Best Handmade Leather Wallets for Men [ Updated 2019 ]

Do you agree with that handmade leather wallets always bring us a distinctive characteristics and way more durable than the industrial models?

That’s partly the reason why people (who are usually also an experienced leather item collector) love choosing the handmade ones rather than the rest. They are a like a representor to make a speak of our unique fashion taste, our coolness and sophistication.

The same goes with handcrafted leather wallets. There are, in fact, a lot of options for you, which unlike it was in the paste when such these handmade models were very difficult to find. Along with that, the selections of materials are diverse as well.

To choose the best handmade leather wallets, it’s essential to keep in mind three things:

  • Who make it – skillful or not?
  • The material used for that wallet
  • Its functionality

If you are overwhelmed of where to start, let me guide you detailly so that you can surely pick the most suitable model. Let’s get started!

1. Lethnic Handmade Minimalist Wallet, Business Card Holder, Modern Slim & Small Embossed Italian Genuine Cowhide Leather Horizontal

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First off, I would like to introduce you to this wonderful handmade leather minimalist wallet from Lethnic. It’s crafted from 100% precious Italian real cowhide leather but through some special leather treatments as well as the additional zig zag embossing, it’s difficult to identity it’s Italian leather because now, the material is way sturdier, harder and more durable.

It’s canvas-alike feeling touch.

Besides, the combination of rough texture and camouflage pattern delivers a cool military vibe for those men who love grungy and wild look.

It can stand hard abuse which is also partly thankful for the tight stitching and strong seams. Plus, its hardware is very high grade, firm and closure, which is another of my favorites about this model.

Featured as slim italian handmade leather wallets sizing only 4.4” x 3” and including 3 compartments, this added-in snap button plays a huge role in keeping its content safe and sound. By the way, the built-in RFID Blocking Technology completes its protection ability to your belongings, from outside in.

This special feature helps significantly to prevent illegal scanner in 13.56 MHz Frequency approaching your private information embedded in RFID chip on your cards.

On the other hand, don’t worry about its capacity because these three compartments are really functional and spacious. They can fit both money and cards, up to 10+ bills and 15 cards without a burden.

In my point of view, with such huge benefits, it’s great to be a present for somebody as well.

2. Polare Handmade Men’s RFID Blocking Vintage Italian Genuine Leather

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Next up is Polare, which I think it’s too popular to many people in handmade wallets.

The product is wrapped in a nice packaging with impressive vintage look. Going inside, it’s well-packed and the leather is what shocks me out the most because it’s really smooth and nice feeling touch.

Made out of high-quality Italian genuine cowhide leather (from inside out), there’s no point about such wonderful hand-feel it does bring. Even, it gets better with age.

Meanwhile, the stitching is great – very tight with strong seams. That’s a clear sign of a product made by professional and skillful artisans.

Polare also provides a 1-year warranty for each single of their bifold handmade leather wallets made in usa, which is enough to see how confident they are to their products. And you are also protected reliably in terms of customers’ right.

Now, talking about its inner construction, this handmade leather wallets for men includes 6 card slots, 2 slip pockets and 2 bill compartments.

It’s a pity that there’s no clear ID window in this product line but in generally, that’s a good investment for a daily-used cool handmade wallet, and even a travel wallet as well.

However, compared to the traditional bifold wallets, it’s way slimmer and more compact with only 4.5” long and 3.7” high. Take note that the bill compartments fit nicely other paper currencies out of US dollars, such as Yen or Euros.

Like Lethnic’s, this model comes up with an RFID Shield that keeps hi-tech thieves at bay while protecting your precious belongings closure and secure.

03. Handmade Minimalist Wallet, Tactical Modern Slim Genuine Leather by Lethnic

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We know you love the tactical wallet; however, feature the handmade exotic look and pattern is always perfect to grab other attention! We mean, these best handmade leather wallets for men look sharp to boot. Then Lethnic Tactical Handmade Wallets For Men is on the way! Exactly as its name, this wallet embraces the minimalist style with a plain two-tone color combines to the nice logo embossed. As its main material features the combination of finest oiled/waxy based leather, item ensures to bring long-lasted lifespan as well as excellent craftsmanship.

One thing you will see in all Lethnic items are the distinctive stitching and excellent craftsmanship, which makes them become the must-try item. Feature the compact design, this one measures 4.33 x 3.15 inches. Just carry all the cards you need; the wallet still stays neatly in your pocket without taking too many spaces. Lethnic mens handmade wallet features 3 inner pockets, which is roomy enough for up to 15 cards and some cash. Item equips to the strong RFID blocking system, which secures all your privacy at the safest stage.

This mens handmade leather wallet receives most compliments on the design and good construction, even some purchased the second one. Lethnic handmade wallet comes along with an elegant gift box set if case you may want to use it as a gift. Choosing this brown handmade wallet is the perfect weapon to show your strength, sincere and genuine, especially for most businessmen.

04. RFID Leather Trifold Wallets for Men – Handmade Slim Mens by Estalon

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Differ from two products above, this Estalon handmade leather trifold wallet for men arrives in various colorways to choose from. Another great bonus is its delicate packaging with an extra cloth bag for better protection to the wallet. So professional!

Now, speaking of the wallet, there are two similarities to the other products in list – the 100% genuine leather and advanced RFID Blocking Technology. Other than that, this model overcomes the weakness of Polare that I’ve just mentioned above – an extra ID window where you can toss in your IDs, work identity cards or driver license.

And, it’s in the middle of this wallet’s interior, which means it’s easy to expose when you need it checked by a security, whereas it’s still close and protective.

Out of that, its construction is similar to Polare’s – 6 card slots, 2 bill compartments and 2 slips.

Compared its outlook with the Polare’s, this is a whole different story. While Polare handmade wallet deliver a vintage, wild and freedom spirit, this product brings a modern, elegant and practical performance.

Importantly, there’s no hassle money back guarantee to ensure you will be 100% satisfied with your purchase.

It’s thoughtful, nice looking and the product itself is high-quality and functional. Don’t you think this is a perfect present for your loved ones?

05. Lethnic Hand-Painted Passport Wallet

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A good companion for businessmen who usually travel around or go abroad to make business. Truth to say, this is a little brother of the first version of Lethnic’s passport cover which has a nice, rough and sophisticated engraved image on the frontside.

But with this ver., instead of being engraved, the World Map image is 100% hand-drawn by eco-friendly and skin-friendly paints. It’s impressive, right?

Due to what I’ve asked the manufacturer, there had been 5 paint layered drawn on the leather surface and an extra crystal protection layer on the outside for best durability.

They also guarantee this painted image will last for 5 years. along with that, there’s a 30-day money back guarantee for each product. It’s really worth trying, don’t you think?

About its inner construction, there are 5 card slots, 3 bill compartment and 1 separate slot for passport. Particularly, there’s an extra tiny slot for SIM card or memory card. How thoughtful!

I personally love its triple bill compartments because when traveling abroad, some countries require you to use their own paper currencies, which is essential to have more than one compartment for bills – one for your country’s paper currency and one for the foreign ones.

Or, you can take advantage one of them for receipts, document, tickets, and so on. it’s a pity that there’s no pocket for coins so that you will an extra bag or container for them.

Combining with high-quality genuine cowhide leather, strong seams and tight stitching, as well as compared to its price tag, this wallet is sure to bang for your buck.

06. Front Pocket Slim Wallets for Men


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Don’t let the lean, sharp and professional outlook of this wallet fool you! it’s 100% handcrafted from genuine cowhide leather by the best artisans. Take note that it’s India made.

This slim leather handmade minimalist wallet features a nice zig zag patterned and an elegant brand logo embossed on the frontside. If taking a closer look, you will see that each single card slot is hand-sewn delicately and meticulously to avoid unwanted wears and tears.

When it comes to Estalon’s wallets, you will get more than what bargained for. Aside from its nice outer performance, its RFID Blocking Technology and streamline construction are two other benefits you will have.

But about the RFID shield, be aware that it only protects your cards in 13.56 MHz Frequency, but impossible with 125 KHz ones. They might be ID badge, hotel room card or access card which are less important than the bank cards, IDs or driver license. So, with me, that’s not a problem at all.

In terms of capacity, there are 4 card slots, 1 ID window and 1 bill compartment and the whole wallet is measured by 4.37 Inch X 3.18 Inch to stay neatly in your front pocket without ruining the line.

Compared to a normal bifold wallet, the capacity of this model is a little bit less spacious than. However, it strikes back with superb flat silhouette to minimize your carries. In generally, it’s perfect for hanging out, parties, shopping or minimalist person who love carrying less yet streamline.

Last but not least, there’s a gift box included in the package so that you can utilize it as a meaningful present for somebody.

07. HRS Men’s RFID Blocking Vintage Italian Slim Bifold Wallet Handmade

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If you are struggling with coins because your current wallet doesn’t have a particular pocket to keep them safe and secure, considered this HRS design.

I personally love its inner construction because it’s streamline, well-organized and fits just right to what I am looking for on a versatile and multi-functional wallet. There are 3 card slots, 1 ID window, 2 bill compartments, 2 major money pocket, and 1 zippered pouch.

Sizing 4.5 inches long and 3.7 inches wide – which is similar to a standard bifold wallet, even way smaller, it’s easy to put in your back pocket or in your bag or boat pocket without taking much space.

Plus, after being fulfilled, its silhouette is still moderately flat and slim to avoid ruining your trouser line. With it, just kiss goodbye to those moments your bulky old wallet looked like an out of style brick.

I personally love its top-grain genuine cowhide leather with masculine, wild and cool look. Along with that, its durability is no joke. The texture seems better and better from time to time. all you just need to do to maintain that good performance is a little care with specialized leather products, once a month. Only take you 10-15 minutes!

Last but not least, there’s a 30-day guarantee that covers all defaults derived from the manufacturing process to ensure you will be happy with your purchase.

08. Handmade RFID Blocking Genuine Leather Bifold Wallets with Coin Pocket By Rustic Town

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Another great bifold silhouette for those who love carrying the whole world alongside, it’s this handmade leather wallet from RusticTown.

With this model, you will have even more storage space with better organization to keep your stuff in place, secure and easy access. There are five bill compartments, three card slots, three slips, 1 ID window and 1 snap button pocket for coins or keys

Seem a bit bulky to the eyes, right? But in fact, it comes up with just 0.8 inch thick to stay easily in your back pocket, coat pocket or bag without a burden.

Going outside, there are some contrast seams with special stitching to add some uniqueness and distinction to the wallet itself. It’s simple, yet outstanding! That’s what this RusticTown wallet aims to!

Along with that, there’s a built-in RFID Blocking Technology to prevent all hi-tech thieves from approaching your private information through their handheld scanner. This invisible feature is very essential to save you from losing money, which is a must-have element in any of your wallet, especially the travel one.

Arrive in a nice vintage look with gorgeous brown color, this model is perfect for both informal and formal styles. Lastly, there’s a hassle-free money back guarantee for each wallet so that thinking of it as a present for your friends or family is also a good idea.

09. Secret Felicity Men’s Genuine Leather Bifold Wallet, Entirely Handmade

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Secret Felicity Men’s Genuine Leather Handmade Bifold Wallet might be the one that have most attractive packaging in this collection. Other than that, its wallet is very outstanding and impressive as well with simple yet well-made and delicate outer performance.

Take a look, though it comes up with a plain surface, its additional contrast stitching adds soul significantly to nail up the minimal yet interesting vibe of the wallet.

Made out of genuine cowhide leather with 100% handcrafted by the best artisans, its cutting and even every single stitching on this wallet will sure to satisfy your demand.

Another great benefit from this product is its streamline and clever arranging interior with 8 card slots, 2 ID window, and 2 money compartments. Might many people think it’s going to be bulky a lot. However, in fact, this product keeps its slim and thin silhouette pretty well with only 0.6 inch thick.

I’m interested in its flip-down dual IDs area because it adds extra storage space without budging up the whole silhouette of the wallet. besides, there’s a snap button on the top to keep this flip-down area stay in place when not in use. Very thoughtful!

On the other hand, measuring 5.1 inches long and 3.7 inches wide, it’s also easy to put in any back or coat pocket without bulk.

10. Pegai Personalized Minimalist Leather Bifold Wallet For Men, Handcrafted Distressed Leather Front Pocket Wallet

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This wallet is a good beginning for those who are inspired by minimal lifetime but still have no idea of where to start and what to start with. Eliminate unnecessary stuff out of your old wallet and start keeping your most vital in this accessory.

There are 2 card slots that can accommodate up to 4 cards at the same time without bulk or narrowness, 2 slips for everything you need to carry alongside such as business cards, folded bills and receipts, 1 clear ID window where you can toss in your employee identity card, IDs, or driver license.

But here’s where the real fun begins – with this model, you are allowed choosing the leather type you prefer to make this wallet. there are three options: waxed nubuck, distressed leather and crazy horse leather material.

I think with such spacious yet slim construction, you can get acquainted to living a new lifestyle before truly achieving it with less carries.

The personalized element here is the manufacturer can emboss your initials or name on the wallet with 6 letters as maximum, based on limited real estate.

Differ from other handmade wallets, when buying, take notice to choose the embossed option and add your initials in the “message to the seller” box.

Don’t worry about their quality because if there’s any defaults from the manufacturing process, your product will be replaced or you give receive a full refund due to their 30-day warranty.

Speaking of measurements, they are 4.125″ x 3″, even smaller than average sizes of these 11 wallets in this list to stay in your back or coat pocket as easy as a piece of cake.

One last good news for those who are living in Chicago, Pegai will give free domestic shipping to you.

11. Leather Trifold Wallets for Men – Handmade Slim Mens Wallet

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Clifton’s trifold wallet is a good option to organize a huge amount of stuff in daily life a traditional man. They come up with tight stitching, strong seam and high-quality genuine cowhide leather to ensure you will get the most durability to serve you for years.

I love its uniquely retro vibe derived from the original scars, wrinkles and scratches presented on the leather’s surface. Besides, it also delivers something wild and freedom as well.

Figured as a trifold wallet, there’s no point that its capacity is shocking, including 9 card slots, 3 slips, 2 ID window and 1 bill compartment. Everything is just perfect to carry and arrange your daily stuff in the safest and most streamline way.

Along with that, there’s an embedded RFID Blocking Technology in this wallet to prevent you from losing your money unwantedly because of private information leakage to hi-tech thieves through the weakness of RFID chip on your cards.

This feature can prevent all 13.56 MHz frequency that most bank cards, ID and driver license are using. However, with the lower frequency signals, it can’t work on. however, this’s even not a weakness at all because those cards using this range of frequency are less important – might be employee identity cards, member card or stuff like that.

If this is your very first time seeing this wallet, don’t fret because there’s a money back guarantee with no hassle if there is any mistake from manufacturing process. You will have two choices to select – full refund or a new replacement.

However, I’m quite sure that you will ever use this warranty at all.

Have you already picked up your desired handmade leather wallet for your daily use? I’m glad that this article had helped you (more or less) as well as shorten your path to find out the most suitable wallet to fit your daily demand.

For more interesting offer as well as get more choices in wallets, don’t hesitate to take a peak at these articles:

For any questions from you to men’s fashion style or daily life, don’t hesitate to leave your comment down below of send me an email, I will response to your quest as fast as possible.

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