How To Choose The Best Undershirts For Men

I think most of us won’t give undershirts much thought about its important and quality. A run-from-the-mill and regular undershirts which are made from mass brands are okay. You can even buy them from Target or Walmart as it’s just something disposable that you wear inside. Actually, your thought is not wrong at all. However, I must say that if you spend just 3 minutes to read this article to my five rules to choose the best undershirts for men, you will realize that it will make a huge difference in how you look and even your feeling.

How to choose the best undershirts for men

1. Style

Maybe there are many of us don’t even know how many style of undershirts there are as usually, we just grab a random one to wear and that’s it. However, undershirts for men have three basic styles: tank top, crew neck and v-neck. Actually, there is one more style named “compression” to give more support for your chest part but in this article, I’ll just focus on the three styles above.

To choose a suitable style, you should answer these three questions:

Do you wear buttoned up with tie or Open collar?

If your outfit today is a t-shirt shirt buttoned up with a tie, there is a rule of thumn that never let your undershirt be seen. Thus, choose a crew neck undershirt to wear inside so that the shirt’s collar will hide it. If your dress shirt’s fabric is a little bit thin, again, go for a crew neck to avoid the outline of the v-neck distracting from the tie.

On the contrary, if you intend to put on a collar unbuttoned or a collar open without a tie, keep in mind that don’t allow the undershirt to peek out. You should not even show it off when your undershirt sags down an old yellow turkey wattle or is discolored and worn out.

In such cases, go for a v-neck undershirt which can lie below the shirt’s collar line. Not only you won’t reveal the worn out and discolored undershirt, but also can show off some of your chest hair to make it more masculine and cool.

Are you Smuggling Ferrets or not?

In my personal opinion, show of an amount of your chest hair when wearing a combo of open collar shirt and a V neck undershirt is great. However, there are some exception for this rule. If you are self-conscious that you have too much chest hair and when you put on such “combo”, it feels like a furry animal nearly escapes from the shirt collar, just think about wearing the second combo: shirt buttoned up with tie and crew neck undershirt.

If you have some tattoos that you don’t like to show off or you have a skin condition, it’s better to wear a non-stretched-out and clean crew neck.

I have read on some forums that a few people keep wearing the crew neck and open collar shirt as they like to peek out their undershirt to make an “ivy league” look. But, in my opinion, even if you wear a pristine undershirt inside, show the crew neck collars off the shirt make the opposite remember when our mom dressed us in the old days. Sometimes, it might even make it distract from the rest of the outfit.

Need more pit protection?

Don’t forget that we wear undershirt for the very first purpose of absorbing sweat and protecting our skin from the outer shirt. Many of us love wearing a tank top as it is lightweight and streamlined. However, its drawback is not able to absorb sweat. Thus, if you wear it on sunny days, it will be hot like hell.

My advice for those who usually wear shirts, especially dress shirts, you should choose a V neck or a crew neck undershirt to protect your skin as well as save your t-shirts from the pits.

2. Materials

In terms of gold standard in the best men’s undershirt material, might there won’t any can beat against cotton which is considered as the best for breathability and comfort. Cotton undershirt is the best undershirts for sweat.

However, I don’t say that you should not choose other kind of material like synthetic fabrics. Although it can’t be as comfortable as cotton, synthetic fabric with advanced moisture-wicking abilities can wick moisture away from your body.

But, there is still another better alternative material. It’s the new blended fabrics. I can say that this is a combination between cotton and synthetic fabrics as it not only can absorb sweat well but also wick moisture away amazingly.

No matter which material you choose, the more important thing is to know the care instructions. I’m sure that there is nothing on Earth annoying than picking the best mens undershirt with high quality and nice design but asking too much high maintenance care.

3. Find the right features in men’s undershirt

This is one of the most common problems we usually have when it comes to choosing the best undershirts. To overcome this matter, you should distinguish between undershirts and t-shirts. As men’s fashion development more and more, undershirts for men have been doubled to become t-shirts. Even some men’s fashion manufacturers interchanged two terms “undershirts” and “t-shirts” in their campaign or promotion.

Actually, these terms are different. As you can see, a t-shirt is thicker than an undershirt and you can wear it along, no need one more layer underneath. However, undershirt is contrast to that.

From that point, thick fabric isn’t a standard to judge an undershirt is high quality. Might it give you more warmth in the cold days or more cushion. However, the truly best undershirts for men must be thinner than the material used for outer garment. And furthermore, they must absorb sweat well and protect it against your pits.

4. Fit

Many of us think that as undershirts are just a hidden layer so that fit doesn’t a matter really. In fact, it does.

Choosing wrong size of undershirt can lead to some shameful fashion mistakes. For example, too tight men’s undershirt may add bulk, which will bunch in the incorrect places. From that point, it give you a misshapen look.

Or if you choose a too-short undershirt, it will be untucked and ridden up, which makes a “spare tire” look to the opposite.

A fit undershirt is the one that have good quality with true size and length to fit and stay tucked comfortably at any time.

5. Color

I’m quite sure that 99,99% of us have at least one white undershirt in their wardrobe as when you go shopping, there are a bunch of white. One more reason is that white is easy to mix with the other garment or even if you are a man who loves “ivy league” look, a white undershirt is a perfect neutral to peek out.

However, let me drop you some knowledge about men’s undershirts. We think that white ones are perfect to wear inside the light-colored t-shirts, especially the white, right? In fact, it isn’t.

White undershirts will be shown through these garment as they can’t match well with your skin tone. So, which color is the best suit? I won’t give you my personal opinion, but the experts I’ve asked for such question. They said it was the flesh-toned or the light gray.

I used to doubt at this advice. However, after trying, it changes my mind. Here is the difference:

Light gray or flesh-toned undershirts might be hard to find or look feminine. However, it helps much in taking longer for putting on like pit stains to appear.

4. My recommendations

1. Hanes Men’s FreshIQ Crew T-Shirt (6 Pack and 12 Pack)

View here

In terms of the best men’s undershirt brand, my first choice will be Hanes’ as they offer a wide range of styles and colors to choose. Besides, they provide many sets to choose, which is thoughtful.

Like this Hanes Men’s FreshIQ Crew T-Shirt, the manufacturer gives us two kinds of set: 6 packs and 12 packs with three colors including black, gray and white.

However, the feature I love the most from this Hanes’s is its material. It is 100% cotton, which means it can absorb sweat and moisture from my body very well. Furthermore, it also has fresh IQ advanced odor protection technology to help me feel fresh all day long, especially on sunny days. Besides, the undershirt is quite soft and comfortable to wear.

They are durable as well. You can wash them by machine without worrying about tearing or making holes.

These crew-neck undershirts are ideal to wear with shirts buttoned up with a tie. And with reasonable length, no worries about the undershirt would be untucked or ride up unexpectedly.

Hanes Men’s FreshIQ Crew T-Shirt offers wide sizing chart from S to 3X to meet specific need. Another plus point is for armholes area, they are roomy and comfortable when moving.


  • 100% cotton
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Have fresh IQ advanced odor protection technology
  • Machine wash
  • Give many colors
  • Long enough to be tucked comfortably
  • Wide size range
  • Have roomy armholes area


It has shrinkage

2. Fruit of the Loom Men’s 6-Pack Stay-Tucked V-Neck T-Shirt

View here

A perfect V neck undershirt for those who usually wear open collar shirt to show of some of your chest hair. Like the Hanes’ above, Fruit of the Loom Men’s 6-Pack Stay-Tucked V-Neck T-Shirt is made of 100% cotton, durable enough to machine wash and long enough to stay tucked without riding up.

It comes in 6 packs per set with various color (more than the Hanes’s). For examples, red, white, black, light gray, charcoal grey, etc. My favorite thing about this undershirt is that the it has no tag label on the neck and it also has soft covered seams on shoulders and neck to offer the most comfort.

The Fruit’s has the similar sizing chart to the Hane’s as well. However, there is one thing I want to alert those who intend to buy these Fruit’. You should go for a one-size-smaller-undershirt. I usually wear M. So, I chose M when buying Fruit of the Loom Men’s 6-Pack Stay-Tucked V-Neck T-Shirt. However, when I received it, unboxed and put on, I realized that it was too big. Feel like a little son trying his father’s undershirt.

However, in turn, it’s super lightweight. And when I wear a polo or shirt buttoned up with a tie, it looks tacky.


  • 100% cotton
  • Machine wash
  • Have enough length to stay tucked all day
  • More colors than Hanes Men’s FreshIQ Crew T-Shirt
  • Tagless neck label
  • Soft covered seams on shoulders and neck
  • Reasonable price


  • The sizing chart is not standard
  • Have shrinkage

3. Hanes Men’s FreshIQ ComfortSoft Tanks (Pack of 6)


View here

Another undershirt comes from Hanes, however, this one has different style from Hanes Men’s FreshIQ Crew T-Shirt. These are tank top undershirts for men with only white color. And this one just comes with a 6-pack set. However, it still remains the most basic features of Hanes’ undershirts which is 100% cotton to create soft and comfortable feeling. Furthermore, it absorbs moisture quite quick and dry fast. I can say that they are great to sleep in summer or hot weather or go to beach.

Two other features are the ability to machine wash and fresh IQ advanced odor protection technology to keep users feel fresh all the time. However, in my personal opinion, I think these tank tops are much more durable than the Hane’s above because I bleach it three times and it’s still fine now. These tank top undershirts have tagless label and scoop neckline to add more comfort. However, the benefit that I never ever expect is that the part of this undershirt that goes over my shoulder adds some more to traps under it, which make me feel like my chest look pronounced more a little bit.

The sizing chart is narrower than the last Hanes, only from small to large.

I think these Hanes’ tank top undershirts are perfect for those men who don’t care much about color variety, but the softness and comfort.


  • 100% cotton for great softness and comfortable
  • Absorb moisture greatly and prevent odor bacteria well to keep fresh feeling all day
  • Machine wash
  • Super durable
  • Tagless neck label and scoop neckline


  • Only white color
  • Get shrinkage in the wash

4. Hanes Men’s 3-Pack Comfort Blend Crew

View here

Hanes Men’s 3-Pack Comfort Blend Crew has three sets with three packs per each. Three sets include black/white, all white and assorted set, all of which are durable enough to be washed be washing machine.

However, the reason why I introduce you to another Hanes’ crew neck undershirt is because of their material. Unlike two Hanes’ above, this one is made from 60% Cotton, 12% Rayon and 28% Polyester so that after wash, it will not shrink much. In addition, they will dry more quickly and add more comfort while wearing. Furthermore, as they are made of less cotton, the undershirts will hold their shape for longer time. And in my opinion, the collar holds up very well just like the first time I put it on.

And as they are crew neck so that it’s perfect to mix with collar shirt buttoned up with tie. To add more comfort, the manufacturer also makes the undershirt tagless, which is thoughtful.


  • Comfortable Blend closure
  • Machine wash
  • Durable and comfortable even though it’s not made of 100% cotton
  • Not shrink
  • Dry fast
  • Hold its shape in long time and the collar holds up well
  • Tagless


  • The sizing chart is not standard

5. Fruit of the Loom Men’s A-Shirt (Pack of 4)

View here

Another undershirt comes from Fruit of the Loom but it is tank top style. The material is also a little bit different from the last Fruit of the Loom’s, which is 90 percent of cotton and 10 percent of polyester. Thus, these undershirts not only absorb sweat well, but also wick moisture from the body to keep us stay dry and comfortable all day.

Besides, as made of polyester, they will help you feel cool in the summer and keep warmth in the winter. Furthermore, it’s durable enough to be washed by machine. And in my opinion, compare to the Fruit of the Loom Men’s 6-Pack Stay-Tucked V-Neck T-Shirt, these undershirts are less abrasive.

Another plus point is that it won’t shrink and still hold its shape in a longer time than the cotton Fruit of the Loom undershirts.

To add more comfort, the manufacturer also eliminates tag neck label. For me, snug fit is okay but for the others, it might make them feel uncomfortable so that if you like to wear a loose fit undershirt, go for a size bigger.

One thing I was disappointed about these undershirts was the color. It’s not exactly the same as the picture.


  • Absorb sweat and wick moisture away from the body very well
  • Keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter
  • Machine wash and don’t misshape after several washings
  • Durable, soft and comfortable
  • Less abrasive, less shrinkage
  • Tagless
  • Nice snug fit


  • The incorrect color

6. Calvin Klein Underwear Men’s 3 Pack Cotton Classic V-Neck T-Shirts

View here

When it comes to the material, like Hanes Men’s FreshIQ Crew T-Shirt, Fruit of the Loom Men’s 6-Pack Stay-Tucked V-Neck T-Shirt and Fruit of the Loom Men’s 6-Pack Stay-Tucked V-Neck T-Shirt, these Calvin Klein’ are made of 100 hundred percent cotton to give the most comfort and softness while wearing.

However, in turn, after washing, especially machine wash, it will shrink slightly. However, if you want to get as less shrinkage as possible, try my tip. Wash these cotton undershirts with HE detergent and edit the warm/cold settings.

Calvin Klein Underwear Men’s 3 Pack Cotton Classic V-Neck T-Shirts comes in three sets with all black, all white and mixed set. However, there are only three packs per each and the price is a little bit expensive.

From that point, if you want to experience some undershirts which make you feel more confident, try these Calvin Klein’s at least once in your life. They are not only famous for the brand but also for the quality and design.

However, Calvin Klein Underwear Men’s 3 Pack Cotton Classic V-Neck T-Shirts still make the same mistake like the Fruit of Loom’ undershirts which is the incorrect sizing chart. If you intend to buy them, go for a level down. Or another tip is to choose your size and then wash them a few times with hot water to make the fibers looser and fit snug.


  • 100 percent of cotton for super comfortable and softness
  • Can absorb sweat and moisture very well
  • Nice design
  • Give more confidence
  • Can be washed by washing machine
  • High quality
  • Stay in shape after many times washing
  • Make excellent cleaning rags
  • Tagless


  • A little bit expensive
  • Shrink slightly after wash
  • Incorrect sizing chart

It’s time for shopping

I have just dropped some interesting and useful information for you to enable to choose the best undershirt for men. Sum up, there are just five features to keep in mind while considering which is the right one. They are styles, materials, colors, fit and length. Also, for those who are new to this garment, I also share you some of my favorite undershirts in different styles, materials and colors as well as explain you should use them in which case. Thus, hope that through this article, you can pick the best ones to show of your masculine and cool look.

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