver a clear and sharp image.

Come in a short silhouette, however, compared to other bifold cowboy wallets, its capacity is quite spacious and streamline with 1 separate ID window, 6 card slots and 2 bill compartments. When fully storage, its thickness is acceptable to stay in my back pocket. In generally, this is the best bet for any guys love the short bi-fold wallet with outstanding and exquisite outlook.

7. Nocona Men’s Tricross Rodeo

View here

I only wish that you could see this Nocona Men’s TRicross Wallet in real life, its squared, clean and delicate outer performance will surely melt down your heart.

Rarely I found such that sharp and clean silhouette bifold wallet than this. Not saying that, its front side arrives in a nicely embossed pattern on a black background. Everything is on point and nicely highlighted.

Choose from 100% genuine leather, if you love something genuine and original, the texture of this material will satisfy your need. It comes in natural scratches and wrinkles from the animal skin, but of course, after treatment, they are much powerful and durable.

Like its previous brother, this Tricross Rodeo has a back slip full-length pocket to store those stuff that need easy access and 5 clear card slots on the inside for extra storage. The whole interior is utilized the contrast material to highlight not only its outer performance, but also your stuff. Apart from those 5 clear card slots, this one comes in 1 ID window, 4 bill compartments and 11 card slots.

Measurement: 3.5 inches wide and 6.5 inches high, fitting the standard back pockets. There’s just one thing you should keep in mind when bringing it home is hand-wash it only.

8. Ariat Men’s Tope Inlay Top Circle Rodeo Western Wallet

View here

Speaking of Ariat, it’s like the direct competitor of the Nocona, from the sophisticated embossed leather pattern in the outside, to the material – really high-quality and classic.

But it seems like I’m a little bit in love with Ariat more because of their well-made hardware. Like this one, take a closer look at its rounded floral hardware in the center of its front side, every single detail is totally clear and sharp to show up how skillful the artisan and how sophisticated the manufacturer is.

The leather, on the other hand, gives a tougher feeling touch with distinctive smell of genuine leather. It’s moderately thick to provide sturdiness and good protection to its inner content, but also deliver comfort when you put it in your back pocket.

Differ from other wallets, this Rodeo wallet has another brand logo on the inside which is hand stitched, very beautiful and nice. Though it’s a little bit large, I appreciate that hard work.

Speaking of the capacity, there’s nothing in advance, 1 separate ID window, 4 bill compartments and 15 card slots. If you are looking for a versatile cowboy wallet to use every day, on your trip or a gift to somebody, this is one of the best option you could think of.

9. Ariat Men’s Boot-Embroidery Rodeo Brown Wallet

View here

I particularly like the combination of two different kinds of fabric on its outside. They are contrasting to each other. Along with that is the contrasting seams, which really makes sense. Differ from the previous brother, this one is attached with a brand logo on the front, though I like the delicate floral of the other more. But the silver tone of this piece of hardware is matching nicely to the rest.

I also like the look and the texture of these “other fibers” because of their smoothness, softness and high quality.

Speaking of the inner, it’s 100% the same as the previous design – 1 hand-stitched brand logo, 1 ID window, 15 card slots on the black leather background.

Again, if you intend to stick on it, remember to hand-wash only.

To pick the best cowboy wallets, I can’t think any material is more suitable than leather. Take a look at it, very vintage, classic and really “cowboy” to add soul to any of your cowboy outfits. These nine pieces – nine different styles and function. And, your task is asking yourself what you need, your demand, taste and requirements in a wallet.

I hope that you can pick at least one model from this list or at least, it has inspired you to figure which is suitable for your need.

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