Famous cool wallets for man and their features

Its goes without saying that every man wants to look presentable in other people’s eyes. And while your clothes are the first things to attract public attention, minor accessories also take part in creating your image, too. Even the wallet, a small thing often used to keep all of your personal items whenever you leave the house is quite able to express your character. You can build up a cool image with just a cool wallet for men. And if you are really in need of such a product, you can find here the features of 14 most famous cool wallets available now on the market


In daily life, when you are paying for a drink, showing up your papers or swiping a credit card, An old, wrinkled, and overload wallet with sights of tears and wears will definitely create a negative impression to other people, It’s quite natural that a cool man often uses accessory with cool features: Well – organized, versatile, compact and easy to use. So let’s have a look at the wallets bellow and see if something is responding to your liking.

01. BRYK FRID Blocking Wallet


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Brought to you by BRYK Enterprises, this wallet is one of the best guardians on the market for your personal items. Nowadays, almost debit cards and credit cards have RFID technology embedded themselves. So with this wallet, even the smartest thieves are impossible to extract any information from your things. It not only protects you against identity thieves but also bring you an elegant appearance with its stylish design and four types of color. With its frame made of smooth stainless steel, the wallet is a high-quality product. Its space can store up to 7 cards; the latch is really strong and secure to keep cards safe from water and scanning thieves. Dimensions of this blocking cool wallet for men are 3.7 x 2.5 x 0.4 inches.

Almost other brands’ blocking wallets have a plastic latch, so those wallets are uncomfortable and insecure. BRYK wallet has a metal one, so it is long lasting and tolerant to store a lot of cards. Corners of this wallet are not sharp, but hinges and indents could stick other things in your pocket.

02. Trayvax Original Wallet


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Another RFID wallet for men, this wallet, is handcrafted by Trayvax with the best available materials. Made in the US, the wallet has a sporty design and four color choices. Especially, this one could store more cards than the BRYK wallet. There are spaces for up to 14 cards and five additional bills kept in slots made of stainless steel and aluminum laminas. Also, this high-quality wallet comes along with a lifetime warranty. Its dimensions are 4.5 x 2.8 x 0.5 inches.

The wallet is one of the coolest wallets for men you could get because it can carry lots of cards and money. With its compact structure and rugged material, the product might be one of the most durable wallets for cool guys. The only thing that may become unnecessary is its bottle opener.

03. Dynomighty Men’s Cyber Mighty Wallet


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This is a 100% plastic wallet made from thousands of micro-interlocking fibers materials, and it has no stitching. Therefore, this fantastic wallet is water-resistant, anti – tearing. Although the wallet is very thin, it could instantly expand to fit the storage you need. Dimensions of this product are 6.8 x 3 x 0.2 inches.

You could get this great wallet and bring it anywhere because of its slim profile and compactness. This wallet is extremely sturdy and durable. It looks like a sheet and feels very smooth when touching so obtaining a big plus. It is hard to dig out the wallet when it was deep in your pockets, though.

04. Alpine Swiss Men’s Leather Flip out ID Wallet Bifold Trifold Hybrid


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The next wallet is a product from Switzerland for men. It’s a high-quality product and has six different colors for choosing. With 100% genuine leather, this is another great wallet from Alpine. It was designed with a classic style that looks like a bifold when closed but opened like a trifold. It could store 12 cards and has three additional slot pockets. Especially, there is one flip out the window for your ID card. The Swiss wallet’s dimensions are 4.6 x 4 x 1 inches.

Soft leather and perfect design make this wallet very cool for guys; you can easily put it in your pockets or dig it out from there with no effort. The card slots are adequate for any men from all ages. It is an inexpensive product, but the quality is quite admirable. However, the plastic cover of this wallet may be a bit prone to cracking.

05. Nautica Men’s Milled Leather Passcase Wallet


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A 100% leather wallet made by Nautica with classic style. With the reputation of Nautica, you will never be disappointed with their product. This wallet is designed perfectly for every man. It has enough spaces for your cards and money. Even though the pass case is inside, it is still very thin and quite comfortable when you’re sitting.

The Nautica wallet has good potential to store many cards, but you should carry only important ones and leave the others home. With this price, it is a great purchase with smooth and attractive features when using. Although the leather might be smelly a bit at first, this annoyance will disappear after a short time in use and this wallet is still quite a cool wallet for guys.

06. BASICS Men’s Slim Wallet


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BASICS has produced a slim wallet, and it is very comfortable for front pocket users. The wallet was designed to be able to hold not only cards, cash, and coins but also anything with similar size. It could hold up to 15 cards and the design grants easy access to all of them. Its dimensions are 3.5 x 2.2 x 0.2 inches.

Casual, active and classy are all you could talk about this cool men’s wallet. If you are looking for a slim and durable wallet, this one is just a good choice for you. It is hard to notice this wallet in your front jeans pocket.

07. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Leather Ranger Passcase Wallet


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Made from 100% cowhide leather in India, this bifold wallet has features embossed logo on the strip and a plastic window for your ID. You could store six cards minimum and a bill compartment. Inspired from Classic American Cool, it is a cool wallet for guys. There will be no disappointment for you because this is a product from one of the world’s top lifestyles brand. Its dimensions are 4.5 x 0.5 x 3.2 inches.

This wallet can carry lots of things besides cards and cash. But it is still small and slim when using. Your bill could fit perfectly within it, though. Continue your search if you want a wallet could hold many cards, cash. But if you want a slim wallet, this is a great choice for a cool wallet for men.

08. Men’s FRID Blocking Trifold Leather Wallet with ID Window


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A product in 8.27 x 4.33 x 0.63 inches size, this wallet, is a slim and thin product. Cowhide leather and strong stitching make this wallet not only durable but also beautiful. Designed to be a traditional slim trifold product, it has five slots for cards and two pockets for you to keep all of your stuff in one place. And an ID window helps you to show up your ID card at any time quickly and easily. Especially, this cool wallet has RFID blocking technology made from metal composites.

This is a convenient and comfortable wallet because of its slim and flat design. You could keep all your cards safely even it’s rather big such as insurance cards. But there are still two cons: it is a bit larger than the others, and the ID window could be scratched easily.

09. Flipside 3X Wallets Men’s RFID Blocking

09-flipside-3x-wallets-mens-rfid-blockingThis next RIFD wallet is a US quality product made from strong polycarbonate and aluminum alloy using for aircraft. It could store up to 8 cards and cash bills also. It automatically locks itself when you close it, and you could easily open it while pushing the button down. Its dimensions are only 4.2 x 2.8 x 0.7 inches, but the protection is just amazing.

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If you want a protector that is not only strong but also cool, take this one. It is a cool wallet for men you could choose because of its amazing features such as hard shell, indestructible plastic window, and button. But if you are a native guy, maybe this one is not appropriate to you.

10. Dickies Men’s Slimfold Wallet with Chain


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A cool wallet for guys with the protection from the chain is a chosen one for men. If you are worried about losing cash and your cards, you should have this one. Your wallet will never get lost because the chain always keeps it close and safe. Also, the quality is fantastic and worth your money. Its dimensions are 7.8 x 4.5 x 1.5 inches to help you store up to 8 cards together.

This slim wallet is very hard to notice in your pocket. And the chain is very tough and sturdy; it holds your wallet within you pockets perfectly. The ID pocket is easy to slide out when you need it. This is cool and great for men, although its stitching may be wretched.

11. Spec-Ops Brand T.H.E Wallet


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One other US wallet in this article, Spec-Ops wallet is made from Cordura nylon so that it is very durable. There are three choices for you to carry this wallet: back pocket, around your neck and your hip. It has buckles and a super-secure closure without hook and loops so that you could wear it easily and feel quite comfortable. You could hold up to 16 cards in 8 card slot and over two cards with your ID window. There is a lifetime warranty comes along with this product.

It has enough room to adapt to your need. The stitching looks so cool and strong. Especially, there is a hidden zipper to hide your cards, cash, and important stuff. Still, it has a little trouble when you get your cards in or out with the ID window.

12. Flowfold Vanguard Slim Front Pocket Bifold Wallet


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You could hold up to 12 cards with four slots in this fine product from Flowfold Vanguard, and there is an additional cash pocket. This wallet made from carbon fiber sailcloth. Slim bifold construction makes this wallet easy to put in your pocket. Its dimensions are 0.1 x 4.2 x 3.3 inches. So, it does not help you carry so many cards, but multiple cards per slots are possible to a certain degree.

This is not a super-thin cool wallet for men, but if you want a strong, solid and compact wallet, this is a great option. It fits so close and pleased when using. You will feel much comfortable with it in your pocket. All you can say is “This is a modern product, and I love it.”

13. New High-End Leather Bifold Credit Card Holder


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This bifold wallet made from genuine leather has 20 card slots and currency pocket under each side although the dimensions are just 7.2 x 4.2 x 0.5 inches. Also, it has an ID window and a pen holder. This would hold all of your cards with 20 slots, and it was not too big and bulky. But its impression is also its cons. too many slots make the wallet’s design is not eye-catching, and the slots may be too thin for cards and too deep for ID cards.

14. Dalani Carbon Fiber Bifold Wallet with RFID Blocking Protection


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Designed with three cards pockets, two hidden pockets, and one big divided pocket, this RFID wallet has perfect space for men to hold stuff. Super carbon fiber outer shell protects your personal information against scanning thieves and reinforces binding. The interior is made from genuine cowhide leather. In the new version, you will get roomier pockets so that it will be easier for sliding cards. A cool linen pouch and gift box are available with this product if you buy the wallet.

This purchase is charming, fantastic and marvelous. It not only has a cool outlook but also has a high quality. The packaging is also wonderful. Besides a guardian to protect your identity, the wallet is a great choice for you. Looking for an amazing wallet for yourself or friends, this is your chosen one with a pretty case.

Man image doesn’t appear from anywhere; it has to be built carefully. And even with the best outfits, unsuitable accessories will still be your downfall. And while it’s small, wallet still has its role in building a man impression. So what you are waiting for? Just have a good look at the above products and select a cool man wallet for yourself.

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