5 Types of Shoes Every Guy Should Own

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Right now, I’m focusing on fashion tips and hacks because I know want to know more about fashion. And that’s why I will do a series on fashion. To start off, I want to state that I’m not a professional in any means. All of my personal opinions that I’m giving you in this article are solely from my experience and feelings.

I always tell you that your opinions always come first. Don’t let anyone, even me tell you guys what you should do or what you shouldn’t. If you feel weird or not right (there’s actually nothing right or wrong in fashion or even in life), then don’t follow them because you are the one who control your life, not anyone else.

Okay, that’s out of the way. Now, I am going to proceed into this article right away.

Runner shoes

I think most of you already have at least one of runner shoes, right?

Here, I want to be more specific to talk about a fashion runner because we are talking about fashion, not a pair of runner shoes that we will use for running.

In this category, we have adidas Flux, adidas Tubular, Nike Flyknit, Nike Air Max, adidas Ultraboost, New Balance and Asics Gel Lyte. Basically, everything that has a runner form to it.

As I mentioned before, these runner shoes are not only used for running, (of course, you can run with them if you want). However, they have the most comfort out of all the shoes in this list. You can wear them most of the time with pretty much all of your outfits without having to think too much what it’ll match with.

Those runners are okay with it being a little wear and tear, which means if you are wearing them, they might have some scratches or stains.

This is also a pair that you can use to walk with for extremely walkable cities such as Hong Kong, Bangkok, Tokyo or New York. I often use runners to travel or just having a simple comfortable pair of shoes that I can wear.

Fashion runners have always been around on this…Earth, but, they are recently being popularized. First is because the comfort of the shoes. Second is as the designs are very fitted to a street style lifestyle. And not with just street style, but also with most of outfits. For example, a suit with runner.

Here I also include my runner collection for those who are wondering. They have already been my very close companions for a while and I hope this list is a good consult for you.

1. adidas Originals Men’s ZX Flux Fashion Sneaker

View here

Differ from what I expected, this adidas Original Flux is a blend of textile and synthetic. However, the biggest advantage of this combination is that the shoes have better protection and water resistance. It’s kind of perfect to wear daily, mixing with many outfits.

Actually, there are diverse colorways to opt for, from the subtle with plain colors to more outstanding designs that you can totally pick one meeting your demands and preference.

What I really about this adidas in particular and all adidas in general is its skit material on the upper to deliver better breathability. From that point, even when you wear it in hot days or walk much, your feet won’t have bad odor at the end of the day.

Another good thing is its OrthoLite sockline. Its performance helps your feet minimize pain and feel comfortable as much as possible. Besides, the Injected EVA midsole is well-made and quite durable, which is truly worth the price. And lastly, the cushioning, it is made from lightweight material so that it does a good job if you intend to use it for walk.

2. adidas Originals Men’s Tubular Shadow Running Shoe

View here

Move on with adidas Tubular, this pair is my choice.

Again, there is a lot of colors to ensure you will pick the right one. For those who just like a full-textile upper running shoes for the best comfort and soft, I highly recommend this. They are even coming up with fashionable and trendy outer performance.

The shoes are well-made and designed attractively, hugging perfectly to our fit without looking as bulky as New Balance.

Besides, its rubber sole is a plus point as its material is really soft and comfortable to wear. It’s ideal to wear and walk a day without feeling painful in the arch or the whole feet. I myself also are amazing with this ability when I wore it for my Thailand trip. I walk nearly 6 miles a day, but my feet didn’t feel hurt or numb at the end of the day. It’s also breathable and well-fit.

As you can see, the shoes also have rubber outsoles for better protection. And another good thing is its lightweight cushioning. Perfect!

3. Nike Men’s Free Flyknit 4.0

View here

Like the adidas Tubular above, these Nike Flyknit Running trainers are made totally from fabric with rubber sole for the ultimate water resistance. Look at its color blending as well as the knit material on two sides, you might understand why this line is called “Flyknit”.

But what truly impresses me is its upper part with various tiny holes for breathability. Not only the upper, but also the inner lining and cushioning is made from well breathable material to ensure your feet and the shoes themselves still fresh and anti-odor all the time.

Another good thing is its soles designed with various sole and hive silhouette to help you walk solidly in slippery surface. For those who are looking for a versatile runner shoe, I highly recommend you to try this Nike Flyknit once. It’s worth for the price.

4. Ultraboost Uncaged ALL BLACK

View here

This is a pair of sneakers that I really wanted to talk about because to me, this is an all-around pair of sneakers plus its price tag is quite affordable. It is almost made all black. And you can see that the laces aren’t that important.

The upper is completely made with a knit material which adidas is very proud of. It is almost similar to the Flyknit from Nike. Honestly, I think this is a very comfortable material and extremely nice looking. Most of the time, I let the laces just loosen up and hang freestyle, not really tying them up.

Of course, if I’m wearing with it a more dress up outfit, I will tighten them up to have a more formal feeling to it. I also want to mention that the design and colorway of shoe is just on point. Almost 99 percent of all my clothes can be wearable with this pair of sneakers. And if you can afford it, I highly recommend you to opt for the Ultraboost Triple Black version 2.0.

Personally, I think the 3.0 version doesn’t look good because it looks very large and bulky. In a word, I think this shoe is very easy to style with and the design is just perfect.

5. New Balance Men’s MW411v2 Walking Shoe


View here

Though it is made with runner form, this New Balance entirely comes up with sleek and fashionable outer performance that is greatly thanks to the real leather material.

This line consists of 5 different colors but I particularly choose a full-black because it’s really masculine, solid and strong.

This shoe has the features of a New Balance including a medium tag on top with NB brand name and the number 411, the leather-made N on two sides and a small embossed NB on the backside. Besides, if taking a closer look in its inner lining, you will see the words “NB Cushioning Comfort Insert”.

Similar to the Nike Flyknit, this line also has perforated upper for ultimate breathability to keep our feet stay comfortable all day without feeling stiff or damp because of heat and sweat. Besides, it also has applique at quarterpanel.

6. ASICS Men’s GEL-Lyte III Sneaker

View here

This Asics is one of my favorite shoes.

Firstly, its outstanding and special outer performance. Look at it! The tear look-alike design as well as the combination between fabric and leather, this pair of runner shoes will definitely add some character to your outfit for sure.

Not saying that its retro-inspired lace-up design is truly one of a kind. In terms of price, this Asics is definitely more affordable than adidas or Niker. It’s in mid-price range so that I think this pair is perfect for student who want to rock your street style.

However, I must say that its upper isn’t as good as the adidas because instead of being made from knit material, this Asics is made from suede and mesh. However, in general, the quality is still perfect to wear daily and stand almost weathers.

Besides, it’s easy to mix with different outfits as well.

The hypebeast

Hypebeast shoes such as Bape NMDs, Human Race NMDs, NMD Japan, Yeezy Boost 350, Nike Acronym Presto, Jordan Bred 1 and Y-3 Pureboost. Those are the pairs that when you wear on your feet, you will have a very big impression to those who know about the shoes.


Because first of all, the value of the shoes is very high. Secondly, I think that those are the shoes that gets a lot of attention by the media, the consumers and the resell value is very high.

Honestly, I think everyone should have at least one hypebeast in their wardrobe.

Besides, these hypebeast shoes have a lot of respect to the sneakerhead community. Starting from the Jordans, which is the ones that have elevated the sneaker movement.

Personally, I also owned some pair of Jordans because back when I was in school, I collected a lot of sneakers from adicolor to Air Force, Jordans, all of which I still keep up to now.

01. adidas NMD_R1 PK ”French Beige” S81848 Men’s Size 11.5 US

View here

Here, my hypebeast shoes are the NMD French Beige. It has a colorway that I like a lot. I’ve liked it since the day it was released but on release, this pair of sneakers just has a super hyped up price, which is why I could not own a pair at that time.

On one side, there is French and on the other side, there is German. To me, personally, this pair is really easy to style with. It is made with Primeknit material instead of mesh like the basic’s NMDs.

You will need to be a little more careful with them because firstly, the value on these are very high. Secondly, you will be only wearing these on very special occasions.

The Boots

I’ve just talked about two kinds of shoes that are very on the active side so, that’s why I will now talk about a more dressy and manly shoe.

This is the mens boots.

Boots are actually divided into two sections, such as Military and Combat. Even the hybrid ones for example Yeezy 750s and Timberlands.

Secondly, there are Chelsea, Harness or Strapped Boots.

As this article is on essentials, meaning that these are the shoes that I highly recommend you should have. Thus, here I will advice you to have at least one pair of Chelsea Boots in your wardrobe.

Actually, I don’t want to talk more about them in this article because I already wrote one detailly about how to choose a Chelsea Boot as well as including some of my picks.

I must say that Chelsea Boots are really versatile as it can fit almost your outfits, from formal to casual. And to be honest, the Chelsea Boots are a perk of being a man. I don’t mean that woman can’t wear this silhouette. In fact, I’ve seen a lot of women that wore this very nicely.

But to me, personally, when I put on this shoe, I have very strong, masculine and downright slick feelings mixing with a little attention to details. Wearing the Chelsea Boot men, I feel a lot more confident with my outfits.

The plain white

Since we are talking about formal and dress up, I will move on with the next pair of shoes. I think most of you might get amazing with my choice as I know that when talking a dressy shoe, we will think firstly about those lace-up or moccasin shoes.

Personally, a plain white is my choice to wear with most of my outfits if I need to dress up a little bit more.

As it will be used for important and formal occasions, I prefer to opt for leather plain white shoes. My recommendation is that you should go with either lamb or cow skin as these materials are very durable, soft and comfortable to wear.

A plain white shoe means it’s basically all white. Personally, it shows a lot of respect to the places you choose to go to, such as a wedding, housewarming, full month baby celebration and private party.

Another thing is that this shoe looks very nice with suit except for the places that have dress code that asks you specifically to wear a lace-up or moccasin then, you cannot go with this.

Besides the look, this is an extremely comfortable shoe and when attending a party, you already have to be excessively polite. You feel kind of uncomfortable already so that’s why your shoes need to be a very comfortable one for you, but not anyone else.

I advise you to invest a little bit more into these plain white shoes for men. First of all, when you put your feet into them, they generally break in and stretch out a little to hug and fit your feet. Of course, it won’t be comfortable right away as it’s leather and brand-new (the same as a dress shoe).

This is a perfect choice for those guys who don’t like to wear dress shoes. And sincerely, I advise you to opt for the real leather.

01. Lacoste Men’s Grad Vulc Fashion Sneaker


View here

A real leather plain white shoes like this Lacoste won’t ever disappoint you, for sure! Its leather is selected from the finest material to deliver a soft touch but still hold up well. Besides, it’s comfortable and not stiff as the other leather shoes thanks to the perforated ankles.

There is a crocodile image on one side and the “Lacoste” word in the tongue to make it unique. The whole outlook of this Lacoste is quite subtle and exquisite, partly because it is plain white and the rest is its form.

The shoes are designed to hug your feet perfectly, not too bulky yet not too tight to deliver a formal yet comfortable feeling.

I personally mix this pair with suits or other classic outfits when I need to attend a wedding or some important occasions. It’s quite easy to mix and match!

02. Reebok Men’s Club Memt Classic Sneaker


View here

In terms of softness, I personally feel this Reebok white sneakers for men comes up with softer leather texture than the Lacoste. And I also think that this pair is more versatile than the ones above because its design is a perfect compromise of casual vibe and the formal.

You can wear it and mix with different outfits, from suits to jeans. It’s elegant, subtle yet outstanding. You cannot make mistake it with the others because of its brand name and logo on the side, the backside, the inner lining as well as on the tongue.

As made of real leather, its stretching and breathability is no joke. Besides, there are various small holes on the upper for better ventilation. There’s just one thing you should take notice is that because of the material, it will need a couple of weeks to break in. But once it’s loosened up, the shoes will fit perfectly to your feet.

The beater

In this category, there are shoes like Vans Old Skool, Vans Authentic, adidas Gazelle, adidas Superstar, Nike Air Force One, Converse Chuck Taylor and adidas Stand Smith. Those are shoes that cost less than $100, still look very nice but you guys can beat up without grief.

Actually, when you beat up these shoes, letting them wear and tear a lot, having dirt stains, scratch marks and some tear then, they actually look a lot better and more character. This is an exclusive privilege of the beaters.

01. Vans Unisex Old Skool Classic Skate Shoes


View here

This is the very first pair when I am talking about beater shoes, a Vans Unisex Old Skool Classic Shoe. There is a logo from Vans that is white and goes along the sides. On the backside, there is a red logo.

Talking about Vans, might we should focus on its signature, waffle outsole firstly, right? This is the feature that Vans is truly proud of because it not only helps to anti-slip very well, but also delivers superior boardfeel, flex and traction perfectly.

As we are mentioning to its outsole, I want to talk a little bit about its rubber material. This texture is absolutely different from adidas or Nike as it’s more durable and comfortable when putting on. If Reebok or Lacoste brings a classic vibe, this Vans Old Skool gives us a unique, vintage feeling.

Another good thing about it is the unisex and timeless outer performance to readily accompany with you for years. I will wear this pair very often because this is a very easy shoe to slip on and off.

And as its casual vibe, you can put it on for many occasions, such as buying something around the block, eating street foods, when the weather is kind of messy or where I might be stepped on my foot.

02. Vans Authentic

View here

Actually, I know that many of us usually avoid a plain white canvas shoe as a beater because this colorway is very, very easy to get dirt and requires a little more careful as well as maintenance. However, as I said above, beaters are ideal when they get some wear and tear, some scratches and stains on. So, why don’t?

Much similar to the previous Vans, this pair comes up with a signature waffle synthetic outsole for anti-slipping, easy bending and ultimate comfort.

I really like the small tag with brand name on the side. It’s subtle and exquisite, unlike some giant brand name from others such as New Balance. Besides, there is also a black/white logo in the back.

Apart from the material, this Vans also shows up its sturdiness through the metal lace eyelets. Again, this is an ideal shoe for slipping on and off for casual wearing.

03. adidas Originals Unisex Gazelle Casual Sneakers


View here

Move on with adidas. The very first pair from this brand I would like to introduce to you is this Gazelle.

Some might call they are retro shoes, but I personally think that their iconic and fashionable outer performance is worth to be a timeless piece. The very first thing I want to tell you about this Gazelle is that it is made from suede, which is why I don’t think you should let it get wet too often. Besides, based on its material, you might feel a little bit narrow at first, but don’t fret, the texture will stretch up after a week wearing daily and fit perfectly to your feet.

If you are a guy who don’t like too thick tongue or want to get responsive feel on the foot, its unpadded tongue will satisfy your taste. Actually, not only the tongue, its whole design is thin, but not too floppy so that you can squeeze them even when it is laced up yet the shoes still offer a moderate protection.

04. Nike Mens Air Force 1 07 QS Basketball Shoes


View here

Move on with this Nike Air Force, the feature that I like a lot is its outsole. Take a closer look, you will see that the upper and the rubber sole is stitched together, not just glue and stick like others. It means the shoes will be sturdier and more durable from time to time.

This pair also has pivot points for breathable, but other than in the forefoot, there are some in the heel for extra transitions.

And it can be said that this is a perfect beater for daily using, you can walk a whole day on it without fears of feeling painful, not only in the arch, but also in the ankles thanks to the cushioning and padding in the collar.

Besides, don’t think that its thick cushioning will make your feet hotter, it is made from breathable material. Besides, this is a perfect compromise of leather and synthetic to help the shoes get easier maintenance.

And its elegant plain white is ideal to style with many outfits, though. You can go with suit or jeans, shirts or jackets, plain or patterns, whichever you’d prefer.

05. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Core Ox


View here

Last but not least in this list is a full-black beater to go to places that your foot might be stepped on accidentally. And in terms of Converse Chuck Taylor, might I not need to talk about it, right. It’s so popular now and have already worn by many celebrities.

Chuck Taylor is a perfect beater that the more it gets wears and tears, the more character it will be. Though it’s not as comfortable and soft as the Nike or adidas because of the thinner material and padding. But, after a long walking day, your feet will still feel comfortable. Besides, compared to the price, it’s worth a try!

Besides, it’s a big mistake if we don’t mention to its superb durability. A pair of Converse in general can serves you for years. And here, this Chuck Taylor, it’s cool and casual enough to style with many daily outfits for school, university and part-time job.

Okay, we have reached the end of this article. I’ve showed you guys 5 types of shoes that I personally think every guy should own. Of course, your lifestyle might be different from mine, as well as your style. Please don’t think that I’m forcing or judge if you don’t have the same 5 types of shoes that I have. I think everyone is different and we are allowed to express our personality through fashion. Hopefully, this article helps you find your style and choose the best shoe fitting yours.

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