Best Brooks Walking Shoes 2018

If you like walking, choosing the best walking shoes is essential to support your feet as well as boost your joy during the walk, to walk more and walk every day with no injury nor pity damage.

I’m not joking! Walking on a too tight or too narrow and painful pair of shoes will make you want to give up soon. But just imagine that you’re walking on a soft, well-fitted with great support to your whole feet, especially the soles, would you mind to walk for more 1500 feet?

Not only causing discomfort, a wrong pair of walking shoes may cause back pains, hip pains or worse, it can damage your knees, heels and ankles.

So, which brand produces the best walking shoes?

Good question! Truth to say, there’re a lot good brands for their quality and warranty. So, I’ll go separately into each brand that I think they’re reliable and their products bang for your buck.

First up is Brooks. In this article, I will provide you some best pairs of Brooks walking shoes.

i. Leather Brooks Walking Shoes

1. Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

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The Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking shoes is available for purchasing in 3 different colors, including: black, white and brown suede. It also has a wide range of different sizes with various width options to help you choose the right pair.

Your task is to measure your feet and compare such dimensions to pick the best ones. Or, you can directly ask the manufacturer to save more time on your hands by email or in the customer’s question section.

The fact that this brand released these shoes to provide the extremely noteworthy comfort. Another great feature is its great support to your low arches and the control to your overpronation.

Speaking of material, these shoes are made from leather with synthetic sole that makes sure the lightest in weight, durability and comfort while you’re walking.

In addition, this pair has a cushion layer, so you will feel softer and more comfortable even when wearing all day long. They also come in a fashionable design to wear in different occasions as well.

2. Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker V-Strap Walking Shoes

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The next option is this Brooks men’s addiction walker V-strap. They have good quality with striking comfort to guarantee there’s no pain caused to your feet. Besides, it has the memory foam cushioning in the heels, which I highly appreciate, to upend its comfort level.

Similar to the above Brook shoes, this pair is also made from leather – cool, durable and long lasting. And made by Brook, no doubt at their quality.

Prior to the next good feature, I want to ask you if you like to wear socks with shoes. I know that many people out there don’t like socks for some reasons, might it be they are too stiff and hot to wear or just too lazy to have it with their shoes.

Whatever, here is the best news! Due to their special design, you can wear it comfortably with or without socks based on preference.

Besides, it has three straps to wear more easily. Under the straps, there is a mesh layer to help you feel breathable and airy.

As my expectation, this pair is perfect for walking and, especially, it is suitable for other forms of physical activities because of its lightness in weight. You can wear them to play sports or go camping, hiking or taking part in outdoor activities. It is also quite stylish, so mixing with street style is perfect.

3. Brooks Men’s Dyad Walker

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The Brooks men’s Dyad Walker is rich in black color and it is a versatile enough to suit for both athletic and casual wear. If you want something coming up with a little bit fashionista look, look no further than these. They have a stylish outer performance to catch up with the latest fashion trend.

The modern design of the Brooks men’s dyad walker makes it become the ideal shoe for the great outdoorsman. They look greatly with the real leather material and surely, much more durable and water resistant compared to other counterparts to provide you the best support to walk in different types of terrain.

I guess the heel of this shoe measures around 1.25 inches because of its relative thickness to lift you. Although this pair of shoe is soft, lightweight and fashionable, I don’t recommend them for hot weather.

Particularly, if you wear them in summer, your feet are sure to feel stiff and wet, very inconvenient to walk or exercise. But in fall, winter or cold days, its performance is awesome. I love wearing it for outdoor and indoor activities. But you can totally wear them for work or school as well due to its elegant look.

ii. Synthetic Brooks Walking Shoes.

1. Brooks Mens Addiction 13

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The Brooks Mens Addiction 13 is a remarkable walking shoe that is made from mesh and synthetic with rubber soles. It is applied the extended progressive diagonal rollar help control the pronation and promote the smoother transitions via the gait cycle.

Besides, the tongue and collar are padded to make them softer. The buttery smooth fabric lining offers a great in experience and there is a removable foam insole. Truth to say, they provide me a perfect fit and the adequate cushioning inside to support me perfectly while I’m walking.

Another most fantastic feature that makes Brooks Mens Addiction 13 more outstanding is its sturdiness. Sturdiness is a very important quality in a walking shoe to keep your feet stay in place comfortably inside the shoes. Also, it is flexible yet firm to wonderfully opt for either walling on all kinds of terrains, even the concrete floors or going to work.

2. Brooks Mens Anthem

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Aside from various sizes, these gray Brooks Mens Anthem shoes highlight its great odor resistant and high-quality synthetic mesh to ensure the best breathability and airiness.

But don’t quickly judge its comfort level. The material isn’t too thin to provide no lifting. Actually, there is a cushioning and foam insert inside the shoes for extra comfort.

Particularly, the sole is made of rubber to provide you a good traction.

Another big bonus, also a good news for those who own a little bit wide feet, this Brooks mens anthem is designed to suit for such extra dimensions. So, pick them and ready to kiss goodbye those pairs of shoes grinding your oversized feet while you walk. For such that wonderful feature, the extra space in the toe box plays a huge role.

The lace up closure delivers an adjustable fit and keeps you safe while the smooth fabric lining creates a great wear inside of the shoes.

I think this Brooks Anthem is a new version of the PureFlow 1. It is suitable for all outdoor and indoor activities, such as playing sports, camping, festival, and so on.

So, there’s nothing to complaint on it.

3. Brooks Men’s Dyad 9

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Walkers, you should not ignore this pair of shoes. The Brooks men’s Dyad 9 will bring you a different feeling from the other pairs. It is quite difficult to define the exact feeling, but I’m sure that they will not disappoint you, or at least, you won’t get any remorse after picking it.

At the first sight, I was impressed with its design which looked quite unique and outstanding. Like its brothers, the pair of shoes is made from the premium synthetic mesh to avoid the stiffness or hotness while wearing them.

Besides, if you’re little bit short, the extra padding of these Brooks men’s dyad is sure to bring you a better height.

Great support is another big bonus, which I truly appreciate. These casual shoes are not only breathable but also durable. In fact, there’re a lot of customer blaming for its longevity – they can last for years.

Pick this pair and your feet will thank you for that wise selection. You can wear them for all events, especially walking and running.

4. Brooks Mens Ghost 9

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Modern and trendy are all what I want to talk about the Brook mens ghost 9. They are designed to fit all people, I mean their size chart is perfect. The main color of this pair of shoes is black and it is mixed with some pieces of light and dark orange color. Besides this combination, they also come up with some other colorways, such as blue, red and gray.

This pair of shoes will offer you a total versatility, if it comes with different outfits. Aside from its multifunction, these Brooks men’s ghost shoes are made from high-quality fabric and synthetic. How a perfect combination! They deliver strong and durable feeling touch to enable to serve you for years, even being used daily. In additionally, there are some mesh to aid for the shoes’ breathability.

With each step, the air is pushed in and out to cool down your feet while its padded collar provides you a lot of support.

With this pair of shoes, you can feel more enjoyable to take part in your favorite activities without the feel of being weighed down by your shoes.

5. Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 17

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The next synthetic shoes are the Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS17. They feature a sparkling anthracite color which is durable and sleek. But the real fun is that they enable to keep water stay out of your shoes.

The sole is orange in color and made of fabric material to allow you to take a walk with confidence over all kinds of terrain with the regardless of dirt, gravel, grass or sand. Even when you’re running, it will deliver the best support to your feet.

I usually take a walk about 45 minutes every morning, so I always look for the best walking shoes that will not weigh down my feet and tire them out. And I got this pair! The Brooks men’s adrenaline GTS 17 has provided me a breathable and comfortable step to keep my feet dryer and cooler. I love wearing them for all activities and they never disappoint me.

6. Brooks Men’s Beast ’16

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The last pair of walking shoes in this synthetic list is the tough Brooks men’s beast ’16 walking shoe for all terrains. The upper of the shoe is made of the synthetic for durability and mesh for keeping cooler.

Due to such those materials, of course, they are not only coming up with great waterproof rather than the leather shoes, but also lighter, cooler and easier to clean. Plus, it is fashionable. It can keep your feet cooler in the hot summer days while the inner cushioning layer is for a comfortable wear.

Besides, if you choose a pair of synthetic mesh walking shoes, then it will keep your feet smell free while stay dry all the time.

Don’t worry about its versatility because these bad boys can be mixed and matched with different outfit pretty well. It will bring you a sporty, but elegant and masculine look.

As it’s a synthetic mesh walking shoe with rubber soles, this shoe has all features to fit your sport hobbies. You also wear it to workout.

iii. Textile Brooks walking shoes

1. Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 18 Running Shoe Wide 2E

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This shoe is not made from leather or synthetic like its brothers above, but the textile. It is designed for men who make a lot of walk every day. Plus, choose from 9 different colors and various sizes.

Due to its materials and rubber soles, these shoes can provide you a good traction. On their top, there is the breathable mesh to promote the airflow to your feet when walking.

Additionally, the collar and tongue are padded to assist in increasing the comfort level when you walk or run around. And, this pair of shoes is super light and it can be suitable for all kinds of training activities while you are capable to move easily on it.

Being lightweight, durable and breathable are the best features that a pair of walking shoe needs. This pair isn’t an exception!

They protect your feet from being hurt or blister even when you walk for hours. The mesh layer makes your feet airier and remove the uncomfortable smell.

2. Brooks Mens Glycerin 15 Neutral Maximum Cushion Running Shoe

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I do like this pair of shoes because it offers plenty of airflow. I always feel cool when I wear it. The Brooks Mens Glycerin 15 neutral Maximum cushion running shoe is a comfortable and fashionable choice that you can wear in any weather condition.

Compared to other walking shoes, this pair is softer and more flexible. The smooth transitions made me move softly and smoothly from the heel to the toe. I usually wear them all day long without being worried about uncomfortable or wet feet.

Normally, I don’t often use the walking shoes for running, but this model is an exception. I take the use of them for both walking and running. They helps me to improve my speed and my feet always comfortable without smell. This pair of shoes is multi-functional and I can use it for different purposes. I used it to create my style, play sports or workout.

3. Brooks Mens Ghost 10

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The next version of the Brooks mens Ghost is the Brooks mens ghost 10. I have worn this pair of shoes for a long time and I voted for this shoe as the leader in safe and comfortable walking shoes for men.

The upper of the sneakers is made of mesh for breathability and keep your feet cool. I didn’t get too much sweat when I walked for long periods.

Another wonderful feature is the extra depth. For normal shoes, the dept is not too important, but for the walking shoes, it is, I think. The extra depth enables to support the ankles more and keep your feet safe from either twisting or bending.

It is lightweight and will serve you as athletic or casual walking shoes, so you can save more money. You buy one, but you can take the use of it for a lot of purposes. Big bang for your buck! This pair is perfect for long distance. If you like walking every day, this is the best purchase.

Although there remains a huge number of walking shoe brands on the market, I always give my priority to the Brooks walking shoes. Indeed, I think their released products have top notch quality. Besides these pairs, you can find out many other pairs; however, when buying walking shoes, you should make sure that the chosen shoes feature heel and ankle support, sufficient cushioning, durable outsole and comfortable fit.

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