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A cap is one of the most important accessories for all men in the world. This accessory can make a great contribution for men being more and more fashionable. To keep up with the latest fashion trend, men always try to find out the best ivy cap for men. With the variety of the types of ivy cap today, men may find difficult to get a suitable cap. We can introduce to you some mens ivy caps as follow:

01. Qunson men’s Gatsby Ivy Irish Hunting Newsboy Cabbie Hat Cap

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If you want to pay for the best ivy cap for men, you should not ignore this driver cap. This driving cap can provide you countless chance to experience wonderful features. One of the most outstanding features that make people give their priority for this brand is its style. For this cap, men can stop their worry about being out of date because it is very stylish. In addition, this type of driving hat can fit all men with a different range of age, which is similar to the leather ivy cap.

The dimension of this product is 10.2 x 4.7 x 9.4 inches. This dimension is great for all people because it can be suitable for all people with the regardless of the head’s size. Additionally, the weight of this ivy cap is very light with about 3.5 ounces.

Aside with the features, people like the qunson cap because of not only its features, but also the brand. The Qunson is one of the most reputable brands in the market. It has a long history with a wide range of different version of the men ivy cap. In addition, this brand is registered as a trademark; therefore, you do not need to worry about the fake product.

Moreover, the majority of people who have already used this ivy hat said that they are satisfied with the qunson men’s Gatsby ivy Irish hunting newsboy cabbie hat cap. This cap is made from the blended cotton; therefore, you can wear it every day you want and you do not need to pay attention to the season.

Apart from countless advantages, this cap also remains an array of disadvantages that the manufacturers need to erase immediately. The customers illustrated that the most uncomfortable pros of the qunson cap are that it has only one size. Therefore, if you have a big size, you should take it into the consideration before purchasing. Furthermore, many people usually complain that the color of this men hat is not the same as the product on their official website. Besides, I suggest that you should go to the shop and buy it directly rather than order it on the internet. You need to try it on before paying money for this item.

02. Men’s herringbone wool tweed newsboy Ivy cabbie driving hat

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Another selection for you is the men’s herringbone wool tweed newsboy Ivy cabbie driving hat. The same as other ivy caps, the first thing that we need to take a look at before choosing a cap is its features. The materials of this newsboy ivy driving hat are quite impressive with around 10 percent wool and 90 percent polyester. Thanks to these materials, the longevity of this cap is longer than other types of the ivy cap.

Additionally, because of these materials, this newsboy cap is very light and it is quite warm; therefore, this can be an ideal headgear for you this winter. This cap can protect you from such a cold weather condition. The circumference inside the hat is approximately 23 inches. Furthermore, the dimension of this had is mad around the inside part of hat with about 4 inches of the deep crown.

If you have an eye for fashion, we believe that the newsboy brand can meet your requirements. This brand has gained the popularity in recent decades with hundred different styles. Moreover, they have great services to help people buy the product easily and have a detail instruction for reserving the cap in a good situation.

If you buy this newsboy ivy cap, you should know that this ivy cap has both benefits and shortcomings. Firstly, we should talk about the benefits a little bit. Almost of the customer are very happy with the customer services of this brand. If you are unsatisfied with the product or it is different from the image on their website, then you can return it without additional fees.

Secondly, the quality of this ivy cap is good enough for a reasonable price. And the last advantages are its size. Generally speaking, this ivy cap can outweigh all other caps with its fit feature. Although it also has only one size, it can fit all the head sizes with the rear elastic band.

Apart from many advantages, this ivy can also make you feel uncomfortable because of several disadvantages. The style of this newsboy ivy cap is traditional; therefore, it is not suitable for people who want to catch up with the trendy fashion. In addition, its elastic band which is put in the cap’s back is too short. It is the main factor to lead to the red line on our forehead.

03. The MG men’s plaid ivy newsboy cap hat

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The MG men’s plaid ivy newsboy cap hat has also been the most favorite ivy cap on the market in this day and time. This ivy cap is made from both Rayon and Polyester, but the amount of the polyester is larger than the rayon. The MG men’s plaid ivy newsboy cap hat is similar to the above hat because you can wear it in all weather conditions and all the occasions as well.

You can opt for this cap in both casual events and formal events. It can bring to you the differences in your fashion style. With the newsboy style and a trendy plaid, you will look younger and fashionable. Furthermore, the MG’s men plaid ivy newsboy cap hat also has a mesh lining and a sweatband of moisture wicking.

Another thing that we want to make a highlight for you is its size. With the variety sizes of this driving hat from S to XL, it can fit all people with different ages. The dimension of this product is about 10x 2.5 x 12 inches with a very light weight.

In addition, it has many colors, so you can choose your most favorite colors, including grey, black and blue. Furthermore, it also has some stripes, which can make a great contribution look trendier.

Moreover, the MG brand works very effectively. They have released an array of high quality product and this ivy newsboy cap hat is one of their best selling products in the market. If you order this product on their official website, it is very convenient and you can save a lot of time and money.

Everything has two sides and this cap is not an exception. It also remains some drawbacks that the manufacturers should improve as soon as possible. One of the most outstanding drawbacks is its size. We suggest that if you intend to buy this type of cap, you should spend time on going to the shop and try it on before purchasing. Although it has various sizes, this cap does not have a band to adjust. It means that you cannot make an adjustment for your cap and then, it does not fit your head. Therefore, to ensure that the bought cap fits your head size, you should buy directly rather than buy online.

04. Brixton Men’s Hooligan Snap Cap

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The ivy cap that you should add to your collection is the Brixton Men’s hooligan snap cap. This cap has many different colors, including grey, brown, black, cream, dark navy, white, and mixed navy. In addition, this cap is made from both wool and polyester; therefore it is durable enough for you to wear.

The dimension of this cap is 10 x 9 x 2 inches with 3.2 ounces in weight. Due to its reputation, this brand usually produces this product to serve the purpose of export to other countries.

People who have already worn this had usually given a good comment for this brand because of its high quality brand. The material is excellent and it can bring you a comfort.

Although it has a lot of good comments, some people still complaint about the services of this brand. Sometimes, the sellers leave a bad impression on the buyers. Furthermore, because the style of this cap is for the younger generation; therefore, in some situations, it is not suitable for the old man.

05. The head change made in USA Wool ivy scally cap driver hat

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Another cap, which will not make you feel disappointed, is the head change ivy scally cap driver hat. This cap is considered the most favorite cap in the early years. People usually buy this hat to give to other people as a birthday gift. If you take a close look at the hat, you may see that its style is quite popular and has many unique features that you cannot find out in any other hat.

Additionally, this hat is made from 100 percent of the wool; therefore, you can take the use of the water to wash it. Due to the material, the wearers feel more comfortable and it is soft enough. You will not feel uncomfortable, even though you wear it all day.

The design of this hat is so creative. People who are very skillful made it by their hands. Furthermore, the head changes ivy scally driver hat is made in the USA. Additionally, this ivy cap has an elastic sweatband, which is soft. The manufacturers said that this cap can make all customers satisfied in terms of the quality and the price.

In the event of an uncomfortable feeling, they will give your money back. Besides, you also can change the product and ask for free shipping. The head change ivy scally cap is about 1 pound, so it is very light for all people to try it on.

Apart from the advantages, you also can feel some inconvenient things. Although this type of cap is quite popular, it is not easy for you to find out the real one. You may get caps with a higher price and lower quality in some stores in the world. Therefore, you should check the description of the product more carefully before buying.

06. The ililily flat cap vintage cabbie hat Gatsby ivy cap Irish hunting newsboy stretch

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The ililily flat cap is another option for you who are made from the faux leather and polyester. There are 4 main colors which are available on the market. The style of this cap is different from the others because it is a kind of flat style. The same as the other cap, it also has a sweatband to make an adjustment for the dimension of the cap.

Some people think that this ililily flat cap may look older than your real age; however, this viewpoint is incorrect. It is frankly to say that this cap is suitable for all people with a fashionable look. Furthermore, you can take the advantage of this cap for a long time without concerning about buying the new hat.

For people who love the Irish style, this cap will be perfect for you. The price of this cap is reasonable and it can be a good accessory for you in the winter. Although this cap is light enough, it has only one size. It can fit all normal adults, but for the others, it does not fit. You cannot buy this hat for your kids or for people who have a big head.

07. The ililily soft cotton newsboy flat cap ivy stretch driver hunting hat

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The ililily brand is very well-known in the world and they also have given the birth of numerous different styles of the caps. The ililily soft cotton newsboy flat cap is an example. It is made of 100 percent cotton. There are two main styles of this type, including the vintage and classic style.

Moreover, this newsboy flat cap does not have any line, so you do not need to worry about the red line, if it does not fit your head’s size. The features of this hat are soft, solid, and touch. It has two sizes, consisting of the medium and large size. The dimension of the ililily soft cotton cap is 9.4 x 7.9 x 2 inches.

People can feel very comfortable with this hat, but it also has a drawback that you need to know before purchasing. This hat has a straight line from the bill’s front of the hat’s top, so it can make you look like an old man.

08. The MG men’s plaid ivy washed canvas newsboy cap

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The MG men’s plaid ivy washed canvas newsboy cap is the best choice for all men with a modern design. This hat has the ability to change your style. If you want to attend some formal parties, the MG men’s plaid ivy washed canvas newsboy cap is for you. It can help to change your styles. You look more formal with this hat.

Furthermore, this hat has three eyelets on all sides of the head, and there is a snap which is located on the brim. With this hat, you can stop your worry about the sweat. Its dimensions are 10 x 2.5 x 12 inches. You can try to wear your hat backwards, it will bring you a new look.

People who have bought this type of the hat just complained about its size. Some people buy the small size, but it cannot fit them well, and they have to return it. With regard to the price and appearance, this hat is still a good choice for you.

09. The men’s ivy hat collection casual and dress fall/ winter 2015

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In the year of 2015, the men’s ivy hat collection casual and dress fall/ winter is the most favorite item. This hat belongs to the debonair mens ivy collection. The manufacturers designed this hat from 2011 and it was a big bang in the fashion market.

This hat enables to bring people all what their needs from the comfortability to the style. Furthermore, in the fall and the winter, you cannot ignore this hat because of its warm feeling. This hat can prevent you from the cold. Furthermore, the quality of this hat is incredible with the highest quality.

Its disadvantage is that the measurement which is provided by the company is not correct. If you follow this instruction, you may get the wrong size. We suggest that you should try it one before deciding to pay for it.

10. The LETHMIK flat cap cabby hat genuine leather vintage newsboy cap ivy driving cap

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The last cap is the LETHMIK flat cap. This cap is for both formal and casual occasions. This hat has all colors and it can be suitable for all outfits. You can wear it for walking, golfing, driving and outdoor activities.

In addition, you can stretch this hat, if you feel it is too tight for you. The manufacturers have carried out many improvements for this hat to change the size problems. Furthermore, the manufacturers also provide the buyers many helpful services, so they can return the product, if it is not the same as their commitment.

Despite the advantages, this hat has some shortcomings. The biggest problem is its price. Because this hat is made from the cowhide leather; therefore, its price is quite expensive. You must spend a great deal of money on buying this hat. You should take all factors into the consideration to ensure that your financial situation is fine for you to buy.

Final thoughts

With these suggestions, we hope that you can have a smart selection. You should take all things into the account before paying for any types of cap. Wish that you can get the best ivy cap for men. You can read more reviews about the products on their official website to learn more about its advantages as well as the disadvantages.

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