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Everyone knows how important and convenient a wallet can be in our daily life. It offers a handy way to bring necessary items with us whenever we go out. And, similar to any other accessories, a wallet requires suitable attention and care when in use. Unfortunately, this is an aspect that quite a few people tend to overlook that leads to a potential reduction of the product lifespan and effectiveness. If you wish to have a closer look at this issue then this article can provide you with essential information about it.

There are lots of types of wallets around which are made of different materials. It’s critical to know the correct way to use and maintain them so that you can fully exploit their effectiveness. In all, it’s quite beneficial to get a few tips on how to maximize the usefulness of wallets. So let’s check out the hints below and see if you may implant them in your situation.

The wallet capacity and its location

A good understanding of the limit of your wallet storage space is essential to prevent tears and wears. Then if you burden your wallet with overloaded things in daily use, getting them in and out will cause hard friction to the surface and eventually wears it out. This is why it’s a good idea to purchase a slim wallet and only carry what you really need. This makes the process of putting in and taking out much easier and minimizes the wearing rate.

For men, the most common location to carry a wallet is in their pant pockets. Some people prefer to use the back pockets but this is really not a good place for the wallet. When you sit, your entire upper body weight will be seated upon the wallet which strains the wallet structure and loosens the stitching. So it’s wise to put your wallet in the front pockets, its quicker to withdraw your wallet here and you are able to keep a close eye on it.

As for women, the most common place to put the wallet is their purses. While relatively safe from outside elements, the wallet may come in contact with stuff such as perfume that may degrade its material so it’s vital to separate the wallet from chemical – related products.

The way to load the wallet

As a place to store your items when you leave the house, the wallet houses your credit cards, keys, cash, receipts, etc. Yet if you just put everything you have in it, your wallet will be so thick and bulky, this makes it hard to use and may attract unwanted attention. So the point here is to prioritize your stuff. Get rid of trash, expired cards and unimportant items such as business cards, pictures… Also, try to reduce the amount of cash and rely more on card transaction. This is how you can give your wallet a low profile to support an easy carrying and handling. And remember to keep the number of items below the designed limit to prolong its lifetime.


Moisture and dryness issue

These are usual problems than can happen to any wallets, especially the leather ones. The causes may vary from the weathers to customer actions. If the leather comes in contact with liquid, the surface may wrinkle, contract or tear itself out. And if the temperature is continuously high, the leather may become brittle and start to cracks.

While manufactures have made precautions for these situations, it’s worth the time and effort to provide your wallet with extra protection yourself. There are conditioners for wallet that can add a protective layer on its surface to prevent the wallet from wrinkling and cracking. In the case your wallet is exposed to water or any type of liquid, quickly take out every item and dry it somewhere with plenty of ventilation. Do not do this under direct sunlight or heat source if you don’t want you wallet surface to be permanent damaged due to the fast contracting.

How to clean a wallet


This is a step that some completely forget. The wallet in essence is an accessory. And an accessory needs to be cleaned once in a while. There are people who keep using their wallets until they smell. This is totally inappropriate and unacceptable. Otherwise, an incorrect way to clean your wallet may also damage it so be careful with the way you choose for cleaning.

Some wallets can tolerate machine – wash but if you wallet is hand – wash only, you need to do this with lots of focus and strictly follow the instruction manual. In any case, try to keep the involvement of chemical products to the minimum. The best choice is to use warm water and soap to wash your wallet. You can try to add vinegar to get rid of tough dirty spots as well.

After the cleaning, use a soft tower to wipe every nooks and cranny of the wallet. Try to be as gentle as possible when scrubbing to preserve the wallet surface. After you have done cleaning, put the wallet in a well ventilated place to let it dry up completely. And just by well doing this work, you wallet will seem to be a brand new one from the store even if the wallet itself has been used for a long period of time.

As such a popular and handy accessory to bring with whenever you go out, your wallet deserves an appropriate care and maintenance to enable its long lasting and service. The wallet benefits and effectiveness will be maintained through its entire lifetime if you put in some time and efforts on taking care of it. All you have to do is to closely follow the instructions above to preserve a good performance of your product. Keep in mind that even the best wallet will not be as good as it should be without a proper care.

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