Best Pork Pie and Stingy Hats For Men ( Updated 2019 )

In the men’s hat world, the pork pie is like a timeless piece. You can style it with anything, jeans, dress suits, trousers, shirts, t-shirts, from summer to winter. No doubt, it’s versatile piece that should be in all men’s closet.

However, how to know if you pick a good-quality porkpie? Where to pick it? How to style it fashionably? And importantly, how to choose the right size to fit your head?

When it comes to pork pie hats, there is rarely a good resource for you to get information, suggestions, tips and tricks. That’s why in this article, I’m going to give you an ultimate buying guide that surely, you can pick a qualitied high-fashion pork pie hat from. Read on!

I. Where to buy pork pie hat

Unlike it was in the past that you only could buy a pork pie hat in brick and mortar stores, nowadays, there’s another way where you can find a lot of nice and cool pork pie hats with more convenience: e-commercial websites.

It’s a good choice for those customers that in their living area, there’s no store of the brand they are in need. Your tasks are just looking for the reliable brands or websites to spend your money on. It’s best to choose the well-known ones with customer motivating warranties.

My three go-to e-commercial websites for the best men’s pork pie hat are:

But take note that Villagehatshop and Stetson are two high-end picks that I only recommend for those who are in a loose budget because each hat there is sold within $100-$500. Besides, they don’t have many designs to choose from.

In the meantime, Amazon offers a lot more options of pork pie hats with various price ranges, even interesting discounts or shipping policy. But along with that variations, quality is different from one by one.

To choose a good one, my experience is taking time reading careful customer reviews, as well as making a research about their shipping and good returning policy. To acknowledge about the brand that you’re going to purchase their product is also a must.

It’s a time-taking task, but the result is worthy as you will get a nice-looking, effective cost and value with good warranty pork pie hat.

However, for busy guys, I still get another option for you to save more free time on your hands, it’s my suggested collection. This list is analyzed from my experience with intensive research and careful evaluation. So, are you ready?

II. Best Men’s Pork Pie Hats in 2019

1. NYFASHION101 Mens Crushable Wool Felt Brown Pork Pie Hat w/Feather

View here

In the mid-range price, NYFASHION101 is the test winner, emphasizing with an old-school look but with a cool, exquisite charm.

It’s a wool felt hat so my recommendation is for cool weather as your head will be kept warm and comfortable from the temperature. In turns, your ears are out. For the fairly warm environment, like musicians who gets familiar to stage lighting, just worry free that it would be too hot to wear because the brim itself is high enough to allow nice amount of air circulation.

However, take note that with those people with shaved head, this hat might be a little bit heavy when putting on.

This NYFASHION101 pork pie hat comes in two color options: black and brown – either of them is a perfect choice for fall/winter fashions, both smart and casual outfits. Along with that, are three size selections. They are different from circumference but same in the brim size – nearly 2 inches. So, consider your head size and shoulder width before picking one.

For more accent, there is a band and a soft feather on it, but you can remove the feather (it’s a matter of preference).

There are many ways to style this cool pork pie hat, if you’re going to a snazzy look, mix it with a rain coat style polyester jacket or leather jacket. Or, for the “Heisenberg” style, try to pair with aviator glasses. It does work!

2. THE HAT DEPOT 1400f2091 100% Cotton Paisley Lining Premium Quality Porkpie Hat

View here

Next is a unisex pork pie hat from THE HAT DEPOT.

It’s made out of 100% cotton with Paisley lining to be a perfect choice for all year round. Despite the heavier heft, it’s much cooler to wear in summer, but still keeps your head warm in the winter. Another good thing about cotton is it doesn’t shrink and besides, is very easy to clean.

If there’s any spot or dirt on the hat, just take it to the cleaners or spot clean it at home.

With this THE HAT DEPOT, you’ve got 2 choices of size and 4 color options to match nicely any occasions or outfits, from daily formal dress up to casual wear. Just take note that the hat runs larger size so it’d better to ask the seller for advice before purchasing.

As the hat itself comes in simple outlook with nothing but just a same-color band and a metal button, it’s very easy to décor on your own. The hat is very solid, especially the brim. You can flip it up or down easily and it will stay in place. In general, I love it!

3. Belfry Be-Bop – Classic Wool Leather Pork Pie Hat

View here

While there are so many imported products with vague quality, a pork pie hat made in the USA seems to keep our mind in ease, right? And this Belfry is the one. Made out of 100% wool felt body so, it’s ideal as a winter hat.

No lining, but the material is soft and skin-friendly enough to not cause itchiness on my forehead skin. That’s the best part because my skin is really sensitive. In terms of the size chart, it’s much more various than THE HAT DEPOT, so, no matter you’ve got a big head or a small one, just rest assure that this little buddy can fit all.

Also, the leather is easily removed due to preference. Compared to other pork pie hats that have sewn it solidly, this one with the option to detach it is really nice.

4. Kangol Men’s Pork Pie Hat, Perfect for Every Musician

View here

I guess nobody don’t know about this reputable USA brand, right?

Kangol are famous for two things: stylish product designs and quality. This isn’t an exception! It’s crafted from wool, but the highlight is LiteFelt, which is considered as a revolutionary treatment process making a natural unstiffened premium wool felt shape-retentive and water-resistant.

Thanks to that, unlike other pork pie hats that you have to handmade a wax layer on for waterproof ability, this one doesn’t. It’s a great choice for those who live in wet weather or rainy climate.

Particularly, a lot of musicians are in love with this because of its artsy, stylish and different look. It’s sophisticated dress up and playful dress down. Whether that’s a social event or an errand running around the town, I’m sure you will receive tons of compliments for its uniqueness.

However, the hat runs a little bit smaller than the standard size, you should go one size bigger for the best fit.

5. 9th Street 100% Wool ‘Boxer’ Porkpie Hat (4+ Colors)

View here

The 9th Street Porkpie Hat is a wool one featuring diamond porkpie crown and sturdy, blocked wool felt construction.

There are two things about this hat gaining my love for it: Firstly, its low crown. If you read my short instruction about How to wear pork pie hat below, you will know that each face shape will ask for a specific style of porkpie.

However, the low crown is the most versatile that can look freakily good on any face shapes. However, the overall of this hat is still extremely harmonious – 3 6/8” crown and 1 1/2” brim. Plus, there are 3 size options and 3 colorways to choose from.

This ensures that you will pick the right measurement for your head. Just take note that 9th Street runs a little bit larger than the standard size so, my advice is going for one size smaller for the best fit.

The next best ting is internal grosgrain sweat band. You will recognize how important this feature is in the summer, especially when walking a long way under the sunlight with a pork pie hat on your head. This will keep your hair and forehead from getting damp with sweat, which ends up with more breathability and your outlook not being too sleazy when taking the hat off.

As this hat is made from wool, it’s even more important to consider this feature if you intend to wear it in the hot days.

Now, speaking of the material. I find this one is as thick as the NYFASHION101, holding its shape pretty well, especially the overwelt brim edge. It makes the brim not get out of shape or wave whereas can be snapped down in front like when you wear a fedora hat or worn up all around.

But for the waterproof ability, I’ll give it 7/10 because this hat in reality only bears splash or drizzle well, not a heavy rain or stuff like “waterproof”. However, for the price and for my living area weather, that’s enough to be a versatile piece for daily use, hanging out, event, and so on.

6. Mens Structured 100% Paper Straw Flat Top White Pork Pie Hat

View here

This is one of my most favorite straw hats!

It looks exclusive and stylish that anyone who care about fashion should take a glance. Bought it for my fancy outdoor party 4 months ago which the dresscode was white, though the hat was a little bit larger than my head size, it matched nicely my outfit that day. And, as the result, I received lots of compliments.

If you intend to cop it for various occasions, from casual to party, this is my recommendation. But take note to go one size smaller for the best fit unless you have thick curved hair.

Although they say this one is dried clean only, it’s super easy to clean because the straw material themselves are repellant to water and dirt. You just need a clean wet cloth to wipe it once – very low maintenance.

It’s just the cotton sweatband on the inside that you might need to take some more care. But for its great function of absorbing sweat, I find it’s worthy.

7. Belfry Crushable Black Pork Pie Hat Men’s Vintage Style

View here

The best thing about this porkpie hat from Hats in the Belfry is it arrived undistorted.

When you purchase a hat online, the manufacturer usually doesn’t wrap them carefully, which leads to two common consequences: distorted or crushed. End up with you spending tons of time to recover its original shape. So, I really find this is a precious thing!

Though this hat is a little bit heavier than the straw one, thanks to its 100% cotton material and plus, the inner sweatband, it keeps you cool and dry on sunny days.

No doubt, it’s a summer hat that can nail up your style in many occasions, from formal affair, weddings, office functions and parties, derbies, musicals, dances, and even cookouts or BBQ’s. Look so dope!

A greatly well-made hat that is shown clearly through the snap brim. It holds structure pretty nicely. But you still enable to snap it up or pull it down like a fedora. It’s a preference issue!

As a decent, there’s a stylish glued-in feature on its grosgrain band, however, if you’re not a fan of that, just remove it. Don’t fret, with some carefulness, it leaves no damage to your hat.

Before making the purchase, I have read many reviews and found out the conflict information. So, to help you pick the right one, I’ll give you my example. My head is measured 7 3/8 and a medium fit just right to me. The inside diameter is roughly 21″7/8 – 22″1/4. Hope this help!

8. SK Hat shop Cool Summer Straw Pork Pie for Men Hat

View here

I won’t compare this SK Porkpie as sturdy and high-quality as other expensive straw hats, but I can assert its comfort bringing up to my entire head during a wear.

I pick the medium and it fits well. Carefully packaged so that when the hat arrived, it still kept the proper shape to avoid any first-aid performance.

The material of this hat is a little bit different from other porkpies that I have tried. It’s paper braid to deliver a decent lightness, breathability and comfort. However, it still holds the shape well. Hence, I decided to put this kind of material in my go-to list when it comes to choosing a good porkpie hat.

Colorways of SK Hat is quite diverse with different tones from the dark to the bright. I picked a white and anytime styling it for parties, I have received many compliments. Even some of my friend asked me where I bought it from. So proud that I made this purchase.

9. Belfry Men Women Pork Pie Trilby Summer Straw Hat

View here

For those who are looking for the classic porkpie style to satisfy the man-about-town image, I suggest this Belfry Straw model. Features a 4-inch diamond crown and a 2-inch snap brim, it features an unmistakable look to impress wherever you go.

It’s very well-made with a braided paper straw body, a thick grosgrain multi-colored striped hatband and finished with the Belfry emblem and a side bow.

Going inside, you will also find out a reinforced sweatband to deliver the best comfort and breathability when wearing it in summer.

The hat arrived in well packaged. There was a styrofoam ring around it for extra protection. Though there was still a little bit dent, it’s quite easy to fix. For the price, you can’t beat it.

This Beldry Porkpie Straw Hat provides four color options and mine is The MaxxBlue. It isn’t too loud something, which adds something interestingly new to me. I love it!

Take note that you can’t flip down its front brim like a fedora though they come in the same width brim all around. And due to its material, I don’t recommend wearing it in a rain, even the slightest.

The best thing about it is the packable design. Actually, it has a built-in crown protector so that you can worry free to pack it in your luggage since after being crushed inside there, the shape still enables to return to its original shape like a breeze. A thumb-up for that!

10. Men’s Everyday Cotton All Season Porkpie Sun Hat

View here

As its name defined, this Everyday All-Season Porkpie Hat comes in very low-key design that there’s even no hatband at all. Turns out it looks really elegant and exquisite.

Thanks to its minimal outlook, this hat is super versatile and easy to style. You can wear it on a day in sun flap topper fedora, boater fancy sun hat, a porkpie. From casual to formal occasions, the hat is sure to be a Pop Star.

The hand-feel is amazing. As its body material is 100% high-quality cotton and the lining is luxurious paisley print, the hat is pretty lightweight and breathable to style in hot summer days.

But to consider its all-season characteristics, I don’t think in the same way. It’s a good-to-go hat in spring, summer, and fall. However, during the winter, especially if your living area’s climate is down to frostbite temperature, this is a no-no. Your hat will surely get cold.

Take note that the size chart is a little bit bigger than the standard, so, you should go one size smaller for the best fit.

In general, this is a must-try hat if your concern is a decent quality product for a small price.

11. Jaxon Raffia Diamond Crown Pork Pie Hat

View here

I really like the texture of this Jaxon Raffia Porkpie Hat. It’s raffia straw – a little bit rougher than other kinds of straw material, but way more durable and holds shape pretty well.

If you worry that its narrow brim will give a look like one of the nowadays skinny-brim fedoras on your head, then don’t. It’s still wide enough to look good and versatile in doing mix and match.

Again, this is a summer hat, highlighting with superb breathability. I’ll give you a small example. I live in California where it’s well-known for the burning sun in the spring-summer. Normally, only a sun hat can make my head feel less sweaty and cool. But now, this is the second one to save my life during this harsh season.

I guess its unlined design and elasticized terrycloth sweatband on the inside are the core factors for such phenomenal performance.

Picked a Medium and found out the size chart of this line runs a little bit larger. So, if you pick this, go one size smaller.

In turns, the hat arrived in well packaged with foam tape stuffed on the inside to hold shape pretty well. I’m really satisfied with this purchase!

12. Brixton Men’s Stout Pork Pie Hat

View here

Sticking with me during the last fall-winter season, the hats hold up pretty well with emphasis on warmth. No strange, it’s made out of 100% high-quality wool with silk lining to prevent itchiness, especially if you have sensitive skin.

This is a standard porkpie hat, featuring 1.5″ wide brim that with some steaming, you can adjust it whatever you like, like turn it down, push it up. As it’s a short brim felt pork pie, my face looks nicely when turning it down.

On the outside, there’s a satin band and a feather as a decent. Take note that the feather neither glued or sewn so that you can take it off easily without fear of leaving damage on it. In turns, it easily slides out of the box during delivery.

In fact, there are a few cases claiming that their package didn’t come with a feather. But don’t worry, the hat is backed by its manufacturer who is Brixton. Just contact them and they will send you a replacement for free.

A funny thing when I wore this hat and hung out in New York, some people asked me if I was a Jazz musician. I guess, this is a nice cosplay. Haha

13. Men’s Crush-able Wool Felt Porkpie Pork Pie Hats with Feather

View here

Some people don’t prefer inside head lining, especially if it’s a wool felt pork pie because it’s prone to slip. That’s why I suggest this Different Touch model.

The material is quite soft and comfortable to wear, leaving no scratches or itchiness. At the same time, it stays nicely on your head. This is also a good choice for travelling because it’s easy to pack in your suitcase as well. When arrive, just leave it outside for 30 minutes or steam it up or hang it in the bathroom, the hat will quickly turn back to its original shape.

Initially, I was skeptical a little bit about its size because there were not many customer reviews talking about that. But it fitted nicely so, I would recommend going true size. Its fashionable look will surely give you many compliments from others.

For the quality, I consider this as an affordable investment for those who don’t like to spend a fortune on a hat. For less than $26, you can get one with three different color options. Not to mention to the extra details on the outside, such as the hatband and the removable feather.

All in all, I get no remorse on this product.

14. Stetson Odenton Pork Pie Hat for Men

View here

I’ve saved this to last – The Stetson Odenton Porkpie.

In this industry, Stetson is considered as the leader, not only for its long history, but also for its superbly high-quality products with high-fashion design. This line is a typical example for that.

Feature a great vintage look from the washed-out finished genuine leather lined with 100% cotton, it brings an incredible feeling touch with emphasis on softness, smoothness, and comfort.

But don’t misleading it to an easily worn-down hat. The whole materials utilized in this product is invested with the highest quality, even the stitching is really tight and strong. It’s proved clearly on the inside of the brim as well as the Stetson embroidery.

No hatband or feather enclosed, but the hat itself pops up its own uniquely vintage vibe, adding soul to your outfit and speak for your fashion taste. A perfect choice for special occasions, like parties, events, and so on.

But the best thing is, it comes in 40+ UV protection. Amazing!

III. How to wear pork pie hat

As Heisenberg demonstrates very aptly, it’s best to place pork pie hat directly on your head top and wear it sitting level. Just like its close cousin – trilby, there are two major ways to style a pork pie hat: either casual or smart outfit.

Examples of smart outfits with a pork pie hat:

Examples of casual outfits with a pork pie hat:

Based on the roundness feature, pork pie hats are best to style with curly-wavy hair to take to personalization, no matter the length. To show your fun side, it’s great to add some small details on your hat such as, feather, bands or other accent.

Three common ways to wear a pork pie hat are:

  • Squarely on your head
  • Slightly lean on one side off your face
  • Slightly back off your face

Due to different kinds of materials, pork pie hats will deliver a certain style to its wearer. For example, with straw hat, it’s a great idea as a beach hat or summer hat to be playful yourself, like this:

IV. How should a pork pie hat fit?

There are many ways to wear a pork pie hat, depending on two things: your face shape and your preference.

Pork pie hats are easily worn by anyone as long as he has a long, short or oval shaped face. From that point, it’s a no-no for guys with round or square face.

Equivalent to each face shape, the position of the hat on your head as well as its crown height will be different.

If you have a short or oval face, the pork pie hat should stay roughly 0.7-1 inch above your eyebrows. The hat will look like this:
Now, first of all you should measure your head at that position (I call it position X) and choose the suitable hat’s circumference. Next, is considering its crown height. As the hat will cover nearly 1/3 your head, its crown should be high enough to avoid being too short or too tall compared to your face and even your body portion.

So, it’s essential to measure the distance between the position X and the highest point of your head. Choose the hat crown height that’s similar to that measurement or 0.3-0.5 inch higher due to preference.

With a long face, this is an easiest shape to style a pork pie hat because you can wear it like the way for long face. Or, a hat with short crown to cover just roughly your hair, like the style that Buster Keaton stuck with along with his career.

If you prefer this style and want to find a suitable pork pie hat, repeat the similar measuring process as I told you above, but now, place the measuring tape in the position Y that’s 1.4-1.7 inches above your eyebrows. Meanwhile, it’s better to choose a short crown pork pie hat.

In comparison to the fedora or trilby hats, you can see that pork pie hats are way short in the crown, that’s why it should pair with tall gents.

Now, speaking of the hat brim, there’s one rule of thumb, it should be wider than your jaw line, but now bigger than your shoulder width.


Speaking of the all-time best styles of men’s hat, the porkpie deserves a good spot. It’s easy to style with different outfits as well as rock in various occasions. Some fashionistas even use it as a statement piece of their fashion tastes.

A must-have in your closet. So, I hope, this ultimate buying guide helped you out with some useful information and good suggestions to find out the most suitable one. Thanks for reading!

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