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In this day and time, when the technology has developed, people can take the use of the credit card instead of bringing money at all time; however, either the card or money, people need accessories which can hold them well. The men are different from the women because they cannot carry a purse, but a wallet is fine. There is a wide range of the wallet for men to opt for, depending on their preference. Today, we will introduce to you top wallet styles for men in more details.

As mentioned above, there remains a load of men’s wallet types which have different styles and enable to keep the variety of the items. Therefore, the men can feel more comfortable to choose the wallet, depending on their preference. Some men may want the wallets to protect their cash, whereas, other can prefer to hold the card slots. Another style of men’s wallets will be the best choice for the back pocket.

1. Tri-fold wallet


Whenever you make a decision of purchasing a wallet, you cannot ignore this style because it is quite impressive. The appearance of the tri-fold wallet can attract the buyers because it is the same as a tri-fold brochure with two sides which open out from the wallet’s center. In addition, the slots for the card are situated vertically.

Moreover, the main part of the trifold wallet is the pocket which is used for holding the paper money, so you can out an end to your worry about losing money. Besides, if you are looking for the clear plastic to keep the card, this wallet is a great choice for you with several slots to help some items such as the State ID or even the driver’s license.

2. The bi-fold wallet

The bi-fold is a kind of the standard wallet which is for fitting the pocket. Additionally, the wallet’s main pouch has the ability to hold the cash vertically. Besides, you can put your credit cards, or debit cards insides of the wallet. Although it does not have the snap fastener, it can keep your wallet closed at all time.


Additionally, in comparison with the tri-fold wallet, the bi-fold one is less bulky than the tri-fold one. The appearance of the bi-fold wallet looks more attractive with various useful features. You can keep many things in your wallet and do not feel uncomfortable or thick.

3. Accordion wallet

Another wallet style you should take into the consideration when making a decision of buying the men’s wallet is the accordion wallet. This wallet is longer than other ones and it is designed for the purposes of holding more items. The accordion wallet has a wide range of the special features which you cannot find out in other wallet styles.

The first thing that you may be aware of is its thickness. This wallet is thicker and it remains a zipper closure to keep all your items secured. In addition, it has the zippered pocket which is situated inside the wallet to separate your money from the cards or other things.


Besides, the manufacturers also add some columns which are used for different types of the card. It means that you will have more places to put your cards and passport. People who have already used this wallet recommended that this wallet is out of date, but with the regardless of the appearance, it is still the best choices with the extra items. Most of the businessmen choose this style to serve their long trips.

4. The breast pocket wallet

The breast pocket wallet is considered as the secretary wallet or the check wallet. This wallet is different from another wallet because of its appearance. The breast pocket wallet is longer and thinner, so it is easy for it to fit into the front pocket of the trench coat or a jacket.


Furthermore, these wallets consist of some pocket to keep money and the card slots. Besides, it also proves you a place to hold the check book. To be honest, this wallet style is much more suitable for the younger generation because it is more colorful.

5. The coin holder


This men’s wallet is the simplest one, compared to the above men’s wallet. If you are finding a wallet which has a small size, this wallet is for you. It just can keep in the zippered pocket a small amount of money. The coin holder is rectangular in shape, so you can put one or two cards inside it. If you take the advantage of this wallet, you do not need to worry about the place because it can be held in the pocket of the jeans.

6. The long wallet


This type of wallet is quite similar to the breast pocket wallet in terms of the size. However, it can surpass that wallet because it enables to keep the bills flat and you do not need to fold them. Moreover, you can hold these pockets in a front pocket of the cargo pants or the large back pocket.

7. The wrist wallet

This wallet is different from other ones because you can wear it on your wrist as an accessory. This wallet is the most favorite one of the sports players because they can bring it without concern the pockets as normal. The wrist wallet is thin and flexible, including some card slots, a small pocket to hold the bills, and the zippered pocket.


Overall, buying the men’s wallet is just a piece of cake and you can find out it at any stores in all over the world easily. All that you have to do is to identify your needs clearly and depend on your requirements to opt for the right wallet. Besides, you also can order it online, depending on the selected wallet styles. Apart from these above styles, there remains an array of different styles such as the side by side wallet, the wallet bad, the time, the card holder, and the money clip.

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