Best Kangol Bucket Hat In 2018

When you are on the market searching for a bucket hat, one of the most prominent brands that you should consider is the Kangol brand. A kangol bucket hat is the choice of many workers, fishermen, golfers, and hikers for its top-notch quality and solid construction. Not to mention that the simple style of a bucket hat with a unique logo of a kangaroo makes it easy for the wearer to stand out from the crowd.

There are many other things that you can find in a kangol bucket hat. In fact, you would be overwhelmed with a lot of options which are available to you. Take a look at some of the finest Kangol bucket hat that you can find on the market. Check our reviews to see if one of them is the best fit for you.

Here is the list of the best Kangol bucket hat for you in 2018:

1. Kangol Men’s Bermuda Casual

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This Kangol Men’s Bermuda Casual bucket hat is made of 85 % of acrylic and 15 % of nylon. The head band is made of 100 % of nylon. It comes with a button on top and the iconic Kangol logo on the front. The crown of this product is rounded. There are several options of colors for you to choose from including white, red, blue, and yellow.

There are 2 things that make this bucket hat different from the other hats. First is the rounded crown. Second is the unique textured Bermuda material. The texture does not only make the hat look different, it also brings a soft and smooth feel to the hat.

In addition, the brim is stitched nicely with no loose threads. It is also very durable and long lasting. You don’t have to take a very good care of this bucket hat in order for it to stay at its shape and color for a long time. And finally, while the hat is rather thick, it is also very lightweight and comfortable for you to wear on your head all day long.

Wear this hat with your casual outfits- for example T-shirt and a pair of chinos.

2. Kangol Men’s Bermuda Bucket

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If you are looking for kangol hats for men with bright colors then you have come to the right place. This Bermuda bucket hat is available in black and white as well as scarlet and pink. It is made of 45% of modacrylic, 35% of acrylic, and 20% nylon. The headband is made of 100% of nylon.

Since the bucket hats in general don’t have any form of closure. Hence, the sweatband is a very important factor that you need to consider when choosing a bucket hat. With this tonal f elasticized sweatband, the hat will fit snugly and comfortably on your head. It also doesn’t cause any irritation at all.

The hat is very lightweight with a solid construction. Finally, it comes with high-quality materials that will last for a long time. The material is also very well-ventilated to keep your head cool all of the time.

Another thing that I like very much about this bucket hat is that it comes with many bright and vivid colors. These colors can stay in their shades after a long time, even with heavy uses.

3. Kangol Furgora Casual Bucket Hat

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This kangol bucket hat is available in 3 options of colors including black, cream, and red. The materials of this hat include 55% of Angora Goat Fiber, 40% of Acrylic and 5% of nylon. The headband, like most of the other Kangol hats on the market, is made with 100 % of nylon.

The sweatband of this bucket hat is made with the knitted and stretchy material for a comfort fit. The materials including the Angora Goat fiber make the hat warm and comfortable enough. Not to mention that the Angora Goat Fiber makes the hat looks very classy and expensive. And I couldn’t compliment the hat enough on its well-made details. The logo is stitched nicely and the brim of the hat has no loose threads at all.

If you want to buy a furry bucket hat to wear in the autumn and winter, this kangol furry bucket hat is for you. Also, if the style of the 80s is the style that you want to pursue, this hat will help to enhance this style of yours significantly.

Since this is a winter hat, you can wear it with your jacket, a pair of dark trousers and a pair of leather boots to form a casual stylish winter look.

4. Kangol Mix Tape Reversible Bucket Hat

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The bucket hats for men might come in many simple choices of colors- but not this one. This bucket hat features the unique and stylish graphic sign pattern in interior. On the hat, there are embroidered cassette tape details. It features the style of a reversible bucket hat with a flat crown and a downturn brim. The other side of the hat features the solid white color.

It is made with the blend of 75 % of cotton and 25 % of polyester. These materials contribute to a very breathable and comfortable bucket hat.

Another thing that you would like about this hat is that it is reversible. It means that you have two different styles of bucket hat to change in one single hat. The care labels and Kangol tag are sewn into the printed design side of the hat, but they pull out easily if you want to change to the other side of the hat.

And I am sure that this hat will catch your attention with its unique design and pattern. It can be a throwback to the old days when cassette tapes and mixes were still in use.

If you get tired of the solid color bucket hat, you will like find this hat a very unique addition to your hat collection as well as your street style. It can also be a great idea to bring this hat to the beach or to a party.

5. Kangol Men’s Music Reversible Bucket

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This bucket hat is made of 78 % of wool and 22 % of rayon for one side. On the other side, the fabric is 100 % of cotton. 

There are 2 choices of patterns for you to choose from including navy and vert and the black and concrete. The design on the hat includes the prints which are related to music such as microphones, boom box and control icons- including the fast forward and pause.

Just like the Kangol Mix Tape Reversible Bucket Hat, this Music bucket hat is reversible. And who doesn’t love a reversible bucket hat which you can easily change the style to whichever you feel like on a specific day.

If you want something colorful and unique for your street style, you can wear the music side. On the other hand, if you want something more casual to go with your casual style, you can easily change to the other side.

Overall, this Kangol bucket hat is well constructed with a solid construction and nicely stitched lines. In addition, it is very smooth and comfortable on the feel with high quality wool material. And finally, if you are looking for a piece of winter wear, I am sure that this bucket hat is warm enough for you thanks to the high-quality wool material.

6. Kangol K1790SP Mens Atmos Rain Bucket Hat

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This bucket hat is made of 100 % of cotton. It is available in navy color with the red logo. You might not like it but with this design, this hat is only available in this color. It features the design of a flat crown and a downturn brim.

The hat is extremely well made with excellent craftsmanship including a nice tight weave and carefully stitching lines. It would be able to retain its shapes well even when you have to wash the hat with the washing machine.

And although this hat is made of cotton material, this hat is highly resistant to wrinkles.

Another thing that you would like about the fabric of this hat is that it is made of high-quality material to be very breathable and lightweight. In addition, the sweatband of this hat is capable of wicking moisture well to keep your head cool all of the time.

With the traditional design and a solid plain color, this hat is the best choice for your casual style. It is a wear-to-go bucket hat in case you don’t know which hat to wear.

7. Kangol Weathered Canvas Bucket

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The Weathered Canvas Bucket Hat is made of 100 % of washed and weathered canvas. The sweatband of this hat is made of 100 % of nylon, the familiar material that you would find in any other bucket hats made by Kangol.

You can feel the washed canvas by touching the hat. It is made with this special material for a very unique feel and look. Just like any other Kangol bucket hat, this hat is well made with excellent craftsmanship.

There are no loose threads on the hat and all of the lines on the hat are reinforced for a very solid and sturdy construction. Last but not least, the hat has a quick drying performance and breathability.

As a result, you can enjoy wearing this hat outdoor when you take part in a water activity or when it is slightly raining. The material is also very tough and durable, which can resist well against external factors. And you don’t have to care for the hat to ensure it can last for as long as possible. With the weathered look, this hat will only look nicer over time.

So, if you are looking for a bucket hat with a rugged looking, this hat is definitely one of the best choices that you should consider.

8. Kangol Men’s Bold Stripe Bucket

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This Kangol stripe bucket hat is made of 65 % of polyester and 35 % of nylon. Like most of the other Kangol bucket hats, it also has the tonal elasticized sweated band which is unlined.

The most significant feature that you would notice about this bucket hat is that it features the retro color blocked design. In addition, there is a cut off “established 1938” print on the back of the hat. Not to mention the clean print of a kangaroo on the front of the hat.

If you like the color block or the stripe design, you can consider this option. It will go well with your street style as well as most of the clothes of different colors in your wardrobe. In addition, this bucket hat is nicely made with a soft and comfortable material.

The fabric of this hat has a quick drying performance as well, making it suitable for you to wear when you take part in any water activity such as fishing. And finally, the high-quality sweatband of the head will ensure that you feel comfortable when wearing this hat even in a hot summer day.

 As you can see, there are quite many choices of Kangol bucket hats for you to choose from. These bucket hats, though are high quality, are made with different materials, designs, and colors. Hence, it would take you a lot of time and effort in order to choose the best one that meets your styles and preferences.

Actually, Kangol is a well-known fashion brand that is favorited by a lot of celebrities as well as people following streetstyle. Not only releasing many nice and cool bucket hats, there are also many different badass Kangol hats as well, which I already had a specific article for you to consult.

I hope that with this list above, you will be clearer of what choices of bucket hat you have at the moment. With consideration about your style and preferences, I am sure that you will be able to pick up the best bucket hat that compliments your style a great deal.

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