Best Men’s Sherpa Jackets for Warmth & Stylish Look

Best Men’s Sherpa Jackets for Warmth & Stylish Look

Many people usually think of puffer jacket, shearling coat or leather jacket when it comes to buying winter outercoat. But rare of them pay attention to the Sherpa jacket – which is also a hot trend this fall-winter season.

Don’t misunderstand that shearling and Sherpa are one. While shearling is more about warmth, Sherpa is a great windproof material to insulate against the coldness, without bulk and weight. Besides, Sherpa is very easy to wash and maintain.

It’s also a more affordable item to style in winter for a tight budget. And this is also the best bet for environmentalists due to its none animal product material. As a cold-weather champion, Sherpa is worth investing.

In this article, I’m going to analyze top 12 best Sherpa jackets for men featuring different designs, lengths and textures with detail reviews to help you find out the most suitable jacket. Don’t miss out!

1. Fila Men’s Sherpa Jacket

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Might many people know Fila as a South Korean sporting goods company, but a fun fact is that it was originally established in 1911 and it used to be an Italian company. Amazing, right?

Since 2007 when it was taken over by Fila Korean, it has been owned and operated from this country. But enough about history, this Fila Men’s Sherpa Jacket will surely satisfy all of your seasonal needs.

Made out of premium polyester with Sherpa fleece lining, its warmth is ideal for winter weather. Moreover, the design is closure enough to trap your body heat inside to keep you cozy yet comfortable during a whole day, even in frost-bite temperature.

You can see that there is a full zip-up zipper on the frontside feat stand collar and overlong cuffs to ensure the best warmth. A super big bonus is its texture – really, really soft and skin-friendly. Though this Sherpa jacket is more expensive than other models in this collection, if you can afford it, you will surely feel a higher-level experience that bangs for your bucks.

Not only invest in premium material, Fila’s design is paid attention, too. You can see that though it’s featured a simple and minimal outlook, this jacket is truly outstanding, cool yet elegant.

Instead of using printed or embroidered brand logo somewhere in the jacket, Fila designed their signature zippers, which is really impressive and outstanding. Besides, the alternation of opened hand pockets by the zippered is a great advance to keep your important stuff more closure.

Overall, this is a must-try Sherpa jacket this winter that you should consider.

2. Carhartt Men’s Big & Tall, 3x Sherpa Jacket J141

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If your budget is on the table, this is another of my recommendation for the best Sherpa jacket. Speaking of a perfect compromise of design and quality, Carhartt is my favorite for various color options, large size chart and high-grade material.

Mine is a Carhartt Brown jacket, which is a signature color created by the manufacturer. It’s an amazing brown tone that is not too garish to cause annoyance when others look at you, but always nail your style and make you become a spotlight in anywhere.

Besides, it’s perfect to go vintage.

In terms of material, it’s 100% cotton with inner Sherpa lining. As the material is premium, you can machine wash this jacket with ease. Like Fila, its pockets are all zipped with Sherpa lined inside. Also, there’s a full zip-up zipper on the frontside.

The biggest difference from Fila’s is its top part design. instead of a stand thick collar, this Carhartt is figured with a hood and drawstring. You can style it with a hood down or wear it half of your head – really cool!

Now, speaking of warmth, thanks to the quilted sleeves from the shoulder area to the wrist, this jacket is really rugged, tough and warm, even in sub zero temperature. So, if you are confused of its quality, I can assure that it’s great, don’t hesitate to buy.

If size chart is the real thing making you worried, my sincere advice is going one size smaller, even if you are a tall and big guy. But, if your living area is frost-bite weather and you are going to wear a heavy sweater underneath or stuff like that, let’s go true size.

3. Scully Men’s Suede Sherpa Jacket – 113-86

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There’s nothing smoother than a suede Sherpa jacket!

In comparison to the traditional denim jackets, they are an ideal move away whilst adding more dimensions and depth to your outfit, with less effort to do to get a nice outlook.

Now, two highly-recommended faux leather Sherpa jackets that you should try are the Scully’s and the Coleman’s. In terms of Coleman, might I not need to talk much about its popularity and fame, especially in quality and functionality.

But who is Scully?

Well, this brand began as a manufacturer of helmets and flight jackets for pilots during WWI and WWII. It was exactly established in 1906 and in its 112-year history, Scully has been admitted as a great manufacturer and distributor of various leather items.

This faux Sherpa jacket is a typical example! Right from the very first touching, its hand-feel is absolutely different from other counterparts on the market, which you can assure it’s made out of the softest grade A boar suede leather.

Aside from softness and comfort, it’s also warm thanks to the extra Sherpa lining and collar whilst its sleeves are made out of easy-movement nylon.

What I also love from this nice brown Sherpa jacket is its versatility. You can dress up or dress down this jacket easily. To elevate its tone, you can team it up with a pair of tailored charcoal or black trousers and a simple black jumper to complete your vintage outlook.

Or, for a more formal outfit, a pair of black brogues is perfect to mix and match.

Now, there are a lot of ideas to go casual style, either going with a pair of dark desert boots or trying a full circle of suede. However, one tip to dress smartly if you choose to go to a full suede circle is choosing a darker tone pair of suede boots than your jacket to avoid a matchy-matchy mess.

4. Coleman Flannel Sherpa Jacket with Faux Suede Shoulder Patches

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Inherited from the unstoppable hot trend of flannel patterns in spring and summer fashion, flannel winter coats are released by many famous brands. And Coleman is one of them!

It’s also the reason I added this flannel Sherpa jacket into this list after considering its quality. As I said above, Coleman is a king of sporty fashion apparels where you can find a vast of silhouettes, designs and colors that are all assured of quality by warranty.

This flannel winter jacket is made out of 100% cotton for best comfort, insulation and warmth. Moreover, there is Sherpa lining as well as faux back yokes and shoulder patches to elevate its durability whilst upending your premium outlook to complement your personal fashion taste.

Like the Levi’s, this jacket features two chest triangle flat pockets. But you can see that it brings an entirely different vibe from its counterpart. While Levi’s delivers a unique vintage look to pop up your classic star-spangled banner style, this Coleman’s gives more casual feeling to your outfit.

Besides, its cuffs are narrowed down to hug your wrists better, making it ideal for any outdoor activities because now, the jacket itself can trap natural body heat more efficiently.

Choose from two different stripes, plus, large size chart, you will choose the most satisfying Sherpa jacket in your standards.

Or, thinking of this amazing apparel as an exceptional present for a friend of yours is also a good idea, too. I’m quite sure he will love it!

5. Wrangler Men’s Sherpa Jacket, Authentics Men’s Long Sleeve

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Another highly-recommended Sherpa jacket featuring plaid pattern with more affordable price is this Wrangler. However, its quality isn’t as poor as other cheap flannel Sherpa jackets you might see on the market.

The materials of this garment are divided into two parts: the whole lining is cotton whilst the shell is polyester. And, good news is this jacket is machine washable. A compliment for this combination as well as Wrangler’s choice of material. This jacket isn’t heavy as hell like other denim products, but neither lightweight. Its heft is moderate and acceptable to wear all day comfortably. Plus, its breathability is on point.

With this model, you also have more pattern options as well as larger size chart to surely find out the most suitable jacket.

It must be thankful for the evolving silhouette of Sherpa jackets that you can now get a slimmer cut as opposite to the boxy figure of the 50’s. Like the previous counterpart, this flannel Sherpa jacket comes in narrow-down cuffs for better fit whilst featuring slim-fit shape to look skinnier.

Actually, you can go one size down to increase that effect, but I prefer go true size for layering. Don’t worry, it won’t look droopy if you choose to wear it oversized for better comfort.

Nothing is perfect! The biggest drawback that I have found in this jacket is its warmth. As featured as a versatile apparel that you can style in any seasons, from spring-summer to fall-winter, its warmth just stops at medium level, which means in those frost-bite days when the temperature is sub-zero, you should wear another jacket like a winter puffer to ensure enough coziness.

6. Rothco Buffalo Plaid Sherpa Jacket

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Speaking of Rothco, it’s embarrassing that I have just known them recently after a while looking for tactical trousers. This is arguably a big supplier of tactical, military and outdoor. Besides, their terms and conditions as well as privacy policy is good to worth a try.

This is also my second purchase from this company, and I assert that it bangs for my bucks. Aside from the rugged buffalo texture that brings a grungy, wild and strong feeling to perfectly fit for those who are looking for bigger tartan pattern, this Rothco Buffalo Plaid Sherpa Jacket also gives you a solid and heavy hand-feel.

And, I think it partly helps this jacket warmer and more durable to beat. Like other flannel jackets in this list, Rothco’s features a slim-fit silhouette with tight cuffs to hug your wrists like a glove.

It’s soft as well, which is thankful for the high-quality Sherpa lining. It brings an interesting feeling when look from the outside, it looks like a normal flannel shirt and the difference is only exposed once you put it on. Really comfortable!

Now, how to style with this garment?

If you intend to wear Rothco buffalo flannel jacket as a main show stopper, let’s keep the rest as basic and simple as possible. for example, a white shirt or t-shirt will match nicely with this plaid Sherpa jacket.

For more casual look, you can team it with either chinos or jeans, seems not a bad idea at all, right?

7. Levis Original Sherpa Trucker Jacket, Type III

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Speaking of Sherpa Jackets, it must be a big mistake of not counting Levi’s.

Established in 1853, this company quickly shot to fame after the very first launching of denim overalls for workers. If you still remember my article about trendy items this winter, 2018 is a year that workwear is revived. And Levi’s is one of the pioneers for this fashion style.

Their products are soon loved for its outstandingly durable and versatile design yet still retain its unique stylish look.

But enough about history, this Original Sherpa Jacket is worth discussing more. Compared to the Type One launched in 1900’s or the Type Two dished out a couple of decades later, this version is more advanced in features and design.

It’s arguably as the signature denim jacket of Levi’s with two triangle pocket flaps on the chest, entirely getting rid of the cinch back.

Though released in 1962, this Sherpa jacket is now an iconic item and also one of the most exemplary representations of Americana. Actually, it’s raised in popularity by trucker fans who willingly to wear them whenever going out, even it’s just being on the road.

You can rely on this Sherpa jacket to keep your chest and your top body part warm against the cold temperature of frost-bite days this winter. It’s because the whole jacket is made out of high-quality cotton for the best warmth and comfort.

But that’s not what this jacket is all about! Getting it means you are paying homage to the classic star-spangled banner style as well.

For vintage look, beat it as much as you can. I usually machine wash it to make some natural distresses littered the whole jacket. But if you want it to be quicker, using brush seems not to be a bad idea.

You can style it with many vintage items such as shirt, hoodie, sweater or another jacket if you want. But kindly go for a size bigger for some more room and comfort.

Find my article reviewing the best Levi’s Sherpa jackets. There are a lot of interesting models there!

8. Vcansion Men’s Winter Fleece Windproof Jacket Wool Outerwear Single Breasted Classic Cotton Jacket Coats

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If you are going to put a boss-look spin to your outfit with an ultimate American feel, this black Sherpa jacket is exactly what you need. The multiple functions of black make this apparel of outerwear an ideal selection for a luxurious airport fashion look or travel trip.

Wearing this jacket in your true size will guarantee a tailored and natural fit. There’s no reason to keep things formal overly.

Whether you want to upend your outfit to be more expensive and boss-y or prefer to enjoy the warmth of faux fleece lining plus, thick winter windbreaker lapel collar made out of high-quality fabric by exquisite workmanship, Vcansion got you covered.

Its material is a cotton blend of 33% polyester and 2% spandex for quick drying, great breathability and extreme comfort. On the other hand, it’s machine washable as well to give more free time on your hands.

Differ from other short Sherpa jackets in this list, Vcansion features two hand pockets and one hidden one where you can place some important stuff like wallet, money, card or smartphone. This is also my most favorite!

With it, you can go for business casual, professional attire or outdoor activities, like a full-black look. Or, you can play a little bit with colors for outstanding spring vibe (pastel tones are nice choice).

One last great bonus is its standard US size chart that you don’t have to put much effort on choosing the right size for yours.

9. Yeokou Men’s Vintage Slim Sherpa Corduroy Sherpa Jacket

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Opposite to my first expectation, Yeokou is a US company and already registered with the US Trademark Office. From that point, its size chart won’t be a big matter like other Asian companies.

Also, differ from other Mr. Giants like Fila, Carhartt or Coleman, Yeokou is a new comer, born to provide young ladies and men who love going for free lifestyle.

However, I think this Sherpa jacket is one of their plot twist designs with formal and slim-fit silhouette that also brings a boss-y look like the Vcansion’s. But I personal feel this product is way more retro style with Western cowboy vibe. Or, have anyone thought it would be an amazingly vintage item like me? You can take a look at its color options – all of them are retro tones like khaki, wine red, coffee and black.

This jacket is more advanced in material than its above counterpart, which is crafted entirely from cotton with polyester Sherpa. And, obviously, it’s machine washable as well.

Actually, I’m not a fan of button-down closure design because it takes time to have your jacket closed. However, this kind of design goes perfectly with such that button-down closure. Plus, its two button pockets unify nicely with this design, so, an A mark for it.

If you are looking for a winter jacket with lots of pockets but they should go elegant to avoid ruining the whole shape, here’s the best bet for you. aside from two hand pockets, it also figures two chest ones and another hidden on the inside.

Plus, they are huge enough to fit a smart phone or wallet. So, now, you can feel ease in mind when tossing your important stuff in your jacket without fear of accidentally fall out or stolen by pickpockets.

10. Dickies Men’s Sanded Duck Sherpa Jacket with Hood

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Another must-try black Sherpa jacket is from Dickies.

However, the main vibe of this model is opposed against the Vcansion, which is more casual. Might some people quickly notice that it looks more likely a hoodie with a full zipper up with a large hood on the backside, kangaroo pockets, ribbed bottom hem and snap button cuffs.

If you love such comfortable style of outerwear for winter, go for it! It might look quite casual and thin in the eyes, but in fact, the inner Sherpa lining as well as the cotton material is no joke – really warm and comfortable to save you in the most frost-bite weather.

There is also a small chest pocket where you can take advantage of an extra storage space for your bills, documents or other stuff like that. But I personally like to leave it alone to keep its flat silhouette.

A compliment for its zipper as well. I don’t know which brand it’s from but the zipper works quite smoothly and durably with no clogs or breakage. I also love its full-black design with just a small red brand logo on the frontside as an interesting emphasis.

Dickies’ products are mostly not too heavy in logo, however, it’s not kind of too simple to boring and this time, its jacket didn’t disappoint me. Aside from that satisfying highlight, there are also a lot of color options to choose from. For typical winter outlook, you can go for the chocolate brown or brown duck.

To elevate your vintage style, brown is a nice choice.

11. Columbia Men’s Sherpa Jacket

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Columbia is a brand that can’t be absent from your must-try Sherpa jacket list, especially this Delta color tone.

The sand jacket is a great addition to your winter closet because we all know that this is a perfect seasonal hue to go for true casual outfits. Plus, it does a perfect harmony with a lot of things but really make it outstanding significantly rather than going all-black look.

If you are a person who usually go basic, this is a must-have item to team with your black pieces in the wardrobe. Because black color is a neutral backdrop for the Delta tone jacket, it will naturally pop the jacket up as a statement piece.

This is a small change but bring a significant difference to your daily look, making it more interesting and fashionable. For the extreme quality, Columbia is also well-known for their expensive price range.

But I like to think of it as a long-term investment that will never go out of style. It might go faded, but I believe that color tone will add more soul to the garment itself as well as your outfit.

Overall, this is the highest choice for Sherpa jacket that can serve you decades. If you want to spend once for a lifetime, this is a worthy option to consider.

12. Gioberti Mens Sherpa Lined Pull Zip Fleece Hoodie Jacket

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We have gone through many options for luxurious look, formal look, travel fashion look and now, it’s for casual. Also, I think this is the occasion when your Sherpa jacket is going to be the best workhorse this winter.

That’s why I would like to show you this Gioberti model, the functionality of which is overweighing its design to ensure the best warmth, comfort and breathability during a day long wearing, even its durability to wear day by day with less wears and tears.

It’s a true winter outerwear with zip-front design, hood with drawstring, ribbed bottom hem and cuffs and two cozy hand pockets. Take note that its sleeves aren’t fleece quilted. To serve as a daily-use jacket, it is made out of high-quality Sherpa lining and polyester lined sleeves that is machine washable to dry quickly.

Besides, due to such that closure and material, its warmth is no joke. I once attended a camping night with friends in late October when the temperature dropped to 20 degrees Fahrenheit, wearing just a sweater and this jacket but I still felt warm. Just need to equip a good pair of gloves and an additional scarf for extra coziness.

I was amazed and appreciated this jacket from that time. Compared to other similar jackets of mine from German, I feel this one is more superior in workmanship. Plus, there’s no pilling or smell at all, which is the best part.

On that note

With all the various textures, colors and designs available to you from my rounded-up list, you will certainly find out the most suitable jacket to match your demands and favorite.

These 12 pieces are analyzed from my own experience through years searching, trying and experiencing to give you the sincerest and most positive look on one by one. There are still a lot of good and must-try Sherpa jackets out there on the market though.

I believe through my guidelines, tips and tricks on how to style with a certain kind of Sherpa jacket, you can confidently choose the one that suits you best (if these 12 designs aren’t your taste).

This topic about winter apparels is still a long story with many chapters and you have just read one of them. To complete your winter wardrobe, don’t forget to take a look at these articles where I have analyzed the best products with detailed reviews, guidelines, tips and tricks to style with them.

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