15 Best Boxers for Men in 2019 – The World’s Most Comfortable Picks

What Make Boxers Better Than Briefs, Boxer Briefs, & Commando?

Due to Dr. A. David Soleymani, a Chicago dermatologist and founder of DERMIO.com, there are three biggest unbeatable advantages you’ll receive from wearing boxers

  • They don’t leg ride-up frequently as the boxer briefs
  • Protect your package from zipper accidents like when wearing commando
  • Look sexier with more grow-up figure than briefs

About the application of boxers for men, take note that they are only suitable for casual use, like sleeping, going out, daily office working, or lounging around the house. Don’t ever wear them for formal occasions or sports!

It’s because of their wider leg openings as well as roomier pouch with less support. Otherwise, chafing might be caused due to friction while lack of ball support can cause testicular torsion, which is sort of painful.

I. Who Should Pick Men’s Boxers?

As inspired by the loose boxing shorts, boxers nail up two typical specs: Athletic and Fit. They give extra comfort and freedom in movement but not too baggy.

Hence, I would say boxers will be best compatible with big, fit, and muscular men who figure larger thighs and legs than the average men.

II. Here Are the Best Boxers for Men on the Market

1. Hanes Boxers, 5-Pack Tagless, Tartan Boxer with Exposed Waistband, Assorted


View here

The Hanes Tartan Boxers are a wonderful product. Out of many bonuses that you could find in these undies, the no-seam-in-the-crack seems to be the biggest. It gives a nice “bucket” seat that causes no itchiness or any inconvenient feel when sitting down for hours at your office.

And its lightweight, soft cotton-polyester fabric is truly comfy to pair with pants, lower shorts, or mid-thigh. Another worth-mentioning feature of these boxers is their elastic band. It fits nicely to my body, but on top of that, the ultra-durability sometimes triggers my curiosity of what the hell it’s made of to keep such that perfect shape after tons of washes and dries. The same with its colors – they don’t tend to fade out after months of use. How can?

Based on such phenomenal performance, its affordable price is hard to believe. The only thing that those people who have bigger waist size should take note is its waistband might be a little bit tight at first, however, the more you wash it (with warm water), the softer and more comfortable it will be.

By the way, these Tagless Tartan Boxers include a fly front if that’s all what you’re concerning about.

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2. Gildan Men’s Boxer Shorts, Woven Multipack


View here

Talking about the boxers with emphasis on a perfect compromise of price and quality, Gildan deserves a formidable competitor of Hanes. Out of their countless lines, I prefer these Woven Undies the most for how perfectly they fit to my body without being too baggy in the behind. And also, for how stylish they look.

The cotton-polyester fabric might seem a little bit thicker than the Hanes, during the day my ultra-sensitive skin doesn’t leave any complaints about that. Conversely, it shows complete satisfaction on how cool and dry with lots of support received from the undies. That’s also the good news for those guys with muscular upper thighs.

Aside from the perfect fit, these undies also provide some more leg room than other brands to stay in place when you bend other or sit down. No pinch. No bunch. One of the things that I like the most about the Classic.

Just one thing you should take note is the sizing chart of Gildan runs small.

3. Fruit of the Loom Men’s Soft Stretch-Knit Boxer Multipack

View here

The best thing about Fruit of the Loom is their available sizing chart for big guys. The fitting is amazing! They don’t bunch up while the elastic waistband is soft and comfortable enough to leave no marks on my skin. I like the way it covers up with the same material as the boxers to avoid my waist from sweating.

A perfect choice to lounge around the house and to sleep since they don’t make me sweaty or feel hot like wearing the silk (especially in warm environment). On the other hand, these undies allow lots of breathability for me.

My guess is, the secret all lies in their special cotton fabric. It doesn’t feel like any other cotton kinds on the market, but more comfortable and softer as the material of high-quality t-shirts. As an added bonus, the front button fly plays its best in quick access when nature calls

Though the colors are assorted, they are all basic options to easily style with any outfits you have, which is fine for me.

4. Calvin Klein Boxers, Men’s Cotton Classics Multipack Knit Boxers

View here

In comparison, the Calvin Klein seems to fit looser than other counterparts on this list, however, it’s just enough on the crotch area as well as the legs to give me comfort without riding up or crawling up your ass all the live long day. If brand name is another of your concerns when purchasing this undie, their wider waistband with CK logo printed all around will completely satisfy your taste.

Conversely, if you focus more on its functionality, I guess its sturdy cotton fabric with ultra-comfortable leg openings will wow you. Particularly, the material is super soft and moisture absorption to suit for daily wearing, especially in hotter areas.

The elastic waistband gives a nice fit that I don’t feel like my waist is strangled as when wearing others. Though this pair of boxers is a little bit expensive side compared to some brands that I have tried, the superior quality makes it worth it.

5. ExOfficio Men’s Give-N-Go Boxer

View here

If you are in need of some boxers for travel during the summer to save you from unpleasant odor, I bet these USA-made ExOddicio might meet and exceed your expectation. It highlights the antimicrobial treatment to wick moisture and dried out quickly to keep you cool and dryish in the humidity. Now, you can kiss goodbye those moments of walking around with swamp butts.

The nylon-lycra spandex fabric mix also emphasizes with quick drying that you can easily wash them in a hotel sink and dry overnight to readily use on the next day of your trip. Less number of boxers needed will also cut weight of your packing significantly.

One last advantage of this material blend is its ultra-lightness and comfort to be perfectly your sleeping undies.

Take note that the boxers might be ride up due to how they fit to your body and whether you pick the true size or not. From my experience, you should go true size for the best fitting.

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6. SAXX Underwear Co. Men’s Kinetic Boxer

View here

My next suggestion is the Saxx Underwear, emphasizing its ballpark pouch to keep your package from sticking to your legs, no matter which activities you’re taking part in: running, working out, or hiking. Out of a bunch, the Saxx is arguably the most efficient to keep my stick and balls separately with comfort.

Its fabric is chosen wisely to be soft and quick at moisture wicking action to save your skin from getting damped or sweaty during workouts. At first, its stiff feel might make your skin a little bit unpleasant, after a couple of wash, it will get softer and more comfortable to wear. Without chafing, binding, or readjusting. In comparison to the Mack Weldon, Jockey, and Hanes these are in a league by themselves.

While providing comfort, the extraordinary inner panel works its best to secure your private parts in place. So, considering these as your sleeping undies or for daily office life is ideal.

So, for those people who think that the costliness of Saxx’s underwear is mostly from its brand name, a day with them will be enough to change your mind that their fitting, performance and quality are nothing short of spectacular. At least their money-back warranty will give you more confidence to give these a try.

7. Beverly Hills Polo Club Men’s 4 Pack Knit Boxer


View here

While the fabric mix is more and more popular on the underwear industry, finding a good pair that’s made out of 100% premium cotton seems like a difficult math. The Beverly Hills Polo Knit Boxers are just wonderful for both the price and quality.

It features all needed elements of a perfect pair of cotton boxers, including softness, comfort, and breathability. With a wide waistband with a button fly front for quick access when nature calls, and plus, no tag on the backside, these boxers become perfect to be worn around the house during the hot summer temp.

In comparison to other undies in the same price range, these feel great, don’t bunch up or ride up my legs and seem to hold up well despite how many washes it’s been through. Also, there are a lot of colors to choose from. Highly recommend!

8. Soft Bamboo Boxers for Men – Cool Comfortable, Breathable Mens Underwear – Boxer Shorts


View here

I’ve heard that the bamboo fiber boxers are neater so, I decided to pick these from Chill Boys. They are extraordinary with emphasis on super-soft texture I’ve ever felt, which I started to do more laundry just to keep wearing them. Blended with 10% spandex gives me a good fit for daily movements like exercising, working, or simply cleaning my house.

In comparison to cotton, the material of Chill Boys is really outstanding. It has the extreme softness of silk but way more naturally breathable and lightweight. Not to mention to its succession of the moisture wicking action from spandex to keep you dry all day. This partly helps you stay away from bad odor during a hard day of work or join in any outdoor activities.

Take note that these boxers fit loose with wide leg opening and generous room but don’t fret, they are still flexible and move with your body. Wide waistband is another bonus (don’t you like it?). It prevents aggravating roll efficiently while I don’t feel like I’m cutting circulation. The only annoying thing is their too heavy logo and, I also wish for more color options or patterns. However, those are just minor. Will buy again.

9. Jockey Boxers, Men’s Underwear Classic Full Cut – 4 Pack

View here

I don’t know why but nowadays, it’s getting harder to find a good pair of boxers with the all-covered waistband and full seat. That’s why these Jockey are so precious, at least to me! They are the best option for those guys who prefer the elastic that doesn’t leave skin marks rather than a tight fit.

Another strength of the Jockey Classic Full Cut Boxers is their reasonable fly front that’s not way too long or too short, too difficult to find when nature calls or too unpleasant around my package like that when I’m wearing of other brands (Like Croft % Barrow, for example).

I myself also like their material blend of cotton and polyester since they give me a most perfect fit ever. Hardly a pair of boxers that comes with up such satisfying coverage as well as room like Jockey that I can feel a good compromise of comfort and support. One worth-mentioning feature is their durability. Jockey is a famous brand that have been with me for years and I believe that there will be likely around for many more.

10. 2UNDR Men’s Swing Shift Boxers


View here

The best thing about the 2UNDR Men’s Swing Shift Boxers is their joey pouch. It follows the concept of keeping your man business separated from your thighs. Hence, no more peeling your junk from legs and no more itchiness. Since this special design takes care of your man parts in the right way, you will feel like there being cradled by the softest kinds of fabric.

It’s also elastic enough to fit my body just right with no issues with them bunching up or rolling down. Plus, very breathable. I also appreciate the fact that these men’s boxers aren’t as wrinkle as other brands. After several washes, they still hold up well in great shape, if not saying that the fabric seems to be softer and softer with the more you wash them.

But take note that if you’ve been sticking with the traditional undies for years, it might take you some time to get used to this new support and organizing. But trust me, after that, heaven is on your hand.

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11. Falari 4-Pack Men’s Boxer Underwear 100% Cotton Premium Quality

View here

I know that some people don’t prefer the too-lightweight-to-feel-nothing sense of boxers that gives a nerve of losing control. You don’t like to look down there and check if everything is alright, do you? I understand it, which is the reason I suggest these Falari boxers. They feature heavier weight cotton than most to give a solid feel down there.

Actually, I expected some shrinkage after the very first wash, however, it didn’t. The fabric not only stayed flat and nice, but also kept its shape pretty well. I also love the generousness in its proportions as well as the roomy butts to help me move around with ease.

About the sizing chart, I would say these go true size. However, if you are looking for sleep underwear, then pick one size up for looser fit. Take note that it won’t be as durable as other high-end boxers to stay intact during tons of wash, but I would say, within such this price range, it bangs for your bucks.

And, I also find it’s somehow convenient in those cases of picking the wrong size, either it’s too tight or too loose, just soak in hot or cold water for 30 minutes before a wash and the result is amazing.

12. STACY ADAMS Men’s Boxer Short

View here

Stacy Adams is another well-known underwear brand in this industry so, that would be a big omission if not listing them here. For the best out of a bunch, I pick these loose fit men’s boxer shorts. They are so delicate, I love the look and feel of them. But what’s more mentionable here is their waistband. It’s wide enough with good elasticity to stay in place when I sit down or bend over. *Speechless*

But because it’s stretchable an inch, make sure that you have carefully measured your hip before a pick.

As mentioned above, these boxers are loose fit and a bit baggy but they don’t cause the same old-school problem as other loose-fit underwear do – bunching up. My guess is the silky smoothness prevents them from that. But rest assured that they are very breathable to wear in the summer thanks to the moisture wicking action.

Besides, if you’re a person who loves a less confining leg of men’s silk boxers for the cold days under your sweats, this is worth a try.

13. Texere Men’s Boxer Shorts – Luxury Bamboo Viscose Underwear for Him (Sancus)

View here

Though the Texere isn’t as cost effective as those packs from Costco, I love them for two reasons.

First off, their elastic band are all covered by fabric that prevents the rubber from digging into my waist and leaving painful marks (As I’m a guy with sensitive skin). And second, these bamboo viscose-cotton boxers do be stretchy to fit just right to my body. Even though one-year lasting seems not a long run cycle in comparison to other costly underwear, think twice (!), for such affordable price, these are a steal.

The biggest benefit you will receive from this material mix is their advanced moisture absorption, odor resistance, and wicking action. Hence, it can keep you odor-free all day despite how much movement is made.

I will highly recommend these for those who prefer comfort and breathability rather than a tighter fit that keeps your man parts in place. And if you intend to find a new replacement for your Hathaway underwear, consider these. But remember to order one size bigger for the best fit.

14. Soft Comical Boxers for Men by LazyOne | Animal Pun Joke Underwear for Guys


View here

These funny boxers for men might be loved by many women to consider as an interesting present for their man in Christmas, Valentine, or birthday. But guys, don’t be afraid, these are made by LazyOne – a high-quality brand in the men’s underwear industry so despite the humor printing, they won’t sacrifice functionality.

They might be a little bit longer than other boxers, but strike back with wider leg openings and more room to ensure your best comfort when lounging around the house or sleeping. Crafted from pre-shrunk cotton, they also make you worry-free of shrinking issues. Instead, is a pampered feel.

The best thing is, they are machine washable to help your daily chores less and more convenient.

Aside from functionality, what I also like about LazyOne underwear is their Azo Free Dyes Technology to release non-toxic, clean-nature undies to men as well as his family. Hence, for the price, I feel it’s worthy! A perfect gift as men’s Christmas boxers.

III. Conclusion

To conclude this collection, I just want to message you that underwear is the first thing you put on and also the last thing you take off every day. Thus, kindly pay more attention when choosing and they will pay back to you of a solid, stylish and supportive outfit from the inside out.

I hope that my suggested models above helped you more or less to find out the best pairs. Thanks for reading!

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