20 Best Boxer Briefs for Men – Comfortable Underwear [Updated 2019]

Boxer briefs are one of the best men’s underwear types ever made that go between the coverage of a boxer and the support of a brief. That’s also the reason I highly recommend you to freshen up that must-have in your dresser.

In this collection, I’ve rounded up the cream-of-the-top boxer briefs for men after comparing models from more than 30 brands out there. They are considered the most durable and comfortable on the market for comfortable everyday wear.

So, let’s take a scroll through my list and see what you’ve been missing out!

I. 20 Best Boxers Briefs for Men This Year

1. Hanes Men’s ComfortFlex Waistband Boxer Brief


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Start off with the Hanes Men’s ComfortFlex Boxer Brief. To be honest, if I only could choose one undie brand to stick my life with, it’s Hanes. Their products always impressively have a perfect combination between affordable price and high quality, which the highlight seems to mostly lie on their fabric.

It’s a unique cotton-polyester blend that not only hugs my body nicely without feeling restrictive but is also machine washable (despite its thinner feel).

And after tossing it to your washing machine, smashing the gentle cycle setting button, you’re worry free of the result afterward. Unlike other same-price boxer briefs, this Hanes’ isn’t easily loosened down after a couple of washes. In other words, its superior durability never disappoints me.

I also appreciate construction of the ComfortFlex. It doesn’t feature as a pronounced cup as the Sport-Inspired FreshIQ or the Ultimate of Hane, but is much flatter to draw less attention to down there.

Its longer inseam is another feature that I figure out recently. While the Saxx’s is usually within 4-5 inches, Hane’s boxer brief features up to 6” inseam, which is a perfect choice for taller people with longer legs. Despite of that, it barely rides up or pull my leg hair as usual.

Another mentionable feature is its soft waistband with tag-free. If your skin is sensitive, these two features will make it the best choice for you because of no itchiness and no scratches appeared. It’s super soft, breathable and skin mark free.

Just one thing to take note is the size. I don’t know why but Hanes’s underwear seems to be smaller and smaller with time. For the best fit, I highly recommend going 2 size up.

2. Hanes Boxer Brief, Boys’ X-Temp Performance Cool Dyed 6-Pack


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Joining some outdoor activities is always interesting, but the sweat mark left on unasked areas of your body is never. That moment is even more embarrassing if you’re sweating excessive. So, to get you rid of such those shy moments and fuel your convenience, the Hanes Boys’ X-Temp Boxer Briefs are exactly what you should look for.

The most outstanding feature here is its 100% high-quality polyester fabric. Two biggest advantages of this material kind are:

First, the best fit to your lower part on every move. No matter it’s hiking, jogging, or climbing, standing, running, or sitting down, its specialized construction is always supportive to avoid numbing your legs.

And second, is its decent wicking moisture ability… Plus, the X-temp technology (which is also the biggest selling point of this product) emphasizes its adaption of your temperature and activities, keeping you dry and cool all day long.

What if it’s a many-day survival trip? No problem! Packing 2-3 pieces is enough to use because you can wash your undies and leave them to dry overnight. It’s low-maintenance and dried out fast. Or, on daily life, just toss it to your washing machine and let the rest be done with your hands free.

3. Calvin Klein Men’s Boxer Briefs, Cotton Classics Multipack

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Let’s be honest, having Calvin Klein on my waistband looks pretty better – the kind of sexy that upon putting them on, I feel like I’m no different from a CK model. Its material is what I’d like to talk about the most. Since crafted from 100% high-end cotton, the Classics are incredibly soft and ventilated that my “belongings” can breathe.

These cotton boxer briefs for men are also designated the most comfortable of international travel that I can sit on an airplane for 13-14 hours at a time without feeling sweaty or stuffy.

As for the supportive fit, CK’s undies don’t ten to deliver as much freedom of movement as the Fruit of Looms do, but are way more supportive. Hence, the thighs, waist, and rear always fit just right without riding up when exercising. Even over repeated washing and drying, it still holds up well with minimal shrinking or fading. In general, no signs of wears.

And, in comparison to the price when directly purchasing at Sax, mall or something, this pack of three is a steal. Worth every penny!

4. Calvin Klein Boxer Briefs, Modal Ultra Soft – 3 Pack

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I bet nothing will be as annoying as a pair of undies that ride up all the time as well as becomes looser after a couple of wash, right? But with these, what you’re going to get is full support and comfort as what you’ve come to expect from Calvin Klein.

Crafted from modal-elastane fabric, these bad boys fit like a dream. They are stretchy enough to hug bigger thighs without riding up or bunching like other branded undies do. In comparison, they are so much softer and lighter than the cotton that I feel like I’m barely wearing anything at all. On the other hand, unlike the polyester that enhances scents, this new blended fabric doesn’t.

In terms of the support, these undies don’t cut off blood to my “private area” or legs when sitting on the plane for hours. They even give me more room in the front rather than the traditional boxer brief can do, which I appreciate the most.

Take note that these boxer briefs have no fly if that matters to you.

5. Jockey Men’s Boxer Brief, 3 Pack Classic Underwear

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With these Jockey Classic Boxer Briefs, you won’t be disappointed by how phenomenal performance of its length, fit, and feel. The premium cotton fabric is super soft with excellent quality. It does give a smooth feel that you’re like cuddled and the elastic waistband shows its perfect compromise of comfort and strength to fit to your body without leaving skin mark or riding down.

In comparison to the Hanes or Fruit of Looms, I consider the Jockey performs a bit better. And from my point of view, they can release some other lines made of “new” fabric that they want BUT I can bet my life for it – there’s nothing can compare to the feel of this cotton.

Like CK Classic Boxer Briefs, these Jockey are machine washable and they also quickly dry out due to the thinner material. But rest assured that your waist doesn’t stretch out of shape. Even after a lot of washing, the elastic band doesn’t disintegrate. Wonderful!

As Jockey’s underwear is getting harder to find, this three-pack set pricing under $53 is like a fortune to me. If you’re also a Jockey man, don’t miss out this great deal.

6. Fruit of the Loom Men’s Cotton Stretch Boxer Brief Low Rise Trunk


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As always, the Fruit of the Loom is always a great look with a great fit. I myself like the fabric composition like crazy – it’s cotton-spandex combination to give an incredibly comfortable feel. Very soft and smooth!

Different from other brands mentioned above, these low-rise boxer briefs contour boldly your round firm buttocks and package, which might make your partner go crazy. On the other hand, it does add some extra space in front so I don’t get bunched up while running, sitting, and working.

Though the fabric around the leg openings is looser than other branded boxer briefs, which ends up with a bit bunching up, there’s a less material with the short inseam. Hence, I find it’s just a minor weakness. In turns, appreciate that it doesn’t come with a tag.

Overall, if you’re not a fan of bikinis, and don’t do long-leg boxers either, this pack might fit just right for your preference.

7. EYUSHIJIA Men’s 4 Pack Comfortable Bamboo Fiber Modal Boxer Briefs


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For a more comfortable hiking trip or whichever outdoor activities you take part in, choosing a pair of boxer brief that features a dual pouch design like the Eyushijia is worth considering. It’s like a perfect combination of a pair of boxer briefs and a pair of boxers with emphasis on the separate pouch for your penis and testicle.

Can’t deny that for the first time, it might feel a bit strange and weird, but you will quickly get used to and start enjoying the decent comfort. Both the seams and bamboo fiber are super soft that makes you feel like not wearing any undie at all.

Though the Eyushijia boxer briefs with pouch includes a tag on the inside of its waistband, it’s strikingly soft to cause no itchiness or scratches on my skin. Very satisfied! And if you pick the right size (just go true size), it fits well with no riding up or bunching up at all.

Only one notice is that you should wash these in warm water with gentle cycle setting to ensure all seams and colors stay intact.

8. KEFITEVD Cotton Long Leg Men’s Boxer Briefs, No Ride up Performance


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If your preference is a pair of boxer briefs featuring an athletic fit and a good waistband to keep up your undies where they belong, the Kefitevd Long-Leg is exactly what you are looking for. They fit like a glove without snug and hug bigger thighs comfortably like a dream. Importantly, no riding up!

Like most of other undies in this list, material of the Kefitevd is a mix of cotton and spandex. So, it inherits all strengths of these two fabric kinds – super smooth, soft, breathable, and comfortable. Plus, no tag at all!

Actually, I was a little bit afraid of the different sizing convention but thanks GOD, it was spot on so I just needed to follow that and picked mine. In general, you have to size up for the best fit but the result afterward is amazing.

Love the extra length in the legs that helps to keep “ball chafe” and “thigh rub” at bay without overdosing baby powder or lotion. On the other hand, they are short enough to wear to the gym without looking like you’re putting on yoga pants.

9. Champion Men’s Tech Performance Long Boxer Brief, Pack of 2


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Due to the polyester-spandex fabric combination, the legs of these Champion’s boxer briefs stay in place with comfort when you put them on under shorts/jeans/etc. I wear them to train in, to hike and even under regular pants when I’m on the mountains. They neither ride up nor wear out like other brands that I’ve tried. And as the result, I don’t need to “readjust” as usual.

Another big bonus of this new fabric is no problems with odor or sweat despite a bit difference of wicking moisture instead of absorbing them. Such a pleasant surprise!

For the most outstanding feature, I consider the pee hatch that works as a port for peeing – good to wear them all day, every day. If you’re an active guy like me who have to travel a lot during the day, finding something that fits comfortably and you don’t have to think much about them is really a perfect thing.

In comparison to the Under Armour, I find no difference in performance between two brands. The price of these Champion is even cheaper to fit nicely any tight budget.

10. Men’s Silk Boxer Briefs Stretch Breathable Underwear Pack Health to Wear

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If you have large quads from doing the gym and keep finding for the best boxer briefs that don’t ride up your crotch, the Yukaichen fits perfectly the bill. They feel no different from basic panties in men’s sizes that’s like I’m wearing nothing.

Though they come in different sizing chart, the instruction is good to follow. Basically, you just need to go 2-3 sizes up for the best fit. Such as my case, I normally order the US medium size, but these are 2XL.

In turns, the nylon-spandex combination fits just right to my package, butts, and legs to avoid bunching up or squeezing my private area. Hence, a perfect option for outdoor activities like running, jogging, hiking, or simply going to the gym.

The best thing is despite of their extra comfort, lightness, and smoothness, these undies come up with a perfect level of support. Plus, they dry out quickly that I occasionally wash them for the 1st half of my shower, then hang them overnight to dry. Easy peasy Japanese!

11. Cat Riding A Unicorn Boxer Briefs


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Trust me, these funny boxer briefs will make you at least 50% more appealing to your partner’s eyes. The magic of the print can’t be underestimated. It’s washed well and stays true after a couple of washes.

In terms of functionality, beyond my initial expectation, it’s really comfortable due to the smooth, soft silky texture. Actually, it’s a mix of spandex and polyester, which feels similar to bathing suit material. I myself like the way it fits to my waist, leaving less skin marks and the looser legs for comfort to wear around my house.

I bet this pair of cat boxer briefs will make ladies go crazy because of its cuteness while men we still feel comfortable and breathable. Win-win! Considering it as a birthday present for your partner is quite an interesting surprise for him. Let try!

Ah, I almost forgot: Remember to go 1-2 size up for the best fit because these undies run a little bit small, at least in my standard.

12. YKC Jinshi Men’s Underwear Bamboo Boxer Briefs Short Leg

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The second pair of low-rise boxer briefs in this collection and if you never try one before, I highly recommend you to. When you get acquainted to the way it fits just under your pants waistband, it’s good to realize that there is no irritating double fabric under your belt anymore.

The high-quality bamboo fiber-lycra spandex fabric is durable enough for those guys who are too lazy to hand wash. They hold up well with no sign of wears or shrinkage. Three other outstanding specs (that I have realized in these boxer briefs that are superior than other pairs that I’ve tried) are lightness, thinness, and breathability. So, it fits like a dream and keeps my private are dry all day.

With tag-less, it’s definitely the most comfortable undies for me up to now. The pouch hugs nicely an average manhood. But take note that since this is Asian sizing, go one size up for the best fit.

13. Tommy John Men’s & Boys’ Comfortable Underwear Cool Cotton Boxer Brief

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I’d like to tell you – This is the greatest drawers in my life. You know it, the most concerning thing when nature calls us is how quick access of your undies. And the Tommy John Boxer Brief works well on that thanks to the horizontal fly design.

For roughly $40, everything about the underwear is just perfect that you can’t deny how worthy of it. The most mentionable feature is its ultra-comfortable contoured pouch that saves you from such embarrassing moments of “re-adjustment”. That’s also the reason now, they are my most favorite pick for daily office life. Never think that the combination of pima cotton and spandex would give such this wonderful feel.

Not to mention that the fabric is really thin, so even though they’re tight fitting, there’s no inconvenience at all. Your boys are still comfortable, dry, and cool while your legs aren’t chafing anymore. Hence, expensive but I love them!

14. Terra Cotton Men’s Boxer Brief Underwear Lycra Stretch Trunks Temp 3 Pack

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The old-school fabric combination: Cotton & Lycra, but can’t deny that its result never disappoints me. In the men’s underwear industry, I guess this mix is the best out of a bunch for heat resistance, moisture absorption, and bacteria prevention.

The Lycra waistband plays its role the best in offering exceptional comfort, superb fitting, and lightweight while doesn’t ride up or bunch like other boxer briefs usually do.

It is thick as well so, no matter how much I move up and down, the boxer briefs stay in place. Same with the leg openings, they go nowhere over the course of the day. It’s a big thank you to the good-quality 95% cotton with a secure. It’s more versatile than other counterparts to join with you in whichever occasions, from daily life to athletic wear.

Just remember that when machine washing these, choose tumble dry low and low-heat iron to prevent them from shrinkage.

15. Under Armour Men’s HeatGear 6” Boxerjock 2 Pack

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Under Armour is usually thought as a good choice for the wealthy guys who want to impress people. However, you’ll be amazed by how extreme functionality of the Men’s HeatGear BoxerJocks, especially if you’re a sweating excessive person. Do you usually have jock itch but can’t do anything to help during a run or exercise? Do you have swamp-ass just sitting around doing nothing at all?

You really need these! The polyester-elastane fabric mix will give you a whole different feel from that of wearing cotton boxer briefs when you do the gym or take exercises. It’s like comparing Earth and Heaven. But make clear that I don’t mean cotton is a bad fabric, it’s just not suitable for activities.

Let me explain! The cotton, after soaking up your moisture, it will just bind up while you keep sweating because of exercising, which takes forever to dry. Conversely, the polyester-elastane fabric will wick it away then, dry out quickly. This process is repeated to keep your crotch area breathable and cool after hours of running or exercising.

On top of that, its good support for your gentleman part is worthily appreciated that you hardly notice they are there. Even though this line comes in a back tag. It’s thin and soft to cause no discomfort at all. So, no remorse!

16. Saxx Men’s Ultra Boxer Brief

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I guess Saxx will be in the top list of many people when choosing for high-quality boxer briefs. It’s good right out of the box as well as backed by a great support team. Between these and a cheap pair, there’s always a noticeable difference. It lies in how you feel wearing them and also how they feel.

They add on the wicking aspect with emphasis on comfortable waistband, perfect fit, and fantastic support, what more could I ask for? But in fact, you also get a quick-access fly featuring a contoured pouch for extra room as well. This is important when you intend to use them for running or exercising since they give no irritation. These boxer briefs are so perfect to keep my equipment in place and plus, no feel of compression.

Might the price of these be a bit higher than other brands, for the ultra-comfort, I’ll pay! If you have ever felt the hot, steamy summer when riding from Mexico at the end of March, you will understand the reason why. This pair of boxer brief is no different from my life saver.

Overall, if you want to contemplate trying premium men’s underwear, do yourself a favor and pick just one pair of these. You won’t regret it!

17. PUMA Men’s 3 Pack Tech Boxer Brief

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The PUMA Tech Boxer Brief comes in the best price for comfort and quality. Unlike almost other counterparts in this affordable price range that the fit is usually bad, this pair isn’t. It takes care of my jewels pretty well, keeping them dry and cool even though at many days, I have to be out working in the humidity/heat.

The underwear highlights with outstanding moisture wicking technology to cause no chaffing or irritation at all. Instead, is a superior comfort and coolness. If you’re wondering about material, it’s a blend of 85% polyester and 15% spandex. In comparison to the cotton, this is much thinner, excepting for the waistband. This area is thick and fitting tightly to avoid riding up or bunching as expected. It strikes back with smooth and soft material so, I don’t feel uncomfortable at all.

The only gripe I have with these PUMA is the loud orange brand name printed on the waistband. It’s a preference issue! Mine is more about a quiet and sleek design with a solid band.

18. Lacoste Men’s 2-Pack Cotton Stretch Boxer Brief

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The next pick in this collection is a pair of boxer brief from Lacoste that features about one or two inches longer than their normal trunks and that I find myself smitten for after the very first try. If you’ve never heard of Lacoste, I’m glad that finally you have because this is not only a worldwide well-known brand, but their products are also worth every penny of yours.

But, paying for the name brand and making it as a great gift doesn’t seem bad at all. Here, I’d like to discuss more about its functionality, about how well this pair can hold up after tons of washes and how wonderful fit to my body. That’s a big thank you to the cotton-spandex mix.

This is a versatile material combination to bring you joy, comfort, and support through every move. Such a perfect pick for jogging, running, hiking, or simply spending your day at work, sitting for hours with no stuffy, damped or itchy feel at all. I personally appreciate the front pouch. It’s great beyond my expectation to support, to fit but not way too snugly.

19. ExOfficio Give-n-go Boxer Brief

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Hands down the best underwear in existence.

What I love the most about these Exofficio’s undies is their antimicrobial treatment to help me efficiently eliminate bad smell in fabric as well as keep me feeling fresh till the end of the day. Its combination of lycra spandex and nylon actually brings me lots of benefits, from superb durability, extra comfort, low maintenance to breathability and stretching. Everything is just perfect that I feel the price is too affordable to be true.

They are also one of rare undies that don’t cause chafing on my legs. And obviously, very generous in support and room for my package. The only thing that I wish this pair didn’t have is its tag. Might be because of my sensitive skin, I don’t feel really comfortable when wearing it in hot, steamy weather. My skin becomes softer and wetter while it’s so itchy.

20. Hugo Boss Men’s Cotton Stretch Boxer Brief, Pack of 3


View here

I will end up this list with the last low-rise boxer brief and this time, it’s from Hugo – a brand that I bet that nobody doesn’t know about. But I’ll skip that introduction about brand name, but more about their product.

Despite the squared silhouette that looks as exactly as the photos, the boxer briefs are much more comfortable than I thought under dress pants. Feel like nothing is worn down there, very cool, lightweight, and supportive. The undies might look small to the eyes, but when putting on, its cotton-elastane mix stretch to fit like a dream. On the other hand, they seem not to stretch out during the day or after a couple washes.

One more thing that I can’t deny about these boxer briefs is its sexy look. They help contour your butts and package up to many times and you look no different from a super model.

II. Buying Guide

The following criteria is also what I was advised by experts to select, test, and round up to the list of best boxer briefs above. It does work so I think why not share them to my readers. And yeah!

1. Fabric

The hand-feel of the fabric is arguably the most important feature. It should be soft and comfortable that won’t leave any scratches or itchiness or irritation on your skin (especially sensitive skin) – Said by Michael Kleinmann, CEO of The Underwear Expert.

For everyday wear, it doesn’t ask for extra mobility like when playing sports or joining in outdoor activities. Hence, cotton is the best workhorse fiber due to its decent breathability, strength, and softness.

Second, is modal. Have you ever heard about it? Modal is a type of rayon with emphasis on soft and cool texture – a perfect choice for summer season. The only gripe is it’s less supportive than cotton.

I also focus on specialty boxer briefs that are made for travel or sports, which features moisture-wicking action, lightness, and fast-drying ability. They are polyester and nylon.

But rarely you can find a pure fabric of either nylon or polyester or modal on boxer briefs because most of the time, they are mixed together, such as polyester and nylon, cotton and modal, cotton and polyester, and cotton and nylon.

Why? It’s because they will take advantage of all strengths while minimalizing weaknesses of both fabric kinds. For example, the cotton-polyester blend gives you the phenomenal softness of cotton and wick-moisture feature of polyester to suit for outdoor activities and everyday wear. More versatile, right?

That’s also the reason 80% models in this list are fabric combination.

You might concern:

2. Leg and Waistband

These two parts should be elastic and stretchy enough to hug your body without squeezing the circulation or pinching your skin. On the other hand, they shouldn’t flop over or get loosen just after a short time of use.

That’s why you should check carefully the modulus of waistband’s elasticity – said by Bob Mazzoli, former chief creative officer of Calvin Klein. The best feel after putting them on is resistance and support without stiffness.

About the leg bands, they should fit nicely to your thigh (also, consider if they work well on muscular thighs or not) without pulling hairs or cause numb at the end of the day.

3. Construction

Support and comfort are two key features in terms of construction. Pay more attention to the pouch which should be well-designed to flatter and contour your package while providing reasonable support to every move of yours.

From my experience and other experts’ advice, a quality pouch should be loose barely and feel snug without cupping overly your private area when worn.

All of my picks above suits for average manhood of all shapes because they nail up two listed requirements, as always.

About the rest, it should be comfortable with good seam that runs flat to avoid chafing or rubbing against your skin. Besides, tag-less is recommended.

4. Fly or not fly?

This is a preference issue! Most US men prefer fly because they help with quicker access when nature calls. If you’re in this group of men, give a try on some other exceptions of boxer briefs with flies. For example, the unique contoured cup (of the Saxx).

Otherwise, going for men’s undies without fly is okay. Nothing is lost!

5. Budget

Really worth-considering feature because there’s a wide range of price ranges in terms of boxer briefs out there. From a few bucks to nearly $100. Have you ever thought to drop $100 for a pair of men’s underwear? Nah, right! But remember, it’s expensive for many reasons: Hand-feel, support, durable, brand name.

But on top of that, consider your budget before making a decision. How much money are you willing to pay for undies? If you’re in a tight budget, choose a set of undies will save some more bucks. Or, online order is cheaper than buying directly at store. Or, you can wait until Black Friday or discount season to cop some high-quality packs with a steal price.

III. Conclusion

And, that’s all for this article. I hope that these 20 best boxer briefs for men were a good reference source of yours to figure out and pick the most suitable. If you’re also interested in other types of men’s undies, like boxers, or briefs, or thermal underwear, don’t hesitate to take a peek here:

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