Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Men’s Underwear

In the past, when it comes to underwear for men, we can master by just answering one and only one question: briefs or boxers, right? But up to now, there have been hundreds of types, kinds and designs with different fabrics and attributes. To know which one is the best men’s underwear for you, might you need a team of researchers.

Thus, in this article, I will give you the ultimate guide to choosing the best underwear for men as well as answer top underwear questions that we’re usually embarrassed to ask.

How to choose the best men’s underwear


I know that some of us usually choose underwear in a very small size to emphasize their front. However, it only causes discomfort, sometimes is painful. And if you keep wearing such tiny underwear in long time, it will cause fertility and health problems. Besides, too tight elastic waistband causes crashes and irritation.

On the contrary, if you wear too big underwear, some unsightly wrinkles will be showed in the outer clothes, which is aesthetic loss.

Like pants, underwear’s size depends on your waist circumstance. If you don’t have time to remeasure your waist, using your pants’ size is okay.

Below are underwear’s sizing charts:

Waist (inch) 28-30 32-34 36-38 40-42 44-46 48-50 52-54 56-58


Not only size, but also the fabric impacts greatly on comfort of the underwear. When choosing men underwear, you should consider which are soft, air flow, movement, warmth and support.

In general, there are two main kinds of underwear’s fabric: synthetic and natural materials. And each certain kind will fit well either physical activities or sleepwear. Sometimes, we do divide underwear into two kinds to put on in cold and warm weather due to the fabric.

Knowing a little bit about each kind of material as well as their consideration will help you choose the best men’s underwear for particular demands.

Material Considerations
Wool There are different degrees of quality when it comes to this natural material. While the low grades cause excessive sweating and itchiness to users, the high quality is soft, breathable and warm.

Thus, they are usually used as thermal underwear or in the winter.

Flannel This is an interesting combination of synthetic fiber, cotton and wool. They are soft but not durable and strong. In fact, flannel underwear is easily torn and has holes over time.

They are usually used as loungewear and thermal underwear.

Cotton They are natural material, like wool. Cotton is the most comfortable and softest. Different weaves provide air flow in hot days and warmth in cold days.
Silk This is a luxury material and often used for boxers. They are soft but easy to get stains and can’t stand moisture. Thus, many manufacturers usually use an alternative material imitating silk (usually is synthetic fibers) to make more durable underwear with stylish designs.
Spandex This is a synthetic material and usually used as athletic underwear because it can stand strong movements and have high flexibility. However, as they are usually used for athletics. They can’t trap odor or sweat.
Nylon This is a synthetic and stretchy material. Nylon is silky, long lasting and creates sexy feeling. Thus, nylon is usually used to make sexy kinds of mens underwear like thongs, bikini and boxer briefs.


There are a lot of mens underwear brands offering various styles, types and designs with different fabrics, features and cuts. Some concentrate on the comfort while the others cater to the latest trends in underwear fashion. Usually, a particular brand will give you the perfect fit that no others can. Thus, to find out the best men’s underwear fitting properly, let’s try a few different brands.

Some famous names you can consult are Hanes, Fruit, Calvin Klein, Tommy, etc.


Last but not least, it is type. Choosing a mens underwear type is not only based on your favorite, but also due to your body shape.


If you are not a kind of guys who like to wear underwear sitting snug against your skin, but the one offering maximum breathability, go for some boxers. In turn, this type won’t support much down there.

In the past, boxers were usually for teens with elasticated waist, baggy cut and bunched. These days, alongside such traditional versions, many designers have redesigned them with stretch waistband, slimmer and shorter-cut options. From that point, those new versions are suitable for men with thin thighs.

On the contrary, for guys with muscular legs, they might not a wise choice because the crotch’s low cut will be tricky while you are walking. And if you wear with trousers, the down there can’t sweat. More seriously, it is potentially painful.

However, because of high breathability, you can use them as sleepwear. Go for a 100% cotton boxer made of solid pattern or cool fabric with tailored and trim waistband and you won’t regret it.


Forget those old-version briefs that your mom bought when you were young. Briefs has had a big revolution for its design and up to now, they are much sexier and stereotype-breaking. Due to its shape, you can guess why Cristiano Ronaldo or David Beckham worn it in campaigns. Briefs are an ideal choice for men with thick thigns.

This type is also good for short-leg guys because it will expose your legs more, which makes they look longer and you, of course, seem to be taller.

Besides, if you tend to choose briefs as your casual wear, go for a 100% cotton. On the contrary, a brief with technical material is perfect for your workouts or athletics as they help to wick your sweat away. And keep in mind that how fit of the brief on you depend on the cut leg holes at particular angles.

For example, if you are a man with small butts, a brief with slimmer material’s section underneath the waistband will fit well on you. On the contrary, a big-butt guy should look for a brief with more material at the back of the pants.

However, say “no” to man-man fibers if you don’t want to get a rash in your down there.

Boxer briefs

Its name says everything! This is a lovechild of briefs and boxers. This type is considered as the most versatile because it still offers all the support of briefs but also not as revealing as them thanks. We can say that it fits most of men’s shapes from mid to low thighs and the truth is, nowadays, it is a go-to trend of gentlemen.

Especially for guys with more to store back there, boxer briefs overcome the drawback of briefs of covering such big butts. With the fabric sitting snug against your skin stretching over the legs, they give the ideal halfway house.

Boxer briefs usually have a button fly, which means that it becomes another favorite underwear for thick thigh guys, alongside briefs. Besides, the fabric added between your legs will prevent chafing or rubbing. However, if you tend to choose such kind of boxer brief, be wise to choose the best pair. Choose a boxer brief with longer length, but to avoid it bunching up after you put on your trousers, make sure it’s not too tight.

In a word, boxer briefs are suitable for guys with larger posterior and tall men.


This is the latest style of this list, which fits well on slimmer men with mid – to upper-thigh or those who are gym-honed. Guys with thicker thighs may find them rolling up while walking, which is unpleasant.

In literally, they are the shorter version of boxer briefs. They become famous alongside the growth of the super skinny trousers over a past few years.

Some designs are flat-fronted while some have keyhole fly. Sometimes, a few models have an extra pouch at the front to add some more enhancement and support.

My recommendations:


Hanes Men’s FreshIQ Tagless Tartan Boxers with Exposed Waistband (5 Pack and 10 Pack)

View here

This Hanes underwear comes with two set including 5 packs and 10 packs so that if you are looking for a day-to-day wearing underwear with reasonable price, go for this one. The materials are 45% polyester and 55% cotton, which makes you feel the most comfort in any season. For example, feeling cool in the summer and warm in the winter thanks to the cotton while polyester helps to wick moisture away from your body fast and dry quickly as well.

Besides, these boxers also have fresh IQ advanced odor protection technology that blocks odor bacteria and bad smell to help you feel fresh all day. Even though they are boxer, the traditional fly front and roomier cut will fit you well in addition to the waistband which are soft, flexible and stretchable to keep its shape well after machine wash.

Lastly, tag-free feature helps to save your skin from itchiness and scratches.


  • Durable and comfortable
  • Wick sweat away well
  • Can block odor and bad smell
  • Soft, flexible and stretchable
  • Fit well
  • Tag free for itch-free comfort


  • Less color options
  • The fabric is thin

Saxx Men’s Vibe Modern Fit Boxer

View here

If you are mad enough with those weak and easily worn-out underwear, go for these Saxx. Thanks to the materials of spandex and viscose, the fiber will go with every movement of your body and won’t be likely to tear while you play sport or enjoy outdoor activities.

Of course, you can wash them with machine without deforming or wearing out quickly. And if you wash them in cold days or winter, don’t fret, they will not be shrinkage. They are also soft, breathable and comfortable enough to keep you feel good all day.

The feature that impresses me the most is the crotch pocket. It must be a nice innovation.


  • Durable, strong, flexible but comfortable and soft enough
  • Machine wash
  • Won’t be shrinkage if you wash them in the winter
  • Breathable to feel dry and comfortable all day
  • Amazing crotch pocket


  • You should choose a size down to get the best fit

Hanes Red Label Men’s 5-Pack FreshIQ Exposed-Waistband Knit Boxers , Assorted.

View here

Hanes is always my choice if I want to have some casual underwear because of the reasonable price and good quality. As usually, they are 100% cotton made and washed by machine. This hanes underwear only provides 5-pack set with 5 different colors. Each one has button fly, repeating logo and elastic waistband. I like the waistband because it goes with every of my movements flexibly and comfortably.

The size chart is various, from small to 5x-large so that even big guys can have one set to add to their wardrobe.

They also have the advanced odor protection technology which helps to prevent bacteria and odor to keep the down there fresh all day.

From those points, I think this Hanes Red Label is the best mens underwear for loungewear or day-to-day dressing. It’s perfect, I’m sure!


  • Reasonable price
  • Comfortable and flexible with button fly and great waistband
  • Suitable for casual wear
  • Various sizes
  • Have advanced odor protection technology
  • 100% cotton which is comfortable and soft


  • Less color options
  • The color is not as right as on the image

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Calvin Klein Men’s Underwear 4 Pack Cotton Classics Briefs, Black, Small

View here

Talking about Calvin Klein, you’ll always be satisfied with their nice color options and fashionable designs. These sets come with 4 packs which is totally made of 100% breathable and soft cotton to offer the best comfort during the day. The fabric doesn’t go cheap so that in comparison with the price range, I think they are worth it.

Each pack has elastic waistband, front fly, repeating logo and they are available in assorted colors. And there’s one thing which I really love is the sizing chart. Although, it is a little bit limited, just from small to x-large so that those who are a little bit chubby or have thick thighs should consider other brands, their measurement is exactly so that you don’t worry to either choose size smaller or bigger any longer.

If you want to try some mens underwear in a higher level to get more confidence, I think CK is the best choice.


  • Fashionable design and beautiful colors
  • Various sets
  • The fabric is soft, comfortable and high quality
  • Exact sizing chart
  • Machine wash


  • Limited sizes

Fruit of the Loom Men’s Sport Brief

View here

Fruit of the loom mens sport brief comes in three sets, one of which has 5 packs with various colors. These briefs have no front button fly but a brand logo in the front. They are all made of 100% breathable and super soft cotton so that for those guys who have sensitive skin, I think this is a perfect choice. Plus, the waistband is soft and fitted enough to create smooth feeling to the skin.

These cotton briefs are cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They also absorb sweat well. Thus, you will feel dry and fresh all day. In my opinion, these sets are suitable for day-to-day wearing because the price is very reasonable but the quality is acceptable. You can wash them with machine as well without worrying about deforming or easily wearing out.

However, one thing I should notice you when it comes to Fruit underwear is that you should go for a size down and wash them at least once with warm water to get the best fit. Or if you choose a set that bigger than your usual size, don’t worry, just wash them with cold water for a few times, you will have the best fit underwear.


  • Cheap price but good quality
  • You can wash them with machine
  • Various colors to meet any preference
  • The fabric is soft, comfortable and breathable
  • They can absorb sweat well
  • Opt for even the most sensitive skin


  • No fly in the front makes it a little bit snug, I think
  • Should go for a size smaller to have the best fit

Hanes Men’s ComfortSoft Briefs, 7-Pack

View here

If you want to go back to those childhood days, try these briefs

Boxer briefs

Hanes Men’s 5-Pack Ultimate FreshIQ Boxer with ComfortFlex Waistband Brief – Assorted Colors

View here

Hanes mens’ boxer briefs have 13 sets. Each set include 5 packs with different colors. There are two kinds: heathers which are made of cotton and polyester, and solids made of 100% cotton. The materials are quite good, very soft and comfortable. I think they are okay even with the most sensitive skin. You can wash them with washing machine without worrying about deforming thanks to the comfort flex waistband.

If you have thick thighs and your old underwear usually rides up after a while wearing, these boxer briefs will ease your mind with great leg bands. Besides, these Hanes also have functional fly and no tag to prevent itchiness.


  • Provide various color options and sets
  • Help you feel warm in the winter and cool in the summer
  • Friendly to skin, even the most sensitive
  • Machine wash with good waistband to prevent deforming
  • Leg bands won’t ride up
  • Tag free for the most comfort


  • The size chart is not exact. You should go for a size smaller.

Exofficio Men’s Give-N-Go Boxer Brief

View here

This is a mid-range price underwear so that if you are looking for a nice design boxer brief with good quality, give them a try. These Exofficio Men’s Give-N-Go Boxer Briefs are made of 94% nylon and 6% Spandex, which means that they wick moisture from your body away very well and feel cool as well as comfortable all day long because of their great breathability. They are also durable, strong and flexible with your movements so that those who are athletics or usually play sports should consider them.

Besides, they also have antimicrobial treatment which helps you to feel fresh all day without bad smell or odor. The waistband is comfortable enough to make you feel good through a day as well as strong enough to keep their shape. Besides, if you consider to which underwear to bring on your holiday, take these because they are very easy to take care of.

In a word, these Exofficio underwear is suitable for active guys who play sport or take part in outdoor activities often like camping, hiking, etc. In reality, they are practical choice because they are a little bit more accommodating and a bit more comfortable.


  • Nice design with many colors
  • Good waistband
  • Wick moisture away quickly
  • Easy to take care of and wash
  • Well breathable
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Can be worn for playing sports


  • A little bit expensive but it’s actually worth it
  • The front is a bit baggy

Calvin Klein Men’s Underwear 3 Pack Cotton Stretch Boxer Briefs

View here

Calvin Klein never disappoints me about their designs and colors, very various and fashionable. I love all of them. There are totally 21 sets including three packs with different colors and prices. Sizing chart offers from small to x-large. The materials are 5% elastane and 95% cotton, which helps you feel cool on hot days and vice versa.

Besides, they have functional fly, elastic waistband and brand logo on the waistband. These pull-on closures can be washed by washing machine without worrying about destroying their form thanks to the stretch fabrication.


  • Nice design and color, creating confident
  • Comfortable for day-to-day wearing
  • Machine wash
  • Have stretch fabrication


  • A little baggy at the butt and crotch area
  • You should go for a size smaller and wash them once before use to have the best fit.


Calvin Klein Men’s Underwear 3 Pack Cotton Stretch Low Rise Trunks

View here

I think when you choose CK to add to your wardrobe, at least you will find one of your favorites there because they offer a wide range of color and design, not except these trunks. There are various color options from the bright to dark shades to meet any needs.

The materials are 8% elastane and 92% modal which creates luxurious look soft feeling. Created with sexy and sophisticated style with body-defining fit to sitting snug against your skin, I think these are perfect to increase your confidence in special occasions.

The fabric is durable and strong enough to be washed by washing machine without wearing out or being likely to tear. And these CK trunks have much stretch as well so that it goes with every movement of my body flexibly. In my personal opinion, in comparison with boxer brief of the same brand, I think these trunks are more comfortable and fit best against my legs. That’s also the reason why they become my everyday underwear.


  • Wide range of colors and designs
  • Soft, breathable and comfortable fiber
  • Create luxurious look for confidence
  • Very sexy and nice
  • Machine wash
  • Durable and flexible fabric


  • So pricey

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David Archy Men’s 3/4 Pack Micro Modal Low Rise Trunks

View here

These imported David Archy Trunks are made of spandex and micromodal, which means they opt for active guys or athletics who usually play sports and join outdoor activities because the fabric is flexible to give you freedom of every movement without riding up. Besides, they are also strong and durable enough to not wear out or tear. You can wash them with washing machine.

I must give compliment for the innovative design. Instead of many other styles, many of us choose to put on underwear in too small size to emphasize the front, these trunks can create a sexier look with contour pouch offering the most support but still comfort. The fiber is cool against the skin, so, I really like to wear them in the summer or on hot days, very dry and pleasure.

However, there’s one thing you should bear on mind before choosing these trunks. The manufacturer offers two kinds of version: one in 4 packs and one in 3 packs with longer length. In addition, based on different shipment batch to the Amazon Warehouse, you will receive randomly products either with or without brand label.


  • Suitable for taking part in outdoor activities or playing sport
  • Very flexible, breathable, soft, smooth and durable
  • Cool against the skin
  • Machine wash
  • Innovative design with contour pouch
  • Reasonable price


  • Tag makes my skin a little bit itchy. Guys with sensitive skin should think again.

adidas Men’s Sport Performance Climalite Trunk Underwear (2-Pack)

View here

There are 5 sets, each of which has two packs with different colors. I think if you are green addicted and want some mens underwear for fashionable purpose, go for the semi solar slime set, they are really impressive. The size chart of Adidas mens sport performance climate trunk is literally basic, from small to x-large so that adidas underwear might be not a consideration of those big guys.

They are made of 9% spandex and 91% polyester, which is super lightweight and can wick sweat away from your body quickly. It is the best mens athletic underwear. The form is sitting snug against your skin so that they fit ergonomically. Besides, climate fabric gives great breathability, ventilation as well as moisture management.

Last but not least, these trunks are tag less, which means you won’t be itchy or get scratches while putting them on.


  • One huge pro of these Adidas trunks is the cheap price
  • Material is suitable for athletics or active guys
  • Breathable and comfortable fabric
  • Various set with many color
  • Lightweight and can wick moisture away
  • Ergonomic fit
  • Tag less


  • The material is a little bit thin
  • Not provide super big sizes

Top questions about underwear that you’re usually embarrassed to ask

How often do I wash my underwear?

I’m really surprised that many of us ask this question because the answer is super easy – when it’s dirty. Even if you are living a desk – job life, after a day wearing, your underwear will become uncomfortable and need to be replaced. That is not mentioned in active days when you do strenuous gym session or join some physical sports, you sweat pretty much. In such cases, your underwear will absorb moisture from your body and start to smell. Thus, practice wash them after each wear and good hygiene is a good habit.

Which style is the best?

The most popular choices are boxers, briefs, boxer briefs and trunks. Never go for a commando, please! However, to point out which is the best underwear style is a subjective answer as it depends on your personal favorite and your body shape.

In my opinion, I like boxer briefs because as I said, they are the lovechild of briefs and boxers, which means they are a mix of all pros from both styles. For examples, they are comfortable but still sitting snug against my skin; not as revealing as briefs but still sexy and covering greatly.

Besides, it is also based on which style of the outer clothing you intend to wear, like boxers for loose trousers and briefs for skinny jeans or tight pants.

Which fabric is the best for mens underwear?

Again, this is a subjective answer because it dues to many elements like how sensitive of your skin, which purpose you wear it for or the weather. For example, if you have sensitive skin, I would recommend you to use cotton underwear because they are soft and very comfortable. Depend on particular production, they can keep you cool in the summer and stay warm in the winter.

On the other hand, if you are an active man who usually participate in physical activities, go for spandex mixing with cotton underwear to increase their durability and flexibility. For those guys who want some fashionable and luxurious underwear, give the silk or nylon a try. It’s worth it!

When is the time to throw away my underwear?

Good question! Never keep your underwear until it shreds in your washing machine. And never donate your old underwear. Bear in mind this rule of thumb, men should replace his underwear at least once a year.

Begin with those faded, saggy and jaded underwear. Next are the ones with visible stain or holes in them. Underwear with loose elastic waistband should be also replaced and the lastly, for those underwear that doesn’t fit your body shape anymore because of you gaining or losing weight should be thrown away. Don’t keep hoping that one day, they will be fitted if you return to your original body shape.

Should I go for specialty underwear?

You can try the specialty underwear but never put on a too-small size for the purpose of emphasizing the front to impress your surrounding girls. It will end up the maximum discomfort and itchiness. In serious cases, it might cause some health problems.

If you intend to get some specialty underwear, here are some advice:

  • Package separator
  • Posterior enhancers
  • Compression

Women and girls find mens glutes are the 2rd sexiest parts on the body so that if you don’t have butts, think about underwear that can support the back well to make your glutes seem fuller.

Above are all about underwear. Which parts are useful for you the most? I hope that through this article, I have given you some interesting and helpful information so that you can choose the best mens underwear for your wardrobe.


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