Best Men’s Nylon Underwear with No Need Adjustment Needed

I remember the very first time my friend – Jack – get my advisory for the best men’s nylon underwear. He was shocked when I told him that I loved wearing this kind of undergarment because of his misleading thought about the crystal clear, stuffy, tightie ones with lots of friction to the junk.


Guys, if you’re thinking the same way as him, let me correct it.

Nylon, it’s just about a kind of fabric (no crystal clear) that is really smooth to the touch and as popular as the cotton. There’re many benefits of wearing the nylon underwear that will change your mind significantly.

Benefits of men’s nylon underwear

And two most impressive features, at least to me, are its excellent fitting and lightness. It’s much lighter than cotton underwear, the same as spandex but way more fitting.

Sometimes, I don’t even notice it down there, because the underwear fits snugly but not way too tight.

In fact, it still gives me some breathing room and support that I hardly need to adjust my junk to the right position anymore. That’s why I don’t have to think about my lower section during a whole day long when wearing this kind of undergarment.

Moreover, that great fitting will surely last longer than other kinds of materials, especially than the cotton. It’s proved to be very, very true after several times of machine wash, or pull the underwear down for pee. While the cotton is going to loosen or deform, the nylon is still in its original shape, like new.

If you go for high-end nylon, like the Calvin Klein, your underwear is going to last even longer time.

Two other big bonus of nylon undergarment are neither riding up nor bunching on your legs, which is usually happened on the trunks or boxer briefs.

It was such an annoying experience when I had to go to the toilet so many times during my birthday party just because my damn old cotton boxer didn’t want to stay in place. It always rode up and bunched on so tightly on my thighs, which I thought if I kept sitting on a chair for only 30 minutes, then I couldn’t feel my legs anymore.

But since changing to this kind, I’m not stuck in those troubles anymore.

Lastly, is its comfort. Fairly to say, if cotton is ranked as the No.1 in the most comfortable fabrics to skin, the nylon will be second. Its only matter is lack of moisture absorption, but in turns is the ability in wicking sweat and moisture away pretty well as well as dry out quickly. That’s why this kind of material is used widely in men’s swimwear.

One more thing to consider when it comes to maintain the nylon underwear is never washing it in warm or hot water, and importantly, natural air dry only.

With such those benefits mentioned, do you want to try some now?

If it’s a yes, don’t miss out these 10 recommendations from me based on my years trying on many underwear brands out there. You’re sure to receive something helpful there.

My favorite choices

01. Jockey Men’s Underwear Sport Cooling Mesh Performance Brief

View here

Start off this collection is a men’s brief coming up with a wide range of colorways and patterns, from Jockey. I have got this brand’s undergarment a lot because of their affordable price and importantly, very good performance.

First thing first is its durability. The brief isn’t made out of pure 100% nylon, but is a blend with spandex to leverage its stretch-ability and comfort. The nylon material is originally soft and looks like silk, but way lower-maintenance and more affordable. Now, thanks to this mix, it’s even better in elastic.

You can machine wash this brief without fear of shrinkage or abrasion, just remember to use gentle rotation and wash in cold water only. It’s featured moderate coverage and low-rise design, which made me feel strange a little bit during several first hours of wearing. However, this boosts your butt a lot to give sexier curve.

Though the too heavy logo band is not my favorite, its elastic wide band does play a great role to fit snugly to my waist with no rolling up or tightening painfully like other briefs I used to wear – they left some marks on my skin.

Really highly recommend this!

02. Avidlove Men Underwear Low Rise Briefs Solid Stretch Hip Bikinis 4 Packs

View here

Try these Avidlove for the very first time when I couldn’t stand my old thick, stuffy cotton underwear. They said the nylon blend ones would be better in wicking moisture and support, so, started from the cheap price first.

Can’t deny that doubt at this set’s quality for the very first time because of its too affordable price, based on which color and size you go to, its price tag will be between around $5 and $16.5, for a set of four. Unbelievable, right?

But alas, it’s blended materials between nylon and spandex are utterly satisfied me, though, of course, it can’t be as durable as other higher-end nylon undergarment. But at least, compared to my old cotton, this men’s nylon underwear brief shows less wears and tears after several washes with machine. Thumb-up!

Besides, this combination makes the underwear incredibly lightweight and silky soft. They are thin, but very elastic and lots of support to my lower section. This is what I appreciate the most! Nothing is worse than I have to “adjust” during the day just, especially in hot summer days when I sweat a lot, just because my underwear is too loose fitting. I bet you understand what I’m talking to.

03. Calvin Klein Men’s Nylon Underwear Steel Micro Hip Briefs

View here

Talking about my favorite choices of any men’s underwear type, if Calvin Klein is available in it, you can make sure that I’ve tried already. I’m a CK man, though it sometimes takes me weeks or months to save the money for that. CK isn’t a cheap brand and so their products, too.

That’s why after some researches, I found out some reliable source selling authentic CK underwear in very good price (If you are interested in looking for better deal in CK underwear, I’ve already talked about it in this article). For example, this CK steel micro hip brief.

Its highlight is the material blend between nylon and elastane which I guess, it’s the core element for such huge difference between the CK items and other kinds of underwear. They are superbly more elastic and durable three times than the rubber, but only at 1/3 of the weight.

Besides, the price for such these Ck nylon underwear is much cheaper than other counterparts from the same brand, such as the cotton blend, and the silk. Besides, the biggest strength of nylon and elastane underwear is they can be machine washed without fear of deforming. Or, no matter of your hobbit of pulling the briefs down for pee, it doesn’t loose its fitting.

The waist band, again, I don’t like such too heavy logo, but can’t deny that it comes in perfect width to hug my hip like a glove without leaving any marks or pain on my skin.

Two other things I really appreciate about this Ck underwear are the tag-less and the flat stitching to provide the best comfort without itchiness or bulk. 100%, it’s skin-friendly!

04. Knocker Nylon Stretchable Compression Boxer Brief 6-pcs Set, Assorted Colors

View here

Due to my searching, Knocker is a well-known men’s underwear brand for its amazingly cheap price, whereas, the quality isn’t as poor as those Chinese junks. That’s why their items are favored by most of teen boys and young men. also, partly because of their colorful options provided.

A set of this Knocker Nylon Compression Boxer, including 6 pieces, costs around $14. So, you can feel free to renew it all the time, or vary your underwear collection without hurting your budget.

The best thing about these affordable compression boxers is its seamless design to leave to mark on my skin. If your skin is sensitive, I highly recommend you to go for such this kind of underwear. For sure, heaven is on. On the other hand, seamless underwear will not show under your pants, particularly if you have to dress up that day. Plus, no riding up or bunching up, as well.

Only one trouble is this Knocker underwear comes in one-size-fit-all. Though it’s nylon and very elastic, but to fit snugly without tightness to a big guy or big butts is an impossible thing. Besides, too muscular thigh might not fit it, either.

However, these bad boys strike back with its amazing breathability – which is something nearly impossible in nylon fabric. They just enable to wick moisture away. Somehow, this one can save my day with comfort and dryness though I have to move to many places under hot temperature like hell of California Summer. Great!

05. Jockey Men’s Nylon Underwear Sport Cooling Mesh Performance Trunk

View here

This trunk from Jockey is designed particularly for sporty and active men with the well-known cooling mesh performance technology. The blend of nylon and spandex will keep you ease on the durability, and moreover, its elasticity.

No matter you’re sitting, standing, running or walking, it fits nicely to every movement with lots of support and besides, is the ability to wick moisture away quickly so that you can feel comfort without adjustment as well as stay cool during the day.

And like other nylon underwear, is its low maintenance that no matter how many times of abusing, they end up with springing back to the original shape. Plus, very good at anti-shrinkage as well.

If you concern about chaffing, then don’t. I can attest this through my hiking trip 3 months ago. After 11 miles of hiking, these little boys showed no signs of chaffing or discomfort down there. they were amazingly dried and cool without no sweat odor.

Another thankful thing is its ability to dry out quickly, that during my train to another hiking spot, I decided to wash it through the sink’s tap water and hang dry naturally. After just 1 or 2 hours, it’s dried completely. This saves a lot of packing space for hikers or travelers because you don’t need to carry much alternative pairs along. Just a set of 4 Jockey underwear and ready to go.

06. Jockey Men’s Underwear Sport Cooling Mesh Performance Boxer Brief

View here

Next up is another pair of Jockey with the same purpose of design for sporty guys. The only difference from the previous is its type. This one isn’t a trunk, it’s a boxer brief with a bit longer on the legs for more coverage and protection.

However, you don’t need to worry that such that extra length would lead to riding-up issues or bunching on your thighs as usual when you were wearing the boxer brief from other brands.

It must be 90% similar to the previous counterpart, from color options to the sport cooling mesh performance. Or, easiest to find out is the material blend – 92% nylon and 8% spandex, giving good elasticity, comfort, silky feeling touch, and low maintenance.

I go medium size, and it ends up with covering full my butts and even a little bit down my thighs, the front is greatly fitting with lots of support, so I think if you’re a big guy or just your butt are naturally big or you’re a gym man with muscular thighs, just feel free to cop this underwear.

Ah, one thing I forgot mentioning in the above review is its wide band. Though I never like their too heavy logo embossing, such that width and great fitting are two big bonuses to keep the brief not roll down.

07. Bolter Men’s Nylon Spandex Performance Boxer Briefs 4-Pack

View here

The best thing about these Bolter boxer briefs is its 4-way stretch semi sheer fabric blending between nylon and spandex. Usually, elastic materials only offer two-way stretch which is comfortable, but in some sports or outdoor activities that requires a lot of movements, it’s somehow less flexible as the 4-way stretch.

If you’re usually on those intense full-body workout or circuit training, this is the best bet. I can 100% make sure that they will stay in place without rolling down or up or bunching on. Even, no adjustment at all. I used to be a hard gym man and during that time, I went to the gym nearly every day. Wearing this pair, no matter I stretched, lifted weigh or run, they fitted nicely to my lower section and deflected sweat more than perfectly. If you’re a gym guy with muscular thigh, just worry free with these. No riding up whether it’s been 60 minutes of workout or wearing daily.

Plus, they are also lightweight and always cool so, sometimes, I nearly forgot about it down there.

They are silky soft, wicking moisture as fast as lightening, highly flexible and greatly fitting. You don’t need to cop much of these Bolter, just a set of four is enough for a week, month to month, year to year because not only they dry out quickly, but also very durable and long-lasting.

In general, for sports or workout, I’m really satisfied with it.

08. Jzy Qzn Men’s Short Leg Briefs Super Stretch Nylon Antibacterial Underwear Lowrise Seamless Boxer

View here

One thing that I only find in this Jzy Qzn is the additional material – Copper Yarn – aside from nylon and spandex. And, my guess is, that secret element does play an important role in eliminating the bad odor caused by bacteria and fungi around the pouch and crotch.

I understand how unconfident and shy you’ve through when standing next to others during hot summer days or after finishing a sport. You sweat and this damp environment is ideal for bacteria to grow rapidly, causing unpleasant smell.

Thanks to the Copper Yarn fiber, it helps you control that matter pretty well, keeping you stay fresh and cool during the day. Particularly, the pouch is contoured a little bit for extra support, so, feel more confident now.

Like the Knocker Nylon Compression Boxer above, this one is seamlessly knit so that, you can feel worry free of showing under your pants or chaffing. Despite its extra length on the legs, its perfect fitting keeps the pair itself stay in place without rolling up, bunching on or rolling down. Plus, this is my first time finding the ideal wide, plain waist band that matches entirely to my taste. So glad of it!

09. Fruit of the Loom Men’s 3-Pack Everlight Boxer Briefs

View here

Fruit of Loom is another must-try men’s underwear brand because of 3 things: affordable price, good customer service and quality. If you’re a regular reader of my blog, chances are that you find out almost my underwear collections will list out at least one model from Fruit of the Loom.

Here, my recommendation is this 3-pack set of Everlight Boxer Brief, made out of 78% nylon and 22% spandex. A popular material blend when it comes to men’s underwear because it leverages the durability, softness and elasticity of the pair.

This boxer brief, as other nylon underwear, is very easy to clean. Particularly in the winter, the ability of machine wash saves your hands from shrinkage and suffering the frost-bite temperature. Besides, they’re super quick to dry out, unlike the cotton. In snowy days, when air drying naturally, it’s usually not dried completely, but will be damp a little bit.

And, like the Bolter, these boxers are 4-way stretch to be the best pal for any active guys. One big bonus is its breathable mesh fabric to ensure you don’t feel stuffy or sweaty down there.

However, due to the contoured pouch, I only suggest this set for casual wearing.

10. Gudan Mens Silk Bikini Briefs Low Rise Pack of 4 8

View here

There might be some misunderstood here but these Gudan is made out of nylon, not silk. Whatever! I still appreciate how good performance it is in wicking moisture away rapidly instead of absorbing it like the cotton.

If you intend to buy it for swimming, I have got one thing for you: Choose the dark color because it shows a lot and a bit thinner than other men’s bikini briefs that I’ve tried. The best option is black! In my experience, this colorway is thicker in material and gives me more secure than other choices.

On the other hand, such that thin material helps the fitting even greater, hugging nicely to your leg and waist without bunching on or rolling down.

I still prefer to wear this with jeans or khaki because they are less in fabric, and also, made out of nylon blending some spandex, which is cool and breathable all day long under the thick fabric of my pants.

The highlight of this low-rise brief is its traceless technology construction to leave no mark or show under dress pants. Besides, it’s comfortable when you don’t have to readjust your junk during the day like the less-support boxer briefs. You can make a better comparison when wearing this and your old undies to go to the gym.

One thing you should take note about this Gudan is its sizing chart. due to my experience, you should go one size bigger for the best fit. In case it’s too loose for you, just wash the pairs in very cold water, they will shrink for better fitting.

11. Astarin Mens Ice Silk Breathable Triangle Underwear Briefs Pack

View here

Soft as silk and cool as ice, that’s why they call it ice silk fabric. Astarin men’s underwear comes in various offers, from single provided, to a pack of three and even of five. But the best thing is, the more you buy, the more money is saved. That’s why I go for a pack of 5 and in general, their price is quite affordable to cause no confuse when hitting the buy button.

Have you ever wondered why during this collection, my regular choice is the low-rise? Because my back used to be painful against the higher ride with elastic band when back is acting up. However, that matter isn’t happened in the low-rise underwear. Plus, they make my butts look curved and sexier.

This Astarin brief contains all strengths of normal nylon underwear – durable, lightweight, silky soft, breathable, stretching and drying out quickly. But only one thing you should keep in mind is washing this pair by hand.

They will wear down pretty fast if being washed by machine, even you’re careful to put them in a lingerie bag, it’s no use. So, take some time washing them by hands and I’m sure the result is well-worth your effort.

In a pinch

Men’s nylon underwear is really worth a try because of many benefits bringing up your comfort and convenience. Unless you have any kind of allergy reaction to nylon, just get started from the most affordable in this list to get acquainted to the great support and elasticity, then try the higher end models.

I hope that you’ve found out the most suitable undies for your size, preference and requirement. Thanks for reading!

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