Best Tactical Jackets For Men 2018

Which type of tactical jackets are you looking for? A professional or a casual?

However, that’s not what you have to all about. There are still other options, such as environment consideration, budget, purpose, durability and material.

Speaking of types of a tactical jacket, it sticks to the purpose you are going to use it for. Is it mission related or daily use. Are you going to attach some tactical gears or weapon into it? and importantly, whether or not it needs to be stored in a bulletproof vest?

The next thing is size. No matter how long you’re going to wear this jacket – a few hours or a day long, choosing a too-tight or too-bulky tactical jacket will cause annoyance and hinder to your mobility.

Besides, consider the material as well. Commonly, there are two: synthetic and natural fiber. Personally, I prefer the natural fiber, such as cotton because it plays an essential role in capturing sweat and moisture while providing a great comfort and breathability.

However, if you are looking for a wear-resistant with high levels of strength, go for a synthetic jacket. Besides, it’s quite lightweight, breathable and keeping warmth really well.

But you need to take notice that each type of material will come up with different price range. Like the natural fiber jackets are always in medium to high price while the synthetic is much more affordable. From that point, the last feature to consider when choosing the best tactical jackets for men is your budget.

In general, this modern, stylish men’s item should be the in the closet of any guys who work for security or law enforcement or those who usually take part in outdoor activities as well as survival trips.

Three top-rated brands where you can find a good tactical jacket are Rothco, Tacvasen and Maelstrom. In this article, I’m going to share top 10 items that are not only from these well-known brands but also from other newcomers that have gained truth from their customers so far. Now, let’s dive more deeply into it!

1/ Rothco Special Ops Soft Shell Jacket

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The first jacket that you should take a look at is the Rothco special ops soft shell jacket. It comes with a high quality and trendy look. It has 7 different colors, including black, coyote brown, gun metal gray, midnight blue, olive drab, subdued urban digital camo, and woodland camo. You can choose any color based on your preference.

This Rothco jacket is made from the waterproof polyester shell. Thanks to this material, this jacket waterproof, windproof and breathable. It enables to wick the moisture away and retain the heat. This Rothco jacket is suitable for casual wear. You can wear it in the fall or winter to take part in outdoor activities.

It measures 4 x 4-inch loop field on each shoulder, so you will not feel uncomfortable. There are a drawstring waist, elastic hook and loop wrist to adjust to fit yourself. Besides, this jacket is very fashionable that will make you look stronger and more masculine.

2/ TACVASEN Men’s Special Ops Military Tactical Soft-Shell Jacket Coat

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The next jacket is the TACVASEN men’s special ops military soft-shell jacket coat. This jacket is very stylish with an abrasion resistant collar, elbows and shoulder. It can protect wearers against the wind. You do not need to wear bulky clothes, but you still feel warm.

It is available in black, gray, army, green, khaki, CP and CPU. These colors are fashionable and don’t have to worry about being out of date. It is made from 100 percent of polyester. This kind of material is high quality, and owns many awesome features. It has soft fleece which is lightweight, breathable and moisture wicking.

Moreover, the TACVASEN jacket has many big pockets and zipper pockets. You can put your belongings in these pockets without falling out. The drawstring waist, hoop, and elastic hook are added to help us adjust the jacket. The TACVASEN

3/ Maelstrom TAC PRO Soft Shell Tactical Jacket

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Another multifunctional tactical jacket is the Maelstrom TACPRO jacket. This tactical soft-shell jacket consists of 3-layer fabric construction to retain body heat, and deflect the wind. Therefore, you will never feel cold in the winter. With this jacket, you can remove all bulky jackets. In addition, the TACPRO jacket enables to wick away the moisture to keep you comfortable, even you wear it for the whole day.

It has many good features such as durable, lightweight, durable and water – resistant. If you are looking for a jacket that can keep you dry under the light rain, you should not ignore this one. I tried and found it helpful.

Its shoulder dimensions are 4 x 4-inch loop side of hook and loop on each shoulder for patch attachment. The same as the above ones, this jacket contains a drawstring and hood to adjust. The TACPRO jacket arrives in black, coyote brown and olive drab colors. Its sizes range from XS to 4 XL to fit all kinds of body shape.

4/ Chouyatou Men’s Casual Long Sleeve Full Zip Jacket with Shoulder Straps

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Chouyatou men’s casual long sleeve jull zip jacket with shoulder is known as one of the bestselling products of this brand. It comes with various colors from light colors to dark colors. I chose men’s green military jacket because it looks strong and active.

In terms of material, this jacket is made from 100 percent of cotton and the lining is made from polyester. Due to these materials, this jacket is very light and durable. The zipper closure works well to open and close easily.

The Chouyatou jacket is surely fashionable. You will look younger and more active when wearing it. It will bring you a sportive style to take part in any outdoor activities comfortably. It has many different sizes from smallest to biggest.

5/ 5. 11 Men’s Sabre 2.0 Jacket

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Another jacket made from polyester is Men’s Sabre 2.0 jacket. It is the newest version of sabre jacket. There are 4 different color choices for buyers such as moss green, dark navy, coyote brown and black. All of those colors are very trendy to make sure that you will never look old fashioned.

This jacket consists of two zipper pockets on the chest. These pockets are added to make it look more fashionable. Besides, you can put essentials such as a small wallet, cash or key on them. Your essentials will be safe totally. It also has side pockets to keep your hands warm or hold belongings. There are some buttons on the wrist.

The Sabre jacket is made from polyester; therefore, it features waterproof, breathable and fully seam sealed. There is a detachable and storable snap on hood. Its sizes are ranged from small, medium and large, so you can choose the best fit for yourself.

6/ WenVen Men’s Casual Cotton Military Jacket

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If I have to choose a good jacket of Wenven, I think it should be this one. This cotton military jacket was designed with an eye-catching look and stylish style. About colors, this jacket includes 7colors, such as black, brown, grey, khaki, military green, and so on.

The body of this jacket is made from cotton and the lining is from polyester. Additionally, it has full length zipper plus snap button closure. The zipper is used for easy wearing, while the snap buttons is for fashion purpose. The fashionable embroidery patterns will help you show your personality and style.

In terms of quality, I’m sure that it’s high quality. I wore this jacket for years, but there is no problem. I got a lot of compliments when I wear. Besides, you should mention that this jacket has 2 styles for you to select. The first one is the jacket without embroider. If you prefer this style, don’t forget to choose black, khaki or military green color. The other style is the jacket with stars embroider and elastic cuff. This jacket is perfect wear for every day, professional attire or outdoor activities.

7/ Condor Tac-Jacket & USA Flag & Don’t Tread Patch – 3 Item-Bundle

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Although the condor tac jacket just has only 3 color choices, I think that’s enough because these colors are awesome. I like its drawstring waist. I can join in any activities more comfortable.

Its material is also polyester with two shoulder patch panels with Velcro loop for tactical patches. It features an abrasion reinforced collar, shoulder and forearm, and front double zipper.

It consists of a vertical chest pocket, two slash hand pockets and shoulder pocket. With these pockets, you can hold everything you want. This brand provides the size chart for buyers to refer before purchasing.

8/ Summit Softshell Jacket Color- Navy Blue

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The summit softshell jacket came with polyester outer layer. This jacket features lightweight, waterproof and durable. It is a perfect combination of tribble layers and made from polyester. This jacket has shoulder pockets and stand up collar.

This jacket owns a drawstring waistband. This detail is quite practical that can protect wearers from many elements and maintain the comfort. It has stand up collar to create a youthful style.

There are two shoulder pockets to put anything you want. Apart from these pockets, the summit jacket is added two internal pockets, two high rise slash chest pockets, a forearm pocket and double zipper back pockets. It comes with five color choices, including black, multicam, navy, navy blue and olive drab.

9/ MAGCOMSEN Men’s Tactical Army Outdoor Coat Camouflage Softshell Jacket Hunting Jacket

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Magcomsen brand is highly appreciated by customers. This brand always listens to customers’ feedback and improve their products. We can take the Magcomsen men’s tactical army outdoor coat camouflage softshell jacket as an example. The buyers reflected about the size table, and they fixed it.

This Magcomsen consists of the shark skin soft shell fabric with the warm inner fleece which features water resistance, wind resistance, breathability and thermal. It also has a drawstring waist and hood to support the windproof and thermal features. The hood is concealed nondetachable.

In terms of the construction, this jacket has 2 high chest pockets, 2 zipper back pockets to hold some large things, such as a map, and gloves. 2 sleeve pockets are used to hold cell phone and mp3, while the forearm pocket enable to keep keys and small accessories. The vent zippers under arms make this jacket become more venting and breathable.

10/ ZAPT Tactical Fleece Jacket Military Polartec Thermal Pro Thick Warm Tech Fleece

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If we just look at the outside of this jacket, it looks like a sweater rather than a jacket. However, it has many incredible features that will surprise you. At first, its design is very stylish and eye catching with zippers and the shape.

This jacket does not have so many color choices as the other jackets in this list, it is a should have a jacket. The Zapt jacket is a solid and well-made fleece, which is the best choice for the cold weather or for layering when it’s colder.

There are two front zippers aid in heat regulation for more comfort at varying temperature and activity levels. It is made of very warm 420 weight polartec thermal pro fleece. The material is quick drying and prevent your body from the heat loss. You can wear it as a sweater to keep warm in the harshest winter climates.

11/ UDRES Men’s Fleece Liner Outerwear Hooded Water Resistant Softshell Tactical Jacket

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My last recommendation belongs to the Udres men’s fleece liner outerwear hooded water resistant softshell tactical jacket. It is made of the mixture between polyester and spandex. These materials will bring many wonderful features such as windproof, water resistant, anti – shrink, and breathable.

This jacket has a hood, which is large enough to protect our face from harsh weather, such as the rain and has Velcro to roll it, if necessary. It consists of 2 shoulder patch panels, 2 chest pockets, 2 shoulder pockets, 1 forearm pocket and 1 double zipper pocket to keep important things.

The Udres jacket is an ideal one for those who love hiking, fishing, camping, hunting and travelling. Besides, you also can wear it to play outdoor sports. It helps you always feel comfortable when moving.

In short, Tactical jacket for men always is the best thing. It is well made with many useful features to help wearers have wonderful moments. It is not only responsible for keeping warm and safe, but also creating your style.

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