7 outdated rules with suits you should forget in this season.

In the field of fashion, there are many compulsory rules that we have to apply to do beautifully dressed. However, it is not all of the fashion rules that are right for every item in every time.

In fact, aesthetics is a relative category and fashion is a way to explore the horizons of freedom so varying these rules  within a certain framework seems to be an interesting idea to bring something new and exciting.

By referring to the reality and some fashion magazine, we list 5 rules that are outdated and can completely be broken.

This winter, let’s think outside the box and confidently express your style!

01.Hoodies do not go with suit jackets.

People are used to think that the mixture of Hoodies with tailored clothes is very weird. Moreover, they believed that this style was only for young boys who were on the very first steps to work with fashion.

Nevertheless , blazers and hoodies is an interesting combination that you should try in cold weather. The mixtures will bring fresh blend in your overall outfit, especially when the current “athleisure” style becomes well-known and can definitely be your excuse for mixing items confidently.

Notice: choose thin and simple hoodies that made of cotton or wool materials to mix with your blaze instead of very thick one. The colors of gray black and neuter are more preferable.

02. T-shirts do not go with suits.

Like hoodie, breaking the traditional rules of suits will make your outfit less formal and elegant. However, there is no need to become polished if you do not take part in an event or luxury party. Mixing  your suit with a T-shirt will bring in the feeling of youthful and self-motivated.  Simultaneously, it can  retain the basic and correct appearance.

Notice: it is not all types of T-shirts that can mix with suits. Because the replacement of T-shirts is enough to make  you remarkable, choosing colorful T-shirts will destroy everything.  Minimalism is the key for your safety.  A round-neck T-shirt with neutral colors is a reasonable choice to mix with your blazer and trousers.

03. Boots do not go with suits

Sometimes forgetting familiar things like Brogues, Oxfords or loafers and replacing them with a pair of boots will make you look very different and stylish.

However, like hoodies and T-shirts, it is not all kinds of boots can do this great job. Among thousands types of boots, only Chelsea ones can preserve the high- grade look of your suits thanks to its slim design.

It’s worth trying, cause sometimes a pair of Chelsea boots can lengthen your legs and make you look “seamless” in your suit.

04. Suits must be mixed with leather shoes.

Once upon a time, people defaulted suit with leather shoes. But it was very long time ago. Nowadays, the picture of a man wearing suits with a pair of sneakers is very popular. Moreover, many of fashion magazines and stylists publish guidances to mix suits with sneakers.

If you are a broad- minded and liberal person, it is ok to wearing your suit with a pair of sneakers. It will make your suit more youthful and dynamic.

Notice: wearing a hoodies or T-shirts instead of shirt if you want to mix your suit with sneakers. If you still want to use shirt, you should try to make its less formal, such as leaving tie and first button of your shirt….

05. Ties only go with suit.

You can totally ignore this rule!

As mentioned, you do not need a tie whenever you  suit up. And you do not need a suit, or event a tailored jacket whenever you wear a tie.

In fact, ties always work well with shirts and many different types of jackets other than suit jackets. The important thing is what type of your jackets is. Of course you can’t mix a tie with a bomber or denim coat.

If you want to know, Safari jackets and cardigan are the great alternatives if you are fed up with your everyday blazer or suit jacket.

In conclusion, winter is coming and suits is everything you need. It is a perfect choice for cool weather and if the temperature gets lower, a trench coat and scarf are enough to keep you warm and elegant.

So are you ready to break the rules and create some interesting things with your costume?


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