Best Aviator Sunglasses For Men ( Updated 2018 )


While clothes, shoes and even hats are season essentials, sunglasses aren’t the one. And while the world goes crazy of many new-released styles of sunglasses from well-known brands like the retro, the Geometric or the top bar, aviators seem not to lose its heat.

In other word, this is a timeless piece in fashion world.

You can’t go wrong with a pair of aviator sunglasses, either polarized or non-polarized, either round or square shape, you still look like a badass.

In this article, I’m going to list out top 11 popular, high-quality pairs to vary your closet in general speaking and your accessory world in particularly. Speaking of the price, don’t worry, these 11 pieces are ranged from the affordable to the expensive to ensure at least one of them will match your budget.

1. J+S Premium Military Style Classic Aviator Sunglasses, Polarized, 100% UV protection

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Start off this collection with a pair of aviator sunglasses from J+S. They are truly great for the price. Though these sunglasses are a little bit small on my face but the metal frame as well as their ear pieces are indeed comfortable and sturdy that I can bet it will last for years.

The biggest advantage of this J+S pair of aviator sunglasses is its 400 UV protection. Unlike many other models on the market which is weakly covered on the front side of the lenses which is rather easy to wipe out while cleaning up, this one is truly embedded in for the best longevity and durability.

Other than that, the lenses are also coated with anti-scratch layer, but you need to take notice to choose non-abrasive agent to clean it as this coating might be damaged. Another bonus – the anti-glare coating that can block over 99.96% glare. However, it’s not something too dark to see nothing, very clear and convenient.

Along with that is the 30-day money-back warranty to cover any troubles derived from manufacturing process. In briefly, if you are looking for a perfect pair of aviator glasses for outdoor activities or sport, look no further than this.

Ah, I almost forgot, if you are worry that the lenses of these glasses are too big or too small for you, here are their dimensions:

  • Overall Width: 5.9 inches
  • Lens Height: 1.95 inches
  • Lens Width: 2.5 inches
  • Bridge Width: 0.78 inches
  • Temple Length: 4.8 inches

2. SojoS Classic Aviator Mirrored Flat Lens Sunglasses Metal Frame with Spring Hinges SJ1030

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I love these glasses.

I don’t know about you, but to me, aside from a couple of swankiest glasses, I also need some more affordable pairs to pack for short-term trips with less care as well as don’t take much storage space in my backpack or luggage. And this is it!

They are cheap yet high-quality, packaged in thick, security cloth bag with draw string. While somebody find it insecure to protect their sunglasses, I don’t feel it the same way. Obviously, I don’t mean those coming up with a zippered box isn’t a good idea, they are even the great idea in terms of security.

However, if you have a habit of hooking your glasses in your V-neck or O-neck shirts or putting them in your satchel or in the front pocket of your backpack where they are all less protective for a high-end expensive pair of glasses. This time, a cheap pair with a convenient flat draw-string cloth bag seems to be a better option, right?

However, don’t quickly underestimate its quality. For under $15, it truly bangs for your buck with a lot of additional functions like UV400 protection, sturdy metal frame with ear pieces, nice packaging, and 30-day warranty.

Particularly, if you usually take part in many outdoor activities or sports like cycling, shopping, hiking, walking, driving and travelling, this is your best bet.

Again, consider carefully its detailed dimensions to ensure you are picking the right size for your face.

3. Ray-Ban 0RB3025 Aviator Metal Non-Polarized Sunglasses

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Well, in my opinion, this list wouldn’t be completed if there’s no ray ban aviator sunglasses, don’t you think?

Speaking of this pair of Rayban, first thing’s first, rest assured as they are 100% guaranteed to be authentic, made in Italy. I’ve once owned some pairs of Rayban glasses (consisting of the polarized models of these but unluckily, I lost them during my summer trip to Florida), and I also believe that this is real, too.

If you want to check it yourself, after unboxing, kindly take a look at its brand logo as well as the etched logo-ing at lens, compared it to the real one. I bet you will agree that they are legit!

Because of the authentic item, might it be the reason why this pair only comes in one colorway: black frame and ear pieces while gray green lenses. It’s basic, classic, simple yet cool. Perfect if you style it with a military outfit. But thanks to its versatile design, many other clothes are still fine to mix with.

I prefer the crystal lenses which allows the opponents lightly look through them. But importantly, it’s such an annoyance as those polarized models when you take a selfie. Besides, the UV protection does work and it’s durable to not as easily to peel off as those cheap glasses on the market.

Like the J+S, the products come in a lens cloth, wrapped in a zippered case for the best security – truly worth for the price. You can pick one for you and another as a present for someone else, very meaningful and worthy. I’m sure the receiver will love it.

4. LUENX Men Aviator Sunglasses Polarized Women – UV 400 with case 60MM

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Take time to learn about this LUENX Aviator Sunglasses and I’m sure you will say “wow” for its super-clever design with lots of functions, BUT, importantly, its price is incredibly affordable.

Made as a polarized pair of glasses, aside from its multicoating to upend the ability to protect the lenses themselves as well as your eyes, such as the UV400 protection layer, the block glare layer and the shatterproof layer, there are two other advanced coatings: the true color function and the high definition vision to help restore the real colors and sharpest view.

Another great function that is also my favorite is its lightweight, comfortable nose padding to leave less visible marking when you take off the sunglasses. Besides, thanks to the eye pieces, it’s less inconvenient and uncomfortable than many other versions out there on the market.

If you are wondering about its frame, they are metal but don’t worry, these frames won’t be a victim of antioxidant thanks to its rust-free coating as well as the anti-allergy layer, which is a great bonus for those guys owning sensitive skin.

If that’s not enough to encourage you to hit the Buy button, its 30-day warranty will be surely a key persuasion.

5. Livhò G Sunglasses for Men Women Aviator Polarized Metal Mirror UV 400 Lens Protection

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This option is perfect for those who are intending to purchase a pack of two sunglasses, might they be for yourself to switch or a meaningful present for somebody.

Take these and three first-and-foremost things you are going to receive are convenient, affordable and high quality. Priced under $15 for two pairs of sunglasses, it’s totally speechless because I’m too happy to say anything else.

Why? With such that amount of money, you get two different-color pairs of aviator sunglasses to change them daily to fit your mood or just simply refresh your style. With such that amount of money, you get a variety of color options (totally 16 selections) to choose from. And with such that amount of money, you will get TWO pairs of sunglasses with the same features as the other competitors on the market (including UV400 protection, shatterproof, block glare, true color, and high definition vision.

On top of that, the manufacturer, they absolutely do not exaggerate about their products, all of them have been tested and particularly, LIVHO gives up to 60-day warranty to cover any broken problem happens during your experience.

So, what are you looking for?

6. Aviator Full Silver Mirror Metal Frame Sunglasses

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Looking for a transformation into some sort of badass, huh? This, is your aviator sunglasses. Besides, if a pair of polarized sunglasses to prevent the other people seeing your eyes is what you’re after, again, pick this!

The “mirror” is strong, even you’re standing under the light, no one can tell you’re drunk or not (just kidding! Haha). Besides, there’s a sturdy, thick cloth bag to store the glasses in, which surely takes less space for storage while you’re traveling or shopping.

It might sound a little bit weird and funny, but if after trying the glasses on and find out they’re either too small or too big to your face shape, my tip is to bend the metal frame out or in until they fit your face the best. It does work, I’m not joking! And importantly, it isn’t as easy to break as the plastic.

Plus, they are super easy to clean as well. In general speaking, this pair of aviator glasses from WearMe Pro is great especially for such low price. Wear them and I’m sure you will get tons of compliments.

7. MERRY’S Men’s Polarized Driving Sunglasses For Men Unbreakable Frame

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While many other aviator sunglasses come in a variety of lens colors, this one highlights its diverse options of metal frame designs. On the extremely dark tint lenses, there are black, grey and red frame.

If you’re too boring to those traditional full-black basic aviator glasses, these models are a great plot twist to emphasize your style with small yet exquisite details.

The product comes in a moderately thick eye pieces and nose frame to create a strong, sturdy and masculine look. However, it’s lightweight enough to wear without noticed. On top of that, their sharp look turns the sunglasses themselves become versatile to style with. In general speaking, it doesn’t require any particular face shape.

Along with that is 30-day warranty to ensure your purchasing isn’t unworthy. However, there’s just one thing you should take notice that the distance focus will be unclear slightly. However, don’t worry, just spend a couple of days to get acquainted to this. You know it, your eyes need to adjust, too.

8. Polarized Aviator Sunglasses for Men – FEIDU Driving Sunglasses Unisex FD9002

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I love these black aviator sunglasses for their best performance in reducing the sun glare while looking very stylish and masculine. Moreover, it also comes up with a perfect compromise of price and quality.

While the price is incredibly affordable, its quality is relatively good – durable, sturdy and comfortable, particularly the nose pad and ear pieces. Of course, compared to those higher-end products, this one can’t compete in how well they’re made as well as the material. But within such price range, their quality is on top of the line.

Premium pilot alloy materials, HD polarized coating and UV400 protection. I also love their elegant and exquisite packaging. Along with that, 30-day warranty to cover any troubles derived from manufacturing process.

Speaking of price, it is truly affordable to easily own more than just one pair. Besides, choose from various color options, but if you want the ones with less reflection and less calling for attention, pick the gold or brown.

Mine are both of them – one in my car and one in my daily satchel. They look great on me and I believe that they are the same on you, too.

9. Pro Acme Small Polarized Aviator Sunglasses for Adult Small Face and Junior

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Truth to say, I’m really shocked by these Pro Acme Aviator Polarized Sunglasses. If your face is small narrow like me, chances are that you frequently get in the same-old problem – whenever wearing glasses, they either sit so low on your cheeks or make you look like a fly.

However, these sunglasses, they aren’t that matter. Highly recommend for those who are exhaustedly finding something look good on your small face. They are also the best bet for teenage, too.

Speaking of the durability, this pair is quite lightweight, which I’m not sure how long they can last, but up to now, it’s been 5 months since I bought it and there’s no problem at all.

Compared to the price, it bangs for your buck because what you are going to receive isn’t just a pair of sunglasses, but also a lens wipe, a soft fabric pouch and a semi-hard outer case with a clip. Not saying that the lenses themselves are coated with UV protection, light scratch resistant and anti-glare ability to protect your eyes from the sun. Importantly, each unit is covered by a 30-day warranty as well.

See? It’s truly worthy trying.

10. JETPAL Premium Classic Aviator UV400 Sunglasses w Flash Mirror Lenses

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This might be the most affordable aviator sunglasses in this list. But once hands-on it, you’ll be extremely impressed by their performance.

For those who are already owning an expensive pair of sunglasses such as Ray Ban, but afraid of damaging them by using daily. My advice for this is to purchase an additional pair and here’s your best bet.

It’s sturdy. The clearest evidence is that its arms aren’t as swingy as those inexpensive sunglasses on the market. The same with its hinges which are not spring loaded at all. And one more bonus for the color – look as exactly as the photos.

Though they don’t sit as flat as my Ray Bans on a table whenever folding them up, that’s not really a matter to me. But I think it might be for somebody so consider this feature before you hit the buy button.

Tips: If you intend to use them for night driving, highly recommend picking either the yellow or the blue. They work greatly, even under a downfall. While you barely see nothing with naked eyes at night, under a rain, wearing this helps a lot of improve your visibility.

In briefly, they are good for the price! You should try them!

11. PRIVÉ REVAUX “The Commando” Polarized Aviator Sunglasses

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Last but not least is this pair of aviator sunglasses from PRIVÉ REVAUX.

I bought them as my driving glasses and they work perfectly in resisting the sun glare to improve my visibility a lot. Mine if the blue lens pair, they’re not only effective in daylight, but also at night because their lenses aren’t as dark as I thought.

If you need affordable polarized sunglasses that make you look like a badass, go for it.

Compared to my Ray-Bans, this mirrored aviator sunglasses comes in quite similar shape. Of course, it can’t beat against such high-end sunglasses, but aside from its unique tear drop style aviators, the quality is on top of the line within this price range.

Under $30 for a stylish polarized pair of sunglasses with high-quality scratch-resistant stainless-steel frame and UV protection, enclosing with an extra-durable polyurethane leather case, a magnetic latch and a premium cleaning cloth, that’s a steal.

In summary, three things you need to pay attention to when choosing the best aviator sunglasses: the frame, the lens and the UV protection. Besides, if its price is inexpensive, consider a good warranty, too.

To pick the best for your face shape, also pay closer attention to your face shape. If you are a new comer, kindly consult my guidance here. Hope you pick the best one!

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