7 Best Men’s Sunglasses This Summer

Times and tastes have changed year after year, not except fashion. While men’s trendy clothing this year is retro sportwear, checks, neutrals or wide-leg trousers, menswear trends also have many changes itself.

If you want to be looked like a fashionista, never ignore the importance of accessories, for example sunglasses. However, when it comes to learning or searching about fashion, trends or might simply be men’s trendy sunglasses 2017, the information is like a mess. That’s the reason why I have synthesized and wrote down this article. Add your fashion knowledge in just three minutes reading, why not?

The comeback of clip-on sunglasses

Amazing, right? And me, too!

Nobody can deny its super versatility as it has both functions – sunglasses and eyeglasses. Thanks to clip-on sunglasses, you can see the light of day much better. And they are easily transformed from sunglasses to eyeglasses by just removing the clip-on. However, their retro style made themselves become out of fashion soon.

This year, while metal sunglasses become hotter and hotter because of their versatility and many upgrades in designs, the comeback of the clip-on sunglasses is a remarkable thing. I must say that the clip-on has a huge revolution from old retro style to current fashion style. Look at this picture below and wow, it’s a high fashionable menswear ever!

Clip-on sunglasses with light weight and thin lines are now on trend and they are straight up business. Many men’s sunglass brands make it look similar to an aviator and also add UV protection to save your eyes from sunlight.

Hold on!

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Aviator sunglasses

There is a fact that whenever my friends ask me for some advice of masculine menswear, I always introduce this kind of sunglasses. Why?

First of all, they are never out of style.

Secondly, in spite of many changes the aviator shape going through year after year, the cool edge as well as sporty concept is still remained as its major concept.

Thirdly, they match perfectly with any kind of outfit, even the simplest.

In 2017, there is a small change in its size. I mean, the aviator sunglasses are now bigger and larger than other versions, which make them become more modern and stand out from the classic shape. The metal accent, the double-bar bridge plus with the streetwear and hip-hop approach helps itself look best on this summer.

D-frame sunglasses

This kind of sunglasses is coming back thanks to the reserving of oily teddy boys. The masculine character in addition to futuristic feel of those D-frame makes the style more popular than ever.

Especially, with angular oversized look, D-shape sunglasses are seemed as a life saver for those men who have round faces.

Navigator sunglasses

When a pair of classic aviator is designed with bolder shapes and style hybrids, they call it navigator sunglasses. However, it still remains the metallic aviators’ essence so that if you choose this kind of sunglasses, you will have both styles: square frames and aviator shape. It’s so versatile, isn’t it?

Although a navigator and an aviator quite looks the same. I myself think a navigator is more masculine than an aviator. In fact, if you want to show your “no picture please” face, this kind of sunglasses is the best choice ever. And might it be the reason why navigator has been trendy for many years, even decades. You always look good when wearing them on.

Again, oversized framed navigator is on trend this year. From that point, those bad boys work their magic on those gentlemen with medium or large face.

Retro sunglasses

Metallic accents, steampunk frames, half celluloid and half metal, who on Earth can imagine that these distinctive retro sunglasses were inspired by the steam-powered machines of the industrial revolution.

Whatever, their futuristic approach coming from a magic combination between matte colors and eyewear make it look special and distinctively nice. You can wear them in any occasion, even making statements, because it will shine bright your face without extra bling.

Finally, these retro sunglasses are perfect for narrow, square and angular faces.

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Round vintage sunglasses

Apart from the comeback of retro-inspired accessories, round framed sunglasses are seriously becoming a trend this summer.

Talking about these bad boys, I usually think about John Lennon with their famous original hipster sunglasses or the Swinger frame with impressive design. Simple wire rims, faux leather trim, what a masterpiece!

Depend on particular brand, their vintage sunglasses will fit different type of face. For example, round frame of No-Lita is perfect for medium faces while The Swinger fits the long to oval.

Thus, pay attention to this feature to choose the best pair!

Classic cool clubmasters

Talking about these classic cool club-masters, their unmistakable design is inspired by the 50’s is another timeless symbol of masculine in trendy menswear. While wearing these boys on, you are making both fashion and casual statement. And it’s maybe the reason why club-masters become one of unmissable item in many man’s wardrobes.

Note: Classic cool club-masters are perfect for triangular, oblong or heart-shaped face.

In a nutshell, apart from many popular names like aviator, navigator, clip-on, retro, etc., some new appear on top trendy men’s sunglasses this year. For examples classic cool club-masters, d-frame, round vintage. Generally, with those timeless symbols, some small changes in size or material are enough for an impressive comeback while the newbies are still unknown numbers.

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