Hot trends of men’s shoes next year

Do you think that people can only look at your shoes and jump to some conclusion about your personality and income?

I think yes.

Three years ago, I had the first date with a pretty girl. At that time, I was a man who did not concern about fashion trends. I just picked up any shoes I saw first in my closet. But, that day, she spent most of the appointment to talk about my shoes and how they revealed my personality and occupation.

Finally, she said “Good bye” to me! In another occasion, at the first day I worked as a real-estate agent, my boss looked at my shoes and asked me how long I had bought those shoes.

Then, he told me that, the shoes were one part of my resume that the clients and partners never ignored.

In the other word, my out-of-dated shoes can make them not believe in my ability to predict trends of real-estate market – like trends of fashion!

Thus, because the shoes disclose a lot about the owner, men should not skip trends of men’s shoes. Here are some forecast for hot trends next year.

Penny Loafers

Loafers are one of the most important dress shoes every man should buy.

Since born, penny loafers have never gone out of style. They are combination between classic and modern styles. Penny loafers always bring men smart look at office or in important occasions.

Besides, men can wear them easily without tying lace. Men will not be angry because of preparing for an emergent appointment. They just let their feet inside and go.

From year to year, the designers continue to create new ways to upgrade penny loafers.

At the end of 2016, a lot of new penny loafer samples have been showed in cat-walk from Paris to Rome. They are predicted to be the hot trends in 2017.

Although the main colors are still black or brown, the curves on them are designed sophisticatedly and creatively to give birth new styles.

Men should choose penny loafers with chunky soles that are versatile to fend off the weather. Men can’t avoid instant rain on the street.

And, it is too crazy when the wet loafers open their “mouth” like crocodiles!

Soles made of thick rubber are recommended for men. The penny loafers can shine as they are, so men should keep them away from excessive embellishment.

Besides, men should always remember to wear socks which are in the same color with the trousers. Plus, wearing white socks with black penny loafers is so weird!

Lace-Up Boots

Inspired by military style, lace-up boots are foreseen to be the hot trend next year, particularly in cold and wet weather.

The man wearing lace-up boots is often looked like colonel in war. The lace-up boots are very suitable for epaulette greatcoats, mixed with slim-fit black pants or loose-fit trousers.

Never pick up a pair of too-wide-leg trousers.

Furthermore, lace-up boots have a lot of advantage for men. They keep your feet warm and dry in cold weather or rainy days. Thanks to their construction, men will never be afraid of being affected by dirt and dust.

Men can put the cuffs inside the boots to keep the pants dry and clean. Lace-up boots are also essential menswear to take a hike near fall or river.

Moreover, the lace-up boots have an effect to make a man look higher. This valuable advantage makes lace-up boots deserved to be invested to catch next year’s trend.

To follow trends of 2017, many designers have created new lace-up boots that are fewer front lines. And, the lace-up boots are decorated skillfully with through-gold sewing.

Therefore, they become more remarkable and masculine. Also, the boots for climbing and hiking are improved a lot, so they can meet men’s need in outdoor activities.

Derby Shoes

Derby shoes are divided into three types conditional on their design, includes cap toe Derby, plain Derby and wingtip Derby.

Cap toe Derby shoes are the perfect shoes to protect men’s toes. Relying on the purpose, men can choose appropriate pair to dress in. If it is a party in the evening, cap toe Derby shoes should be picked out.

If men want to look smart or smart-casual, plain Derby shoes are clever selection. The big sole is also a notable feature of Derby shoes, originated from primary purpose to protect toes. It brings men manly appearance when dressing Derby shoes.

Men have many choices to pick up a pair of Derby shoes in various materials, such as leather or suede. The leather ones may deliver men more formal appearance in combination with suit. Otherwise, the suede ones can bring casual look in street style.

Like penny loafers, derby shoes belong to classic style. In spite of this, some designers have been promoting a new trend of derby shoes.

As a result, they have been being transformed into a boot-Derby hybrid. On the other side, the designers make public that this boot-Derby hybrid – so-called Derby of 2017 will not be emphasized by laces and metal holes, but by its material and lines.


The year 2017 seems to be the year of modernizing classic-style shoes. Fashion always has its cycles. Monk-straps are used to be beloved by monks in medieval age in Europe.

Their big difference from Derby shoes and Oxford shoes is lack of lacing. Instead of laces, the monk-straps are closed by buckle and strap – the number of buckles is equal to the number of straps.

The original monk-straps have two straps.

But, from the end of 2016, some designers have changed them into one-strap and even triple straps.

Leather and suede are still the favorite materials for monk-straps.

In previous years, the monk-straps are considered to be too informal to come with suit, but too formal to be mixed with casual clothing.

Nowadays, the monk-straps are modified quite a bit. Thus, a lot of new designs are cross-bred of formal and informal. Men can wear a pair of monk-straps with a sharp suit for a formal look or denim clothing for informal look.

Both are very cool!

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