Most Important Dress Shoes Every Man Should Buy

Besides clothes, one of the most important and essential items to put on is a pair of shoes.  However, some men often only pay attention to their top and trousers/ Jeans without spending time polishing and choosing their shoes carefully. They think that people often look at the top only.

Well, while people do generally make eye contact and look for what clothes you wear, when there is something wrong with your shoes, they will notice it. A wrongly dressed paired of shoes will ruin your overall outlook that you try hard to create. Therefore, it is very important for every man who cares about his fashion sense to care about and invest in your shoes.

Unlike clothes, you don’t have to buy a lot of shoes. You will need some different types of shoes for different occasion. And if you choose high quality pairs of shoes, you can use them for a long period of time as well.


So how many pairs of shoes that one man will need in his wardrobe?

In my opinion, for starter, you only need to buy 5 pair of shoes including 1 for your formal outlook, 1 for your semi-formal outlook and 1 for your everyday use. In addition you will need 1 pair for your weekend and 1 further pair of shoes which can go well with various kinds of occasion. Let’s go find out more about them.

For Your Formal Outlook


No other types of shoes can beat the Black Leather Oxford Shoes when it comes to the basic but boldest and strongest shoes for a formal event, business meetings or any occasion where the formality is stressed such as weddings and job interviews.

Secondly, these black shoes come with a simple design and a dark color, which all making it very easy to pair with all kinds of clothes and accessories.  If you are a young man who has just graduated from college and started working, you could consider buying this as your first pair of shoes. (For further tips on styling that working young men should know, you can go to

Nevertheless, Oxford shoes are not suitable for casual outlooks or to be paired with Jeans. That’s the reason why you would need other types of shoes for other informal occasions.

You should invest in buying a pair of Oxford shoes with the best and highest quality. They will last long and go well for so many events that the cost per one use will be significantly low.

For Your Casual Look


Brogues shoes are the best option for you when it comes to the choice of the best first shoes for informal and casual outlook.

Depend on different colors of the brogues; you will match them with different materials of your clothes. For example, a lighter color of brown brogues is suitable for Jeans while a darker color is suitable for suits.

Generally, you should opt for a pair of brown brogues so that you can pair them with a more variety of clothes. Other colors such as tan or chestnut will be harder to mix with your clothes.

Provided that your working environment does not require a strict code of smart and business look, you can wear your brogues to work. With a shirt and a pair of dark denim, along with the shoes, you will look very smart and classy.

For Your Weekend


After a long week of working, you might need sometimes to relax in the bar or go out on a date. This is when a pair of slip on shoes  shines  This type of shoes come with a very slim shape and an elegant design which can helps to enhance all types of outlook that you intend to wear in your weekend.

Along with the simple yet elegant design, the shoes are very convenient easy for you to put on and put off. Wear these types of shoes with a suit and a button down shirt for a smart but still casual look.

For the cold weather


When it starts to get colder in the winter, you will need extra protection for your whole body as well as your face. Therefore, you definitely should purchase a pair of slip on boots for your wardrobe.

A pair of these boots with the height above your ankle will offer extra insulation for your warmth and your comfort.  Furthermore, they are so versatile they can be the substitution for any type of shoes for all events.

If you want to wear them to work, just simply pair them with tailor jackets. And in case you want to wear them to social events and outings, wear them with pair of Jeans and t-shirts.

There are a wide variety of boots including the classical Chelsea boots, the ankle boots and the wing tip boots. Some of which might be more casual or formal than the others.  If you prefer a pair of boots that is casual, go for ankle boots and lace-up leather boots. If you prefer something classical and formal, no boots are better than Chelsea boots.


Overall, shoes are so important that they can be a deal breaker- which can create a more profound impact on what you are wearing or destroy it. You don’t need to buy a lot of shoes to change every day; therefore; you should invest in high quality and well-made shoes only.

My recommendation is 1 black leather Oxford shoes for your smart look, 1 pair of brogues for your casual outlook. For your weekend, you can wear a pair of loafer and for your outing in the cold weather; you can wear a pair of slip on boots.

This is my recommendation only. I hope that with all of the guides I provide, you would be able to pick up the best shoes to cover for all of your occasions and will also create a stronger and better impression to other people with your outfit and your shoes.



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