12 Best Waterproof Wallets Review


When travelling, you want to make sure your belongings are safe. Because things you’re carrying are very important to you, including your passport and your cash, two of the most important things you’re going to carry. Travellers want something not only can hold their credit cards comfortably but also their passports. When you’re out paddling, boating, kayaking…, chances are, you’re going to get wet. That’s when you need the best waterproof wallet.

Water proof wallets are specially designed to keep personal items from water. They offer a little more space and arrangement compared to a traditional wallet. Some waterproof wallets can hold not only your passport, cards, money, but your SIM cards and keys as well. You can carry them in your pocket like a regular wallet or wear them around your neck when you swim.In this collection, we’ll introduce to you 12 waterproof wallets to keep all your important documents safe and secure. Hopefully, this will help you find out the best water proof wallet for yourself.

01. Sharkk RFID Protected Aluminum Wallet with Cash Band Rugged Waterproof Wallet


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Equipped with RFID scanner protection and made from the highest quality material, the RFID aluminium wallet with card holder and cash band is a stylish, rugged, and sleek creation from Sharkk. The wallet is stain and impact resistant, perfect for people with an active lifestyle. And the security of RFID protection is great for those who are security conscious in addition to being lightweight, making it the perfect modern accessory. Overall, the product is a combination of security, durability, and strength without sacrificing its convenience. Weighing less than an ounce, with the dimensions of 3.02 x 4.39 x 0.81 inches, it’s slim and able to fit into purses and pockets easily. The wallet can hold your cards, bills and loose changes as it features a secure snap clasp and 7 card slots.

The aluminium material is very nice and strong with a slight gloss look to it; the construction is nice and solid, the plastic hinge is sturdy. Despite the material being aluminium, the wallet is actually very slim and the finish is smooth but not slick making it comfortable to be put inside the pocket. It’s very well built, the card case has easy access with plenty of room for all your cards, and you can even fit more than one card in a single slot. And the money clip is a nice addition, very flexible and can keep your money from slipping thanks to the grip of the case. However, the wallet doesn’t have a bill slot you need to fold your bills to put in it. Besides, the clasp is not so durable. In a nutshell, this wallet is a good choice for minimalists who want to keep everything organized and secure.

02. [UPGRADED] Sharkk® Aluminium Waterproof Wallet – Aluma Wallet Rugged – Water Resistant Wallet and Card Holder – RFID Protected – for Men and Women


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This is an upgraded version of Sharkk aluminium wallet, which offers more water resistance than the older version. The wallet comes in 3 colours: Red, grey, and blue. Even though it’s not designed for cash, you can sacrifice 1 card slot for folded bills, so instead of having 7 credit cards, you can put 6 cards and a little bit of cash inside it. The RFID theft protection technology is featured in the aluminium coating to keep your personal information secure. The high-quality card holder is wrapped in a sturdy aluminium shell. There is also a snap clasp closure to keep your cards from falling out. With the dimensions of 3.02 x 4.39 x 0.81 inches, the wallet is slim, nice, and able to fit in purses and pockets easily.

The design looks cool, rugged/sturdy, and compact; the quality is surprising with strong aluminium and finest plastics. You can get your cards in and out easily. The item is strong and durable yet lightweight enough for everyday use. Not only can it house cards, but licenses too. The RFID is rock solid and is protected from scanning devices, which is great against theft. However, this card holder can’t hold a lot and can’t replace a regular wallet if you tend to carry a lot of cards and credentials along.

03. Travel Neck Wallet Passport Holder – RFID Safe – Waterproof


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The neck wallet is equipped with full RFID protection to keep your personal information organized and secure. The waterproof premium nylon material is comfortable to your skin all day so you can wear the wallet underneath or on top of your clothes, especially with the soft adjustable neck strap (37 inches), you won’t even notice its presence. With the dimensions of 5.5 x 0.1 x 6.3 inches, you can easily fit your smartphone inside.

The RFID protection protects your personal information from high tech criminals, and since you’re wearing it on your neck, you don’t have to keep an eye on your pockets all the time and are hands free when shopping. The neck wallet is durable and great to wear for an extended period of time since it’s compact and lightweight. The zippers are resistant, smooth, and strong; the fabric is waterproof, soft, yet sturdy; and the stitching is strong, consistent, and symmetric. However, Even though the wallet has water resistant zippers, it shouldn’t be used underwater since it isn’t waterproof when fully submerged.

04. Seawhisper Hands Strap Travel Clutch Bag – Waterproof Nylon Passport Wallet


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The clutch is made of high density waterproof nylon and equipped with a detachable hand strap to keep your hand free. It’s lightweight and very easy to carry making your trip more comfortable and carefree. With the dimensions of 9.8 x 6.1 x 0.6 inches, the clutch features a pen holder, 6 card pockets (for bank cards, credit cards, and business cards), 1 outside pocket, and 1 zipper. The clutch comes in 10 colours such as black, blue, boysenberry, dark green, grey, navy, orange, ruby, lovely pink, and magenta.

The Seawhisper hands strap clutch is very practical and of high quality, the design is great as it keeps everything organized. The zipper works smoothly and nicely, the wrist band is a great addition so you don’t have to search your bag while travelling, and the colour is conspicuous so you can spot it easily. The clutch is great for travelling as it has plenty of slots for cards, ID, passports… it can fit up to 4 passports and fit all of your important documents in a well-organized manner. However, the clutch is more like water resistant than waterproof.

05. Passport Wallet – Passport Holder – Travel Wallet – RFID Blocking


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Made of high-quality waterproof nylon, the passport wallet is lightweight, durable, strong, wear-resistant, and the texture feels comfortable. It’s also equipped with the RFID technology so your personal information will be protected from scanning devices and stays secure. With the dimensions of 8 x 5.5 x 0.3 inches, the wallet features 2 zippered pockets: One for keys and coins, and other for unfolded bills, 4 bank card slots for, and can hold up to 4 passports. The breathable mesh back and well-designed strap are comfortable to wear against your skin so you can wear the wallet underneath or on top of your clothes.

The wallet is perfect for travelling with many pockets and they’re all zippered; it keeps everything organized, protected, and available. The thin strap feels nice and is adjustable so it can fit everyone and keep them hands free. You’re protected against pocket lifting and high tech criminals as it has a strap and is equipped with the RFID protection. With this, you can store plenty of cash, cards, multiple passports, as well as other stuff… In case you don’t want to wear it on your neck, there is a metal clip to attach to your belt or hip. However, the trap is not strong enough and tears off or frays after a while.

06. Maxpedition Gear Micro Wallet


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The Maxpedition wallet is water resistant with a triple coat of polyurethane and repels the elements thanks to a final coat of DuPont Teflon Fabric protector. It’s completed with YKK zippers and military grade nylon webbing modular attachment points, handles, and straps. With the dimensions of 0.5 x 4.5 x 3 inches, the wallet features 1 external slip compartment, 2 inner card compartments, and a clear ID window, perfect for your spare keys, bills, credit cards, and licenses.

The wallet is perfect for minimalists who love to travel and want to get rid of bulky wallets; it’s simple and slim yet comfortable and secure. Thanks to its slim profile, you can keep it in your pockets easily when you don’t feel like wearing it on your neck. The materials are durable and can hold up very well. It has plenty of room and the pockets are oversized so you can put your cards in and take them out easily and comfortably. You can even put multiple cards in one pocket as there’s plenty of depth in it. However, this wallet is not for people who carry a ton of coupon cards, receipts, and bills.

07. Venture 4th Travel Neck Pouch with RFID Blocking


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Made of 100% durable water-resist rip-stop nylon, the Venture 4th travel neck pouch is equipped with built in RFID blocking providing protection against unwanted scans to keep your personal information confidential and private. With the dimensions of 8.3 x 5.9 x 0.4 inches, the pouch features flexible storage with an ID window, 1 Velcro-closure patch, 2 zippered pockets to keep your valuables and documentation organized. The pouch comes with an adjustable strap, hook, and loop fastener and can be used for both males and females. The back panel is moisture-absorbing to be worn underneath your clothes. The product offers effective storage for your smartphones, travel documents, tickets, passports, and all kinds of cards.

The pouch looks good and is very well made and has plenty of room and compartments for your cash, cards, and passports…, it keeps everything organized allowing easy and quick access to your important belongings. Wearing all your important belongings on your neck is a great way to make sure of their safety. The material is durable, water resistant, and protected against scanning devices effectively. It’s also lightweight and with a soft string, you can wear it comfortably around your neck; the back is padded with soft cloth material allowing the pouch to rest comfortably against your body. However, the pouch can appear to be a little bulky to some people when they wear thin while travelling to warm weather climates.

08. Money Belt for Travel with RFID Sleeves


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The money belt is made of 100% RFID waterproof 210D rip-stop nylon providing protection against scanning devices to keep your passport or credit card data secure. With the dimensions of 10.7 x 0.1 x 5.3 inches, the money belt features enough place with plenty of pockets including a hidden one to store your passport, travel documents, credit cards, cash, keys, and your smartphones. The product offers waterproof covering and zippered protection making it one of the best money belts for travel.

The money belt is thin enough to be worn underneath your clothes and the material is durable. The trap stretches enough and doesn’t irritate or rub your skin, and the back panel is padded making it’s comfortable to wear. The RFID blocking material in the money belt works effectively making sure scammers can’t get your personal information. However, the money belt does make some noise as you walk which can be annoying.

09. Chums Surfshort Wallet


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Made of durable nylon, the Chums Surfshort wallet is a perfect stash wallet for minimalists who prefer low profile and low bulk wallets. With the dimensions of 4 ¼ x 3 inches, the wallet features 3 compartments to store things: an outside ID window and 2 zip pockets for money and cards, there is also a key ring on the side of the wallet. The product comes in 5 colours: Grey, olive, orange, grey – 2pack, and Realtree Xtra.

The key ring is a nice addition keeping your keys attached to your wallet so you won’t lose either of them. You can store comfortably multiple cards and licenses in it while still being not too bulky. The small profile fits easily into your pockets and pack. The wallet is well built nylon material is durable allowing the wallet hold up well. It has 2 different zippered pockets so you can keep your different currencies or currency types separated. However, this wallet is not waterproof.

10. Hopsooken Travel Money Belt – Hidden Travel Passport Wallets.


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Made of high-quality 100% nylon, the Hopsooken travel money belt is anti-tear, waterproof, and lightweight allowing you to enjoy your outdoor activities to the fullest. The back panel is designed with ultra-soft breathable and moisture absorbing providing excellent comfort. With the dimensions of 11.2 x 5.5 x 0.1 inches, the belt features 2 big zippered pockets (for valuables such as smartphones, passports, credit cards, keys…), over the larger zippered pocket is 2 mesh bags (for other cards and different currencies), there is also a small pocket of 3.27 inches between the nylon and the breathable mesh in the back to store more valuables.

The money belt is incredible lightweight, sturdy and well made. The nylon material is strong and the breathable mesh is nice lining against your body. The slim profile allows you to conceal it under your clothing to keep it invisible from theft or pick pocketing. The 30 inch elastic waist band is comfortable to wear and is adjusted to your size. You can separate things out thanks to 2 big zippered compartments. However, for some people, the waist band doesn’t live up to their expectations.

11. Roomi Travel Wallet &Passport Holder – All in One Travel Passport Wallet


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The All in one travel passport wallet is made of high density nylon and is suitable for both men and women as it comes in two colours: Navy and wine red. With the dimensions of 8.8 x 5.3 x 1.1 inches, the wallet is designed to keep your documents, pen, coins, bills, cards (can fit 5 cards and multiple passports as well as others snuggly). You can choose to fit it into your carryon bag or wear it on your hand/wrist using the detachable hand strap or wristlet allowing easy and quick access to your tickets and passport when travelling. The product is water resistant, zippered, lightweight, and compact so it’s very secure and comfortable to use. There is also a front pocket to store your cell phone.

The design looks nice and neat. The wallet provides plenty of space for all your valuables as well as separate currencies which is great if you’re travelling in a group or with children. It can hold your valuables in a well-organized manner such as a pen, receipts, loose change, credit cards, a smartphone, and 4 passports, the zipper works well too. However, the wallet would be better if it’s equipped with an RFID sleeve.

12. Lightweight Waterproof Dry Storage Bag for Rafting Swimming Hiking 20L


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Made of flexible and soft rip-stop fabric with watertight roll-top closure, the waterproof dry storage bad has maximum compression which is convenient to carry. The product is waterproof thanks to its tape-sealed, double stitched, and polyurethane coated with watertight seams. You can store your personal belongings such as your wallet, clothes, and food in inside the bag. This bag comes in 3 colours: Yellow, red, and pink and is suitable for many types of outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, and camping…

With this waterproof bag, you can protect your personal belongings from the rain and won’t leak (unless when it’s completely submerged). The bag has plenty of room and can fit 2 day worth of camping attire. So overall, the product is worth the price.




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