How to use and preserve wristwatches correctly

 One of the strengths when wearing wristwacth is to reveal your class and makes others perceive you as a person who appreciates the time. To use and preserve wristwatches correctlyis to keep them durable over time.

As for Automatic watches

Mechanical watches use 2 types of movementincluding Automatic Movement and Hand winding Movement. To adjust the hours or the schedules, you should avoid those manipulations during the time period from 21h until 3am the next day because if done within this time period, you will cause damage to the apparatus of the wristwatches, especially the unwanted incidents on their system wheels.


The energy stored from the movement of your wrist. Wear watches from 8-10 hours / day (normal operation) to ensure the energy storage will be enough for the wristwatches to continuously operate overnight. Automatic watches are like a car engine, they need to be maintained regularly even the tiny parts, the most sophisticated work together in the best way so that the wristwatches are possible to operate accurately and the life of the watch is increased. Annually, please maintain your watches periodically in genuine dealers. Depend on the number of watches that their lives may not be the same, on average, from 3.5 to 5 years / times.

Does your wristwatch have the ability of water resistance?

This is one of the most popular questions of wristwatch wearers:Does it have the ability of water resistance? On the dial of watches are water-resistant parameters as 30m, 50m, 100m and on the back is Water resistance.

A. For water-resistant watches

  • 3 bar ~ 30m, 1 bar ~ 10m

If the back of the wristwatch have “Water resistance” line, it means that the watch can withstand water at 3 bars and is used while washing hands or when it rains, but cannot go swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving.


  • 5 bar ~ 50m

If the back has“5 bar Water resistance” line or on the dial have“50m” inscription, meaning that it is designed to withstand a pressure of 5 bars: can be worn while swimming, windsurfing, and the shower (Note: not a bath, do not wear when steaming as this may stretch the wristwatch rings).

  • 10 bar, 15 bars, 20 bar

This type of wristwatch used to wear in the shower and when diving but not as deep as scuba diving. If you want to dive more deeply, you can use the dedicated type like Diver Watch.

Shortly after diving, always rinse the watch with warm water (pay attention to not use hot tingle at shower evaporation). Water tightness of the wristwatch is not permanent. It can be affected by the aging of the waterproof gaskets or bumps. So, to use the wristwatch properly, please note that you check the water tightness of the wristwatch 1 time / year at the prestigious service center. Replace the batteries, cleaning the oil also affects water tightness; therefore, you should choose stores, prestigious centers, with technical expertise to carry out the most accurate.

B. As for those wristwatches cannot resist water

If your watch shell or face does not have any signs of water-resistant specifications (not write the phrase “water resistance” or 30m, 50m, 100m,) please be careful. Your wristwatch can’t stand water! Avoid wetting them!


Things to keep in mind:

– Before using the 5; 10; 15 and 20 bar wristwatch types in water, make sure the wristwatch knob has been tightened completely (because mostly,water just absorbs through the knob).

– After a swimming in the sea, it must be cleaned immediately to avoid seawater corroding your wristwatch.

– Do not use the watch during a steam bath, a hot shower and in high-temperature environments.

– When in the water, do not use the buttons for various functions. And used in conjunction with its technical parameters (e.g. water resistance …).

Some other notes:

– Avoid bumping the wristwatch. When playing sports, you should not wear watches,excepting for those watches that are considered to use in sports.

– Check regularly the status of the knob, the location is right in the last step. In the course of use, the knob is very easy to stick into the coat fibers or external impact and being pulled out.

– You should clean weekly thewrist watch with soap and warm water to clean dirt and salt deposits caused by sweating. These are the causes of water onto the wristwatch.

-Do not directly contact with the chemical, cosmetics, perfumes; detergents … they may destroy strap, shell, and waterproof sealing ring of the wristwatch.

– Do not put the wristwatch at the place where the temperature above 60 degrees Celsius and below 0 degrees Celsius; avoid sudden temperature changes.

– Do not use, place the watch in places where there are large magnetic fields such as speakers, radios, television…

Preserve watch straps:

Watch straps inherently have many types such as cloth, rubber, leather and metal straps.

– With leather strap: it is the best to avoid contacting with water. Leather strap contacts water within so long time will be easy to get mold, smelly and quickly break down. In reality, leather strap of genuine wristwatch is often selected very carefully and such a good kind. But “prevention is better than cure”.


– Metal Strap: alternating regularly and check the strap to see if whether there is dust or not. Do the sanitary with hot water in about 60 degrees Celsius mixed with mild dish washing detergent and soak for 2-3 minutes to dissolve dirt. Then you use a soft brush to push dirt remaining on the strap and then wipe with clear water.

Or you can also use toothpaste instead of dish washing liquid; toothpaste will make metal straps shiny.

– The fabric and rubber straps: their durability helps them get more advantages. But you still need to clean regularly so they are not dirty, please check and process immediately if there are any signs of breaking or tearing.

The most important things with all the genuine wristwatch straps are absolutely not leaving them exposed to the acid or the solution that has a strong detergent. They will make the strap corroded.




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