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What is a pork pie hat?

The name of the hat comes from the same traditional English dish “pork pie as the hat resembles the dish. The hat was originally brown, which added extra resemblance to the dish. The pork pie hats are sometimes called “stingy hats” or “stingy brim hats”.

Men’s pork pie hat was one of the most popular men’s hats in the 19th century. The pork pie hat is a mark of a hipster. That determined hipster was popular back then in the image of a person in a leather jacket, pointy shoes, pork pie hat and they would be hanging out in a jazz club.

Porkpie hats feature a cylindrical crown on top of the hat. It has a flat top that pinched in around the outer edge (which makes it look like a pork pie). This day, many people still love pork pie hats. They’re classy and modern at the same time. They give you an artistic look.

Where to buy a pork pie hat?

Pork pie hats are quite out of the trend right now. But they still give you a vintage, classy and artistic look. They are worn by a lot of musicians, trumpet players, jazz singers. You can find one in a vintage themed shop. The quickest way to buy a pork pie hat for men is to search online. It saves you time from traveling around too much because these hats are hard to find anyway.

Just to save your time from wandering around the online shops jungle, here is a list of some cool pork pie hat for men:

01. Differenttouch Men’s 100% Wool Felt 53EH Round Top Pork Pie Short Brim Upturn Fedora Hats


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Brim : 1.5″ Wide , Crown : 5″

Made from 100% soft and crushable wool, this hat offer you a modern look with a glimpse of being classy. It’s a cheap hat compared to others but the quality is assured. There are many sizes to go with your need. If you are unsure about your size, just order a medium one and it shall sit nicely on your head.

Combine this hat with similar color suits and tie, you will definitely receive a lot of compliments. The hat comes in perfect condition and it also gives offers you a comfortable feeling.

The only drawback of this hat, or belly pork hats in general is that they are not so good at protecting your face from the sunlight because of the narrow brim.

02. Belfry Be-Bop 100% Wool Felt Men’s Pork Pie Hat in Black or Gray


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Made from 100% wool felt, this hat will not only sit nicely on your head, it will keep your head warm. You won’t have to worry about your hair getting messed up in the windy days with this high-quality hat. This hat was made for serious hat lovers and collectors.

The sweatband is made of leather which enhances the classic look of the hat. It has a traditional style with a 6.5-inch flared crown. Trust me, that crown will add a lot of elegance to your look. The hat is built for comfort which means that you will forget that you’re wearing it after a few minutes while getting your head protected.

The bad news is that despite the quality, the hat only comes in 2 colors – either black or grey. Also, it might be a good idea to keep the leather somewhere and attach it to the hat or you might lose the leather.

03. Men’s Cool Summer Straw Pork Pie Derby Fedora Upturn Brim Hat


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  • Brim: 1-1/4″
  • Height: 3-1/2″
  • 100% Paper braid

If you’re looking for something with a reasonable price while offering you a classy, casual look, take this hat. The hat is made of 100% high quality paper braid. It will fit your head nicely since it’s easy to adjust the size of the hat. There are four different colors for you to choose from: black, natural, white and toast. Each color goes along well with different season and the rest of your outfit. Still, it’s a good idea to wear this hat in the summer because it fits the casual style.

This hat might not be so durable so be careful with your grip. Also, being submerged in water can make it lose its shape quickly. Avoid wearing this on a rainy day.

04. Belfry Jazz – Wool Diamond Porkpie


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A hat of price and quality, this hat will satisfy even the harshest buyers. It’s a perfect staple for any kind of outfit. It’s made of wool so your head will be kept warm all day long. In the hot days, the cotton interior sweatband does a great work in keeping you cool. The material makes this hat so durable that it’s hard to lose its shape even when you try to press it with your fingers. There’s a stylish glue-in feather which is eye-catching. The crown is diamond-shaped and is very smooth.

If you are still hesitating about the fedora look, this hat will start you off nicely. The black ribbon on the black felt will do the work for you. Buy it and put it on.

It’s a good idea to measure yourself properly before buying the hat since it might be oversized. If it’s oversized, the whole thing is gone. The brim of the hat may be a little too wide for some people.

05. Dasmarca Quintin Wool Felt Winter Porkpie Hat


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  • 4 cm wide brim
  • 8 cm high crown
  • Small: 54-55cm
  • Medium: 56-57cm
  • Large: 58-59cm
  • X-Large: 60-61cm

Designed in London, where the pork pie hats originally came from, this hat does offer you a vintage look back to the 19th century. Inspired by the extravagant lifestyle along with the elegance of the English heritage, this hat is a gift to celebrate urban lifestyle. This hat is timeless so that you can buy it once and use it for as many occasions as you may want. If you want a hat that looks toward the future without letting go of the past heritage, this is the one for you.

The hat will fit on your head like a glove because there are 4 sizes for you to choose from. It comes in two colors: granite and straw. I know the price of the hat can be shocking but it is definitely worth every penny.

06. Bailey of Hollywood Men’s Darron


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With more than 85% percent of the buyers claim that this hat fits them nicely, the Bailey of Hollywood Men’s Darron is made and imported in the USA. It’s a HIGH-QUALITY hat that will keep you warm in the cold days and away from the sun in the sunny days. Made from 100% wool, this hat offers you a comfortable feeling. it’ also water repellent so there’s no worry of accidentally wetting your hat. That hat is also easy to clean. It comes in many different colors: from the classy black to the outgoing cobait.

Every guy needs a pork pie hat, for casual or formal occasions. And this hat is able to go well with both. The oxblood color is very beautiful and saturated. You’ll get compliments from strangers on the street.

However, if you are someone who is looking for a modern and “young” look, this hat might not work well for you. The price of the hat can fluctuate depending on the sellers also (depending on the color).

07. Bailey of Hollywood Men’s Waits


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The hat is a smooth pork pie with a traditional telescoping crown. It has a ribbon hatband and stingy upturned brim which gives you a unique look. This great hat will give you a casual look for your trips to the beach or around the town. You’re recommended to wear it with a pair of sunglasses.

The hat is able to hold its shape really well. It includes a hatband that is just enough to get attention from people. The hat is quite durable and has been receiving positive feed backs about how long it can last from the customers. The braid is soft and stiff so that shape is kept quite well.

The hat needs to be washed by hand so be careful and patient with it. Of course, there is a price for looking good.

08. HDE USA American Flag Stingy Short Brim Trilby Fedora Hat Cap


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A trilby-style hat with a solid band, this hat can make you stand out in a crown with the decoration of the USA flag colors. It’s made from 65% polyester and 35% cottons which mean you can wash it easily by machines and not have to worry so much about losing its shape. The hat is relatively cheap compared to other classic pork pie hats.
Being classy won’t be the word to describe you when wearing this hat. But being badass – yes. This hat will suit you in parties, marching occasions while protecting your head from the sunlight. Although the price is cheap, the quality of the hat is really worth the price you pay for it.

A friendly reminder is that this hat only comes in one size and it’s quite big for children. So the bad news is you can give your children the same look with you in a parade.

The pork pie is a classic hat and is a necessary accessory for any men. It will theme your outfit and take give those looking at you a glimpse of the old days. Decent, classy, courteous, and artistic are the words that I use to describe these pork pie hats.

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